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When Reba woke up the next morning she decided she couldn't go another day without talking to Brock and the kids. She got up and tried to talk to Rob.

"I'm going back to Houston." Reba stated. His jaw dropped at he looked at her.

"What are you talking about? You're going to Houston? You can't go to Houston; you have a concert in Richmond, Virginia tomorrow. You aren't going anywhere. This bus is headed towards Virginia." Rob said.

"Fine, drop me off at the first airport and I'll fly." Reba replied. She turned around but he grabbed her arm.

"You get off this bus and your career will be over. I can tell you that right now." He threatened. Reba turned around and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"I've lost my family; my career is already over. You couldn't possibly do any worse." Reba replied. She turned to walk away.

"You will be nothing without me!" Rob exclaimed. Reba whirled around and walked over to him. She got up right next to him.

"It's your fault that I'm in this mess and don't get to see my family anymore. You have been trying to keep me away from my family this whole time. I can't believe that I didn't see this before. This never happened when Brock was my manager, nor with Narvel." Reba stated.

"That's because they didn't know what they were doing." He sighed. "I made you who you are Reba!" Rob yelled at her. Reba turned around and glared at him.

"Yeah, you did. And I hate it! Brock was right. I was much better before you came into my life." Reba took off the sunglasses she was wearing. She walked into her room and started putting some things into a bag. Reba picked up the picture of Cheyenne, Kyra and Jake. Brock had sent it to her last year for Christmas. She remembered why she wasn't there. Rob said that she couldn't go because they had a United States Christmas tour; all fifty states from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. It was difficult work and she found it hard that she couldn't spend Christmas with her family. It was the first Christmas she had ever spent away. Reba slipped that into her bag and took some clothes and put them in her duffel bag. She took out some of her own personal items and put them in the bag before she got off the bus. Rob was no longer standing by the door so she was easily able to walk to the front of the bus. "Can you stop the bus? I have to get off." The bus driver looked at her.

"Mrs. Hart? What about everything on the bus? You're going to go without anything but what you have on your back and that bag?" He asked and Reba nodded.

"I don't need all that stuff." Reba looked back at it. "I just need my family and I have to go find them before I lose them forever." The bus stopped and Reba got off. She stood there as the bus went past her and sighed in relief. She was one step closer to being home to her family. She looked around and found a pay phone on the side of the road. They were still in Indiana. Maybe she could call a cab to come get her and take her to the airport. Whether or not she made it to Richmond was not important to her right now. She had to talk to her family and figure out what she can do to fix their family. Reba picked up the phone. After two rings, Kyra answered the phone.

"Hello?" Kyra questioned.

"Hi Kyra. It's me." Reba said. She leaned against the stand.

"Hi mom. So nice that you could finally call." Kyra said.

"I called yesterday young lady! Don't take that tone with me! And I don't owe you any explanation." Reba said.

"Oh that's right. You don't need us anymore. You have Rob." Kyra said sarcastically.

"Kyra-" Reba started to say when the phone slammed. She jumped. Kyra had hung up the phone. Reba put the phone down hard. Two down, two to go. Hopefully Cheyenne and Brock would listen to her when she got home. She really wanted to be able to have her family's forgiveness. But would she ever get it back? Could she expect them to forgive her after everything that's happened?

To be continued…