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Who am I? That's an easy one. My names is Tsurara Shizuki and I... I... Okay, there really is nothing much that I can say about myself. I don't even know where to start anyways. I guess to begin with, I was born in a secret base where my mother died giving birth to me, quite the dramatic way to talk about myself but hey, how else am I supposed to start? My father was a military businessman I guess, I never knew what it was that he did for a living but because of his area of expertise, him and my mother had to live in that base since before I was born. Anyway, in that secret military, I learned to fight when I was at a very young age. My father didn't want me to learn to fight in fear I would get myself killed from the intense training but he allowed me to take the risk because I had never really been out and able to do my own thing. So, now I was able to have my own expression I guess you could say. I learned many different ways to fight; from sword fighting, to shooting with guns, to using knives to strike people from a distance(not that I would do that anyway), to fist fights and many others that I am too lazy to list right now. Then we had to go, I didn't know why but we had to move a few times until we stopped at Okinawa. That was four years and here I am... I'm seventeen years old and in a city I don't even remember!

Did I have friends on the base? I can't really answer that question. I mean, there were people I talked to and had a good time with but I'm not sure I would have called them my friends. Funny enough, after having been with them for so long, I've already forgotten their names. *chuckles sadly* Maybe if I see them someday I'll recognize them.

Does that sum it all up? Oh! One more thing. Recently, my father passed away due to a heart condition he's had since before I was born. That's what I was told at least. Having no father, my aunt sent me here, to this town... *grumble grumble grumble* She bought me an apartment and furniture and everything, talk about having money...

My eyes slowly opened to an alarm going off on the nightstand next to my bed. My hand moved towards the constant beeping and I kept on touching the alarm until I hit the button that turned the annoying sound off. I sat up and looked around the room sleepily, my droopy eyes wanting to close and let me fall on my pillow so I can sleep even longer than I should. and that's what I did.

My eyes opened once again and they drifted over to the alarm clock.

"Mmm, 8:00." I murmured. I stretched in my sheets and yawned. "Wait... Didn't I have..." My eyes opened in realization and I shot out my bed. "Shit!" There was no time to take a shower so I just threw my uniform on, brushed my hair and my teeth. Then ran out the door with my bag in hand. My feet fell lightly on the ground and I ran as fast as possible.

I can't be late, not on my first day.

"Awwh damn it!" I managed to yell through my pounding heart and my urge to breath shallowly. My legs moved in quick and long strides, my hair blew in the wind and you could say I looked like a sliver streak because of the speed in which my legs were going. Buildings and people passed as the school came into my view. The gate was still open to my relief and my legs stopped once I entered the gate. In front of the school was a rather young woman. Flawless light skin, brown hair and eyes, pink lips, and professional clothing. She looked like she was going to an executive meeting...or whatever those were called.

"Tsurara Shizuki?" She called. I nodded and approached her. Finally knowing what I looked like, she shook her head disappointingly. "Your first day at this school and you're already late, I really do hope you don't turn out like one of my students."

"Who?" I asked. She shook her.

"I'm sure you'll meet him soon." The woman assured. "Anyway, welcome to Jindai High, please follow me." She started walking into the entrance of the school and I followed her in without argument. A gruff sound quietly came out of my mouth as my eyes were scanning the halls and taking in every tiny detail that presented itself.

Typical high school, it all looks like the school I went to in Okinawa... Still not a bad school though. We continued walking and I paid no attention to the classroom she led me in up until I heard her call my name. Now that I looked around the classroom, students stared at me and they seemed to be absorbing my appearance. My name was repeated and I blinked in confusion, having turned my head to the now annoyed teacher.

"Hm?" Some of the students snickered at me then others whispered, talking about the silver hair that trailed down to my knees and the searing ocean blue eyes that showed knowledge beyond my years. The teacher sighed, her hand covering her face in irritation.

"Please introduce yourself." She sighed. I blinked in confusion and my head tilted slightly down to the left.

"Why?" I asked. The feeling of the students gaping at me was quite overpowering but that was easily ignored but it was hard to ignore the teacher's. "Didn't you already say my name anyway?" She sighed.

"Yes but it would be preferred if you give a background of yourself."

"But you haven't told me your name." I countered. The teacher smirked at me with amusement.

"Very true." She agreed. "Okay, I'm Miss Kagurazaka." I smiled.

"Much better." I turned towards the class and bowed, my hair falling to the ground in front of my face. "My name is Tsurara Shizuki, I recently moved here from Okinawa due to an unfortunate situation and here I am." My upper body regaining it's original posture and I smiled, trying to hide my annoyance with the continually quiet class. All of a sudden, a hand grabbed my bag and pulled it off of my shoulder. My head turned and Ms. Kagurazaka was going through my bag. She pulled something out of the bag that I had completely forgotten to leave home, my knife... I sweat dropped as the class including Ms. Kagurazaka gaped in shock at what she had in her hand.

"Please tell me this is a toy..." She said incredulously. My right hand covered my face and I shook my head.

"I'm afraid not..." I exhaled. "I don't carry toys around." Anger slowly showed on her face. She silently placed the knife back in the bag and closed it.

"She's mad now..." A student muttered. I sighed and grabbed the bag she had in her hand. My body moved towards the exit of the classroom.

"Damn it... I'll just go to the principal's now then." The voice that was mine said. "See you later."

"Who the hell brings a knife to school...?" I heard a student ask silently. "That sounds like something Sousuke would do..." Sousuke? Is that the boy Kagurazaka was talking about? Sound familiar... My shoulders shrugged and I continued to walk out of classroom and into the hallway, having no idea where to go...


"Why would you bring a knife to school?" The principal questioned. "And on your first day of school?" I sighed and scratched my head nervously.

"I already told you." I said, "I forgot my knife was there, it's not like I did it on purpose." The knife was on her desk and she picked it up to examine it. Then she set it back down and sighed.

"I guess it's alright as long as you don't bring it again..." The principal sighed. My head moved up and down in agreement, hoping that I wouldn't get punished like I did at my first day at the school in Okinawa. "Deal?"

"Deal." I repeated.

"I'm only letting you off once. You can go." She said, "take your knife too." The knife was grabbed and I placed it in my bag. Then my feet moved with speed and I was out the door before you knew it. Get me out of here...The legs I was born with moved with speed and I was out the door of the school before too long. My legs stopped and I began walking with a somewhat quick pace. Students looked my way and my ears could hear the whispers and snickers going my way.

"Was she the one that brought the knife...?"

"No way, she looks completely harmless!"

"Great, now it's a girl version of that Sousuke freak!"

"It's people like her that give this school a bad reputation."

Reputation? Ridiculous. Who cares about that? Oh whatever. Think what you like.

Why not give them a nice talking to Boss? I'm sure they'll understand once they get to know you.

Oh shut up. I sighed and looked up at the sky. The sky was a baby blue and light, creamy white clouds seemed to just float in the atmosphere. It was really peaceful for a day full of shit. Another sigh escaped my lips.

"Something the matter?" Someone asked. My head turned towards the voice and I saw a girl with long, blue hair and brown eyes. Then there was a boy next to her with a scar on his cheek in the shape of an X.

I've seen that scar somewhere before... I blinked at the girl and smiled, shaking my head in the process.

"Oh, it's nothing." I assured, "and it if was something, it's nothing I can't deal with on my own." She stared at me wide eyed for a moment then stuck her hand in front of me.

"I'm Kaname Chidori." She introduced. Talk about blunt... I took her hand and shook it.


"I know. We have first period together." My face faltered with a feeling of dread and regret at what happened with the knife found in my bag.

"Hey, don't even worry about what happened." She assured. Widened eyes occupied my face at the moment. "Sousuke is always bringing guns to school and he hasn't gotten expelled yet." I looked at the boy with the scar.

"So you're Sousuke huh?" I asked. He nodded.

"Pleasure to meet you Shizuki." He greeted with no emotion whatsoever. I gave him a blank stare.

"Gee thanks..." Sarcasm and bitterness escaped with those words without even realizing it. Kaname looked at Sousuke to see what he would do but when he didn't say anything she sighed and looked at me with confusion in her eyes.

"I wonder of I can ask..." She trailed, "can I ask why you brought a knife to school."

"Safety." Was my automatic response. She blinked and I shrugged in response.

"You bring a weapon to feel safe?" She asked unbelieving.

"Yeah." I said slowly, "don't you...?" She shook her head.

"Of course not!" She exclaimed, "unless I want to turn up like Sargent over here then no."


"Can I ask why?"

"You wouldn't understand even if I told you." I retorted and walked away as but as my feet moved away from them though, my ears caught a small conversation that left me with a feeling that maybe the Sousuke kid knew me long before I even came to this school...

"That girl..." Sousuke trailed.

"What about her?" He looked deep in thought and shook his head.

"Never-mind, it's nothing."

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