so this is when Casey got Leone, Enjoy

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A woman and child went into a beyblade store. The child was a 3yr old girl who was really happy.

"Calm down Casey." The woman said.

"But moooooom, I'm excited I'm getting my 1st bey." Casey said.

"Then go ahead and pick one." Casey's mom said.

3yr old Casey went searching, all the beys saying "pick me" at once, Casey couldnt decide. She went to the dark section, the galaxy section, the evil section, the rock section, ok long story short, she visited every section, that was untill she visited the storm section.

"There! That bey!" Casey said as she pointed to a Leone.

Her mom got the storm Leone Casey was so intrusted in. Casey looked so happy when the bey was bought and Casey opened the container the bey was in. Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Leone. The bey said. Casey looked around to find the sorce of the voice, but couldnt find one. Hello? Who's there? Casey thought. You can hear me? Leone said. Casey nodded. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Me: yeah Leone was Casey's 1st bey, Well, Enjoy and Review,

-Fan person