Peacocks Revisited

Betty and Stephen had been married for 6 years and it had been three years since Katherine was born. Stephen took over as shop steward and union rep when Mel retired from Woodward & Lothrop. The girls attended nursery school.

Katherine and her older sister Stephanie, at three and four years old respectively, were growing into precocious little pre-schoolers. Stephanie had her Daddy's intense steel-grey eyes and his cleft chin and seriousness; Katherine had her mother's dancing blue eyes, infectious laugh, and impishness. Despite being as opposite as oil and water, the two little sisters were inseparable. Mummy and Daddy doted on them and lavished them with love.

Stephen proudly taught his little daughters to play the piano on a second hand pianoforte. Both girls had Stephen's long tapered fingers and took to the piano instantly, much to his delight. He and Betty lovingly listened as the girls serenaded them with their little nightly after-dinner concerts.

The girls loved watching their parents dance after dinner. They would squeal with joy as Stephen deftly waltzed Betty around the lounge, lovingly holding her in his arms.

"Me next, Daddy! My turn!" and Stephen would heft one of his daughters in his arms, holding her round the waist and whirling around the room, smiling and laughing. Betty looked on adoringly, drinking in the tableau of her husband and daughters and treasured those moments.

Stephen loved to share afternoon tea parties with the girls on their little table and chairs set which Building & Grounds knocked up for them for their first and second birthday. Stephen looked a sight sitting on the tiny chair with his knees bent almost to his shoulders sharing a cuppa and jelly sandwiches with his best girls. Betty took pictures of them, the girls dressed in their adorable gingham pinafores, and Stephen dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie.