Chapter 9:

How to Escape a Mental Ward:

Italy was ushered back into his room. It was relatively small and sparely decorated; with only a bed and a nightstand in generic pastel colors.

For a few moments after the nurse and guards had left, Italy just stood there.

Now he had to be careful. Arturo casually uncapped the pen and walked over to a portion of the wall that was directly in one of the five security camera's view. He began doodling; making sure he seemed focused on his task.

Just as he suspected, there was a sharp knock at the door moments later.

Arturo opened it, stepping back a little as he did so to allow the newcomers space. An old nurse who reminded Arturo of a crow was flanked by two guards.

"Feliciano; you're not supposed to draw on the walls." She said stiffly.

Arturo sagged a little, trying to make it seem like he was disappointed. Feliciano was way too easy to impersonate. He acted like a child half the time, and the other half he was plain useless.

"We're going to have to ask you to give us the pen." The nurse said, entering the room and holding her frail hand out for the offending utensil.

For a moment, Arturo was captivated by the hand. The skin was sagging and wrinkly, and the bones were prominent underneath. It would take so little effort on his part to snap it like a twig…

Arturo extended the arm holding the pen, as if he were actually going to give it to her. Right before his hand made contact; his other hand moved as quickly as lightning and grabbed her wrist. Before she could even respond, Arturo pulled her towards him and used her momentum to throw her into the wall. Her skull hit the hard plaster, and she fell to the floor; unconscious.

Then, before the guards could even shout, he threw himself at one of them, pulling them both to the floor. When they hit the cold tiles, he launched the pen at the other; putting every ounce of his strength behind it.

While Feliciano might have been a weakling; he was still a country, and countries were strong. At least twice as strong as any human.

The pen buried itself in the guard's temple. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Arturo pulled himself off the other guard, who was shouting for help and trying to reach his gun. Arturo grabbed the guard's hair and rammed his face into the wall before knocking him out with a kick to the head. After grabbing his gun, Italy fled.

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