England walked into the empty meeting room taking a long look at the organized and quiet planning room with a large oval table and red plush chairs lined up around it. Soon the room would hold many countries and the room would become chaotic and noisy. Suppose it can't really be helped, England thought absentmindedly as he started wrting their objectives for the meeting with a small piece of chalk.

He had almost finished writing the last bullet on the worn-out chalkboard when he heard the door suddenly open. Opening it stood America, with a surprised look in his face at the sight of England. A light blush appeared on his cheeks and he stood there for a little too long avoiding eye contact with the older nation before finally gathering his thoughts and muttering, "Oh hey England...I didn't know you were here..."

Something was off about his tone and England immediately noticed the American's strange mood and became concerned.

"I...I'm always here early idiot...are you alright?" England asked the other, studying America's appearance and noticing dark rings around his eyes which now looked tired and contradicted his usual cheery and carefree ones and also took note about how he appeared to had lost weight by the way his suit fit his figure. Not that he would admit to himself how he had noticed the last observation.

England's concern and watchful gaze caught America off guard and he quickly composed himself, not wanting to cause the Brit any alarm and readjusting his tie which suddenly felt constricting around his hot neck..

"Fine Arthur! Come on you know me! I'm the hero!" he said loudly and confidently, but even he didn't believe himself.

"Well if you-"

"Sorry Artie have to go!" America closed the door back and almost ran to the bathroom, not wanting to arouse England's suspicion any furthur.

"Don't call me that name, it's Arthur you git!" England shouted after him as he just stared at the closed door and wondered what all that had been about. It's probably flu season back at his place or something like that, England thought hopefully, pushing away his paranoia and turning back to finish the list on the chalkboard.


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