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Courtney made her way out of bed and quietly tried to leave her cabin without waking anyone up and instantly failed.

"Courtney?" Gwen asked her "What are you doing up?"

"Going to the bathroom" Courtney opened the door "I didn't mean to wake you"

"It's okay" Gwen muttered as she fell back to sleep.

That was close! The girls in her cabin were going to start to think she had bladder problems. She quietly shut the door and looked around making sure that nobody else was lurking around the camp grounds just as she herself was doing. She felt Guilty about this! Every night she was sneaking off and word was definitely getting around that she was either meeting someone or she had bladder issues. Finally she made her way to the crappy outhouse and looked around and saw nobody.

Courtney decided to wait awhile and about 10 minutes later the outhouse door opened and Courtney could be seen sitting down tapping her foot and glaring at the man.

"You were supposed to meet me here 10 minutes ago!" Courtney yelled

"Shhhhhhhh!" He put his hand over her mouth "I forgot to set my alarm"

Removing his hand from her mouth he promptly replaced his hand with his lips and the next thing Courtney knew she wasn't that mad that he was late anymore. They have been meeting every night for awhile now and Courtney's been losing sleep because of these wonderful meetings they were having, but to be fair he was losing sleep also and it was certainly noticeable. When the kiss finally broke he yawned and was ready to go back to bed.

"Am I boring you?" Courtney asked him

"No, It's not that at all" He told her "It's just it IS 3 in the morning..."

"It was your idea to meet at 3am" Courtney reminded him

"That's the only time we could pull it off" He rolled his eyes "Do you want the other campers to find out?"

"No, I don't" Courtney sighed and kissed him.

"I thought you wanted to win the game" He smirked at her "If they find out you'll be voted out..."

"I guess your right" Courtney admitted "It's just Duncan is starting to notice"

"So?" He asked her "I'm giving you way more than Duncan is"

"I'll have you know that Duncan and I had tons of fun in his bunk the other night" Courtney told him

"Yeah, Then you came to me" He told her

"Are we going to do it tonight?" Courtney asked him

"It's getting late" He laughed "Owen will be getting up to take his morning shit soon and I think you should be getting some sleep"

"Fine" Courtney sighed as he opened the door to the outhouse "Maybe next time we could meet somewhere else?"

"I'll find somewhere else" He rolled his eyes

"You mean it this time, Chris?" Courtney asked "Try to be more romantic then an outhouse if you want to get laid!"

"Love you too, Courtney" Chris shut the door on her leaving her alone.

The relationship wasn't perfect but it was theirs and Courtney loved it all the same.

Yes, I'm totally making this into a Multi Chapter!