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The rukh swirls.

A drop of water forms, agonizingly slowly, on the tip of a stalactite. Sinbad tilted his head up, eyes half lidded with tiredness. He had been laying inside the cavern for three hours, and yet no one had come.

He was a small boy, dark hair and dark eyes. Some people used to make fun of him for his long and serious face, but he was beginning to grow into his large feet and awkward height. Perhaps he might have been called handsome. If he could survive this place.

Is everyone dead? He wondered. There had been no screams, no yells for help. There had only been silence. In a way, he regretted storming away from the group. He had known that something was wrong, that something dangerous was coming. Call it a sixth sense, intuition, an ability. He had tried to warn them. But in the end he gave up. No one had believed the little boy who had tagged along by accident.


The drop of water shook. And then fell. Sinbad was on his feet in an instant, alert to whatever had caused the change in the air. He could feel the hum of strength in the air, as if a banjo string had been drawn tight. Something was coming.

The solid blades in his two hands were a reassurance, however small. Sinbad crept back, hiding in between the cracks of the rocks. Soon, he heard footstep.

People? He wondered, letting himself out to glance a little farther down the stone path. Are they the ones I came here with?

No, they are not. But they are moving, and the movement of their bodies and the strange uneven sounds they make tell him that something is wrong. No, they were not people. They were the patrol.


It had been seven days since he had first entered the 1st Dungeon Bael, the tower that had erupted from the sea years ago. So many had entered and so many had died inside, Sinbad shifted slightly to hide himself better and wondered if he would die too.

The group that he had come with had run into a patrol on the second day of exploring the dungeon. At first there had been strange, uneven sounds that rumbled at the edge of Sinbad's hearing. He had stopped, and the other adults stopped as well, angrily asking him what he was doing. Then there had been a shout, a snap, and then the entire room had shuddered as the cobbled stones beneath their feet had risen up into the air. The first scout had been unlucky; a stone arch had been right above him, and the violent upheaval had smashed him mercilessly to death.

This was the patrol.

Those who survived hid in a corridor, breathing harshly and panicking. Some wanted to leave, and the others were adamantly insisting on staying together, until Sinbad spoke up. His voice pierced through the murmuring, "It's gone, but it might come back. Wouldn't it be better to scatter? That way, the...thing can't get all of us at once."

None of them spoke up in response. Although they were all adults, for the moment, they were like children looking for reassurance. Sinbad sat back on his heels and crossed his arms, wondering if they would listen to him.

They didn't.

"If you want to leave, then leave. We won't stop you." A growling, big hunk of a man spat at him. He had been one of the people adamantly insisting on staying together. His narrow eyes looked mean. "There's safety in numbers. Everyone knows that."

Not against something like this, Sinbad wanted to point out. But it was no use. The other adults all looked to the big man, and in that instant, Sinbad knew that they would not take his advice.

Fools, he thought bitterly. At 14, I'm not a kid anymore.

He left the corridor silently, jumping across the rubble and the dead bodies until he finally left behind the stench of death.


And now the patrol was coming again. Sinbad crouched, thinking, and then sprang out of his hiding place, running for his life.

Sometimes, he had a sense for what was dangerous and what wasn't. That was why, at fourteen, he had gone dungeon diving with the intent to discover what kind of world lay beyond that gate...

A huge crash told him that the corridor he had been in was now being smashed to pieces. He shuddered. But not with fear. With excitement.

This was going to be the adventure of his life.


Sinbad is such a cruel character. I effing love him. I think this story will mostly try to cover his exploits in the dungeon, maybe show some of his household vessels joining him...

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