Happiness For a Soldier Part 3

Happiness For a Soldier Part 3

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Heero was hobbling down the hall to get his legs waken up. He was laying in that bed too darn long. He only had a few minor wounds, but Sally told him to keep resting. He hasn't been able to sleep since…well since he's become Relena's bodyguard. Even before then.

"Hey, Heero!" Duo ran to him and jumped on his back, "how's it goin' man? So, what did Relena say? Huh?!"

Heero grunted as he nearly ate the floor. "Duo!!"

"C'mon, don't leave me hangin'! Did she say yes, huh? Well?!! Are you gettin' married or what?!"

"Yes, Duo. She said yes," he reported. Well, actually she said 'Mission Accepted, Heero remembered.

"Whooo-hoooo!" Duo leaped off his back and threw his arms up, "alright! Congratulations man! Sayyyy," he put his arm around Heero, "can I be your best man? PUH-LEEEEEZZZZZ?!!"


"Oh, alright!" he slapped Heero's back, "alright! Oh, I'm honored!"

Suddenly, they heard bombs and gunshots going off. "What's going on?" Heero demanded.

"Gee, I wish you would make your announcement a bit more formal…." Duo groaned.

Heero shot him his death glare, "Duo!"

"I was kiddin'!"

Then they heard Relena screaming. "Good god, no!" Heero shouted, "Relena!" They ran out to see the same mobile suits they were fighting before with tanks and armored cars. A thug held Relena's arm painfully. "Let her go!" Heero demanded.

"HEEERROOO!" Relena cried.

"We have some things to discuss."

"I said I'm not going anywhere!" Relena snapped.

The thug hit her.

"Hey!" Duo snarled, "The lady said no!" He ran forward to punch the man in the face while telling Relena to duck. Relena squirmed out of his grasp. "Beat it!"

"If is a matter of money, I'll pay anything!" Relena cried as Heero took her in his arms. The remaining gundam pilots with Sally, Noin and the girls came up behind them with "Surrender or Die" looks on their faces.

"It's not money we want, your highness," a tall man in a black suit with glasses on. He was the commander of the military unit.

"Who are you?" she demanded, looking their suits over. It was neither Oz or White Fang.

"Allow me to introduce myself," the man took a bow, "I am Paul Murdock of the Vile Clan."

"Vile," Duo muttered under his breath, "I see why."

"What do you want?" she demanded, anger filling her voice.

"We came to visit your kingdom."

"You are not welcome here."

"Oh come now," he grinned evilly and walked toward her, her put his hand on the side of her mouth and squeezed it, making a fish-face (I've seen a lot of bad guys do that) "you should be more kind to your visitors."

Relena felt like biting his fingers off, but her peaceful nature kept her from doing so. "I do not wish to fight with you. I believe in total pacifism."

"Oh really? How about those gentlemen behind you? Do they?"

"Of course they do!" Relena snarled.

"The Gundam pilots are rebels! They are to be punished!" he reached behind him to pull out a gun, "who goes first!?"'

Everyone gasped, "take me instead!" Relena offered.

"No, Relena!" Heero shouted, "don't!"

"That's enough," Wufei growled, "you have no right to barge in this place and murder us one by one! You coward!"

Paul's eyes shifted to Wufei, "you have a big mouth, I think you'll go first."

Wufei's eyes widened, but instead of shouting in fear and covering himself, he ran into Paul, reaching for the gun. "You coward!" Wufei accused again. He's even worse than Treize, Wufei thought.

Another thug pulled Wufei away from him. He swiped him against the neck, knocking Wufei out cold. Sally cried out in shock as she ran to him, pressing her fingers to his neck to see if he was alright. He was okay, just out of it.

The remaining people of Vile Clan began laughing. "So who's next?" they looked at Heero.

Seeing their gaze at Heero, Relena had quite enough. She wasn't about to let them take the gundam pilots away from her. She reached down and pulled up her dress to her knee, revealing a holster. "Leave my fiancé alone." She muttered fiercely as she pulled the pistol out.

"Fiancé, huh?" Paul's eyes sparkled with evil intent as a grin spread across his face, "this is your fiancé?"

Heero looked at Relena with a "Don't" expression.

"He's also my bodyguard. He's the love of my life," Relena said, restraining him with her gun, "you'd better not harm him or so help me I will not be responsible for my actions. Now let him go!"

"Okay, I won't hurt him," he brought his gun down and he shot Quatre instead. He laughed wickedly.

Quatre cried out in pain, clutching his wounded shoulder. At least he wasn't shot in the head. (Would you think I'd kill off my second favorite pilot?!) Seems like this Paul would rather torture than kill.

Trowa grabbed his best friend before he fell, "Quatre, are you alright?"

"I…think…so," Quatre winced.

"Quatre! No!" Dorothy shrieked, rushing to his side. "Oh, Quatre…" Dorothy raised her eyes at Paul. "You…You monster!" she charged him and then stopped when Paul raised the barrel of his gun at her forehead.

"Monster? No, I'm a gentleman. Gentlemen don't kill women, but if I really am a monster, then I'll kill you…"

Dorothy's eyes filled with tears of fear. She mumbled and choked.

"You don't think I'm a monster, do you?" he asked.

Dorothy closed her eyes, "p-lease d-don't hurt me…." She begged, stumbling over her words, "j-j-just leave, leave us alone."

Paul brought his gun down and Dorothy fell down to her knees, crying.

"Do you know who you just shot?" Duo demanded, "that was Quatre Rabera Winner!"

"You mean, I just shot the Pacifist Leader's son?!" Paul gasped, pretending to be in shock, "Oh, well, I'm honored!"

"What?!" Quatre cried, clutching his shoulder. Now he was very angry. More so than when his father was treating him more like a tool than his son. More so when his father didn't want him to become a gundam pilot. More than any battle he lost. More than when his father died. He was even more angry than when the clerk charged him for the ring, which he finally got for a more reasonable price. "An honor?!"

"You want me to shoot you again?" Paul demanded.

Then something snapped in the once gentle and caring and non-violent pacifist Arabian. "It's bastards like you that brought my father to his death!" Quatre shouted, his blue-green eyes flashing with anger and torment. "You, you bastard! You came here just to kill us? Well, hurry up and get it over with!" Quatre lunged at him, "before we kill you!"

Paul raised his gun at Quatre. Fired. Missed. Amazingly. Quatre knocked out the gun and punched him in the face. "I wouldn't fight if I could help it," Quatre once said. Well this time, he just couldn't help himself. He remembered what Iria said about his father. He didn't die a coward, he fought a brave fight. Quatre didn't want to die on his knees. If he was going to die, he was going to die fighting. And he was going to put up a brave fight, a braver fight than what his father put up. They fell on the pavement. Even injured, even being one of the weakest pilots, even being a pacifist, Quatre had the advantage. He broke Paul's nose. Nobody pulled Quatre off him, because well, the other pilots were kind of shocked and a bit impressed and the ones of Vile Clan were too shocked to even move. They expected the pilots to just stand there and be pushed around. They heard that the pilots were weaker out of the gundams, but Quatre's blows to Paul's face proved otherwise. The gundams were just as strong out of their mobile suits, if not stronger.

"What are you doing, fools?" Paul cried to his men while spitting the blood from his cut lip. "Just don't stand there, get him off of me! Ugh!" his head fell back when his chin received another punch from Quatre's fist. And what really hurt was that Quatre wore a huge ring on his finger. It was a gift from the Magunac Core. It looked like a class ring.

Quatre lifted up him by the collar of his shirt, "you have no place here! We're trying to build a nation of total pacifism, now why did you have to come and ruin it? My father died trying to build a place for people to live so they wouldn't have to worry about bastards like you!" he raised his fist, "and I swear, on my father's grave and on King Peacecraft's grave, and every pacifist's grave, before him, I'm going to make sure it happens!" he punched him again.

The people of the Vile Clan were cowards. They were just a bunch of gang members wearing military suits. They were trying to mess up something for someone and when they came to the Cinq Kingdom, they found out that these people were stronger than they were.

Finally, Quatre stopped beating Paul's face in and stood up. He couldn't believe he had just did that. But, for some odd reason, it felt good. Maybe he finally fought for what he believed in. And he didn't ask Paul to surrender, because Paul shot Quatre first. Perhaps his father would be angry at him right now and his sisters would all freak, but one thing was for sure, no one would try putting weapons on a Winner's satellite again.

Dorothy came to Quatre and pulled him away. They stared Paul and the others down. Relena raised her gun, "get the hell out of my kingdom, now! You're lucky my brother isn't here! You would've gotten worse!"

Paul spit the blood from his mouth and wiped his lip. He stumbled up. "Too bad, your highness…it would have been better if you just let us kill you."


Someone grabbed Paul's arm, "I don't think they're kidding, let's just get out of here! Come on, Paul, they'll kill us!"

There were helicopters flying above the Cinq Kingdom, "this is the Cinq Kingdom Army. You have exactly one hour to evacuate the kingdom or we will open fire."

Paul groaned, "Let's go…" he turned and left them behind. They all left the kingdom and weren't heard from again. The Army made sure of that.

They went back inside and Quatre ran into the kitchen.

"Wow, Quatre," Duo exclaimed, "for a pacifist, you're a really tough guy!"

"Thanks," Quatre murmured, putting his fist in a container of ice cream. He hissed in pain. He brought his hand back out and opened and closed it, "I hope I'll never have to do that again. Please tell me there were no cameras."

"I'm not so sure about that," Trowa said who turned on the TV. They saw the image of Quatre beating the tar out of Paul.

"Oh dear," Quatre groaned, putting his hand to his forehead, "My sisters are going to be so upset."

"Quatre, you did the right thing." Relena said.

"I did?"

She nodded. "Of course. We had to stand our ground."

Duo put his arm around Heero's, "well buddy, it looks like you're getting married soon, so what are we waiting for, huh? Let's get this show on the road!"

"Oh, congratulations, Heero!" Quatre cried.

"Thanks, Quatre," Heero shook his hand, forgetting it was still sore.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" he grunted


"Oh, but first, Heero," Duo made a mischievous grin, "I'm your best man and let's not forget the bachelor party? Eh? Yeah, I'm I right?!"

"Oh no," Heero moaned, "this won't end well…"


Relena returned to her room. She had gotten another letter from the mysterious writer.

Relena, Im coming. I'm on my way. Don't start without me.

"That's odd," she mumbled. It was the longer one of the letters she had received so far. And the way it sounded, it almost seemed to be good news instead of frightening news.


"Congratulations, Heero!" Duo cried, slapping him on the back. They had left to Hilde's and Duo's old home of all places. Hilde said there wasn't anyone using it at the time so she let him borrow it for the party. But if she heard he was foolin' around on her behind her back, she'd kill him. And the same went for the others.

"Duo, Relena will kill us if she knew…"

"It's just a party, Heero, and besides, this is your last day as a free man."

Music filled the room. Men were drinking and laughing and giving Heero their congratulations. It was absolutely girl-free until…

Ding dong.

"Wow, who could that be?" Duo mumbled. "Heero, I didn't know you had so many friends."

"Duo, who did you invite this time?"

"I'm serious, pal. No one." Duo opened the door to see a very tall woman with long copper red hair. She had an athletic build. She wore a pair of black shorts and a red top. Upon her mouth was deep red lipstick. She held a duffel bag. "Can, I, uh, help you?" Duo stammered.

"Hi, I'm the stripper…" she said, "my name's Natalie."

"DUO MAXWELL!!" Heero screamed, "this was not in the brochure!"

"I swear, I didn't do it!" Duo freaked.

"I'm marrying Relena for Pete's sake and there's a stripper at my party!"

"Maybe I have the wrong place," Natalie said, reaching into her purse and she took out a piece of paper, "oh yes, here we are. Heero Yuy is the groom to be, right? That must be you." She looked right at Heero.

"Uh, yeah…but how did you know. Did my best man call you?" he nudged Duo and looked at him.

Duo laughed and shrugged, "for once man, it wasn't me."

"Actually," she said, "the call was anonymous. But it was a woman's voice…now I remember, it was Hilde Schbeiker."

"Hilde called you," Duo shouted, "my, my old roommate, my girlfriend!?"

Natalie nodded, "yes, that's right. She's the one who called us. Now, can I use the bathroom to change? There's another party I've got to go to in an hour."

"Sure, yeah, it's down the hall," Duo said, pointing down. "Hey, stop peaking!" he yelled at the other partiers.

"Who's a good music player?" Natalie asked.

"Well, I am…" Quatre mumbled.

"Oh, you're cute," Natalie complemented, "when I come out, could you pop this tape in for me hun?"


"Thanks." She turned to Heero, "now, I know what you're thinking. But, I promise you, you won't have to worry about a thing. You just sit in this chair here," she pulled out a chair and sat Heero in it, "and you just leave the party to me, okay?" she ran to the bathroom.

Heero tapped his feet and look around the room nervously, thinking, I'm going to be in so much trouble if Relena finds out…I wish I never become a gundam pilot, I wish, I wish, I wish…I

Moments later, Natalie poked her head around the corner and winked at Quatre to play the tape. It was a deep and melodramatic tape. There was soft saxophone tunes. Natalie turned around and walked to Heero. She wore a red shiny spaghetti strap dress that came four inches above her knees. She wore matching red silk gloves and red high heels. Her red hair was gelled and moussed to give a sexy and saucy, trampy look. Heero gulped as Duo slapped his back to say, "congratulations, Heero!"

Natalie walked closer to Heero and danced around him. She touched him as she went by, first at his head and then on his shoulders. She ran her fingers down his face and then came in close. Heero sat perfectly still, thinking he were somewhere else. Men hollered and hooted and clapped. She stepped back and unzipped her dress. It fell down to her ankles. She wasn't naked underneath, thank goodness, or Heero would have passed out. She wore a red bikini underneath. She winked at Heero and blew him a kiss. She danced around him again and she danced in front of him, waving her arms up and down and to the sides. Her hips swayed side to side. Heero blinked several times and then the song was over.

Heero breathed a sigh of relief as Natalie leaned foreword with a polite smile upon her sultry looking face, "congratulations, Heero," she shook hands with him, "I hope you and Relena will be happy together."

"Do you tell every man this?" Heero asked.

"Of course," she said, "my client's best interests are my best interests." She winked at him seductively as she shook her hips, picked up her fallen dress and went back to the bathroom to change.

"Thank you, Natalie," Duo said, opening the door for her. Then thought, I think..

"It's my pleasure," she nodded and waved at the other guests.

Heero's head dropped, "okay, Duo, if there aren't anymore surprises, I'd like to get married now."


The wedding was held outside. Heero and Relena thought it would be best to have it on the beach were they first met (AN: All together now! 1-2-3 AWWWW! HOW SWEEEEET!) The groomsmen and groom wore their spiffy blue and black military uniforms, even though it was a formal arrangement, they were still soldiers. And there was something about a man in a uniform. They each had a sword on their side. Except Heero, who also had a gun. His uniform had a couple medals on it. There was one he was very proud of. It was a gold medal with a red medal that said "Perfect Soldier."

Because he was the best music player, Quatre played the piano preludes as everyone waited for Relena. It was much better than standing up the front and have everyone look at him. Especially since he was a bit teary-eyed.

The bridesmaids, Sally, Noin, Hilde and Catherine walked down the aisle. They were in pale blue dresses. Relena asked Dorothy to be here maid of honor. She was honored, but with each step she took on the aisle, another tear fell, almost as if it was she was the one to be wed.

Quatre played three chords, announcing Relena was about to come. Everyone stood up. They turned to see a horse drawn carriage, driven by Pagan (hey, at least its not her pink car), with Relena in the back. Her hair was in braids on top of her head. Her dress was made of satin and lace, the top was tight and sleeveless and came into a full skirt. As Pagan helped her down, a helicopter went overhead and someone was speaking.

"I cannot let this wedding proceed anymore," a familiar voice said.

"What?" Relena gasped.

Heero almost reached for his gun and shot the helicopter down.

Then the door opened and a rope ladder fell out. A man started climbing down. The helicopter was hovering about 12 feet above Relena. The man jumped down. "Not until I walk you down the aisle."

"Milardo!" Relena cried, "it's you!"

"Zechs," Noin mumbled in tears, "I knew he was still alive."

Relena laughed and wrapped her arms around him.

"I told you not to start without me," he said.

"You were the one who wrote those letters?" Relena gasped. "What were you trying to do, scare me?"

"Sorry if I did," he apologized, lending her his arm. "But I promised our father to walk you down the aisle if something ever happened to him."

She slid her arm through his and he walked her down to the end. He shook hands with Heero then told him to take care of her. Millardo stepped back as Heero took Relena's arm and they stood in front of the minister.

"Dearly beloved," the minister began, "we are gathered here today at this place…"

"I now pronounce you man and wife," the minister finished, "you may kiss your bride, Heero."

Heero lifted Relena's veil, smiled and told her he loved her, and they shared a deep and loving kiss.

"It's so beautiful!" Duo mumbled, tears streaming down his face and his chin trembled, "I-I can't!" Heero laughed at him.

"Oh, Duo," Hilde wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm just so happy for them!" Duo cried, "I just love weddings!"

As their guests began to cheer, Relena knew that Heero would always be there for her. Her perfect soldier.