"Last time on Total Drama: 13 new competitors made their debut and fought it out in one of the most extreme seasons ever. The campers were put through a lot, and in the final battle of brains vs brawn, it was Cameron who came out victorious and a millionaire. Although the reviews for the season were great, the ratings were...not so great. We heard your calls to bring back the vets for another round, and now we're gonna make it happen. Welcome to season 5. Welcome to the most extreme season yet. Welcome to Total Drama Survival!"

*** Opening Credits ***

"What up? Chris McLean here. So here's the run down. We're letting the Revenge of the Island cast take a season of rest and bringing back 16 lucky vets to try their hand at victory one last time. None of them have won before, but that's going to change for one of them. Now as for location, we wanted to do things even more extreme this season. We've tried a summer camp, a movie lot, going around the world, and a radioactive summer camp. So what's next you ask, a radioactive movie lot? Nope...the executives in charge of this show didn't like that idea. Anyway, we are here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on this secluded island. But this island is no Camp Wawanakwa, there's no comfy cabins, no delicious food made by Chef, and certainly no bathrooms. In fact, this island is completely deserted! Welcome to Drama Island, it is here that the contestants will not only have to survive our brutal challenges and eliminations, but also staying alive on this island. They'll have to make their own shelter and find their own food and water. This is...TOTAL DRAMA SURVIVAL!"

As Chris yelled out the title of the season, a helicopter landed behind him.

"And it looks like our 16 vets are here! Let's see who is back for another chance at glory."

Trent was the first to get off the helicopter.

"Trent! What's up dude?"

"Hey Chris. Happy to be back for another season."

"Yeah, too bad I'm going to be winning it though," said a voice behind Trent. Chris and Trent look back to see Courtney step off the helicopter.

"Courtney, good to see that you're back and as determined as ever."

"You bet, Chris. I've got this game in the bag."

Lindsay was the next to get out of the helicopter.

"Lindsay, always a pleasure to see you."

"Aww, thanks Chef."

"It's Chris," Chris replied, slightly annoyed. "But Chef should be here soon enough to help out with the first challenge."

Gwen then walked out of the helicopter. Courtney glared at her while Trent awkwardly looked away.

"Gwen! How you doing?"

"Eh, fine I guess. I don't know how you talked me in to doing another season of this."

"I'm just good like that," Chris bragged.

Harold then walked out of the helicopter.

"Well if it isn't Harold. You pumped to be here this season dude?"

"Sure, always a pleasure to come on here and show the world my skills."

"You tell him Harold."

Harold turned around and grinned to see LeShawna behind him.

"Sup y'all? LeShawna in the house again, and I'm winning it all this time."

Bridgette and Geoff both got out of the helicopter after LeShawna.

"The power couple Geoff and Bridgette," Chris said. "You guys excited to be back again?"

"Heck yeah dude! I'm pumped!"

"Alejandro won't be here right?" Bridgette asked in a concerned tone, knowing Geoff would not want to be anywhere near the guy who kissed his girlfriend during Total Drama World Tour.

"Nope," Chris replied. "He still hasn't healed up from his lava burns."

Just then, Ezekiel stepped out of the helicopter.

"Speaking of healing up, it's Ezekiel guys! A non-feral Zeke I might add. Looking good Zeke, how you feeling?"

"Feeling great, eh! Now that I'm not a monster anymore, I'm ready to win this thing. The Zeke has this game in the bag, eh. Word!"

Next to exit the plane was DJ.

"Big DJ, nice to see you again dude."

"Thanks, Chris. It's good to see you all too."

Everyone flashed DJ a grin, with the exception of Courtney, who was still far too busy glaring at Gwen.

"Alright next up we have-"

"Eeeeeee! It's so great to be back, isn't it Codykins?"

"Yeah Sierra, it's great."

Everyone turned to see Sierra and Cody stepping off of the helicopter.

"Sierra and Cody, right on time. Good to see you two again. How's your hair Sierra?"

"It's doing better," Sierra pointed to her head where her purple hair was growing back out, though not nearly as long as it was two seasons earlier.

"Cody, you excited to be here?" Chris asked.

"Of course. After coming so close last time I was in the game, I'm determined to win it all now!"

"That's the spirit! Alright, who's next?"

Just then, Blaineley stepped off the helicopter, much to Chris's disgust.

"Oh joy, it's Blaineley," Chris said in an irritated tone. "The girl who's only on here because her lawyers made us bring her on as compensation for her injuries two seasons ago. Welcome back I guess."

"Gee thanks Chris. I hope you losers haven't gotten settled in yet, because I'm the only one who deserves to win this. And believe me, I WILL win."

The ground suddenly shook as the next competitor stomped out of the plane: Eva.

"Eva, we haven't seen you since season 1," Chris said. "Glad to finally return to action?"

"You better believe it. No more miss nice girl either, I'm here to win."

"She was being NICE before?" Geoff asked Bridgette in a whisper.

Next out was Noah.

"Welcome back one of the fan favorites from season 3, ladies and gentlemen, Noah! People will be glad to see you back my bro."

"Good," Noah replied. "They'll be happy to know that I have every intention of winning this time."

"Nice. Well that's 15 contestants, so the last one we'll be introducing is..."

The final contestant to step out of the helicopter was none other than Duncan.

"Duncan! Just wouldn't be a season of Total Drama without you dude."

Gwen smiled and ran up to give Duncan a hug, which he gladly returned.

"I'm glad you're here," Gwen said. "I don't know how I'd be able to survive another season of this without you."

"Don't worry babe, I'm not going anywhere."

Duncan planted a kiss on Gwen's lips. Courtney's glare intensified to pure hatred, while Trent also began to sadly watch the couple kiss.

"Calm down you two, it's time to make teams."

Chris walked the contestants to two circles in the sand, one red and one green. As he talked, the helicopter flew away.

"Now then, Duncan, Gwen, Ezekiel, Harold, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, and Blaineley, stand in the red circle. You will be known as the Killer Coconut Tribe."

The 8 mentioned teens stood in their circle. Gwen and Courtney exchanged angry looks at each other, obviously not happy about being on the same team.

"As for the rest of you: LeShawna, Trent, Lindsay, Noah, Eva, DJ, Bridgette, and Geoff, stand in the green circle. From now on, you will be known as the Screaming Castaway Tribe."

The other 8 players stood in their team circle.

"Here's how the game works you guys. Here on Drama Island, there is no shelter, no food, no nothing. It's the 16 of you on your own. It will be up to you all to make your own supplies and obtain your own food to survive. I will inform you of when you have a challenge. As usual, losing teams will have to go to an elimination ceremony and vote someone off. A merge will eventually occur. The last person standing will be the sole survivor and winner of $1 Million!"

The 16 eager players grinned at the thoughts of winning.

"So, time to get settled in to the island then?" Cody asked.

"Nope...time for your first challenge!"

Author's Note: In this universe, Owen won TDI, Beth won TDA, and Heather won TDWT, hence why Gwen and Duncan are here and why Alejandro was mentioned as a possible contestant, in case there was any confusion. Anyway, let me know what you think of the story in the reviews.