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Chapter 21

"Let him be, Virgo. I'm sure he's tired." Lucy said to the maid spirit who was about to wake Natsu. The pink haired spirit raised a brow. "You sure, Princess?" the Princess smiled and nodded her head. "Very well, then. I'll go help Mrs. Spetto and the other maids for preparing breakfast." With that she walked out of the bedroom, leaving Lucy giggled at her expression.

The blonde turned to the bed to see her sleeping fiancé. He laid on his belly, half of his bangs covered his face. Lucy couldn't resist the urge to brush them away and showed his peaceful face to her. She smiled and rested her head back on the pillow beside him, who instinctively warped his left arm around her and murmured unknown things.

Seconds passed, he showed no sign to let her go just yet, and Lucy spent the time to examine his face.

The thing that surprised her the most was how his face looked exactly similar to his father now. Sure, he still had that cheeky, childish, breathtaking grin. His jaw was much more sculpted now, he got taller, his skin got a bit tanner, his hair got a bit redder and spikier, his eyes got more charming and serious. She admitted, he looked much more handsome and hotter.

And gosh, she's sure a lucky girl- I mean a lucky young women.

However, seeing him like this, sleeping peacefully, like a single move would stir him up, she just couldn't bring herself to wake this guy.

Lucy let a small laugh came out from her, and she shrugged his hands off to get up. She'd let him sleep just for another ten or fifteen minutes, she told herself. Then she'd wake him up. Natsu groaned silently, his hands searching for her, before she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead. The pink haired man escaped a sigh and kept his slumber.

Lucy stretched her hands over her head and walked to the window. The smell of flowers below her windows greeted her and she looked down to see the flower field glowed in morning light. What a nice view early in the morning, she thought.

A few minutes of staring at the flower field, she heard another grunts and stirs from Natsu and she turned to see him yawning and stretching.

"Lu*yawn*-cy?" she smiled and walked to him. "Morning. Did I wake you?" the man rubbed his eyes tiredly and shook his head. "No, what time is it?" Lucy shrugged, "I don't know, eight? Nine?" Natsu's eyes widened. "Holy crap!" Lucy laughed. "Don't worry. I talked to Aunty yesterday and she let us have the rest of the days off, until the wedding." Natsu looked at her doubtly. "Really? My mom said that?" the woman sweat dropped. "Don't talk like your mom is a demon, Natsu.."

"Sometimes she is." He replied bluntly and sat on the bed. Lucy smiled and took his hands in hers. Trailing the fingers with her own fingers while Natsu's eyes locked on her figure. She looked up and grinned at him, which Natsu grinned back. A heavy sigh leaved her mouth in a second.

"A week." She said, counting the days. The pink haired man nodded, "Seven days."

"168 hours." She challenged him. Natsu opened his mouth to reply with smaller measure, when his brain blanked. "Hey! You know I hate math, right?" Lucy laughed, and soon he joined her. "Hey," he called after some seconds, his hands now gripping her hands loosely, his thumbs rubbed her skin.

"Are you still worried?" she froze, eyes looking at him, before shaking her head and smiled. "No.. Not at all." The King-to-be grinned. "Great. Coz I won't take my words back." He said, recalling the night they talked. Lucy's lips curled into a soft smile, once again she nodded without any specific reason and rested her head on Natsu's shoulder. "Yeah, I know you won't."

The door swung opened but they paid no attention, and still lost in silence.

"You two know that it's time to wake up, right?" a familiar woman's sound spoke, made the couple jerked their head and stood up quickly.

"Yes Ma'am!"

Grandine raised a brow when Natsu made an 'I-told-you-so' gaze directed to Lucy as they got their clothes.

"What? What did I do?" the blue haired woman asked, dumbfounded.

Levy tackled the youngest Strauss to the floor as she entered the castle. "LISANNA! Where have you been? You missed a lot of things! And when I said 'A LOT', I mean a lot of 'THINGS'!" the bluenette explained, stressing the Things. Lisanna raised a brow and made an understand face. "KYAAA! Tell me tell me!" she screeched and shook Levy by her shoulders, making her eyes spinning.

"Okay okay! So, me and Lu-chan, and Erza, Juvia, Wendy and Grandine-san were-"

"Okay, that's enough, you don't need to tell her, Levy-chan." They turned to the blonde, standing behind them with arms on her hips. Lisanna pouted, "But Lucy~" she whined. Lucy giggled and walked to the white head, giving her best friend a hug.

"Sssh.. It's your fault you missed it. " Lisanna huffed and puffed her cheeks bigger. "Aw.. You're so mean to your best friend." The Princess smiled. "I'll tell you on the way, okay?" she grabbed Levy's and Lisanna's hand and dragged them out, but not before peeking her head to the dining room and called her fiancé.

"I'm coming!" Natsu shouted from the kitchen, sipped his drink quickly and joined them. "Okay! To Kadria Cathedral!" Levy stated loudly, pointing her finger at the directions and grabbed Lisanna's hand once again. The couple walked behind them.

On the way, Lisanna urged Lucy to tell her once again and she gave up. Natsu watched the girls chatted animatedly and chuckled at Lucy's blushing face when Levy blabbered the gossips, which if he wasn't mistaken, happened two or three weeks ago, up until now.

Lisanna squealed, Levy giggled, and Lucy protested, enough to make him laugh slightly. Once they arrived in the cathedral, the couple's eyes widened in shock. "Oh my.." Lucy whispered in awe. Natsu nodded in agreement.

Chandeliers, small white candles, red carpet, white silk chair cloth, brown wooden podium, and many other things surprised them and their breath hitched in their throat. Small pearls attached on every inch on the curtains, cloth, and Magnolia's flag adorned every angle. Small sparkling diamonds blinked in the sunshine. Wait-

"How much money you spent for this?!" they shouted in unison.

"Natsu? Lucy? What are you doing here?" they turned to Igneel and Wendy, holding the bouquet of flowers. "We.. they.. check.. us.. uh.." they stuttered.

"I don't know that they're allowed to see this.." the red head tilted his head sideways. "They're not." A firm sound spoke, Erza stepped with Juvia, holding the silk white tablecloths. Natsu and Lucy gulped. "Wait! Why does everything look so expensive here?" Lucy asked, hands stopping the group. They raised a brow and examined her as if she was crazy.

"Lucy, you are a Princess."

"I know."

"Who's gonna be a Queen."

"W-Well, yes."

"And Natsu's gonna be a King."

"Can we change the topic? I'm not in the mood.."

"Shut it Natsu! Ahem, anyway, so that means it's a Royal Wedding, right?" they bit their lips and nodded. "Exactly."

"But we don't think this kind of wedding is necessary!" Igneel sighed, massaging his temple and handed the bouquet to Wendy. "It's not our decision." Natsu opened his mouth to say something-

"And not your mom's idea too." he closed his mouth. "Or Judo's."

"Hey, I didn't say anything here, uncle.." Igneel smirked at Lucy and cleared his throat again. "The citizens asked this."




"WHAT?" Wendy stepped back in scare, "Uh, I better go now." With that, the shy teen ran to help Romeo.

"Well, like I said, they asked this. See? The citizens love their favorite couple." The said couple sweat dropped. "But-"

"No buts. You're not going to disappoint them, right? And plus, this is not all. We need to prepare the foods, the tables, the cakes, the music, many things to do, guys." They sighed and nodded, once again examining the place they're going to be wed six days from now.

"Oh, dad. Did you-"


Natsu looked up after feeling something dropped on his head.

"See? I know it'll fit!"

"Yeah! He has same head size like Judo-san!"

Lucy smiled a bit at Natsu's blushing face when he saw the crown on his head and reached for it when Jellal stopped him. "Hold still Natsu. We need to check it."

"W-Wait!" they fitted some other crown on his head, while Gray held his hands. "Romeo! Get the red one!"

"On it!"

"Wait! Romeo! Urgh! Stop!" he struggled irritably, face burning in embarrassment. He still didn't get use to the fact that he'd be a King. His struggles earned the attentions from the people that still working and they stared at them in amusement. "Wait guys! Gah! STOP IT!" they stopped, Jellal's hand dangling on his head, and he brought his hands down. Natsu sighed and put the crown down.

"Stop it guys, it's not funny. Or even interesting." He handed them the crown. Lucy frowned as he walked pass her, towards the rest room. Silence enveloped them as the future King walked away. Gajeel looked at the workers, sensing his stare, they got back to work as if nothing happened. Igneel looked at the boys and sighed. "Great."

"I got the red one!" Romeo yelled, feeling awkward as the silence rose up with his presence.

"Not now Romeo.." Lucy was about to run to the direction her fiancé went when Igneel stopped her. "Wait, Lucy. I know who he will listen to in a situation like this."


The faucet turned and fresh crystal water flowed out. Natsu washed his face off and sighed. The water on his face disappeared both from his body heat or dripped down his chin. The mirror in front of him formed a thin steam. The young man wiped the steam and stared at his reflection. Maybe he shouldn't yell at them, but still, he never liked wearing a crown, even if he's already becoming a King.

A crown means you're a people of the castle, a people with Royal blood, the Kingdom's ruler, someone whom the people would respect them, gave them the honor to do anything they pleased. But a Natsu Dragneel not that type kind of a guy. He's just a young man that wanted freedom, who used to do what he wanted without anyone stopped him, well, maybe his mom would stop him sometimes, but that was an exception. A guy who loved to hang out and talked with the citizens, considering them as friends, and helped them when they needed him and his family.

But, his inner mind sometimes said, wasn't that the thing a King should do?

He didn't know, he never thought about that before the King asked him to be the new King.

"Let me guess, now you're thinking about what it would be to be a King, and do you deserve the throne or not.." Natsu gasped and spun around to see the former-King-to-be stood behind him, before walked to the faucet beside him to wash his hand.

"Judo-san.. Stop walking without sounds!" the pinkette warned, arms crossing over his chest. After remembering what the King had said, Natsu looked down. "Uh, yes, I was thinking like that. How do you know?" Judo stared at him with a smartass expression and pointed to the throne on his head.

"Oh." Was all he could say. After that, the silence surrounded them once more, Natsu fell deep in his thought while Judo watched his gloomy expression from the mirror. He bowled his hand and let the water stuck between his fingers before splashed them to Natsu's face to wake him up.

The young man snapped out of his daze and looked at his soon-to-be-father-in-law. "What?" the blond haired man dragged him by his scarf. "Wait! King!" he struggled. "Stop calling me that. You're the King, Natsu." He froze, slowly he let Judo dragged him to Mavis-know-where.

They walked towards the back of the cathedral, where what was like a storey room was and Judo dumped him inside. Natsu landed with a Thud and Judo turned on the light. Once his eyes adjusted, Natsu looked around and gasped.

Despite the old, ugly door in the front, the room decorated with pale blue and white paint. The room, Natsu predicted, was as big as his and Lucy's bedroom in the castle. A couch on the right side, a white grand piano beside it. A coffee table on the left side and another one beside the door. But what caught his attention was a BIG picture on the wall, it was so big, and meet each angle of the wall fully.

The picture of Layla Heartfilia.

Now if he paid enough attention, on the wall above the couch, many pictured of the Queen stuck there. The picture of the Queen holding the smiling Lucy, hugging Judo, her sitting on the bench, holding a purple petunia, and the biggest one that side of the wall, her and Grandine smiled brightly at the camera.

He turned towards Judo, "I don't get it, why are you showing me this?" Judo chuckled and shook his head. "This is not what I was about to show you, stupid." He grabbed a remote and clicked the red button. Just then, three glass boxes popped out from the floor in the center of the room, gaining a new gasp leave Natsu's lips.


There, inside the first box, a red King crown placed. In the third box, a green King crown, and in the middle, the biggest one, a golden crown.

Unconsciously, Natsu walked towards the boxes and touched the glass, his fingers trailed on the dust on the material.

"Weird, huh? It's Layla's memorial room, but all of the crowns belonged to me." Judo said, chuckling to himself. Natsu stared at him still with curiosity in his eyes. The King looked away to the picture on the wall. "In the morning before the incident that took her life, she asked me who'll be the King in the future when we died." Natsu's eyes widened.

"What'd you expect? I don't know what to say to her. Then she made me promise one thing." He paused, looking at the crowns.

"She said, 'Promise me the one who'll be the next King is the man Lucy loves.'" He smiled at Natsu, while the future King was too stunned to say anything. "I guess I made a right decision, right?" he walked to the young man.

"I was like you when my father hired me, even worse. I can't sleep, can't stop thinking about the hiring day, Layla said I was like a monkey lost his banana. Can you imagine that? A monkey lost its banana!" Natsu laughed. "And Layla was afraid that I might abandon her and our child in the future, which I did." Natsu recalled the talked he had with Lucy days ago and couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Lucy is a very precious thing to me, because she is my and Layla's daughter, a copy image of her, someone who reminded me of my wife, and to the things I missed after she died. I won't give her over some unknown men. And I won't give this," he pointed to the crowns on the boxes and on his head. "-to random man that only think about rich." Natsu smiled and directed his eyes to the crowns.

"Yeah, I heard that kind of thing a lot."Judo smirked. "You know you'll be a great King right?"

"Of course."




"Wait! I mean-" Judo laughed at his burning face. Natsu sighed in defeat. It's no use, he knew it, he just knew.

Lucy rose up from her seat when the living room's door swung open and revealing her fiancé. "Natsu!" she stared at him for a while before circling her hands around his neck. Natsu raised a brow confusedly before returning the gesture.

"Where have you been?" she murmured to his neck. Natsu was about to respond when Judo put a hand on his daughter's shoulder. Lucy pulled away from Natsu and looked at her dad. Judo smirked at her.

"A man to man conversation." Lucy made an 'O' with her mouth and giggled, before frowning at the young man. "Don't do that ever again, okay? You make us worried. "Natsu grinned and gave her a thumb up and narrowed his eyes towards the guys behind her. They rubbed their heads nervously.

"Dinner's ready!" Mrs. Spetto sang happily as she and the other maids brought out various appetizer which made their tummy growled impatiently. "FOOD!" Natsu grinned brightly. The King sighed and turned towards the Dragneel's parents.

"Just let him free tonight." They smirked in unison as they saw Natsu dug in the food, making Lucy laugh with her friends.

"REVENGE!" he shouted, throwing a spicy meat loaf at Gray's opened mouth. The ice mage choked on the food and ran around the dining table, searching desperately for water.


"Not literally killing, he's just trying to choke you to death," Jellal commented, taking a sip of water, but the glass jerked up by something and the water soaked on his face. The blue haired man glared dangerously at Gray. "You.." he grabbed a handful pasta and threw it at him, which Gray dodged and it landed on Gajeel.

On Gajeel.

"You're asking for a free coffin." He grabbed a chair-wait, what?

"Wait! Not a cha-" Jellal ducked and the chair landed on the table, broke into pieces and the foot landed on the big cake in front of Erza and Levy.

"Ow! Gajeel!" the blunette screeched at him.

"It's not me!" he grunted, dodging the plate from Natsu, which bumped Mira's head, the demon takeover mage fainted with weird face on her face.

"Mira-nee!" Lisanna glared at the pinkette and threw her pizza at him, he dodged and it landed safe and soundly on Lucy's head.

"KYAAA! SOMETHING'S ON MY HEAD!" the Princess screamed, unaware of the weird stares from the others. "Lucy-nee! I'll help you!" Wendy took a gulpful of air into her lungs.

"Wait! Wendy!"






"…My cake.."



"My, it's so lively here, huh?"

"Mira-nee! You're..awake?"



"Nobody blames my daughter.."



"Ohoho! I love this food fight." Everyone stopped their screeched, shouts, blames, boxer hunting, and another activity to glare at the future King.

"Um.." he paused at the sound of clinking swords and gulped, sensing a dark aura from behind him.

"You…destroyed my cake.." the Titania whispered, laughing devilishly. "AHAHAHAHA! You're asking for it, Natsu.."




"RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" everyone dodged the slashing swords from Erza, hiding in the corner, while the red head hunted for Natsu. Lucy pitied her fiancé in her heart. And Mrs. Spetto watched as the dining room was destroyed in split second, earning river flowed from her eyes.

"But it took so long to make the dinner!" she cried.

June 30

Few days from the food fight incidents, Natsu could be seen kneeling in front of the one and only Grandine Dragneel.


"No Natsu. I won't take my words back."

"Then please make this one an exception~"


"Mooom.." Natsu whined, pulling his mother's dress like a little kid. Grandine flashed him a glare, made the man released her dress. "Dad, help me.." he pleaded, made Igneel laughed nervously and looked away. Natsu muttered 'Traitor' to his direction. "Dad, what would you feel if I don't allow you to see Mom for a week?"

"Well, I'll be sad and frustrated, though." Natsu grinned. "See? Please, I just want to see Lucy.. It's been five days since I last saw her, thanks to someone.." he growled to his mom. His mom sighed weakly, "But it's a tradition that the Royal Couple should not see each other until their wedding."

"Who the hell created this tradition?" Natsu asked angrily. Five days without Lucy really freaked him out, it's hard to leave your fiancé to a hand like his mother's. She could be infected by her cruelness. He missed her too damn much, but the lady still held her words, along with the fathers. Judo agreed on this because he felt the same thing before he got married to Layla, so he decided to let Natsu feel the same suffering.

"You won't give up, right?"

"Ha! Never! So please?~" he closed an eye to her mom and clapped his hands together, his lips quivered upward slightly and his puppy eyes appeared. Grandine but her lip, looking away from his cuteness. But Natsu followed her eyes.

"Urgh, stop using your father's face to me!"

"Yeah Natsu, it's a limited edition."



"Don't make me call Wendy to help me." The blue haired woman gasped, looking at her husband for help. "Just let him, sweetheart. He misses her." She huffed and crossed her arms, looking at the closed door behind them.

"Lucy, we can hear you there, stop eavesdropping." A giggle was heard and Lucy opened her tutor's room, smiling at Natsu.

"Hey-" she gasped when the man wrapped his strong arms around her and snuggled to her neck, shivers ran up her spine. She smiled softly before wrapping her arms around his torso, burying her face on his neck. "I miss you," she whispered. Natsu nodded, even though he didn't say it she knew he missed her too.

"Okay okay. I can't control my squealing at your sweet gestures towards each other. Just two hours, okay?" Natsu pulled away from his fiancé and grinned at his mom. "Really?" she nodded, smiling softly at him.

"Yay! I love you Mom!" he cheered and kissed his mom's cheek. Lucy raised a brow. "What two hours?"

"You'll see." He grabbed her hand and dashed off to who-knows-where.

"Make sure you come back after sunset!" she heard Grandine shouted from the lady's room. Natsu waved and shouted 'Yes!' from the distance and gripped Lucy's hand tighter. "Wait! Where are we going? Natsu!" he stopped in sudden when they passed the corridor, made the woman behind him bumped to his back. "Ouch! Nat-" she gasped with wide eyes before they closed immediately at the warm pressure on her lips.

Without realizing, her hands made their way to his neck, while Natsu used his right hand to cup her cheek while the other one pulled her closer, deepening their kiss. Her soft lips moved slowly with his in rhythm, not caring where they were right now.

After some minutes, they pulled away and rested their foreheads against each other. She felt blush climbed up her cheek. "Natsu.. What was that for?" she asked curiously, seeing his lips curled into a smile. "I miss you, weirdo. So much." He answered, enveloping her with his warmth. She blushed harder and smiled, "I miss you too." she replied, rubbing their noses together.

"I know. Now let's go, we only have less than two hours. I'll show you something." She raised a thick brow. "Owkaay.. Where are we going?" she asked again, falling into steps beside him and hooked their hands, towards the balcony. "No time, come on! It'll take time to go there." He said in rush, grabbing her hand and stopped in front of the balcony. Lucy, sensing a bad plan formed in his idiotic and crazy brain, backed away.

"Err, NatSUUUUUUUU!" She screamed in shock, fear, worry, anxious, nervousness that mixed into a special salad made for her as Natsu pushed her off the balcony, made his own crazy action, and turned to his dragon form, catching the falling Princess.

She hugged his dragon neck tightly, warm thick breeze swept her face, unable to open her brown eyes. Natsu let a chuckle escaped his throat as he flew to the place he's been talking about. About twenty minutes after that, Natsu landed safely in the ground and turned to his human form, founding the blonde still clutching his scarf for her dear life.

"Luce.. We're here.." she made a surprise 'O' and opened her eyes, glaring daggers at Natsu. "How many times I told you not to do that?" he backed away in defense. "Hey, I am a dragon Luce, who suppose to catch his Princess whenever she needs him." Lucy snorted and spent some times to give him some of her spicy and 'boring-but-you-have-no-option-but-to-listen' speech. Natsu groaned, it'll take much times. So he stepped beside.

"Don't you know that I might get a heart-oh my God." Her SABBYHNOBTL speech ruined as she gasped at the portrait in front of her. A hill, that's what she guesses she was in now. A very high hill, as she could see the whole town and the outskirts from here. In the middle, about in the west, she could see their castle, and about few miles in front of it, her most favorite place, Echo Valley. Then, if they're not in the valley, where were they?

"Beautiful, huh?" Lucy snapped out of her thoughts as the rosette broke the silence. She nodded silently, "But where are we?" Natsu stared at her in a bit of disbeliefs. "You don't realize it?" a simple head shaking made Natsu sighed and pointed to the forest below the hill. Lucy pulled her head to see what he was pointing at and saw Dragneels Manor down there. A realization hit her.

"Dark Wood?" he nodded. "But this doesn't look like Dark Wood," she continued, seeing the other parts of the forest were dark, gloomy and scary. Natsu laughed a bit, "No silly, we're in the fifth layer of the wood." She tilted her head sideways before nodding in understatement. "But.." she paused, walking to the wood fence in the hill's edge. "Why are you showing me this place?"

Natsu stood beside her, hands rested on the fence. "Before I became your bodyguard, I used to come to this place and observed the city." He admitted, smiling at the memory. "I always see you when you're out to a meeting or an important event."

"Pssh.. You sounded like stalkers." She teased. The young Dragneel pouted at her. "I'm not! And wasn't! it's just..nice to see the town from here." Lucy followed his gaze to the view and put her hands on the wooden board. "Yeah, you're right." she closed her eyes, listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the summer breeze on her tingled skin.

Beside her, Natsu peeked onto her face from the edge of his eyes, admiring her beautiful face that glowed with the light. His lips tugged upwards into a smile. When the woman beside him opened her eyes and looked at him, he looked away with a smile. Her brows rose up in confusion, "What?" he shook his head, "Nothing." He answered with slight smile, eyes locking to the view, made Lucy blush.

She opened her mouth, but closed it once more when she felt warmth on her hand and saw Natsu covered her hand with his. "It was the afternoon before Dragon's Night when I was ten and I found this place. That was the first time I had chance to see the beauty of Magnolia." He admitted, squeezing her hand a bit. "I never thought that the city I lived in for ten years was so beautiful and big, shining with the sunshine like golden carpet, since then I love this city so much." Lucy smiled, small trays of tears teased her eyes.

"You're gonna be a great King, Natsu." He looked at her smiling face that still admiring the view. "Your city will be so lucky." Natsu chuckled and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her small frame closer. "It's our city, Lucy." she nodded, leaning against his shoulder.

The wind blew a gentle breeze around them, some dragons could be seen flying up in the air, purring like angles.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Natsu said suddenly, went to the tree beside them and pulled a string. "What's wrong, Natsu?" he pulled, much to his fiancé's surprise, a white balloon with a silver bar on the string. "A balloon?"

"Not just an ordinary balloon. Dad said it'll make your wish comes true." He grinned with sparkling eyes. "Your dad?"

"Uh huh. But he's not the one who use it, our moms did." Lucy's eyes widened. "What did they wish for?" he stared at her for a while and grabbed her right hand, "This." He showed her the rings adorned her finger. She gasped and looked at him this stunned face. "You mean?"

"Well, that's what Dad said yesterday." He showed her his ear-to-ear-grin. "Come on, I'll show you." He took her hand and put it on the bar while he held the other side. "Put some magic in it and speak your wish."

"Speak..aloud?" he nodded silently with a smile. "For example, I wish, me and Lucy will be a great ruler for Magnolia." She giggled and closed her eyes like him. "I wish our love will remain the same."

"And nothing can break us apart." He completed, opening his eyes followed by her. "Ready?" she nodded and they released the bar, letting the balloon flew away from their hands, taking the bar with them. Just as it flew, the balloon changed color to yellow, once again taking Lucy to surprise.

"Why did it change to yellow?"

"Coz it received positive wished, if it's negative it'll turned to black, said old man." Natsu rubbed his chin, remembering what his father told him earlier. Lucy smiled, watching the balloon flew towards the city as the wind brought it away, away from them.

Her daydream stopped and turned to a shock gasp when another balloon flew, then another one, another one until thousands of balloons flew up to the sky from the city below them, following her and Natsu's balloon, all of them were yellow. "How did-" she turned to her fiancé and saw him grinning. Catching this as an answer, she smiled softly. Feeling his arms wrapped themselves around her waist and a warm cheek rubbed against hers. She felt all fluttery in her stomach, watching the yellow balloons shined with the sun that was ready to hide while the moon and the stars prepared their show time.

"How long did you prepare for this, Natsu?" she asked, gave his hands a small squeeze.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He answered with a clear hint of holding a chuckle by his busted surprise. "Sure." She said, giving his cheek a soft kiss.

July 1

At first Natsu thought, white, like a usual wedding, would decorate the cathedral but he guessed wrong. The walls were white as the background, while the outer painted with flame patterns, orange, yellow, and red. It was brilliant.

The chairs had small flame lines on them, the tablecloths and curtains were the same. A usual red carpet and wooden podium still the same. When he got out the grooms room to check the situation, all if the female guests blushed as he peeked his head from the upstairs. He, trying to be a nice friendly gentleman, grinned at them and went panicked when they fainted. "What? What did I do?"

"Well, I'd do the same if I were them, you look stunning, Natsu." He turned his head to Lisanna, crossing her arms over her chest, looking absolutely proud for her and Mira's hard work.

The future King wore a white with flame patterned strips shirt over his white tux with matching flame trims on the collar and the end of the sleeves and the end of the tux. A flame colored rose in his chest pocket while his scarf, to his protest, was on the demon takeover mage's hand. The white trousers and his black shoes were polished cleanly. A red bowtie hung neatly around his neck. The man snorted towards his childhood friends.

"Man and tuxedos don't match." He tugged on the collar, which his hands got a painful slap from the youngest Strauss. "Hang on, Lucy will be here soon." After hearing his bride's name, Natsu's face brightened up and cheered.


The guest seated themselves on the white chairs as the music played in the room. Their eyes glued to the handsome man on the podium, hands in his pocket while waiting for his bride.

When the door swung open from the other side of the room, they turned their heads to it and stood up from their seat, where they could see Asuka smiled at the guests brightly, holding a bucket of flowers with Wendy beside her, smiling at the little girl. Behind her was Romeo, grinning shyly at her then at the guest, holding the rings.

The next were the three bridesmaids, wearing an orange with yellow and red strips dress that reached their knees, smiling at each other and could be seen winking at the future King who pulled his neck upward to see the one he's been waiting for.

The last, holding his dad's hand, the magnificent Princess of Magnolia who'd take the throne as the Queen waltzed down the aisle. Wearing a strapless white dress with the same flame strips on her waist that reached half a meter on the floor. Her hair tied into a formal bun with a crystal hairpin and leaved curly bangs on each side of her face. Small amount of make ups added to her face while her hands holding a bouquet of flowers.

The silk ruffle dress hugged her curves perfectly, but not too revealing which disappointed some of the guys. Her lips curled into a shy smile seeing Natsu was too stunned to look away.

Igneel smiled at Natsu as he and Lucy reached him, and the red haired man gave her hand to Natsu. "You know what to do." He whispered but Natsu heard him clearly and grinned, brushing his thumb over her smooth bare hand.

Makarov cleared his throat and shooed the couple's track of thought. "Okay, we shall gather here to connect this lovely couple in the string of marriage." Was all Natsu and Lucy heard as their eyes still locked in each other's. Some other unknown statements was spoken but they heard the "Now repeat my words," part.

Natsu took the ring from Romeo and held it in front of Lucy's ring finger.

"I, Natsu Dragneel."

"I, Natsu Dragneel,"

"Take you, Lucky Lucy Heartfilia,"

"Take you, Lucky Lucy Heartfilia,"

"To be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, and my love from this day forward."

"To be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, and my love from this day forward."

"In the presence of God, our family and friends,"

"In the presence of God, our family and friends,"

"I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner, in sickness and in health,"

"I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner, in sickness and in health,"

"In good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally,"

"In good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally,"

"And to cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

"And to cherish you for as long as we both shall live." Natsu breathed, sliding the ring to Lucy's finger.

"Now Lucy, repeat my words." She nodded and smiled.

"I, Lucy Heartfilia."

"I, Lucy Heartfilia,"

"Take you, Natsu Dragneel,"

"Take you, Natsu Dragneel,"

"To be my lawfully wedded husband, my constant friend, and my love from this day forward."

"To be my lawfully wedded husband, my constant friend, and my love from this day forward."

"In the presence of God, our family and friends,"

"In the presence of God, our family and friends,"

"I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner, in sickness and in health,"

"I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner, in sickness and in health,"

"In good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally,"

"In good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally,"

"And to cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

"And to cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

She finished, sliding the rings to his finger. They breathed a sigh of relief, one finished, one to go. They held their breath as the trumpets honked painfully to their eardrum, sweat bullets formed on their pores. When Judo stepped out from the room upstairs, a red crown on his head while a maid held a matching smaller red crown.

"Now, for the next events, we will see the throne ceremony, in the name of Judo and Layla Heartfilia, that will hand the throne to our new rule, Natsu and Lucy Dragneel." Makarov spoke once more, each words drove the newlyweds insane.

"Natsu Dragneel, in the name of the previous King and Queen, your family, friends, the whole citizens of Magnolia and your love ones, will you take the responsibilities to rule the city, protect it with all you might, love each of the citizens with pure hearts, act fair and follow the rule, as the new King of Magnolia?"

Natsu inhaled. "I will."

"Lucy Dragneel, in the name of the previous King and Queen, your family, friends, the whole citizens of Magnolia and your love ones, will you take the responsibilities to rule the city, protect it with all you might, love each of the citizens with pure hearts, act fair and follow the rule, as the new Queen of Magnolia?"

"I will."

"Will you protect the city from shame, do your best for the city and take every risk wholeheartedly?"

"I will."

"I will."

"Okay, now I pronounce Mr. Dragneel as the new King of Magnolia, may we wish the best future for him and for us." Judo smiled at him once more, lifted the crown from his head, and put it on pinkette's head.

"And I pronounce our beloved Mrs. Dragneel as the new Queen of Magnolia, may we wish the best future for her and for us." The former King stared at her proudly and took the Queen's crown before putting it on her head. "You look a lot like your mother, Lucy." she smiled at him softly and he stepped back to the seats.

"Yosh, enough with the formalities, go kiss her, brats!" Natsu grinned, pulled the squeaking Queen to his arms, and kissed her softly, heart swelling with joy as she melted to the kiss. Moments after, they pulled away and grinned to each other, resting their forehead against one another.

The guests flooded them with big applauses, squeals, whistles, catcalls, and cheers. Natsu swung her around before giving her lips a brief peck. "You look beautiful, Queen D." she laughed at him and poked his cheek. "You look great too, your Majesty." He grinned and lifted her up bridal style before enjoying the party for the King and Queen of Magnolia with love showed clearly in their eyes.

Or much to say, their party.

The End-

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