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The class went back inside, Naruto slipping the cloak back on. Lee and his team-mates went back to their own training grounds as the gennins went to complete their tests.

"Shino Aubrame" Iruka called the first name, a boy with spiky hair and sunglasses and a mad-scientist type of jacket stood and went 9into the room. Time passed slowly, all the waiting participants talking without any drive, some nervous about this last test.

"So... Naru-kun… where have you been?" Ino asked her boyfriend.

"Well, if I tell you cannot tell anyone Ino-hime." Naruto smiled at her.

"As IF." Ino smirked.

"Well I've been in basically another world. I've been within the realm of kami. Training with Shinigami and my Father." Ino's eyes widened at his words.

"What the HELL kind of Taijustu do you use!' a dog like face poked into their conversation.

"Oh bugger off Kiba." Ino growled.

"I will if you tell me where you learned your fighting style, Naruto." Kiba sat down on the desk, un-moveable.

"I learned it from the reaper him-self." Naruto growled out, spiking his KI. He activated his Karasugan, and stared at the boy; said boy squealed and fell off the desk. Naruto began laughing.

"Alright... Yeah that was funny, but really, why taught you?" Kiba tipped his head asking.

"I was being completely serious." Naruto said calmly. "It is a creation of the Shinigami; it's called the Fox Claw."

"Alight… well can you teach it to me?" Kiba tipped his head.

"If you weren't an Inuzuka I could." Naruto frowned.

"What!? What do you have against us?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just fighting with a wolf like dog that yours will become, force is a lot better to fight with than fluid. Fighting with a bird makes my style match with Zukins."

"Ok. That makes sense."

"Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru."

"Oh, that's me; I'll see you around Naruto, Ino."

"Alright, Kiba." Ino and Naruto smiled in unison. Naruto started talking with Ino again as Kiba walked away. They spoke about random stuff.

"Naruto Namikaze." Iruka called.

"Alright, good luck my hime." Naruto stood and walked out of the classroom. Iruka smiled at the shortish blonde.

"I'm glad your back Naruto-kun." Iruka smiled.

"I am too. I've missed Ino." He smiled coolly at the Chunnin sensei and walked into the room where an anbu with a cat mask was preforming a wood justu to fix the wooden walls. Kiba must have some destructive nin-justu.

"Welcome back, Naruto-kun." The Hokage smiled at his predecessor's son.

"Thanks Hokage-jii."

"Alright then Naruto, Elemental Affinity?"

"Lightning and Wind."

"Justu for either?" the Hokage looked up in surprise.

"I have Rasengan for wind, and Byakurai and Kokurai for lightning." Naruto replied with a completely straight face. The Hokage's eyes were wide and he coughed and frowned.

"Alright then prove it." Naruto smirked, ready to oblige. He made a shadow clone, and held out his hand while Naruto pooled some chakra in his hand, the other Naruto molded it, and then Naruto drove the ball of whirling green wind chakra into his clone, dispelling it on contact.

"I know it's not perfect, and I'm still trying to figure out why it's green. And how to do it without the clone. It's getting there though. Now, here's Byakurai." Naruto barley paused as the sound of buzzing filled the air, and white lightning swirled around him, centering mainly at his palm in a whirl of white light. He dispelled it, and started panting and smiled, "That one is my attack, and I'm working on combining it with Kokurai to create Kamishokan- Devine Redemption." He then made another hand sign and lightning the color of a starless sky covered his body with a loud electric buzz, and wings spread behind him, curving around him in flickering light. He dispelled it and fell to his knees panting with a happy grin, "Kokurai would act as protecting and healing me while Byakurai would do major damage."

"W…wows." Iruka's eyes went wide. He knew how Naruto had this chakra store but didn't know he could use it.

"I can't do it too much or else it turns red with the Kyubi and starts hurting me. Kura-Chan doesn't mean to hurt me. It's just that she can't help it."

"Wait, what did you call it?"

"She's not an it." Naruto snarled at the Hokage going from sweet innocent thirteen year old genin to a vicious protective brother, the power behind him immediately fathomable. "She is a being with feelings. She was hypnotized into attacking Konoha. Her name is Kurama, she did more for me than you to ever did!" his last sentence was a growl of contempt. The threat faded when he swayed from chakra loss. He may have been an all-powerful jin-jurriki, but he also was only a kid with barley any control over his chakra.

"I apologize Naruto kun. Iruka, help him outside so that he can get his hi-ate and rest for a while. Then go retrieve Ino yamanaka." Iruka Nodded, but as he turned to the blonde haired genin said sun locked boy passed out. He went thunk against the floor, but the Hokage just smiled and gestured to the Anbu in the corner,

"Bring him outside to the bench and lay him there, get a black banded hi0ate for him please." The Neko nodded,

"Of course Hokage-sama." The Anbu picked up the boy and walked out the back door and laid him on the bench, then went back to the table; a pink haired girl was standing there,

"HA! The baka must have failed." The anbu felt a rush of anger at the girl's contempt.

"Shut up stupid little girl. He passed with more points than even Uchiha Itachi did! He's the strongest genin here for sure." The neko growled, grabbed a black banded hi-ate and walked back to the boy and placed the headband on his chest, and smiled under his mask. He hoped his old comrade would get him on his team, meaning he may at points have a chance to see him on true action.