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Chapter 1: Farewell

Pocahontas watched in horror as John Smith hit the ground with a sickening thud. She was by his side in an instant, she wanted more than anything for him to open his eyes. The sound of the gunshot still echoed endlessly in her ears as she realized, the very thing that she had risked her life to prevent, could very well become a reality.

Down below, a rather interesting scene was unfolding.

"You shot him!" Thomas said, with hints of shock and anger in his voice.

"He stepped right….right into it…it's his own fault." Radcliffe started to protest.

"Smith was right all along." One man said.

"We never should have listened to you!" Another man added.

"Get the gun from him!" men yelled, as they took a hold of Radcliffe. Thus giving Thomas the opportunity he needed to pry the musket from Radcliffe's hands.

"Put him in chains, and gag him as well!" Thomas ordered as they carried the traitorous governor away.

Up on the cliff, men came to take John back to Jamestown. Pocahontas watched sadly as they lifted his body up off the ground and carried him back to Jamestown.

Pocahontas had a restless night to say the least. Her thoughts were swirling around John. She knew that he would be leaving for England the next day, and she was determined to see him at least one last time. She also wanted to show the settlers that there were no longer any hard feelings between them and her people. So, she and her father decided to harvest some food for them to take on the journey back to England.

The day pasted slowly for both Pocahontas and John, almost to the point that it became agonizing. Pocahontas wanted to clear the uncertainty that was eating away at her. She needed to know that John was still alive.

Finally, the time came to see the see the settlers off as they disembarked on their journey back to England.

Meanwhile at the riverfront, John Smith waited for his men to finish loading the ship. They had bandaged his wounds and done everything they could to help ease their comrade's pain. John's only hope was that he could see the woman he loved with all his being before he left for England, and if that was his fate, the earth.

Just then, Thomas came over and knelt down beside his friend, "The ship's almost ready, we better get you on board, we'll lose the tide."

Two men came over and started lifting John off the ground, but he immediately stopped them, "No, not yet, she said she'd be here."

They set him back down on the ground. Then Thomas said, "Look", looking in the direction of the woods.

John squinted his eyes to see through the thick mist that surrounded the woods. Just then, he saw Pocahontas emerge from the mist. Beside her, were her people holding bowls of food for the settlers. From the looks of it, it looked as if she brought her entire village with her.

Pocahontas stepped forward, her eyes only for John until Thomas stepped toward her, his hat off in respect for the daughter of the Indian chief.

"Going back is his only chance." He solemnly, "He'll die if he stays here."

Pocahontas put a hand on his shoulder to show here understanding. Then she made her way to John and bent down beside him, taking hold of his hand.

"Here" She said, pulling out a small pouch, "It's from Grandmother Willow's bark, it'll help with the pain."

"What pain?" John said, his voice somewhat shaking.

"I've had worse pain than this." John sucked in a sharp breath as another wave of pain hit him, "Can't think of any right now but…"

Pocahontas then turned to see her father coming towards them, Nakoma walking obediently behind him.

"You are always welcome among our people." Chief Powhatan said gently, placing his cape (Sorry if it's wrong, I wasn't sure what to call It.) around John to act as a blanket.

"Thank you, my brother." He smiled warmly.

Flit was the next to approach John, perching himself on John's finger.

"I thought you didn't like strangers." John said.

In response, Flit made a tweeting sound. Then he flew over to join Meeko and Percy, revealing Pocahontas' necklace, fully restored to its former beauty.

Pocahontas smiled as she took her necklace from her friends.

"My mother's necklace." She said before placing it back around her neck.

John reached over and pet Percy on the head, leaving a few stands out of place. Meeko gave an old biscuit that was starting to crumble. Nevertheless, John accepted Meeko's small gift.

John reached up and caressed his love's cheek.

"Come with me?" He asked, his eyes pleading.

Unsure of what to do, Pocahontas turned to her father for guidance.

"You must choose your own path." He replied.

Pocahontas looked from the settlers to her people. There they stood opposite each other, inches away from war only a short time ago. She knew that there could be another misunderstanding which might lead to another cause for war. Pocahontas knew she had a duty to her people, and the right thing to do was stay behind and make sure Virginia remained peaceful, no matter how much it pained her.

"I'm needed here." She finally said.

"Then, I stay with you." He replied.

"No!" Pocahontas said, almost desperately, "You have to go back."

"But I can't leave you."

"You never will," She replied, repeating the very same words he said to her on the night before his execution, "No matter what happens, I'll always be with you, forever."

They reached for each other, bending down to share one last passionate kiss.

When their lips finally separated, the men arrived to take John to the boat. They held each other's hands until John was finally out of reach.

Pocahontas ran to the cliff that overlooked the river. As she watched the ship disappear from view. She somehow knew that they would be reunited someday, but that didn't prevent a lone tear from escaping and running down her cheek.

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