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August 15, 1996

The house felt wrong. It had always felt wrong, now that Harry thought about it, but now it also felt empty and sad.

And it also made him angrier than ever before.

He looked around and tried not to tear down the wallpaper. He couldn't believe that Sirius was just gone out of his life, just as quickly as he'd come back into it. But Harry supposed what was worse was that Bellatrix Lestrange had hit two birds with one stone, and those two birds were very precious to Harry. Despite the fact that he knew it was wrong, Harry was feeling the need to chase down that Death Eater and hex her within an inch of her life.

Because he hadn't just lost Sirius that day, but also Rachel Fredricks, who he had only known for a short time, but certainly long enough. If Sirius had been a small part of his father, then Rachel was a small part of his mother. The thought of that made Harry wince in pain. It was like loosing his parents all over again.

But most of all, he felt sorry for Rachel. It was so obvious those two had been immensely special to each other. They cared about each other in a completely different way that they cared for other people. What Harry admired most about them was that they weren't acting like they were so in love, but that they seemed to be entirely comfortable around each other. Harry remembered noting that when he was at Grimmauld Place for Christmas.

Harry had woken up, cold sweat on the back of his neck from his most recent nightmare. He had gone down the stairs to get a glass of water when he heard someone in the living room. Curious to see who it was, he hid by the door and looked inside.

It was Sirius, setting down present after present in a wooden chest. Sirius shut it and looked up and smiled.

"How many did you buy?" Harry heard someone ask. It was Rachel.

"Enough to fit into this chest," Sirius replied with a smile.

Rachel came into view and Harry saw her roll her eyes. "Fine, then how many are Harry's?" she asked

"Oh, a good chunk of them," Sirius replied matter-of-factly.

Rachel laughed softly. "Don't spoil him; he'll get used to it and turn into his cousin," Rachel said jokingly.

"Lily's son could never be like that spoiled brat," Sirius replied.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Rachel said dismissively. "It was worth a shot, though."

Sirius smiled and stretched his arm out. Rachel smiled back and walked into his arms. The two stood there embracing for a while. Harry decided to leave, feeling intrusive. Then, right before turning away, he heard Sirius say, "Merlin, I've missed you."

"Oi, you've been saying that for a long time now," Rachel whined. "I think you can stop now. It's pretty ingrained."

"Just reminding you," Sirius said.

The two had laughed and gone to the kitchen for tea and Harry went back to bed that night. Instead of going back to sleep, Harry lay down in bed and thought about the incident. Truth be told, when Harry first met Rachel, he thought her and Sirius's relationship would've been awkward. Harry didn't see Sirius with anyone. But Rachel had proven him wrong. The two worked together perfectly and had one of the most admirable relationships Harry had seen.

When Harry thought about the two of them, his mind wandered to his parents and… well, Ginny, as weird as it seemed. Not that he'd ever admit that aloud.

But that didn't matter. His problems seemed so small compared to what Rachel must've gone through. She had seen Sirius get hit with that Killing Curse, right in front of her. For four seconds of silence, Rachel watched in shock as Sirius fell through the Veil, the same joking smile on his face. Harry could see the pain and disbelief n her face. And that was when Bellatrix made her move. Rachel had been too distracted. She couldn't have defended herself.

Harry felt the anger well up in him again. I can't think about this anymore, he scolded himself. Neither Rachel nor Sirius would want me getting angry over them. Harry tried to push the anger out of his mind. He tried to think that, if there was an after life after all, Sirius and Rachel were probably together right now, with his parents, laughing at everyone that was alive over tea and scones.

It honestly wasn't that hard to imagine from the stories Rachel had told him about Lily and James.

Besides, he knew that if his parents or Sirius or even Rachel saw him worrying about them when he had the whole Wizarding World to save, they would probably give him a good smack upside the head.

So that was his concern now. Solving this whole Voldemort problem. After that, he would be able to properly mourn everyone that had ever died for him. What he was going through now didn't do them justice.

Harry decided in that moment on something: if he ever thought about Rachel and Sirius or his parents again, he'd think of them rooting on him from wherever they were now.

And thank Merlin for that, because that was exactly what they were doing.

Okay, so that was the epilogue, and it was a properly written one too. Some of you guys still hate me probably, but I have many reasons for ending this now and not continuing on it any longer, but the big one was that this was always a bit of a shaky story for me and at one point I thought to myself 'how much more can I honestly elaborate on this?'

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