"Last time on Total Drama Survival: Gwen and Trent faced off in one final challenge to decide who the winner of the season would be. The challenge forced them to relive various different challenges from the entire season and came to a climax in a race to through the forest to make it to the finish line first. In the end, Trent was the one that won it all, but not after finally realizing just how much bad stuff he's done this season. Feeling guilty for all he had done, Trent decided to share his prize money with everyone else and finally buried the hatchet with Gwen and Duncan. Now, we're coming to you live from the Total Drama aftermath, where we'll talk to our 16 competitors about their experiences on Drama Island, as well as show you who's going to be competing next season! It's gonna be a jam packed show and you're not gonna want to miss one minute of it, right here on the aftermath of TOTAL...DRAMA...SURVIVAL!"

*** Opening Credits ***

The camera opens to the Total Drama aftermath stage where the 16 competitors of Total Drama Survival were seated on the sofas on the right side of the stage. Identical empty sofas were positioned on the left side of the stage, while Chris stood in the middle, smiling as the audience cheered.

"Welcome to the Total Drama Survival Aftermath special," Chris said to the applause of the crowd. "I'm your host, Chris McLean, coming to you from the Total Drama Aftermath studio with the cast of Total Drama Survival: Blaineley, Courtney, DJ, Cody, Noah, Lindsay, Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, Sierra, Ezekiel, Duncan, Eva, Harold, Gwen, and Trent!"

The individuals all smiled and waved at the cheering crowd as their names were called.

"We got a lot to talk about with you guys," Chris said as he took a seat on the couch behind him. "There's been a LOT of juicy drama this season and I know the viewing audience is eager to hear you all talk about it. That's not all, though! We'll also be showing who will be competing in the next season!"

"Uh, none of us are competing, right?" Noah asked, making everyone nervously look at Chris.

"Don't worry, you guys have already done great work making this season interesting, so we'll be bringing back different competitors to compete for next time." The 16 cast members all breathed a sigh of relief, making Chris chuckle. "Don't get too comfy, though, because it's time to talk to you guys about all the drama from this season. Needless to say, you guys saw to it that there was never a dull moment on Total Drama Survival. How about we start things off with...Cody!"

"Me?" Cody asked.

"Yes, you," Chris replied. "It shocked many of us when you and Sierra arrived on the island and revealed that you two have been dating. However, things took a turn for the worse in episode 6, where you broke up with her, causing her to suffer an emotional breakdown that accidentally cost you the game and led to her being recruited by Eva. With all that considered, what do you have to say?"

"Well, not much, really," Cody said. "I've already explained why I did it. I think Sierra is great, I really do, but I just don't feel that way about her and since she's such an amazing person, I wanted her to be able to move on so she could find someone who likes her just as much as she would like them. We're still going to stay friends, though."

"Seriously?" Chris asked, somewhat stunned by this.

"Yeah, Cody and I have been doing a lot of talking since the season ended and I get why he did it," Sierra replied. "I think it's super sweet that he actually cared enough to want to make sure I could be as happy as possible. I know I went kinda crazy this season and I'm going to miss him but I'm ready to move on."

"Huh, well, ok then," Chris said, noticeably annoyed that he wasn't able to further milk the drama between the former couple. "Well how about we talk to Ezekiel? Zeke, you had some choice words against Gwen and Duncan for backstabbing you in episode 5, and for Trent and Eva for their actions throughout the season. Tell us, just how mad are you that one of them won the season?"

"Actually, I'm not mad at all, eh," Ezekiel replied. "Yeah, I was pretty ticked about Duncan and Gwen backstabbing me, but I got to remember that stuff like that is all part of the game, eh. Honestly, I kind of regret holding a grudge over them when I got to come back. I probably would have done better if I just buried the hatchet with them and focused on eliminating Eva and Trent, eh."

"Yeah and we feel really stupid for ever voting him off," Duncan added. "If we would have stuck with the plan we told him, we would have actually came out on top. It was a huge mistake on our part."

"I can't really be mad at Trent and Eva anymore either, eh. Trent finally manned up for all the stuff he did this season and Eva got her just deserts thanks to her elimination. There isn't really any hard feelings, eh."

"Alrighty then," a frustrated Chris replied before turning his attention to Gwen, Duncan, Eva, and Trent. "Well surely you guys have something you'd like to say to each other after everything you've been through this season."

"Sorry to disappoint you, man, but we've pretty much let bygones be bygones," Trent said. "I know I did some pretty crappy stuff, but I feel terrible about it. Sharing the prize money was just one way I wanted to try and make things right."

"We can tell Trent is genuinely sorry about everything," Gwen added. "Eva may not be as apologetic but we're pretty content with the fact that she got eliminated due to getting herself in a relationship, after she used other people's relationships as her main way to cause drama. Seemed like a fitting punishment to us."

"Yeah, maybe I did some messed up stuff to stay on top of the game, so I guess I have only myself to blame for getting me bad karma," Eva said. "But hey, I came out of the season showing people that I mean business, made it to one episode before the finale, and got to keep a portion of the prize money thanks to Trent. All in all, I can't complain that much about how I did this season."

"Oh come on, there has to be at least one of you that's still angry," Chris said as he looked over the cast. "Courtney! I bet you still have something to say for Gwen and Duncan, don't you?"

The 15 others turned their attention to Courtney, who looked at Gwen and Duncan and let out a sigh.

"No, I'm not mad at them anymore."

"You can't be serious," Chris yelled. "You've hated their guts ever since they went behind your back on World Tour."

"Don't get me wrong, I still think it was horrible of them to betray me like that," Courtney replied, "But I can't stay mad at them forever. If they want to be together, then that's their call. I can't just waste my life away holding a grudge against them. I'll just have to move on myself."

The others smiled at this, pleasantly surprised to hear Courtney say this. All of them except Chris, who facepalmed in frustration.

"You've gotta be kidding me! So you guys seriously have no hard feeling against each other at all?" The 16 competitors all looked at each other, then turned back to Chris and nodded. "Well that's lame. How am I supposed to exploit your drama for ratings if you're not causing drama!"

Chris sighed, then looked to the left side of the stage where the sofas were still empty.

"Alright, then lets do something to keep things entertaining. It's time to introduce the first group of cast members for the next season of Total Drama!"

The crowd cheered loudly, bringing a smile to Chris's face.

"Next season's cast will consist of 20 competitors, all hungry for the million dollar prize. Our first group of competitors comes to us from last season's Total Drama Revenge of the Island. None of these teens competed in this season of Total Drama, but they're getting their chance to fight for the prize once again next season. Lets bring em out!"

Chris motioned to the left side of the stage, where the cast members from Revenge of the Island began making their way to the sofas.

"Introducing Scott, Brick, Dawn, Anne Maria, B, Jo, Sam, and last season's runner up: Lightning!"

The 8 teens took their place on the sofas, with Lightning in particular enjoying the cheers from the crowd.

"Sha-BAM! The Lightning is back for round two, baby! You made the right call putting me on the cast, host man."

"We're definitely glad to have you back, Lightning, but picking this portion of the cast wasn't exactly hard," Chris replied, receiving confused looks from the cast members.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jo asked.

"Well, we wanted 8 competitors from Revenge of the Island and quite a few things helped narrow it down for us," Chris replied. "We didn't want to bring Cameron back since he already won a season, Dakota is still mutated and thus unable to compete, and Mike and Zoey both informed us beforehand that they weren't interested in competing in another season since they were happy with where they were. That just left the 8 of you and Staci and we didn't want to bring her back because...well...she's Staci."

The 8 teens cringed at the thought of Staci being let back into the competition and nodded in agreement that Chris had made the right call.

"Now then, you guys get settled in. We'll reveal the next group of cast members after a few more words from our Total Drama Survival cast." Chris turned his attention back to the 16 individuals on the right side of the stage and smiled. "Now then, I think it's time we talked to some of the survivors who probably didn't make it as far into the season as they hoped they would. Who better to start things off with than the first person eliminated: Blaineley."

Everyone looked at Blaineley, who looked at them and frowned.

"What do you want me to say?" a very bored sounding Blaineley asked.

"What do you have to say for yourself after getting voted off first?" Chris asked. "Why is it that you flat out refused to help out your team when you knew it would risk you getting eliminated?"

"I wasn't about to get into dirty fish water! Are you crazy?" Blaineley scoffed. "Honestly, I just had my lawyers get me on the show because I wanted payback for you getting me almost killed back in Hawaii. Once I realized what kind of stupid stuff you wanted me to do, I was actually pretty glad that my team sent me off. I got to have Playa De Losers all to myself."

"So you basically just wasted a spot on our cast?" Chris asked, obviously ticked off. "Great. Well, we already talked to Courtney and Cody so how about we talk to Noah next. Noah, you looked like you were poised to be a major player early on thanks to your friendship with Eva, but Duncan finding the Golden Chef Head cut your plans short. How mad were you when you got kicked off?"

"At the time I was pretty peeved," Noah replied. "I thought I was going to get to go far this season. Once I saw all the stuff that was going down on the island after I left, though, I was kind of glad that I got out while I did. I've never been much of a fan of big drama."

"Yeah, things DID get pretty intense," Chris said. "Speaking of which, DJ and Lindsay, you two both got to avoid being involved with a lot of the drama thanks to your early eliminations. Are you glad that you didn't have to get involved in it all or do you wish that you were able to last longer?"

"Don't get me wrong, I would have loved a chance to stay and keep trying to win it all, but it's hard to feel that bad about leaving after seeing everything that went down on the Island," DJ replied. "Like you said, it made me pretty glad that I didn't have to be wrapped up in all that. I'm with Noah, I don't like hardcore drama like that."

"Totally," Lindsay added. "Plus, living on the island was, like, really really tough! There wasn't any hot water or makeup!"

"Ah, yes, forcing you guys to live on the island with no supplies or shelter made this season all the more entertaining," Chris said with a grin. "Geoff and Bridgette, did the harsh terrain ever cause you guys some trouble?"

"Nah, it was all good, bro. I was totally down with roughing it."

"Yeah, after spending so much time on the beach in my spare time, it wasn't THAT bad living there," Bridgette added. "The living conditions were nothing compared to the drama."

"For sure," Geoff said. "We had a bit of a rough spot in the middle of the season but it's all in the past now and things are as totally awesome as ever!"

"Well it's good to see that you guys are enjoying yourselves," Chris replied. "And on that note, I think it's time to talk about another group that's enjoying themselves right now: our next group of competitors for next season!"

The crowd once again loudly cheered.

"To help shake things up in season 3, we introduced two new contestants in the form of Sierra and Alejandro. This season, we're going to be doing something similar, as we're introducing four brand new teens into the competition!"

Everyone on stage exchanged looks of interest, curious to see these newcomers that would be joining the cast of next season.

"To select our four newbies, we decided to do something a little different. The majority of our contestants on Total Drama are Canadian, since we film most of the shows here in Canada. However, Total Drama has become a hit around the world and we have a countless number of fans in over 100 different countries! So, we decided to hold a contest in 4 different countries, allowing one lucky superfan from each to compete in the next season! Now then, let's introduce our first lucky winner, from Great Britain: Wade!"

The 8 teens looked back to see Wade walk out on stage. He was somewhat short and scrawny with short and neat brown hair. He wore a tidy looking navy polo and black jeans. The crowd sounded very excited to be seeing new cast members. He looked up at his 8 fellow competitors who all seemed to be watching him curiously, before taking a seat below them.

"How you doing, fresh meat?" Scott asked as he leaned down to Wade and put out his hand.

"I'm doing pretty good," he replied as he shook Scott's hand. "Yourself?"

"Oh I'm feeling jolly good, guvna, thanks for asking." Scott snickered to himself while Wade rolled his eyes. Everyone then gave Chris their attention again.

"Next up we have our winner from France: Madeline!"

Chris motioned to the left of the stage where Madeline emerged. She was skinny, had long blonde hair with an orange beret on her head, and wore a red skirt with a black shirt and red scarf. She looked at the 9 individuals sitting on the sofas next to her and broke out in laughter.

"THIS is the cast you brought back for this season?" she asked, still chuckling. "Chris, you make this too easy for me."

"Yo, what's that supposed to mean, snail breath?" Anne Maria asked with an annoyed tone.

"It means, winning this season is going to be a breeze with a joke of a cast like this. Take you, for example. So stupid that you'd quit the competition just because you were given a fake diamond by an ugly, freaky little creature."

"Hey, I'm sitting right here, eh," Ezekiel said.

"Enough bickering. Madeline, just take your seat next to Wade." Madeline exchanged glares with Anne Maria one more time before taking her seat as Chris asked.

"Now then, our next lucky fan comes to us from the land down under. From Australia: Eddie!"

The teens watched as the third newcomer made his way on to the stage. He was tall and decently muscular with shaggy brown hair. He worse tan cargo shorts, an open red and black plaid jacket and a plain white shirt underneath. He seemed much more enthusiastic about the cheers from the crowd than Wade and Madeline did as he actually waved at the crowd and smiled. He then looked at his fellow contestants on the couches.

"G'day, mates! It's a pleasure getting to be on the show with the lot of ya." Eddie extended his hand to Jo, the closest person to him, but she just glared at his hand. After a few awkward moment of silence, Eddie drew his hand back and quietly took his seat next to Madeline. She chuckled at the look of embarrassment he had.

"Looks like the rest of my fellow newcomers are also imbeciles. They couldn't make this victory any easier for me if they tried."

"Do you ever shut up?" Wade asked, already getting fed up with Madeline's arrogant attitude.

"Guys, what did I just say about settling down? We still have one more newbie to introduce."

Madeline and Wade glared at each other, then looked to Chris.

"Geez, could you guys at least wait for the next season to start before starting stuff? Alright, it's time to introduce our final newcomer to the cast this season. From the United States: Candice!"

The fourth and final newcomer made her way out to the stage. She was dark skinned with short black hair. dark blue jeans, and a purple T-shirt with a a picture of a Game Guy on the front. Like Wade, Madeline, and Eddie, she was met by silence and curious stares from the Revenge of the Island cast. She gave them an awkward smile.

"Uh...hey guys. What's up?"

"I like your shirt," Sam replied, breaking the silence from the cast. Candice grinned at getting a response out of someone.

"Thanks, man. I like your shirt too."

Avoiding any further awkward silences, Candice quickly took her seat next to Eddie.

"And with that, we have our four new contestants," Chris said to get everyones attention. "Don't worry guys, you may feel out of place now, but give it time and you'll settle into the Total Drama cast just fine. Now then, we still have one more group to bring out for next season's cast, but lets ask some more questions from this seasons competitors first."

Chris took a seat on his sofa and looked over to the Total Drama Survival cast.

"Harold, how about we start with you. Throughout all the crazy drama this season, you tried your best to stay neutral and out of it all. However, you inevitably were forced to pick a side and you chose your morals, even after getting a compelling offer from Ezekiel. How were you able to avoid the temptation of joining Eva's side?"

"Well, I'll admit that I did think about taking Zeke up on his offer and siding with them, but when it came down to it, I asked myself if it was really worth it. I'd have to be working with the same person that had just weeks earlier nearly ruined Geoff and Bridgette's relationship for their own gain. Them asking me to vote off LeShawna when they couldn't vote off Gwen or Duncan was the final thing to convince me that doing what was right was worth more than revenge."

"Ah yes, revenge against Duncan was their main thing to try to get you on their side. After you refused to side with them, Duncan then made amends with you. Duncan, what brought you to finally bury the hatchet with Harold?" Chris asked.

"After he did his speech about how he didn't think getting back at me was worth doing the wrong thing, it kind of just made me sit back and realize just how much crap I've put him through and how big it was that he was turning down a chance at revenge," Duncan replied. "I actually felt myself regretting doing all of it to him, so I figured I was overdue for an apology."

"LeShawna, you also played a part in Harold's decision, especially after the two of you decided to once again hook up. How's that working out for you guys?"

"Honestly, it's working out great, Chris," LeShawna said. "Harold's an awesome guy and no one's ever treated me as good as he has. I should have given him another chance a long time ago."

"Cool, cool. Now, before we talk to our finalists one last time, I think we should first talk to Ezekiel," Chris said, receiving a perplexed look from Ezekiel. "Zeke, you shocked the viewing world this season by not only breaking your first elimination curse, but also by hatching one of the most well thought out plans in Total Drama history. Now, the plan didn't exactly go as well as you wanted it to thanks to various things, but it was still pretty impressive and unexpected from the little dude that we used to be something of a joke in the cast. Tell us, what drove you to change things so well this season?"

"Well, since I was finally recovered from being feral for so long, I knew that The Zeke needed to come back with a bang, eh. I didn't really have much of a plan to start with, I just wanted to prove that I could be a good team member. Then I got voted off. After that, THEN I decided it was time to get real, eh. Once I found out I was coming back, I knew I had to do anything I could to win it all this time."

"It may not have worked out the way you wanted to, but you trying to make it work made for some good TV anyway," Chris replied. "Now then, we come to our final two: Gwen and Trent. You two had one heck of a finale what with one of you almost falling to certain doom and the other having a major reform after helping to cause a season's worth of drama. Is there anything else you two want to get off your chest?"

"I guess I just want to say how sorry I am again to everyone for all the stuff I did this season," Trent said. "I know I helped cause a LOT of drama and having a share of the prize money doesn't excuse me for doing it, but I hope it helps you guys to eventually forgive me for all the craziness."

"Yeah, it was definitely a crazy season, but I'm really glad to see that things turned out alright for everyone and it's good to see Trent finally come back to his old self," Gwen added. "I may have got stuck with second place again, but that's still pretty great. I'm happy with how I did this season and I'm definitely glad that I don't have to do this again."

"And on that note, it's time to introduce the final group for next season's cast!" Chris stood up to the applause of the audience before turning to the left side of the stage. "We've introduced our competitors from Revenge of the Island and our newcomers, so our final group is made up of original cast members! First up, everyone's favorite resident wacko: Izzy!"

Izzy ran out to the applause of the audience before jumping into her seat on the sofa.

"Next up, making their return to Total Drama after seasons of inactivity: Katie and Sadie!"

The two BFFFLs made their way out to the stage, squealed in delight, and took a seat next to Izzy.

"He's the manipulative piece of man meat, ladies and gentlemen: Justin!"

Most of the girls on stage gawked at Justin in delight as he graced the stage and took his seat on the sofas.

"Next up...Tyler."

Tyler made his way out to a less enthusiastic reaction from the crowd, as well as loud cheers from Lindsay, who he smiled and waved at before sitting down.

"Last, but not least, our final original cast member joining next seasons cast, fresh out of his robot suit and burn damage free, the latin ladies man: Alejandro!"

The crowd had a mixed reaction of cheers and boos as Alejandro made his way out and smirked. His fellow cast members gasped at seeing him back and perfectly healed up from the damage he has taken in season 3.

"And there you have it," Chris said as Alejandro took his seat. "Your 20 person cast for the next season of Total Drama!"

"Uh, don't you mean 18 person cast?" Noah asked, confusing Chris.

"No, I mean 20. This season consists of 8 contestants from the second generation cast, 4 newcomers, and 8 original cast members."

"There's only 6 original cast member over there," Gwen replied.

Chris looked over at the cast members for next season and slowly counted them in his head. Once he realized that there indeed was only 18 competitors sitting down, he facepalmed and groaned.

"Darn it, we were supposed to have 20 people this season. Where am I gonna get two more people to fill the spots?"

Suddenly, and idea dawned upon Chris. He chuckled and turned to the cast of Total Drama Survival, who all went wide eyed.

"No way, McLean! You told us that we're not competing next season," Duncan barked out.

"Yeah, about that...I lied. I need two more original cast members to fill the empty slots next season and you guys are the only ones left since Owen, Beth, and Heather have already won a season."

"Welp, at least I'm safe," Trent said with a sigh of relief.

"Alright guys, who's gonna volunteer to be a competitor next season?" Chris asked, receiving silence. The 16 individuals looked at each others, waiting for someone to step forward and spare the rest of them being forced to compete. Finally, Courtney seemed to think things over and stood up.

"I'll do it," Courtney said. "I can't let this season's performance be people's last impression of me on the show. Count me in."

Courtney made her way over to the other side of the stage and took a seat next to Alejandro, to Chris's delight.

"Fantastic, that's one of our two empty slots filled! Who else is gonna join Courtney?"

Chris looked over the 15 remaining former contestants.

"Ezekiel, you made a big impact this season. You could probably win it all next time around."

"Thanks, but no thanks, eh," Ezekiel replied. "I've had enough drama for a while. I haven't even had a chance to enjoy my share of Trent's prize money, eh!"

"Well, how about you, Harold?" Chris asked. "Fans loved how much of a good guy you were this season. All that good karma could lead you to victory!"

"No way! LeShawna and I already made plans for stuff to do once we got to leave. There's no way I'm going back into the mix without getting time to enjoy being out of the competition, especially without LeShawna with me."

"Fine," an annoyed Chris replied. "Eva, what about you? You were pretty ticked off about your elimination so I bet you want a chance to prove you have what it takes to be the winner."

"Honestly? I'm with Harold. Trent and I promised each other that we'd go out on a date once the season was over and I'd definitely rather do that than put up with more Total Drama crap."

Chris sighed. His expression slowly turned from frustration to anger as he signaled for someone off stage. An intern came out and handed him a piece of paper and he faced the season 5 cast again.

"Alright guys, if no one else is going to volunteer, then you leave me no choice. I didn't want it to come to this, but I'll just have to choose one of you to put on the show."

"What, against our will?" Cody asked. "You can't do that."

"You guys should have read your contracts," Chris replied. "In it, you give me permission to put you in the competition if the fans were to demand it and I just so happen to have the results of a fan poll from earlier in the season that asked the fans which eliminated contestant they would most want to see return for another season. Whoever came in first in this poll is going to be the one to join Courtney on next season's cast."

Everybody gasped and looked around worriedly, hoping their name wouldn't be called.

"Now, since this poll ended after Sierra's elimination, no one in the final 6 is in the poll. Therefore, Trent, Gwen, Duncan, Eva, Harold, and Ezekiel are safe."

The aforementioned 6 teens sighed in relief, while the other 10 began to grow even more nervous.

"Lets see here, our top three most voted on contestants were Lindsay, Noah, and DJ. However, only one of you three dominated the poll and that person was...Noah!"

Everyone besides Noah grinned at not being called, while Noah looked shocked and worried.

"Oh come on, really? Out of everybody, they voted on me to do another season?"

"They sure did. No one got half the amount of votes that you did," Chris replied with a chuckle. "So, per your contract, you are the final member of next season's cast! Congrats, Noah."

Noah glared at Chris in anger and reluctantly walked over to the other side of the stage where he sat next to Courtney. Chris smiled at the sight of having a complete cast.

"There you have it! We have our 20 competitors for next season. You guys go ahead and head to the parking lot. Chef will be along shortly with the bus."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, you haven't even told us what this season is about," Jo said.

"Yeah, she's right," Alejandro added. "What exactly IS the theme of next season?"

"It's a secret," Chris replied, earning him unsure looks from the cast members. The continued to stare at him silently, causing him to sigh.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise, but since you guys just HAVE to know, this season is going to take place in a huge mansion!"

There was silence as the 20 competitors continued to glare at Chris.

"What?" Chris asked.

"Sounds like a lie to me," Wade replied. "What's the real theme?"

"I promise you guys, that IS the theme. The mansion actually belonged to one of the great McLean ancestors. The place is gigantic and full of all sorts of neat stuff, so I thought it would make a great venue for a new season."

Chris grinned at the competitors but they still didn't look convinced.

"I'm not buying it," Noah said. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," Chris replied. "Just head on out to the back and Chef will load you up into the bus. Then we'll be on our way to McLean Manor!"

The 20 cast members were hesitant but eventually all shrugged and slowly made their way to the back, away from the stage with Chris and the others. Once they were gone, Chris turned to the crowd and chuckled.

"Actually, there IS a catch. They're going to McLean Manor, and it IS a huge mansion, but what they don't know is that McLean Manor is haunted!" Chris laughed diabolically. "The mansion they'll be spending the season in is creepy as it gets and full of all sorts of frights and scares that'll make things really interesting!"

"Ha, sucks to be them," Duncan said as the others nodded in agreement, happy that they had avoided being forced to compete in another season.

"So that's all for us this season. Total Drama Survival is officially over! But next season is right around the corner, and you aren't gonna want to miss one spooktacular moment! What drama will be in store for us? What kind of alliances and relationships will be formed? Most importantly, who will your next winner be? Tune in next season to find out on TOTAL...DRAMA...HAUNTED MANSION!"


Author's Note: And there you have it! With this chapter, Total Drama Survival is officially complete. The sequel, Total Drama Haunted Mansion, will pick up where this left off, starting with the new cast getting picked up and taken to the next season's location. You can expect the first chapter of TDHM at some point in the future after I've finished my other story, Total Drama Underdogs. Until then, please feel free to leave a review telling me what you thought of Total Drama Survival! I really appreciate all the views, favorites, and follows and would love to hear your thoughts about it. Until next story, thanks for reading!