Hinata POV

"I couldn't believe what happened; the fact that Naruto is one step ahead of me. This couldn't be happening" I said as I picked up my green and orange carrot bag. "Naruto don't think I'm going to let you get away this!" I said pumping my fist up in the air.

Normal POV

Hinata pushed a few strands behind her ear and walked down the halls and entered the cafeteria. She went and got a tray and entered the line. She took up a green apple and an apple pie with carrot juice. She walked sadly to her friends.

"Hinata… what's the matter?" Kiba asked seeing the girl sad expression.

Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru and Sasuke looked at her. Hinata put her tray on the table and stood in the back of Naruto. She cleared her throat, which cause him to turn around.

"I'm sorry Naruto for treating you like that" she said an apologetic tone.

Sakura and Ino smiled. Hinata gave Naruto a hug, a little tint of red was notice on his face. Hinata continue to hug the boy and she whispered in his ear.

"You're not smarter than me Naruto"

She released the boy and gave the boy a huge smile, showing her white glistening teeth.

Naruto stared at the girl and returned the smile. "Haha! It's okay Hinata… I forgive you"

Hinata stared at the boy, and Naruto returned the stare back, fire was playing with fire.

"Yay! We're all friends again" Sasuke and Ino said giving the two teens a hug.

The group of friends laughed.


Naruto walked down the pavement with his hand in his pocket. He started whistling, as the sun was drawing to night. As he walked down the lonely pavement he saw a small gold kitten with its head stuck in an old rust white gate.

He walked past the cat, who was crying for help. He ignored it, but the call for help echoed in his head. He turned back around and walked over the kitten. "Stupid cat, how did you managed to get your small head stuck in this gate" Naruto said, anger in his voice.

He helped the cat out gently and placed it on the concrete. "Now don't be stupid and get your head stuck back in there" he said turning around.

The kitten tilted its golden head to the side; it got off of his hip and walked behind it. Naruto turned around and stared at the kitten. The kitten stared back at Naruto.

"Why are you following me?" he asked the cat.


Naruto fixed his glasses and "meow" back at the cat. The kitten's face was full of happiness and it ran up to Naruto and tackled his leg. He laughed at the kitten and picked it up.

"Wow… you're something else. After I called you stupid, you still followed me" he said walking away with the kitten on top of his head.