A year after Hiccup saved the town of Reykjavik from monsterous creatures, and his life still isn't the best for him. Having lost a leg and his only friend is locked in a cage and there's no way to help. When his father tells him that he must marry before he becomes 16 and the King and Queen come for a visit, his life just becomes even worse. How can Hiccup save his town, his friend, and his freedom before it's to late. AU

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Rated T for Violence, Mild Language, and Adult Situations.

1380 AD - Reykjavik, Iceland

It was early summer, when it happened. I had just woken up and was sitting down in the kitchen eating some bread. My father, Hoffer, came bustling into the room.
"Liv! King Haakon! He's dead!" My mother dropped the pan she was holding, my oldest sister started choking, and my other older sister spit her food in my face.
"Gross." I said as I brushed the chewed up food off my face.
"We're free! We have no ruler anymore!" My family started laughing as I slipped out of the house. Everyone in the whole city was dancing and laughing. Thinking that Iceland's problems is over.
I walked to the outskirts of the city and went straight into the woods. Usually this is where all the kids my age went. There were many twists and turns until I finally came out to a clear landing in the forest. It wasn't very big, but it only really needed to occupy about 20 of us. I went strait over to where my 5 friends were sitting. They were laughing and all giddy just like the rest of the city.
"So, then I was like-Oh! Hi Astrid!" Snoutlout Jorgenson said as he spotted me coming over. I sat down next to Ruffnut Thorston, who was the only other girl in our group. On the other log, directly across from us was her brother Tuffnut and Snoutlout. The log to Ruffnut's left was Fishlegs Ingerman listening with great interest to whatever was being said, and on the log to my right was Hiccup Haddock. Hiccup was a skinny boy with no more to him than his own name. Of course this time a year ago we all picked on Hiccup but, after he risked his life, and lost the lower half of his left leg, everyone stopped picking on him for his small and clumsy stature.
"Did you hear the news?" Tuffnut asked with his stupid smirk on his face.
"Of course she did stupid. You can't walk 5 feet through the city without hearing about it." Ruffnut said back at her brother. Tuffnut turned to his sister.
"Oh piss off pig face. I wasn't talking to you."
"Who the hell are you calling pig face?"
"Uh, guys..." Fishlegs said trying to break up another fight between the twins. Snoutlout was laughing at the fight while I rolled my eyes and turned to Hiccup. He was just staring at the ground. I was guessing that he was thinking the same as me.
The fate of Iceland isn't going to get any better now that the king is dead. It will only get worse. King Haakon had a son with the Margaret of Denmark who was the King of Denmark's daughter. Their son, Olaf, will take over the throne of Denmark and Norway. Iceland being a province of Norway will go under the rule of Denmark as well.
After the fight between Ruff and Tuff ended, we left the woods and went into the city. Everyone was dancing, and laughing, and drinking. Not a very good combination with the people of Reykjavik.
A group of men riding horses came riding into the center of the city. They stopped in front of Stoick, who was the leader of the city, and unrolled a parchment.
"'King Olaf II of Denmark has been announced as King Olaf IV of Norway combining the two countries under one rule. King Olaf and his mother, Queen Margaret of Denmark will be visiting the great city of Reykjavik of Iceland on the 15 of this month for the Easter feast. Signed Her Majesty Queen Margaret of Denmark.'" The messenger man looked down at Stoick. "And King Olaf expects nothing less than perfect." The man had a permanent scowl on his face which made him more intimidating than he really was.
The group of men turned on their horses and rode off down towards the docks. The awkward quietness of the city was a little bit more than I expected.
"Well...this is awkward now isn't it?" Hiccup said in a sarcastic tone.

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