As those in WICKED sat and discussed how to combat the Flare, one suggestion, to them, made the most sense.

"What if we put a bunch of teenagers into a place, right? And what if we study their brain patterns and make them do all this stuff? And then we can use this data to combat the Flare!"

A woman in the back snorted. Doctor Hayley Kingston was a renowned geneticist who was there to study the new Immunity gene.

"What's the problem with that, Doctor?" the person who suggested it, the famed neurologist Brian Stroblichten asked angrily.

"Well, it just seems a bit complicated. I'm just saying that there are easier ways to accomplish this.

"Let's hear it then!"

"Breeding programs."

"BREEDING PROGRAMS?" Dr. Stroblichten exclaimed.

"Yeah, we breed the Muties and the heterozygous ones, and eventually the population will be restricted to them. Everyone else will have died off."

Everyone was silent as they pondered this. The silence was broken by the psychologist Hanson Bartholomew. "But wouldn't that be a bit inhumane?" he asked.

Dr. Kingston gave him a look. This look came perilously close to melting the skin off his face. "You suggest entrapping a large amount of children in a safe region so you can study their brain patterns, even though the Flare is caused by a virus, and expose them to all sorts of horrible things, probably kill a couple, and my breeding programs are inhumane?"

"Erm, yes?"

"That's it. I'm out. I have reached my stupidity limit for the century, and I am going to go home to my nice Munie family, and I am going to laugh as this blows up in your face, because breeding programs are too controversial for you people. Good day."

Everyone watched as Dr. Kingston stormed out of the secure room. They were still staring at the door when it flew back open. "Sorry, forgot my purse," Dr. Kingston said embarrassedly. She picked it up and stormed back out.

Somehow, it didn't have the same effect as last time.