Here it is, the sequel to DuraOni! This will be a tiny bit like RomaHeta, otherwise I'm just winging it. Characters from the light novels will appear, along with characters from other series, such as Spice and Wolf and Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso.

Also fan-made alternates.

I own nothing.

Izaya woke to feeling hard ground beneath him. Sitting up, he found himself sitting near most of his companions, save his sisters, the Heiwajima brothers and Celty. All of them were asleep.

"Guys? Guys, wake up!" Izaya begged.

"They won't hear you," came a cold voice.

Izaya looked up to see someone just like him in appearance, save that the newcomer had a marking on the back of his hand shaped like a black chess piece.

"Who are you?"

"I am VIRUS, and I am your creation, Izaya Orihara."

"VIRUS…where are Shizuo, Kasuka, my sisters and Celty?"

"They are safe with me. I have a proposal, Izaya: simply surrender to me, and I'll let your friends go."

"So we're in the game itself. VIRUS, I won't surrender. Just give them back to me."

"No. If you choose to fight me, I would just like to hand these rejects over to you~"

Several shapes dropped from the ceiling. They all had Izaya's hair color, but different outfits, ranging from a king's to one similar to Sebastian's.

"Rejects? Who are these people?"

"They're the clones. They have no use in my army. Have fun trying to fight me~"

A bright light surrounded Izaya, and he had to blink. The informant found himself in another castle, this one with a lighter color scheme. Standing up, he observed his surroundings.

The whole castle was lit by daylight, candles hanging off the walls and a chandelier above the carpet leading into the castle from the entrance. Halls led to other sections of the castle, a stairway leading to upper floors. A room made for healing lay on the second floor.

"Shizuo, you would be oh so helpful right now," Izaya muttered as he began dragging the unconscious upstairs, failing to notice that two people didn't belong in his group. Once his task was done, he collapsed on the floor.

"Another foreign place. At least Steve's dead," he muttered. He lay in silence for an hour or so, trying to work out what had managed to send him into Japan's video game, until he heard someone drowsily wake up.

"Where am I?"

Izaya sat up to see Mikado struggling to get out of one of the beds, until he managed to do so by falling out, the covers coming with him.

"Very graceful, Dollars leader," the informant commented.

The younger male sat bolt upright, throwing the covers off him.

"Izaya, what the hell?" he questioned.

"Just testing to see if you were awake. And before you ask, no we're not back in the mansion; no, being taken to the hospital was not a dream; and yes, we're in a video game," Izaya responded.

"That was helpful…and where are Shizuo, Kasuka and your sisters?"

"It's a long story. I'll tell everyone once we're all awake and accounted for."

Slowly, the others awoke, with Izaya quickly realizing there were two others who did not belong in their posse: a black-haired man with bright gold eyes who bore a slight resemblance to Kasuka, and a blonde man who kept his eyes shut.

"I don't believe I've seen this place before," the gold-eyed man noted.

"Hey, look, it's Maiza!" the blonde pointed out.

Maiza, who had been waiting for everyone else to awaken, tensed a little at the sound of the others' voices. Czeslaw looked at them with a wary look in his eyes.

"Hello, Huey, Elmer."

"Hello, Czeslaw. Fancy seeing you here," the black-haired man, presumably Huey, greeted.

"And you as well. How did you and Elmer find your way to the hospital?"

"Alfred F. Jones called us to that hospital because of Nebula's operations as of late. I would not want to make him late."

"Oh, yes, Namie. The little idiot who decided to try to sell me to Nebula," Izaya recalled, glaring at the brunette. She made no attempt to respond.

"Okay, where are we, and please, no one say the mansion," Shinra wondered.

"We're in Japan's video game—and my sisters, the Heiwajima brothers and Celty have been kidnapped," Izaya informed.

"Mind giving us the whole story?" Kida questioned.

"Isaac and Miria showed us that zapper on top of one of the machines in the hospital, but it teleported us inside the game. I met someone who looked exactly like me who called himself VIRUS, but…basically a lot worse. He wouldn't give me the five missing from our group, gave me these clones of…well, me, and sent us here," Izaya explained, gesturing to the five clones nearby.

"They look harmless enough," Anri noted.

"I bet a year's supply of Russia Sushi they attack us at first sight," Kida muttered.

At once, the clones woke up. The one dressed in the fluffy white-and-pink coat and bore pink headphones had pink eyes, the one dressed as a king had gold eyes, the clone that wore a pink kimono had soft brown eyes, and the other two, one dressed similarly as Sebastian and the other wearing a black-and-crimson coat bore the same crimson eyes Izaya possessed.

"You're on your own for this one, Izaya," Kida informed, ducking behind his bed.

"Yaaay~! Iza~!" the pink-eyed clone cheered, running up to Izaya and hugging him.

"Iza? Who are you and why did VIRUS give you to me?" Izaya questioned.

"Oh! Hang on a moment~!" the pink-eyed clone responded, hurrying to stand by his brothers.

"Psyche of Psychedelic Dreams, reporting for duty!"

"Ignore Psyche, he's the idiot. I'm Hachimenroppi, leader of the Hachitsuki Delivery group, but please call me Roppi," the black-and-crimson wearing clone informed.

"My name is Hibiya, the would-be king of this land," the gold-eyed clone explained.

"I'm Sakuraya. It's very nice to meet you," the pink kimono-clad clone explained.

"I am Sebizaya. It is a pleasure to meet you all," the butler-like clone informed.

"Psyche, Roppi, Hibiya, Sakuraya and Sebizaya. Why did VIRUS hand you guys over to us?" Mikado wondered.

"Eh…? You've met VIRUS? A word of advice: don't trust anything he says. He was the worst roommate ever," Hibiya warned.

"Where's Gauken? And Toki, Diamonds, Miraiegou, Tsuppari, Linda, and Rouge?" Psyche wondered.

"Who are they?" Erika asked.

"They're our fellow alternates, of course. Alternates are," Sebizaya explained upon seeing the lost looks on the others' faces, "just as the name implies: alternate versions of Izaya, Shizuo, Mikado, Kida, Anri, Celty, Shinra, Kasuka and Kyohei, and those are just the ones Psyche named. There are others somewhere in this world, but because of VIRUS's violence, we're the only ones who either can't or won't go into hiding."

"The ones Psyche mentioned are some of our closest companions before VIRUS arrived. He took us out by surprise…" Roppi began before cutting off.

Izaya thought on their explanation for a moment before saying, "Alternates, I'll have a word with you guys outside the room. The rest of you, try not to kill each other." The alternates went with Izaya outside the room.

"Alright, I need an explanation. Are you guys really clones of me?"

"We are. Is that so hard to believe?" Psyche asked.

Izaya sighed. "Then let's see if you really are me."

Psyche nodded enthusiastically.

"What was mom's name?"


"Why did I start hating Shizuo Heiwajima?"

"Because he was really annoying!"

"What is my favorite food?"

"Fatty tuna!"

The others looked out the shared room, observing the conversation.

"What was the one magazine we read before Mairu and Kururi went to school when there was nothing to do?"

"Weekly Jump!"

"What was the best prank we ever pulled in elementary school?"

"We tricked Shinra into believing the world would end!"

Shinra gaped at Izaya.

"Oh, thanks a lot, Izaya!"

"I was 8 then, I wasn't right in the head."

"Are you sure you still aren't?" Kyohei muttered.

"Make this harder, Iza! I'm bored!" Psyche complained.

"Fine. What is the name of our mother's killer?" Izaya questioned.

Psyche's smile seemed to drop.

"Yadogiri Jinnai," he responded, quietly.

"Correct. You are me," Izaya concluded.

"H-Hello? Izaya, can you hear us?"

The informant stood up and headed back into the resting area to see a floating monitor with America, Japan and China onscreen.

"Uh…hi," China greeted.

"Japan, was that zapper on the machine your doing?" Kyohei asked.

"No. We suspect a spy within the hospital. We had warned the other nations to stay away from the machine, but either they didn't listen, or something else went wrong entirely," Japan responded.

"Well, can you get us out?" Huey asked.

"Well..." Japan began, nervously.

"We don't know how to get you guys out without bad things happening," America curtly finished for the older nation.

"Bad things? Like what, dare I ask?" Huey asked, sounding impatient.

"Well, there's a chance that...oh, I don't know...accidentally trap your mind within the virtual world forver?" America suggested, weakly.

"Then find a way to get us out before we have to live here forever," Huey ordered.

"Huey, I ask that you be patient. Nothing of that sort will happen as long as no hackers try to disrupt the code," Japan pointed out.

Huey gave a small huff before sitting back down on the bed.

"Izaya, I need you to head over to your foe's castle and get Shizuo, Kasuka, your sisters and Celty back. Take everyone with you, and just try to survive the wilderness," Japan advised.

"Even the alts?" Izaya asked.

"Yes. Shizuo has his alternates as well, as do Kyohei, Mikado, Anri, Kida, Celty, Shinra...let's just say there are a lot of alternates," America explained.

"Izaya, we promise not to hinder you...right, Roppi?" Hibiya asked, glancing at the alternate.

"I'm not the one who gets in the way. It's Sakuraya's fault," Roppi blamed.

"Is not," Sakuraya quietly responded, but was drowned out by Hibiya's rebuke.

"Roppi, for heaven's sake, your siblings are not people you can just put blame on."

"I don't recall you ever becoming my father, stupid prince."

"Before this turns into a fight," Sebizaya quickly intervened, "I would like to ask Japan something."

"Go ahead," Japan encouraged.

"What will happen once they escape?" Sebizaya asked.

A long silence followed, with Hibiya and Roppi still glaring at one another, until the nation responded, "We programmed you and the other alternates to be characters supporting the main characters...i.e., NPCs. It may be possible we can transport you and the other alternates out of the game, but...we simply don't know what it could do."

Sebizaya let a long sigh pass his lips in response.

"I see."

"Well, on the bright side, at least you can be their guides. We'll give you advice when needed, but when it comes to your foe's castle...we'll have to keep silent on that," China informed.

"Understood," Izaya reported.

"Then we'll see you guys tomorrow. Try not to die, okay?" America asked.

"We'll try not to," Shinra responded.

"Oh, before I forget, I also have a surprise for Isaac, Miria, Erika and Walker," Japan informed.

10 seconds passed before several people appeared in the room. Isaac and Miria's eyes widened in disbelief.


There were a lot of people now in front of the immortal thieves, too many for Izaya to identify correctly. Erika started squealing "Sebastian~!", while Isaac and Miria ran up to a couple within the small crowd.

"I-Isaac? Miria?"

"Jacuzzi! How…how are you and Nice alive?"

"Why exactly am I here, again?" someone muttered.

"We gathered enough data from what Firo, Isaac, Miria and Czeslaw said about the people they remembered the most from before the mansion to recreate them within the game. Just try not to get them killed," Japan clarified before the hologram vanished.

Isaac and Miria stood back from Jacuzzi, eyes brimming with tears. Izaya could see a jagged sword tattoo on the young man's face, already beginning to cry.

"Aww! Jacuzzi, don't cry! It'll be okay!" Miria comforted, hugging him again.

"So, uh…Miria? Isaac? Care to introduce us to your friends?" Mikado asked.

"Oh! Meet Jacuzzi, Nice, and Chane!" Miria introduced.

"I'm Claire Stanfield. Hey, Firo," a man with reddish-brown hair greeted.

"I'm Ladd Russo. Pleased to meet ya."

"I'm Graham Specter."

"My name is Rachel."

"You all speak English, then. I'll introduce all of us later, but for now, I'm glad to see you're all on our side…I hope," Izaya concluded.

Meanwhile, in the castle where VIRUS lurked, Shizuo woke to find himself in front of a fireplace, Izaya sitting nearby with bandages wrapped around one hand.

"Izaya? What happened, and where are the others?" the blonde asked, sitting up.

Izaya stiffened, then turned around.

"Shizuo…they took nearly everyone, leaving my sisters, you and your brother, and Celty here. This man who looked exactly like me, calling himself VIRUS, stabbed me in the hand while we were fighting and took the others," he explained.

"You could have woken me up. I could have taken him on in a fight."

"Oh, please. He was about to slit my throat when I woke up. Shizuo, can you, Kasuka and Celty please help me?"

Shizuo nodded.

"I still haven't forgotten the treaty. Can't believe Namie, though…selling you out to Nebula."


"Hey, Izaya…do you regret anything you did back in the mansion?"

"A lot. A lot of things."

"Like what?"

"Like not saying how I truly feel."

Without warning, Izaya kissed Shizuo. The blonde was surprised, pulling back after a few seconds.

"What? I thought you liked me?"

"I didn't expect that, for crying out loud. What are you up to?"

"Nothing. Can't I do what I want?"

Hesitantly, Shizuo let Izaya kiss him again.

"You're the weirdest person I've met, Izaya."

"Thank you, Shizu-chan~"

Evening swooped down over the land, and Izaya had gathered a few of the group to discuss strategy.

"If you can't be patient for more than five minutes, consider yourself confined to outside the resting room until further notice," Izaya had informed everyone with a deadpan expression on his face. The majority of the group, even Namie, surprisingly, had gone with Izaya back into the resting room, leaving Isaac, Miria, Firo, Kida and Psyche outside.

"So, Psyche…who created you?" Kida asked.

"I don't know…that guy with brown eyes said something about us being NPCs, which sounds like we don't get the honor of having a backstory," Psyche responded, frowning.

"Are there other alternates?" Firo questioned.

Psyche's face lit up.

"Tons of them! There were so many, we had our own town to ourselves! Well…up until VIRUS came here…"

"What happened the day he arrived?"

Psyche's face drained of all color.

"He gave us a choice—either cooperate with him and what plans he had, or die…we chose to resist, but with that, he began trying to slaughter the town. We managed to escape in time, but he…captured us. I haven't seen any of the Shizuo alternates or…well, any alternates besides us."

"How do you know Shizuo and Izaya's names?"

"Just before we were knocked out, VIRUS mentioned giving me and the other Izaya alternates to his rival, and said both their names."

With a long sigh, Psyche pulled his knees up to his chest.

"There were so many of us before he came here. I'm just frustrated…I want news of the others…even a recent picture them would calm me down. I was friends with a lot of people back in Synchronicity Town…"

"Psyche, I'm sure whatever Izaya's got planned, it'll work! He got us out of the mansion, and he'll find a way to beat VIRUS and get the others back!" Miria encouraged.

Psyche nodded.

Izaya opened the door at that moment.

"We have our plan."