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CHAPTER 1: The one who was forgotten.

Year 2000

Date unknown.


In a rural village located in the English countryside, the villagers were standing rooted on the spot, as they watched lights erupt behind the dark hills of the west.

They all wondered the same thing, with their mouths open.

It was nighttime, so how would there be flashes of scarlet light behind the hills?

A mysterious sight to be seen, it was.

It started early in the evening, when a young man in a brown travelling cloak, entered the local pub, asking the whereabouts of a mansion with red bricks.

The barkeep was suspicious at first, to see a boy in his mid teens enter his pub, with his hood down, as if he did not want to be recognized. Then the barkeep paled and dropped the glass he was about to clean, which shattered into a hundred pieces. The men in the bar turned to look on what happened and fell silent.

The young man asked again and the barkeep turned possibly even paler. Those in the pub shifted in their seats, some of them winced at the mansion's mention. Most of the villagers knew what the boy was asking about, the accursed mansion in which the devil lived. The red bricked chateau that lay behind the hills of the west.

The mansion already stood in the location long before the village was established. Many thought that the mansion was abandoned, so a few people went to investigate. Only one man made it back, nearly driven to madness, he wept, laughed, and screamed of demons and monsters in the mansion. The only thing they got out of him was: the rest were killed. Alarmed, the village sent armed men and mercenaries to the supposedly abandoned mansion. This time, none of them came back. Ever since then no one approached those hills and children were forbidden to go there.

Even now in the modern era, people still fear the place.

Even as the barkeep told the young man the horrible story, the boy hardly flinched. Some of his customers actually left as the story was told.

"So I just go west, over the hills?" asked the young man in a monotone voice.

"It's suicide boy! Do you want to die?" cried the barkeep, while pounding his fist on the counter.

The barkeep tried to discourage the young man in going, but the boy only turned to leave and left a few silver coins on the counter. The young man bid the pub goodnight, while thanking the barkeep for the information, and then he was off. The barkeep buried his face in his hands."That boy is mad".

"A lost cause, that one was." muttered a farmer.

The barkeep sighed.

Back in the present, at the wide courtyard of the red mansion, a lone figure stood. It was the young man from the pub, his gray eyes roving on the night sky, apparently on the watch, for someone or something. His senses told him that something fast was about to pass overhead. Suddenly, a scarlet flash of light tore through the starry night and left a row of red globes, which homed towards the young man, who ran just in time for the globes to explode behind him. He dove to his side, as a globe nearly hit him, and came back standing.

He countered by aiming his palm at the scarlet flash and released a white lightning bolt. He thrust out his palms alternately sending more lightning bolts at the flash. The scarlet flash produced a sonic boom and was gone, probably coming back for another round of barrages.

The boy thought that he was going to get some breathing space, until his head began to buzz. He ducked, as he dodged a horizontal slash from a silver knife. The young man turned and quickly grasped the wrist of the offender. He looked straight into the azure eyes of a girl a head shorter than he was.

The girl growled and disappeared.

"There she goes again" muttered the young man "she's at her limit…..Both of them are…"

This time the girl appeared near the mansion door, throwing her knives at a rapid speed.

"For the love of…..Stay still!" growled the Human, he charged at the girl. For the first time during the entire battle, he managed to get a clear view of one of his opponents. The knife wielding girl was much younger than his current appearance, her age ranging possibly from twelve to fourteen, it was hard to determine with the knives soaring.

She wore a dark green French maid uniform, with the white apron on her front. Her hair was short and was braided into two at the back of her head. When the moon shone upon her hair, it was as silver as her knives. The young man was about to grab her, as he side stepped a flying knife, but she disappeared again.

She appeared about ten meters from his back. She held three knives between her fingers in each hand, which made up six. She must have been exhausted, because she was panting madly. The scarlet flash passed again in an amazing speed, leaving more globes behind. The young man was forced to dodge, but this time he didn't anticipate that the maid girl will use the moment of distraction to throw her knives.

"Crap!" growled the boy as he made a wild dive to avoid the globes and knives.

His hood fell off revealing dirty blonde hair with streaks of gray. His hair was a bit shaggy and unkempt; the gray streaks must've been the result of many sleepless nights. He struggled to get up, but when he looked above, he saw that the maid girl had a knife over her head, ready to drive it downwards.

The young man had split second decision on whether to evade or surrender. He decided to rugby tackle the maid by her waste and slamming her on a tree. The recoil was pain, since he fell with the gravel on his back. He got up quickly and went to the girl who was still dazed from the impact.

He wrenched her knife away from her, turning it to sand at his touch, and reached in the maid's pocket fishing out a silver pocket watch.

"So this is how you do it…..You sure have a lot of spare time, missy…"said the young man to the maid who was still in her dazed state, before tossed it into the distance.

He then took out a rope and tied her wrists to a nearby tree's root. He was about to catch his breath when something exploded behind him.


He found himself looking at the being that caused the explosion. He stared at a little girl that was enveloped in a fierce scarlet energy. She emitted an aura of power and hate for the boy in front of her, which can make the most courageous warriors drop dead in fear. No one has ever dared to cross her up to this extent, except now. She stared daggers back at him looking absolutely furious.

She might have been adorable in her frilly white dress, wavy light blue hair and pink mob cap, if it were not only for her beastly claws, long canines, crimson aura, cherry red eyes, and gigantic spear that can lay waste to an entire military base. There were stains on her dress which looked suspiciously like blood.

And her spear tip was actually as big as a single wooden door.

Seeing her enraged expression, the young man stepped back a few paces eyeing the crimson spear warily.

The new girl pointed a claw at the boy and shouted." How dare you…How dare you hurt Sakuya! How dare you harm my precious maid! How dare you enter my home and disturb our peace! For the crimes you have committed…I the Scarlet Devil, Remilia Scarlet, shall claim your head!"

With that, she raised her spear and began storing vast amounts of magic into it. She threw her first spear and the young man attempted to dodge, however her spear never missed its mark.

The spear managed to graze the boy's shoulder, which caused him to grunt in pain and bleed lightly. Clutching upon the scratch, he turned his attention back to his opponent, he'll just have to heal it later. She's blinded by her rage…, he thought, that'll make things easier.

The Human began to sprint towards Remilia as she threw her second spear which whistled past his left ear as he narrowly dodged it for the first time.

The maddened girl did the only logical thing possible: she prepared to meet him head on.

Determined to end the battle, Remilia angrily spread her devilish wings and plunged straight ahead in rage towards the intruder, raising her thirdly spear, ready to tear him apart.

"Die you disgusting hunter!" she screamed, while tearing through the air.

She thrust her spear with her left arm, but was taken by surprise, when the young man side stepped to his right. In her anger she did not realize that she made an attack that could be easily dodged if timed just right. She was so shocked that she did not know how to react, one of her most powerful attacks evaded so easily.

Although she did manage to leave a large cut on his shoulder, it did not stop him from countering her attack. A chill went down her spine as her opponent drew a wooden stake from his cloak, ducked and enter her guard. She managed to see the sad gray eyes of the intruder, before not one but two wooden stakes drove into her chest. Her eyes grew wide when she realized what happened; she did not even have time to turn into a swarm of bats to escape. The spear in her hand flickered and disappeared.

Remilia Scarlet fell on the ground with a soft thump.

Everything happened within the span of four seconds. The young man looked down on Remilia as she laid on ground, staring at him in shock, as a human as low as him defeat the Scarlet Devil herself.

The young man gazed at her with an amused expression.

"Don't worry Remi, it'll only leave you paralyzed, but it won't kill you." chuckled the young man, kneeling down at the vampire's side and poking her cheek, "seriously, you've gotten soft haven't you? You're losing your touch, unlike in the past. That wrathful nature of yours has always been one of your flaws"

Remilia shot him with a look of loathing.

Even in her current state, she managed to speak three words." Who….are….you?"

The smile was wiped off his face and his expression turned slightly sad.

"So you still don't remember, huh?" sighed the Human "you probably won't forgive me if you did, but don't worry I'll make you remember, only not now. Sadly it is not you who I came for."


The young man turned to see the young maid named Sakuya fully awake with a look of horror on her face.

"What have you done to her!?" she shouted, struggling against her bonds.

The boy bit his tongue. Dammit maid! , he thought, you're making me look like the bad guy! The young man left Remilia and went to approach the terrified maid. Don't you dare look at me with those eyes, he thought nervously.

Yet he tried his best to be nice, he stood beside the bound maid and spoke, "Uh, hi there. Sorry about what happened earlier."

Sakuya only stared at him warily.

"You must be the head maid here, right? Since you're the only one different from those fairies I encountered" said the boy with a warm smile.

Sakuya blinked, and then slowly nodded.

"So you know everyone in this mansion, right?"

Sakuya nodded again.

"Okay, I've got a few questions to ask you, since Remi is in a sour mood, you will have to answer them"

Sakuya hesitated and took a glance at her paralyzed mistress, then nodded slowly.

"Have you seen little girl here, aside from her," he jabs a thumb at the inanimate Remilia, "wearing a red vest and skirt, with a pink shirt underneath. She has a pink mob cap like Remilia's, with a red ribbon on top, and also has blonde hair almost like mine."

"Lady Flandre?" Sakuya blurted out, and then she paled as she realized what she has done.

At the distance and in her paralyzed state, Remilia hissed three words again "Sakuya…..You…Idiot…"

The young man grinned and placed his hand on the wound Sakuya had at the back of her head from the crash. Suddenly, she didn't feel the pain anymore, the boy had healed her.

He stood up and turned to the fallen vampire's direction." Let me take a guess on where you hid her this time. Last time you hid her in the attic, which was originally her room, but seeing now that the place has gone a little quiet, you finally locked her up in the basement, when you promised you wouldn't, didn't you?"

Remilia sweat dropped.

The young man sighed, "she's gotten worse then, eh. You sisters are so messed up as always."

"You will never find her," squeaked the young maid, "an intruder like you, will never navigate the corridors properly. You will get lost."

The young man turned to her with a smile, but this one was filled with a hint of cruel amusement.

"Sorry missy, but you're actually speaking to the man who built this mansion"

Sakuya's eyes grew wide, "wh-wh-what?"

"To make it simple I know this mansion like the back of my hand, so it's no use for me getting myself lost, but thank you for your concern. I bet I know more secrets of this mansion than you do. How else would have entered undetected for a short while?"

Sakuya stared at him dumbfounded as he entered the mansion unopposed.

When the Human had entered the seemingly deserted mansion, it did not take long for him to find the path leading to the basement. To get to his destination he would first pass by the library, a place that cannot be avoided through secret passages and in which a person he did not want to meet lived.

He decided to use a passage which led directly at the front door of the Voile, where he found himself a few moments later.

"She won't bother me if I'm quiet" muttered the young man to himself.

He turned to his left and proceeded that way.

As he went deeper and deeper into the passage, the walls began to turn more ancient. It no longer had the scarlet painted walls and antique lamps been seen for quite awhile now, but replaced by cold blocks of stone and wooden torches that seem to blaze forever.

The young man couldn't help himself from feeling a bit nostalgic.

Back when he built this passage, oblivious from the real reason he was actually building it for. It took him a good thirty days to finish the passage to the dungeon, or what Remilia would call 'basement'. After the next five minutes of walking, he hit a dead end.

To his right was a black iron door, which had the family crest of the Scarlets (a vampire bat on top of the Earth, which had a cross like shape at its back, with two spears forming an X, impaling the globe and a sword at the middle). He walked towards the door and pulled it open. He had to step back a couple of paces as the door released a musty, and otherwise damp smell.

Behind the door revealed a winding staircase, leading the way down while at the side of the entrance a torch was lit.

Someone else has been here.

The young man descended down the dungeon. It was just as he remembered it, the cold draft from below, the dampness of the walls, and sadness that filled the air.

There were two prisons in the mansion. One was located inside the clock tower, and the second was down here at the dungeon, both were made for one person.

The dungeon made modern maximum secured prison cells look like a plastic play house. Located seventy feet below ground, made of thousands of granite blocks, enforced with the one of the most complex spells known to magicians and secured by doors made of cursed iron that can induce madness.

Back in the past, when he built the dungeon, he asked his employer on what abomination will be imprisoned here. His employer merely chuckled and said that it was a necessary 'precaution' in case of an emergency. Even without the spells, the dungeon had its own security system to keep intruders out.

Mostly it was made to prevent the escape of the one placed there. The darkness, the wild imagination of the intruder and its hallucinations were more than enough to scare it away the basement. Knowing this information, the young man need not worry for his safety, but only for the thing that awaits him at the lowest level.

He remembered that Remilia liked to call the clock tower and the dungeon 'basement and attic', so that it will seem like innocent words, but actually hiding a dark meaning.

The descent took twenty minutes, before the boy came to a halt in front of a single iron door bearing the Scarlet's family crest once more. "The lowest level of the mansion," he whispered," they didn't even bother cleaning the place up or placing more torches on the walls. If someone missed a step, they would've tumbled down to their deaths."

The young man was actually complaining about the lack of light inside a vampire's domain.

He held his breath, and then pushed the iron door open.

He was now in what looked like a large stone room the size of a school gymnasium. The atmosphere was the same as that of the staircase from before, dark, damp, cold, and sad. The only things that provided light were four pillars of fire that were at the four corners of the vast room, burning like they have been doused in gasoline.

At the other side of the room was a large iron double door, with seal tags and runes either drawn or pasted on it. It was guarded by a tall girl in a decorated green Chinese dress with a white blouse underneath. The young man calmly walked towards the door, and then the girl raised her right palm, with her left hand on her hip, her face had a determined look on it.

"Halt! You cannot pass!" her voice boomed and echoed in the hollow room.

The boy came close enough to see her clearly. The guard had teal colored eyes and she wore an olive green beret, with a star pinned on it, bearing a Chinese character. She had long scarlet hair with two braids at the sides, tied with black ribbons. Her face turned hard and stern, as the boy came closer. Apparently seeing the intruder here meant that her mistress and Sakuya had lost their battles.

At the back of her mind, she wondered if this person was really strong to beat her mistress or did he just sneak his way around the mansion again. She went with the first thought, as the mansion above was silent.

The boy said with calm words, "Move aside. I have important business with person behind that door".

"Like I said, you cannot pass! Go back to where ever you came from and leave this mansion in peace!" commanded the guard.

The young man sighed "I don't want to hurt you, so please step aside"

The guard shifted to her defensive stance (martial arts?) and spoke, "you'll eventually have to, because I will not budge from this spot!"

She's stubborn as always, thought the boy.

He raised his fists in front of him, ready for a brawl. "Have it your way, Meiling" he said in a sad tone. Meiling flinched that she was called by her name, and by an intruder she did not know.

She growled and dashed towards the boy, ready to smack that calm face of his. As her fist was about to connect with his cheek, the boy caught her wrist, his gray eyes staring into her own. Meiling hissed and pulled her hand back, and then sent a high kick with her left leg.

"My kick…How?" she whispered, a hint of fear and disbelief in her voice. Two direct physical attacks from her, yet he still stands.

The young man had his right arm raised, unto where Meiling's kick landed. He hardly flinched at the impact, though there was a bruise on his arm where the kick connected. If it were a normal person, the bone would have been crushed. Then Meiling thought to herself, this was no normal person, at least no normal person could take a kick with the force of rhinoceros.

"I can do this all night if I wanted to. Just like old times," taunted the young man," How about it, China?"


The very word made something at the back of Meiling's mind snap.

"What did you just call me?" she said menacingly, her eyes red in anger, her teeth bared, and her hands clenched into trembling fists.

Did I just go overboard?, thought the boy with an uneasy smile.

"No one…. No one calls me China except for-" she caught herself, pain visible in her eyes, as if she was straining to remember an important memory, sadly she found none.

"Tell me, who was the person who gave you that nickname, Hong?" asked the young man, a smirk spread on his face. Enraged, the guard swung her right arm at the intruder, but he ducked and made a quick jab on her stomach. Meiling coughed, then raised her elbow and drove it down, but the boy drew back, avoiding the strike, and sent another jab to her face. The guard doubled over, she felt the warm gush of blood coming from her nostril. Meiling clutched at her bleeding nose.

"What's the matter? Did I break it? You're still a crybaby, eh?" the young man taunted once more.

The guard's eye began to well up in tears," I'm not a crybaby!"

She charged at the intruder once more, sending volleys of punches and kicks at him. The young man dodged, blocked, and evaded everything that was thrown at him, yet he showed no signs of exhaustion or weariness. Meiling did not understand. Why was she crying at a time like this? Just what the hell was with this guy to withstand her attack for this long? Why can't she hit him? Who was he?

She took three steps back and charged one of her strongest combos. The young man dashed backwards, trying to put some distance between him and the guard. Meiling's pupils turned to slits and her irises glowed yellow, and then dashed towards the young man, with her hands radiating a raw amount of power in the form of blue aura. She uttered a loud battle cry, then cleared the wide distance that was between her and her opponent within a millisecond and was in front of the boy later.

Meiling threw a fast right hook, but the attack missed, "Why…" reverse kick "Can't…" left jab "I…" sweep kick "Hit.." high kick "YOU!" axe kick finisher.

The poor floor shattered on impact, as Meiling brought down her foot with an immense amount of force. She expected to find a crushed body under her foot, but there was only a small crater and rubble that she saw. She turned to her side just as a palm shot upwards from below her and connected with her chin.

The guard hovered a few inches from the ground for few seconds, and then landed on her feet.

The boy sprinted towards he stunned guard, giving her no time to recover, he struck her shoulder with a chop, and then sent a blow on her stomach, before a jump kick on the gut, which sent her flying a few feet, eventually hitting the wall right beside the door she was guarding.

Meiling fell on her front and was barely conscious,when the young man approached her.

His expression told her that he was….Proud? Impressed? Amused?

"I'll be lying if I say that you didn't surprise me back there," he wiped off the blood that trickled down his chin. He patted her uninjured shoulder and slid Meiling's hat beneath her head like a pillow, giving her at least little comfort.

"I'll heal once I get back" assured the young man, and then he went to face the metal door.

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