The following chapter is insane. People, do not try this at work. I know this wouldn't actually happen, but it's just a little imagination of mine. Don't hate or flame because you know that it is so high on the impossible scale.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Tony asked as he parked the car. He yawned. "Besides, it's freaking four in the morning!"

"Come on, Tony. When I was child, I was lucky to get five hours of sleep." She said, totally alert and awake. "Did you bring it?"

"Of course I brought it."

"What about the rope?"


"Well, then, give to me, ya idiot!"

"Cool it, Zi. I haven't even had my coffee!"

When they were finished, they left in Tony's car, driving away just as a familiar black hearse came driving up.

"Of course we had to take your car, Abby, that totally isn't obvious!"

"Shut up, Tim! Anyways, did you bring it?"

"Of course I brought it."

"And the rope?"

"Backseat. All eighty feet of it." He sighed, tired.

"Great. Let's do this."

When they were finished, they quietly got back in the car and drove away, just as the sun broke the horizon.

Gibbs pulled up in his usual parking spot, when he saw the three members of his team and Abby standing in the parking lot.

Oh, god, he thought to himself. What have they done this time?

He parked his car, and stepped out, approaching his agents.

"DiNozzo! David! McGee! Abby!" He called. They all turned around.

"Hey, boss." Tony smiled.

"What the hell have you done this time, DiNozzo?"

DiNozzo smiled his patented smile. "Nothing, boss. Just proving Team Peeta is on top."

"Shut up!" Tim cried.

"Well, he is. Better than Team Fail." He shrugged.

"Team Gale to you, Team, uh-" McGee turned to Abby "What's a derogatory word that rhymes with Peeta?"

"For the love of god, what the hell have you done?" Gibbs asked, exasperated. However, his four agents and forensic scientists were too busy arguing to say anything.

Finally DiNozzo threw his arms up, and shouted "That's it! Ziva!"

She took a black remote out of her bag, and handed it to Tony.

"Let's prove that Team Peeta is top dog."

He pressed a button on the remote.

Suddenly, there was whoosh, and the sound of something large being unfolded. Gibbs looked up, in awe.

On the side of the building, a large sign had a picture of a shirtless Josh Hutcherson, along with the Title "Team Peeta Forever!" A smaller picture at the bottom had a picture of Liam Hemsworth, with a large red cross over it.

"Two can play at this!" Abby shouted. "Tim!"

He handed her a similar looking remote. She pressed a large red button, and the same sounds emerged out of nowhere. They looked up again. On the other half of the building, another large sign hung. It had a picture of a smiling Liam Hemsworth, and, in bold, black letters said "Team Gale Rules!" And, again, at the bottom, there was a picture of Josh Hutcherson, with a large cross over it.

Gibbs stared in shock at the posters that covered the top half of the building.

Oh. My. God.

He turned slowly to his team.

"Did you do this?" he asked. His voice was deadly quiet.

They all nodded.

"Well, I guess we know who will be cleaning it up, then."

He started to walk away, then turn back, staring at his team, who squirmed.

"By the way, you are all on Team Finnick."


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