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"Masister, get up!" The voice was sharp, impatient. Gaia got up groggily, rubbed her eyes and faced her third day in prison. A guard was calling from the door of the cell. She strode across the room and went outside the cell. The guard handcuffed her immediately, making her wrists ache from the metal's pressure. She was taken to another room, where Mabrother Iris was waiting.

"Finally, you're here. Masister, we need to settle something first. Since you agreed to do whatever we tell you, this includes secrecy. Whatever you see or hear is absolutely confidential. If this is leaked outside this building, you will face much worse. Am I clear?" Mabrother Iris's tone was steely.

"Yes. I've had to agree to a lot lately, haven't I?" Gaia remarked. Mabrother Iris didn't answer. Instead he walked past the door and out of the room. The guard and Gaia followed. Down a series of flights of stairs, the air became colder and Gaia could here cries coming from the door Mabrother Iris stopped in front of.

"We need you here because we think you would have more benefit with your… skill than the other doctors. We need them for other things." Mabrother Iris said. Gaia was startled. They wanted her to keep being a midwife? In a place like this? Gaia liked helping people, partly the reason she was a midwife, but she didn't like helping people like the Protectorat. Yet there was no way she could refuse without killing her sister, Leon and Sylum. Mabrother Iris punched in a code into a keypad and put his finger on what looked like a scanner. Then he opened the door when it beeped. The sight to behold was one Gaia would rather forget.

The room was long, like a hospital ward, and there were beds with figures, all women. Some were pale, others asleep, half-awake or moaning in pain. The beds were facing each other, in two lines, in front of the walls. Beside them were IV tubes and wires in their arms and a machine labeled HEART MONITOR beeping green lines. If matters could be worse, there were more machines in the back of the room. Some labeled DNA SCANNER or TEST TUBE #1. Inside the test tube was a very small fetus. The horror of the place began to creep upon Gaia. Vials filled with red liquid stood in rows inside a clear freezer. The bed closest to Gaia was covered by a curtain, and she heard the clinking of metal on metal. The smell of antiseptic was faint, but noticeable. She turned to Mabrother Iris.

"What sort of room is this?" Gaia blurted. "It's sickening."

"You'll have to get used to it, Masister, or else you know what happens." Mabrother Iris said pointedly. Gaia screwed her eyes shut in frustration. When she opened them again, she saw a familiar face in one of the beds in the middle of the line next to the right wall. Gaia was afraid of what she was going to see. She crept slowly to the bed. A young woman about Gaia's age was in the bed. Gaia would have thought she was dead if not for the heart monitor beeping repeatedly, making the green lines bounce. When she saw the red hair and face features, Gaia stopped cold.



Slipping in and out of consciousness for three weeks was an unimaginable thing. The people in this place, this hell hole, were mostly lady doctors and they poked, prodded and stuck needles to inject or take blood nearly every day. The prisoners were all women from outside the wall. Those who had been here before her were telling stories of going through surgery and having the doctors take an egg and make a test tube child to study it. Or they took pregnant women and made them have still births so they could inspect the baby without trouble. Emily waited in horror if and when the same thing would happen to her. When she slept, or at least tried to, she only dreamed memories. At least once a day, the same one came back, with the same time jumps.

Two months ago. Emily was in an interrogation room, answering questions in one word, if possible. The people had taken her and Paul, her baby and now she hugged him as if he was her lifeline.

"Where was Gaia going?" Emily couldn't answer this. Never would she betray her friend.

"I don't know."

"I think you do know, Masister, and you're just telling me lies." Emily glared at him as there was a knock on the door. Mabrother Iris told the person to come in. It was Masister Kohl, coming to tell Emily that she was one of the women listed to have given birth recently.

"Yes… six months ago." Emily said, confused at the turn of events. The guard tells her she will be providing a great service to the Enclave if she advanced her child. Then Masister Kohl reached out and took Paul from Emily's clutches. Emily grabbed Paul's shirt, the only thing she could hold on to. "No. You won't take my child away."

"You'll get Paul back if you answer my question. Where was Gaia going?" Mabrother asked.

I'm sorry Gaia, Emily thought. "She was heading north, to the wasteland. Now give me Paul, give me my baby!" She yelled.

"It's too late, Masister, We advanced him the second you came. I just simply crossed my fingers." Mabrother Iris said.

"The Enclave will send you a compensation for your service." The Masister Kohl said firmly but kindly and pulled Paul out of Emily's grasp.

"I don't care about the compensation, I WANT MY BABY!" Emily cried. Suddenly the scene changes and it's a month after Paul's advancement and the interrogation. Emily is at home with Kyle and they are eating dinner, talking, but sometimes side glancing at what used to be Paul's chair. Emily's red hair is a mess and her stomach is getting bigger with the new baby coming. There is a knock at the door. Kyle answers, Emily following close behind. This time it's a guard, but with him is another person, a woman who introduces herself as Masister Connor.

"Hello, Masister, this may come as a shock, but the Enclave would like you to provide us the service of helping us with an issue. Could you please follow us?"

"I think we've done enough of a service haven't we?" Emily asked, glancing at Kyle.

"You will be heavily compensated. But quick, you are pregnant, yes?" Masister Connor asked.

"Yes… five months." Emily answered. Where was this going?

"Hmm, that'll have to do. She's one of the last we can take." Masister Connor grimly whispered to the guard next to her, who nodded. Emily tried to back away into the safety of her house, but Masister Connor sighed and the guard pulled her out and cuffed her. Kyle was in a rage. The Enclave had already taken enough from him. The night ended with Emily grudgingly cooperating and following Masister Connor and Kyle left at home, bleeding from his struggle with the guard. Emily had now lost a child and her husband. The only kin left was the baby inside her. What would happen to this one?

The dream/memory was over, as it always ended. Then she heard a familiar but distant voice cry out her name.

"Gaia!" Emily smiled weakly. Her first smile in ages. "Oh, Gaia, I thought they took everything away from me. You escaped without a trace, Kyle was left at home, Paul was advanced, the baby in my stomach died…"

"You lost the baby?" Gaia frowned. That wasn't a good thing. Anything in this room that was strong enough to cause a miscarriage was very bad. "Don't worry Emily. I'm going to help everyone here escape."

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