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Take some breathe deeply, she exhaled again for the fifth time. Holding the cap that covering her blonde hair she prepared herself. Once again she looked at a big gate that separating her royal castle, and the city. 'Alright Lucy, you can do it!' she shouted in her mind. Why is it so hard just to step out of this horrible castle? Is it because she's afraid her father a.k.a King Judo Heatfilia will find her walking in the middle of city, where a princess shouldn't be? Is it because she doesn't want to leave her castle even just for a day? Or is it because she's afraid one of a Dragneel will kidnap her like her father always say whenever she tried to run away?

Lucy looked at her t-shirt and skirt, casual clothes that her father will forbid her to wear. She imagined her days in the castle. Non-stop lesson, formal language, no friends. She's tired of it! Just for one day, she wanted to be free. Talking with the citizens of magnolia, smell the scent of freedom, make some friends, I bet that'll be fun. So once again she looked around, just to make sure no one recognize her as the princess, and she run!

At the city~

Lucy doesn't know how long she run, or how far. But when she smelled a scent of bread, meatloaf, fruits, hearing the sound of people chatting happily, children running and laughing, or some old lady smiling and talking about their husbands stupid behavior, she knew one thing.

She's walking in the middle of magnolia!

Smiling happily, she clutched the cap tighter, who knows a wind will flow by and, the cap's come off and poof! Everyone in the city will kneeled down and say, "we're sorry for our rude behavior Princess Lucy," oh no! That's terrible. Looking around, she saw a bunch of girls talking animatedly and approach them.

Dragneel's house~

"Natsu-nii!" a girl with long blue hair shouted. Said boy turned to his little sister.

"What is it Wendy? If dad's looking for me, just tell him I'm off to.. to.. to wash the dishes!" the pink-haired boy quickly stated.

"Huh? Since when did you start doing the dishes?" asked the cute blunette. "and nope, dad's not looking for you," she continued. Natsu sighed in relief.

"But I am," a firm voice said. Natsu gulped. Looking at his mom's fiery aura, he started to look for help.


"Ouch Mom! What was that for?" he said innocently. "what for? What do you mean what was that or? Of course it's because you change form in the wood again! And what do thing will happen if someone sees you?" Grandine said worriedly.

Natsu just rolled his eyes. "What's up with the change form thing? We're half dragons, is it wrong if we can change our form to dragons" he exclaimed.

"have you forget that the king doesn't like the Dragneels? Have you forget that he will give a lot of money to whoever find us? Have you forget the reason why we never use our surname? Have you young dragon?" his mom snapped. Seeing Natsu just stay still, she sighed. "You're lucky your father is out to somewhere. Just , don't do this again, ok?" she said after a couple of seconds staring contest.




"It's okay," she smiled and dragged Wendy outside.

Natsu sighed. Grabbing his scaled scarf, he make his way to the market.

At the Market~

Looking around, Natsu tried to find something interesting. He waved to some old ladies who greet him.

A giggle catch his eyes and he turned around, he saw a girl, around his age, wearing a hat that covering her hair, a t-shirt, and a blue skirt. She's laughing with a bunch of kids surrounding her. Feeling someone staring at her, she looked at Natsu. Her brown eyes stare at onyx one. Then she smiled, a smile that make butterflies in his stomach tickling him. He smiled back and if he's not mistaken, he saw a blush on her porcelain cheeks. Hey, isn't that.. He smirked.

Lucy tried to hide her blush from that pink-haired boy. She admitted it, he's pretty cool, cute, and handsome, his eyes are shining, and his hair is funny, his... Okay, that's enough.

When she saw him smirking, she wonders what was that about. Shrugging it off, she turned her attention back to the kids. Oh man! If there's an enjoy-o-meter, this moment reach 85% of enjoyment.

A sound of horse step snapping her out of her mind, her eyes widened when she saw a bunch of guards riding their horses towards the market. Quickly she tried to escape but the crowd stopped her from running.

"Crap" she muttered. Ignoring the fact she just cursed. She panicked when one of the guards yelled, "PRINCESS LUCY IS MISSING! GO FIND HER NOW!" he command his men. When the guards start to make their way to her side, she paled. But when she was about to cry in panicked, a warm hand grab hers and dragged her away from the crowd. She looked up and blush madly when she finds out that the pink-haired boy earlier is her savior. He, who she admired minute ago, is dragging her, hand in hand, and gosh she can't help the fact that his hand is holding hers tightly yet gently. He turned to her and grinned.

"Your adventure is not over today right, Princess?" he said.

"How do you-?" she asked, surprised. He stopped in front of, what looks like a lake.

"Let's just say I often stare at you picture in magazines and newspaper," he smiled. The he realized what did he just said and continue, "I mean you're a famous princess so I often see you at the media, not like I like to stare at you or something but.." he nervously said. Lucy smiled.

"Thanks for saving me from… Ya know, those.. ghosts.." she whispered, frowning. Sitting on the lakeside, she hugged her knees.

"Hey, can I call you Lucy?" Natsu asked. Sit beside her.

"If you tell me what your name is," she smiled, leaning her head to her knees.

"Natsu. Just call me Natsu," he said. "Why did you call the soldiers 'ghosts'?"

"Because they are ghosts. Just popping out when we don't want to see them the most. Dragging us back to the demon castle and report u to the demon king who'll punish us and give us creep with his fangs," she said bluntly. Natsu just laugh.

"Lemme guess, you're a writer right?" he asked, wiping his tears.

"And lemme guess, you're a mind reader right?" she giggled.

"No. do I look like a mind reader or a fortune teller who bring crystal ball and cards everywhere?" she shook head.

"I know because the way you talk and your words are so author-ish," he grinned. And "oh" was all he heard. There's a comfortable silence till Natsu grab her wrist (again) and drag her back to the market.

"Wait! Where are you taking me? What if the guards find out? Natsu please tell me you're not giving me to them!" she shouted.

"Sheez.. You're such a loud princess. I'm not gonna give you to the ghosts! we're gonna have fun all day, Luce!" he grinned. Lucy's eyes sparkled. "Really?" Met with an assure nod, Lucy smiled widely and whispered a small thank you so only Natsu could hear.


Okay okay. Lucy is feeling the happiest moment beside when her mom is still alive. Eat various food, meet Natsu's friends (who agreed to hide Lucy), chatting with the citizens, sightseeing at the food store, bookstore, charm store, clothes store- I mean boutique, city library, watch street show, run away from the 'ghosts' and most of all feeling Natsu's hand linked with hers. XD

Now they're sitting on a bench in the park, chatting. Each have big smile on their faces.

"You know, I was afraid to go out the palace at first," she said.

"Why? That's what you want right?"

"Yes, but… I was afraid that father will find me, or someone try to hurt me or someone at the Dragneels kidnap me or-"

"Huh? Dragneels kidnap you? Who said that?" Natsu asked chuckling a bit.

"Well, my father did. You know he doesn't like dragons' right? Even he forbids me to know single things about dragons," she answered.

"Well, do you believe him?" he asked. Afraid that she does.

"No." he sighed in relief. "In fact, I want to meet them," she continued.

"Why?" curiosity take over him.

"Because I want to meet Grandine and Igneel,"

Natsu's eyes gone wide. "H..Huh? Why?"

"Because I want to ask them something about my mom. How did she died? Why did my father hate their family, because I saw their photo with my mom in her secret jewelry box and.. " she stopped for a moment.

"Breathe Lucy.. Breathe.." Natsu said, waving his hand in front of her face like chanting voodoo spell on her.

'Do you know that you're talking to their son?' he asked in mind, smiling next to the blonde.

"Do you know anything about the Dragneels?" he shyly asked.

"Well, all I know is they're once called as The Knights of Magnolia, their job is to protect the city from dragons that surround this city, they're half dragons, powerful, and has lived in Magnolia for generations."

"You know a lot," he grinned.

"My tutor always tell me about them. She disobeyed my dad's order not to tell me about them, but she knew that I have a right to know," she smiled, the image of the pink haired old lady popped into her mind.

Natsu smiled softly, " So, you don't hate them?" Again, she shook her head.

The sun starts to hide in the horizon so Natsu take the pretty blonde Princess back to her Palace. Looking around, Natsu and Lucy hid behind a tree, make sure that the guard won't see them. Taking a breath, Lucy turned to Natsu.

"Well, I guess I'll see you again, if I could," she whispered sadly. Natsu smiled. "Don't worry! I'll find a way to see you again!" he grinned. Lucy blushed. Hug him lightly, she whispered a thank you again, them make her way to the gate.

Natsu didn't take his eyes off her figure until she disappeared on the other side of the gate. No, there is one question bugging him, 'how-to-meet-Lucy-again' because sheez… He gladly want to deny it, but, he knows he likes the Princess of Magnolia. He, the son of Dragneels, who the King always tried to get rid off, likes his daughter? Crazy, but yeah… he shrugged it off. It's just a 'like' not more.

"Hey! Who are you?" a loud voice snapping his back to reality. He turned to see a guard approach him. "Err.. I…" he tried to find an answer.

"Oh! I know! You're one of the candidates huh?" he asked the confused half-dragon.

"Huh? Candidates?"

"Yes! For the Princess personal bodyguards,"

His eyes widened. "Or are you just a beggar? I'm sorry; I have no money for you. It's not payday yet. We, the guards even have to find another way to survive from hunger and take care of our beloved family. You know, If I don't bring money tonight, my beautiful wife won't let me sleep on the bed, she.. *sniff* sometime she could be really cruel.. *sniff*"

Natsu grunted. "No. I'm not a beggar, and no, I don't have time to listen to your love story, sorry, and yes, I'm a candidate for the personal bodyguard," he grinned at the last part. The guard show him the place to take the number for the audition. He grinned at the guards and shout, "Wish me luck for tomorrow!" the guard waved at him.

"Yosh! I'm all fired up!" he grinned. He'll definitely win for sure. See you tomorrow, Luce!

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