The girls were in a shouting match down in the lab. The Israeli's face was bright red, and spit flew from the Goth's mouth.

"Come on, Abby! Team Gale, you are a FALL!" Ziva growled, balling her fists.

"You even got the saying wrong! It's FAIL!" Abby shot back, raising hers.

"Whatever! All I know is that Gale is a jackass!"

Abby gasped, her hands flying to clutch her heart. "Don't you insult my hunter!"

Ziva leaned back on her hips. "You hunter?" She snorted. "He is a weakling! Peeta forever!" She cried.

All of a sudden, the elevator door opened to a open-mouthed Tony and McGee.

"What the hell are you two going on about?" Tony asked. "We can hear you up in the squadroom!"

Both of the red-faced girls started shouting at the same time.

"All right, all right! One at a time!" McGee pleaded. Both of the girls took a deep breath."

"We are debating over which is better: Team Gale or Team Peeta. And Team Gale is the biggest FAIL-" Ziva made sure to clearly enunciate the word "-I've ever seen."

"Shut up! Peeta's a blonde!" Abby screeched.

"All right! Ladies, ladies, we can sort this out!" Tony cried.

McGee turned to stare at him. "We can."

"Yes, we can."

"Look, Tony, who's better, Gale or Peeta?" Abby spat his name.

"I…uhh…" Tony looked from Abby to Ziva, who both had their arms crossed across their chest in the same furious fashion. "Sorry, Peeta wins. He's handsome and charming. Otherwise known as my clone." Tony grinned, and stood by Ziva. Ziva laughed, throwing her arms around Tony's shoulders. "See. Peeta is better." She declared.

Abby cried out indignantly. She turned to McGee. "Timmy, please don't tell me you're siding with them."

Timmy shrugged. "Sorry. Gale wins this one. I like him. He's extremely intelligent. Well, more than that wisp of a weakling known as Peeta." Him and Abby broke into laughter.

Ziva gave her a death stare. "You are a sad, sad person."


Well, for one, you're falling for a hunk of a hunter."

"And what's wrong with that?"

"Well, he's exactly that: he's a hunk of meat. And that's pretty much it." Tony pointed out.

"Yeah, well, at least he isn't all brain, no brawn."

"Like you really have any room to be talking about brain and no brawn, McGeeky." Tony giggled, sending him and Ziva into a fit of giggles.

"And you're one to be talking about hunks of meat with no brains." McGee said, making Abby giggle like crazy.

Ziva shot her a death glare. "Stop. We are acting like children."

Abby suddenly straightened up. "You're right. Let's settle this like adults."

"What's there to settle? Peeta is better- case closed." Tony snorted.

"Will you shut up about that twig?" Tim shot back. This sent the four into another shouting match, with every one of them arguing about their favorite character.

"Okay, you know what? This is stupid!" Tony cried out. "We are leaving." Him and Ziva marched over to the elevator. Right before the doors closed, they looked Tim and Abby in the eye.

"You better be watching your back." Ziva snarled.

"You too, David." Abby growled back. She turned to Tim. "Let's get started."

"Started what?"

"Making a plan, silly. To get back Team Peeta." She grinned evilly, and then pulled Tim into a huddle.

In the elevator, Ziva turned to Tony. "We need a plan."

"To what?"

She rolled her eyes. "Honestly, Tony. To take out Team Gale." She grinned in the same evil manner as Abby. Tony laughed.

"I like your thinking, David." He smiled.

Him and Ziva huddled close, thinking of how to destroy their enemy team.


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