Happiness for a Soldier

Happiness for a Soldier

I do not own Gundam Wing, okay? I just happen to love the show!

There was a band of rebels that were trying to invade the Cinq Kingdowm. The gundams were their only defense, with Heero leading the team. He didn't' want to make the same mistake twice. The Cinq Kingdwom was rebuilt two years after the collapse. It was now AC 202. And Relena had decided to make Heero her life guardian.


"Relena," Heero murmured to her, who had been shot in the arm," are you alright?"

"I'm fine, thanks to you," she said, wincing as she smiled. Heero had shot her attacker right after she was shot. The man aimed at the chest, but when Heero shot him in the back, his arm shook the side and got her arm.

"If you're going to be attacked, which will be soon, I assure you," Noin said, "You need someone to stay and protect you."

"Isn't that why you have us for?" Duo demanded. "Relena's safe now, isn't she?"

"What do you mean, Noin?" Relena asked.

"You'll have a better chance to rule if the kingdom to protect you," Noin cleared.

"You mean, like…a body guard?" she gasped.

Noin nodded. "Yes, exactly."

Duo nudged Heero and nodded to him. Heero gave him his infamous death glare.

"Which of the pilots do you want to be your bodyguard?" Noin asked, gesturing to them.

Relena didn't have to give it a second thought. She didn't really like Wufei. She liked Quatre and Quatre was very kind to her, but he had a business to run and he was the heir of the Winner of the family. He had enough to worry about as it is. She didn't want to put him in that position, although she knew he would do his best. Trowa was also a good guy, but she didn't know him all that well. Duo, well, he was too much of a comedian, and even though he would protect her well and might make her laugh once in a while to cheer her up, he was dating Hilde. And Relena knew that they were in love. That's easy, Relena thought, smiling at the idea. "Heero," she pointed to Heero, "I pick Heero."

"So, what do we do?" Quatre asked, a bit hurt and insulted.

Duo sighed and looked at Quatre, with that "we just lost our jobs" look, "I guess this will be a good time to build another satellite in outer space, Quatre. And I guess I'll need to get another job too."

"Oh, Duo, stop it!" Relena laughed. She stepped forward to them. "You can stay and protect the Cinq Kingdom. The kingdom needs the gundam pilots," she assured them and then thought, but I need Heero.

Heero crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

"Well, Heero?" Relena asked, turning to Heero and walking to him. She held her hand to the side, "You don't have to Heero, but it will mean a lot to me if you did. What do you say?"

Heero raised his cold Prussian blue eyes to her. He nodded, "Mission Accepted."

"Thank you, Heero."


That had been a week ago and Heero had not left Relena's side. When she held meetings, he stood right behind her chair. He listened carefully to every word she said while listening outside the door incase anyone came bursting in with a gun. When she needed to use the restroom, he stood by the door. Fortunately, he never had to run in there. (I just had an image of her fallin' in and Heero helping her out…!) When she was asleep, he stood outside her bedroom door incase she screamed or a bedroom window broke. He went in at the slightest sound, weather it was a rustle with Relena turning or a sigh from her mouth. She never screamed when he was standing outside the door for her, but he could tell she was having bad dreams because he heard her rustling through the sheets and sigh when she couldn't sleep. Sometimes he walked in just to watch her sleep and he would readjust her pillow and pull the sheets back over her. He was careful not to wake her. Relena never woke up when he was in her room. He suspected she didn't even know he came in to watch her sleep. When they walked down the halls, Heero walked beside her with an arm in front of her, incase some fool was to shoot her. He'd opened the door for her and help her in the car when she went to meetings. Then he'd take one last look at the audience for anything suspicious. He kept his eyes on her at all times. When she asked him for something, a cup of tea, an envelop, a pen, anything, he said the same thing, which was the only thing he said to her, "if that's what you want, then it's yours."

"Heero, go," she urged, "save the kingdom.

He stood their hesitantly. He didn't want to leave her.

She put her hand to his face, "go, please. Before history repeats itself. I want my kingdom to remain standing."

He sighed and then nodded, "if that's what you want, then it's yours." He turned to his gundam, the other pilots still waiting. He wouldn't have left to lead the gundams into the battle unless Relena asked him to. He was her bodyguard and he still led the gundams. He was the best man who ever handled a mobile suit. So it was important for him to still fight.

The gundam pilots stood their ground, waiting for the enemy mobile suits to come into view. They were miles away, behind a hill. Relena just got news that they were coming a few moments ago. They ddin't attack until the enemy was too close, it was Relena had asked them to do.

"If you must attack, wait until you see the eyes of the enemy. Do not attack head on." Were her words.

It was hard for Heero to follow by that, same for the other's. They wanted to charge to the enemy and be rid of them as soon as possible, but it was Relena's wish.

"Duo," Heero said over the radio, "If I die, I want you to do something."

"Name it buddy," Duo's chirpy voice came.

"Protect Relena in my place."

"You got it, Heero." Duo said, "but I don't see you dyin' anytime soon."

"Quatre," Heero said.

"Yes, Heero?"

"If something happens to me, I want you to lead the team."

"Me?" Quatre cried. Then he sighed, "okay Heero, I'll do it."

"Wufei and Trowa-make sure they do their jobs."

"Okay," Trowa said.

"It'll be an honor," Wufei said.

They waited for the enemy mobile suits. There was a long line of them. Maybe fifty of them. They stopped three kilometers in front of the gundams, waiting for them to make the first move. "They stand there, like statues," the comander noted. "What an honor it is to fight with the gundams!"

"Protect the kingdom," Heero ordered the others, "we wont' fail again."

"Come on said," the commander coaxed. "I want to know how well these gundams can fight." He charged Heero.

Heero charged forward, firing the guns on Zero's shoulders.

"Let's kick some ASS!" Duo cried, slicing though the mobile sits. They were tough, stronger than Oz's suits, but not stronger than gundanium. These mobile suits were fast and they had very good weapons. Nothing like they've faced before.

Relena couldn't help but watch the battle. As much as she hated it, she wanted to see Heero at his best. He was doing this for her, for her kingdom. "I believe in you Heero," she whispered. She stood at the gate, looking out at the battle, watching Heero intently. She raised her voice, "I believe in you, I believe in you Heero!" The battle was not complete without Heero and Heero was not complete without battle.

Then a building crashed. It was a movie theatre. "No, not again," she moaned.

What Relena did not know that the enemy was coming from the other side of the kingdom. They had the Cinq Kingdom surrounded. "No, No!" she cried, watching the mobile suits fly over, dropping bombs, crashing through her kingdom. "Noooooo!" She heard people screaming and running for cover. She started running, just as a man grabbed her from behind.

"Don't make this difficult, your highness," he said in her ear.

Relena wriggled around, "let me go!" she demanded. She looked up at Heero's mobile suit and took a deep breath, "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" her voice was filled with anger, fear and sadness.

"What?" Heero gasped, "Relena?" he turned and left the others to fight without him, "I shouldn't have left her behind!" Wing Zero trasnformed in its aircraft form. If anything happened to Relena he would never forgive himself. There would be no reason for him to keep on fighting. He would never take another mission again.

"Heeerro! Save me!"

Relena struggled to get out of the man's grasp, "let go of me!"

"Now, girl, if you behave," he said hotly.


Wing Zero transformed to it's robot form. Heero jumped out of his gundam. Relena bit the man's finger and he wailed out. Relena finished it off with a good stomp on the foot and ran to Heero. He bent down to catch her, his arm out toward her. When Relena reached Heero, she looked back at her attacker though the corner of her eye angrily. (I've seen a fanart like this. It's my favorite Heero and Relena picture.) Heero raised his eyes at her attacker and his gun. "You will not harm her," he muttered and then fired twice. The man fell back with two bullets in his chest. Not while I'm around. He thought, finishing his sentence silently.

There were more gunshots. Heero and Relena ran back to Wing Zero, Heero taking whatever bullets he could for Relena. He held her close and whipped around when he heard another gunshot. He was careful to keep her from getting harmed. Heero went back into Wing Zero, his arm around Relena and his hand on the cord sending him back up. If Heero was going to fight, he was going to keep Relena in his sight. Relena sat on his lap and as she put her hand on his arm, she felt blood.

"Heero, you're hurt," she muttered.

"Never mind that," He muttered back. "We're still under attack and I'm not about to surrender." He charged other enemy suits, firing his main weapon.

"Fall back! Fall back!" the commander of the other unit commanded.

"But commander---" a soldier said.

"I said fall back! These pilots have showed us their skill. We'll come back another time."

"They're retreating!" Quatre cried in disbelief. "But why!? Gotta be a trick…"

"Yeah, but they'll be back." Duo added, "and when they do, we'll be ready for them."

Heero grunted painfully while transforming his gundam. His arms were throbbing he was shot in the shoulder, his side and his leg. He whined a bit but remained strong. He looked at Relena, who kept her hand on his wound. He mumbled her name and then collapsed.


"Heero, can you open your eye for me?" Relena asked, hanging over his face.

"We've taken the bullets out." Sally informed. "He'll be okay."

"Thank you, Sally."

"Ugh, Relena?" Heero groaned.

"I'm here," she said, "are you alirght?"

"I was going to ask you the same."

Relena smiled and blushed. "You were almost killed."

"So were you."

Relena raised her ehad to Sally, "Sally, could you--" she began.

Sally smiled, rasing her hands up, "hey, not a problem." She turned and left the room to give them privacy.

Relena stood up from the chair and sat on the edge of Heero's bed. He moved to give her room.. "Thank you for protecting me."

"It's my job. You asked me to protect you."

"You didn't have to do it."

Heero was silent.

"You're amazing, you know that? You're the leader of the best mobile suit unit in the universe and you're also the body guard of the queen of the pacifist nation." She smiled and paused, "but why did you say yes?"

Heero swallowed. He didn't know what to say. Maybe because he didn't trust the other pilots with her. Duo was dating Hilde and he was too much of a goof. Relena didn't know Trowa well enough. Quatre had other things to worry about and Wufei didn't even like Relena that much. Heero was what was left. And he was the best.. He was the first one of the pilots to set eyes on Relena. He could never kill her, for a reason he didn't know. He tried, but he always ended up protecting her instead. Since she found him on that beach, he couldn't get her out of his head. No matter how hard he tried.

"Why did you say yes?" she repeated.

"Relena," Heero moaned, "because I'm the best one for the job."

"Oh." She murmured, speechless. It wasn't the answer she was expecting. But ti was true. She liked all the pilots, but her heart blonged to Heero. She loved him and he couldn't get her mind off him since the day she found him on the beach. When she pulled off his helmet and saw his face, she couldn't erase it from her mind. No matter how hard she tried.

"Why did you choose me?" he asked finally, breaking her from her thoughts.

"Because," she said, "I wel…" she wanted to tell him how much she loved him, but was too afraid. "I trust you." Close enough, she thought to herself. It will work for now. Although she trusted and had faith in each of the pilots. Some were very kind to her more than Heero was.

Heero sighed, "I'm sorry if I ever…"

"Don't start," she shook her head. "I owe you my life, Heero. And my kingdom is still standing because of you." She leaned forward to kiss his forehead.

Heero breathed in the scent of her perfume. "I'll always be there," he whispered.

Did he really mean this or was it the sedatives talking? Relena thought, "Heero?" she gasped pulling back.

"I'll keep protecting you." He vowed. "It is my mission to protect you." He moved his hand over hers and pulled it on his chest. His eyes drooped. "I won't let you down."

Relena smiled and squeezed his hand, "you need your rest. I should leave you alone." She sat up and headed toward the door.

"But I can't leave you alone," he said. Sitting up, he barked out, "if anything happened to you then I'd lose all reason of living."

Tears formed in her eyes from hearing this. "Oh, Heero." She moaned, out of things to say. She held her hand tightly around the doorknob, frozen, watching Heero sitting up, bandages around him. His cold eyes were staring her down.

"You need to stay alive," he said. "It's my job to keep you safe."

She looked at the floor for a moment then raised her eyes up to him, "you don't have to worry about me. You don't even have to protect me, Heero. I'm fine. There's plenty of people out there who don't want to see me harmed."

"And there's some who do, Relena," he corrected.

"I can take care of myself, Heero," she said, "but thank you for your concern." She smiled and walked out. As she walked down the hall, he saw Heero strutting up past her.

"So how is he?" he asked with a grin.

"He's okay."

After you just seeing him, why wouldn't he be? Duo thought mischievously. "I'm gonna see him now. Oh, and this came for you," he handed her an envelope. "Good news, I hope."

Relena examined it. There was no return address. "Thank you, Duo."

Duo walked down the hall and opened Heero's door. He sat down on the chair, "hey buddy, how's it goin'?"

"I'm a fool," Heero groaned.


"I almost failed. If I didn't get to Relena in time, it would be here laying here instead of me." He said, angry at himself. "Or worse…"

"Hey," Duo mumbled, "don't get so hard on yourself, man."

"Duo, you're my best friend, aren't you?"

"Damn, right I am!" he cried.

"I need you to do something for me," Heero said, sitting up, "I'd to it myself, but I'm in no condition to leave the castle. Besides, I can't leave Relena alone and she'd be mad if she knew I left."

"Name it."

"I know a way to keep Relena safe," Heero began. "I--"

"Hold on, hold on, I think I know where this is headed," Duo interrupted with a grin, waving for Heero to be silent "you want me to go outer space and get more gundanium, right? You want our gundams upgraded, right? Well, so no buddy, because I am there!"

"No, Duo, you dummy," Heero groaned, "that's not it."

"It's not?" Duo mumbled, dumbfounded, "well, what is it?"

"I want you to go to the jewelry store and buy a ring for me."

"Since when did a manly man like you start wearing jewelry?" Duo said, raising an eyebrow.

"It's not for me, Duo! You idiot!" Heero snapped, "it's for Relena, of course!"

"Oh," Duo moaned and then his eye brows arched as a light bulb went off in his cute head, "Ohhhh, I get it! Anything for you, buddy!" he stood up. "You can count on me."

"And I want a good one too, the best one you can find!"

"Sure thing pal," Duo laughed then he punched Heero's shoulder lightly, "oh, you dog!"

"Duo," Heero groaned.

"K, I'm goin', I'm goin'," Duo walked to the door and then stopped, "hey, wait….if it's your girl's ring, don't you want to pay for it? I mean…I'm just a guy who grew up as an orphan, I don't have any money."

"Then take Quatre with you." Heero sighed.

"Oh, why didn't I think of that?" He chuckled and walked down the hall, "Oh, Quatre, can I see you for a minute?"

Heero had to smile. "I'll see you will be protected, Relena. I won't let anything happen to you."


Relena sat down at her desk and took her silver letter opener. She opened the envelope carefully and took out the letter. The message was written on an off-yellow paper that matched the envelope. She looked at the message carefully. It was handwritten, the handwriting vaguely familiar. The message as also short.

Relena, I'm watching you.

And that was all. It was disturbing. It was eerie. Who wrote this? There was no signature, nothing. She almost screamed, but didn't. Half of her was scared to death and half of her was relieved, as if this half knew who the person was. She shrugged and didn't give it a second thought. She placed the letter back in the envelope and then in her desk drawer. I don't need to worry, Relena thought to herself, Heero's here to protect me.

End Part 1. I had a feeling this story was going to be in parts! What's going to happen? Will the city collapse again? Who is the mysterious person who wrote Relena this letter? And what kind of ring will Duo and Quatre find? Find out in part 2 of Happiness for a Soldier!