Chapter 1: A Hero Or An Enemy?

A long long time ago, in a world called Wizard City lived a Grandmaster Wizard named Merle Ambrose and a young Novice wizard named Malistaire Drake. Malistaire had just arrived in Wizard City and Merle started talking to him. "Hello there young wizard, it's been a while since we've had any newcomers here! I forget how we welcome you… ah yes, I need to ask you your name. What is it?". "Um, Malistaire Drake" replied Malistaire. "So it's Malistaire eh? Well Malistaire, what do you think of this new pet I just bought at the pet store in The Shopping District? I haven't named her yet." said Merle. "Well, since The Spiral is bigger than a Humongofrog, how about naming her something related to space. Space is so big, that it would make a lot of sense. Something like Alpha or Beta?" thought Malistaire "Or what about Delta?" suggested Merle. "Wait, I know!" said both Malistaire and Merle simultaneously "Gamma!". "Well then Gamma, say hello to Malistaire!" said Merle. Then, Gamma replied "Who? Who? Oh, Malistaire That name gives me shivers for some reason, I fear something bad will happen…". "No, Malistaire couldn't be bad! He even has Drake as his last name just like all the Battle Drakes in Dragonspyre fighting off the Dragon Titan right now. Don't worry Gamma, it'll be fine." said Merle. "Very well then." replied Gamma.

Merle put the cage Gamma was in down on his desk and began to talk to Malistaire. "So Malistaire," said Merle. "Yes?" Malistaire questioned. Merle continued "By the clothes your wearing, I can see that your from the death school. Has Dworgyn taught you how to battle other wizards for practice yet?" asked Merle. "No sir." answered Malistaire "I think you should do so immediately then. Go to the death school in Ravenwood. After he gives you some good tips, go to Unicorn Way to talk to Diego the Duelmaster. He should be inside the Arena, once you talk to him, you should have a practice battle with one of his dummies. Come talk to me once your done." told Merle to Malistaire.

Malistaire's New Goal: Talk to Dworgyn in The Death School in Ravenwood in Wizard City.

Meanwhile…. "Ha ha ha ha. Malistaire has no idea what's to become of his life, that is, once I'm through with him! Soon enough, you'll fall right into my hands and once that happens, there wont be anyone who doesn't know the name of Morganthe!" said Morganthe, The Umbra Queen. Malistaire, unaware of what was to come was heading down to The Death School. Once inside, he saw the place where Dworgyn should have been standing but he was gone. He thought that Diego the Duelmaster would probably know where he was so he decided to go there on Unicorn Way.

Malistaire's New Goal: Talk to Diego the Duelmaster in The Arena in Unicorn Way in Wizard City.

At the Arena he saw Merle Ambrose talking to Diego the Duelmaster. They looked very preoccupied. Malistaire also saw that Dworgyn was being held hostage on the battlefield by this woman in black clothes and two tall spiders with robes on them and big yellow eyes. "Malistaire! I think this is the perfect time for you to try out your powers. Here, take this deck and walk into those Shadow Weavers, I'll take care of that lady.". said Merle. "Gah! Nobody EVER knows who I am! My name is Morganthe and I am the Queen of the Shadows, I am The Umbra Queen!" said Morganthe. "Morganthe, Morganthe, I believe I have heard that name before, long, long, ago." thought Merle out loud. "But of course you've heard of me! We were best friends before this young wizard put a spell on me. Now nobody knows who I am! Don't you get it Merle! I'm from the future and I'm here to take revenge on this wizard. Malistaire is the cause of my misery and I will not l will not let it take place. I am going to change history! Shadow Weavers, take care of that kid!" explained Morganthe. "Hurry up Malistaire, we need to defeat them, go and walk into them and may Bartleby protect you!

Malistaire's New Goal: Defeat 2 Shadow Weavers in The Arena in Unicorn Way in Wizard City.

Malistaire saw that in his deck, he had many different cards. There was a triangle in the upper left corner and many different symbols all around. "Merle! I need your help! I have no idea what all this is! How come some are black and the others are colored!" asked Malistaire "Fool! You really think he will be able to help you?" said Morganthe. Morganthe used a form of astral magic on Merle which closed his mouth shut. "Oh no…" said Malistaire He grabbed a random card from his deck and held it out. All of a sudden, the ground started shaking.

"Oh no! What did I do!" asked Malistaire "You just cast an Earthquake spell, watch as it does damage to them both." said Diego. "Gah! You too! I'll show you who's boss!" said Morganthe, she shot some more astral magic at Diego but Diego was too quick and was able to avoid the attack. He then joined the battle with Malistaire "Oh, thanks a lot!" said Malistaire "No problem, pay attention to the battle though." replied Diego "Here, I'll use the Donate Power spell so you can use Scarecrow. After that, I'll use Blizzard and that should finish them off.". Malistaire did just that, after Diego cast the Donate Power spell, Malistaire used Scarecrow which got them both down to 210 health each. Morganthe said "Hurry and both of you use the Unicorn Spell, that should give you enough health for you dunderheads to win!". After they both used the Unicorn Spell, they now had 760 health each. "Merle! Use your untied hands to cast the Bladestorm Spell on us, that should boost our attacks! Now Dworgyn, use an Elemental Blade on Malistaire and that should be enough to finish them off!" said Diego. They did just that, once they had enough, Malistaire used the Meteor Strike which did 446 damage to each of them. Then, Diego used Sandstorm which did 330. They had now killed the Shadow Weavers. "A job well done young wizard. I'm afraid that this isn't the only time we're going to be seeing that woman." said Diego. "For the LAST TIME, MY NAME IS MORGANTHE!" she screamed "You weaklings are useless. I'll have to get myself a better variety of Shadow Weavers next time. Until then Merle!". Diego then told Malistaire "Go untie Dworgyn while I untie Merle. We'll have to talk about this then. You were very brave to face them.".

Malistaire's New Goal: Untie Dworgyn in The Arena in Unicorn Way in Wizard City.

Once Dworgyn was untied, he said "Thank you for untying me Malistaire. However I did here Morganthe say something about you causing her misery. I'm not sure weather to trust you or not.". "He is to be trusted and nothing else Dworgyn. If you were listening that closely then you should have also heard that she is from the future, a future that we can change, a future where he doesn't cause her misery, a future where none of this in the present has to happen." said Merle. "Thank you very much headmaster, I did not mean for any of this to happen. I apologize if I cause some crisis in the future." said Malistaire "No need." said Diego "You probably wont cause it, not after we change the future. The first thing we have to do is find out what causes you to "cause her misery". Let's all meet tomorrow morning in the Headmaster's Tower if that's alright with you Headmaster?". "Yes, It's available for tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow then. Oh, and Malistaire, I forgot to tell you where you live, go to Ravenwood and go to the Boys' Dormitory. Get a good night's rest and come to my tower where we met in the morning." said the Headmaster.

Malistaire's New Goal: Have A Good Night's Sleep in The Boys' Dormitory in Ravenwood in Wizard City.