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Maka scowled as she squinted into the darkness listening to the pounding beat of music around her. The mass of bodies on the club floor made it impossible to see who was who which made it hard for her to locate Tsubaki, her best friend and roommate, and her new boyfriend, Black Star for her position at the bar. How they met Maka didn't know but apparently his first name was 'Black' and last name 'Star' but he always insisted everyone call him by both his first and last names.

She growled in annoyance once she figured out her looking was futile and turned back to the bar. It irked her to no end that her friends had dragged her from her nice home on a Friday night, where she should be studying for an exam on Monday for a class she needed to pass instead of a club.

"You're a junior in college and you haven't been to a club?" Kim asked in disbelief. "How the hell did you survive!"

'By avoiding situations where I had to go,' Maka thought bitterly as she took a drink from her water. To change that Tsubaki had offered to take her to the hottest club in town yet here she was by her lonesome while her best friend danced on the floor with her boyfriend. 'Could this night get any worse?'

"Maka? Is that you?"

'I take it back….' Slowly turning around she met disbelieving aqua-green eyes with one eye partially covered by a mop of bleach blonde hair. "Hiro…."

An idiotic grin spread across her ex-boyfriend's face, happy to see it was her. "Wow Maka I almost didn't recognize you! I never thought you would be in a club!" He laughed at the end causing Maka to wish to have a book in hand to give a good Maka Chop to the skull. And what did he mean almost not recognizing her? Sure her hair was down and not in its usual pigtails and she was wearing a short dress but did she look all that different? 'Maybe…,' she thought looking down at her dress.

It was more risqué than what she usually wore stopping at the middle of her thighs. The back was very plain looking, long sleeve with a scoop neckline. The back though was the most revealing with three sideways triangles that revealed her all of her back without being too slutty. When her and Tsubaki had gone through Maka's closet they had stumbled upon this gift she had gotten from her mother and both of them agreed this was the best club outfit she had.

"Yeah," she said looking back up at Hiro. "I wanted to see what the big deal was about so I decided to give it a try."

"Well it's about time! Honestly, this is the sexiest I have seen you," Hiro teased as he leaned on the counter right next to her. Maka felt her eye twitch as she plastered on a fake smile.


"So what do you think so far?"

"Hmmm," Maka said rather cutely as she pretended to think. "To be perfectly honest I think it's the way I expected it to be?"

"Oh?" Hiro leaned into her, attempting to put on a sexy smile that would have fooled Maka in the past. She knew better though; in her cute voice she continued on.

"Yeah. It's full of egotistical males with nothing better to do than get girls drunk just to have sex with them before leaving them!"

Instantly, Hiro's smile dropped as he leaned away from her clearly confused. 'Got ya,' Maka thought with a devious smirk as she grabbed her glass and walked away. She made it to the end of the bar before she ended up running into Tsubaki. "Tsubaki! Where have you been?" Maka asked noticing her friend's disheveled appearance. A shoulder strap was off skew and her hair was in disarray along with her make-up. Either she her dancing had gotten out of hand or she was doing something with her boyfriend that Maka didn't even want to know about.

"Oh! I'm fine," Tsubaki said a little too quickly as she pulled up her strap. "I just wanted to check on you!"

"I'm ok!" Maka said with another fake smile.

"Good, good!" Tsubaki giggled and swayed, knocking their heads too close for comfort with their lips inches apart. Maka could smell the alcohol on her friend's breath and inwardly groaned. A drunken Tsubaki was a perverted Tsubaki and Maka didn't think she could handle that right now. Luckily she didn't have to as Black Star came bounding up behind his girlfriend.

"Babe! Why did you leave your god?" he asked, sliding his arms around her waist and pulling her close to his chest, wearing a seductive smile as he did so. Tsubaki giggled as she pushed back against him making Maka almost blanch at the scene. She was about to tell them that she was about to go home for the night when someone pushed into her.

"Nya! I'm sorry!"

Turning around Maka saw a scantily clad, purple haired woman leaning over the counter waving to the bartender. "Nya! Ragnarok! Soul wanted to remind you his shift is ending soon!"

"Yeah Blair, I hear ya! Tell that bastard I got the memo!" the tall dark skinned man behind the counter said as he continued filling orders. He turned to face her, the faint scar in a 'x' shape on his nose in the dim lighting, as he came over to where the waitress was and laid out a new tray for her full of drinks. "Take these to table 7!"

"Ok!" Turning, the waitress nearly knocked into Maka again. Unfortunately, though she was able to save most of the numerous glasses on her tray, one drink tipped and ended up spilling all over Maka's front causing the blonde to scream out. "Nya, I'm sorry!" the woman screeched as she put her tray down on the bar.

"Blair!" the bartender yelled seeing the entire fiasco. The woman decided to ignore her boss as she grabbed a towel and started to try helping whip away the drink, apologizing the entire time. Maka couldn't find it in her to be mad at the woman; after all she seemed to be having a crazy night, and tried to calm down the frazzled woman and reassure her. The woman had kind of helped Maka though, what better way to get out of this club than to use this as an excuse.

"Hey waitress!" Black Star said, interrupting the two. Tsubaki had turned to face her boyfriend, pressing herself against him provocatively, while Black Star was focused on Maka and Blair. "You said 'Soul' right? You wouldn't know a Soul Evans would you?"

"Yeah! DJ Soul Eater!" the perky waitress said pointing out onto the floor. Maka followed her finger to the deejay booth where she saw a guy around what Maka could assume was her age working the sound board in front on him. The flashing lights made it impossible to see any features but from what Maka could see he was wearing a thick forehead band with something round to one side and a letterman jacket. She ignored Black Star's excited 'yahoo' and his ramblings that he knew the deejay from high school, seemingly entranced by the man she saw in front of her.

It was fascinating to watch him, his eyes closed seemingly lost in the music he was mixing. Maka just couldn't take her eyes off him, he wasn't the deejay that was playing when they arrived had he? If so why didn't she notice him until now? He had this type of aura around him that she could feel even from across the room, a kind of cool and calm one with a hint of danger and mystery.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and looked out at the crowd. A group of girls near him were dancing sexily, pushing up against each other as if trying to have sex with their clothes on. When they noticed that they had caught his eyes their moves began to pick up as they now started touching each other more. The deejay sent them a wicked smirk and winked at them, causing the girls to giggle madly and breaking the spell that he had over Maka. The blonde scuffed as she turned away. 'Typical male,' she thought. 'Cares more about getting laid.'

She then looked at Black Star and Tsubaki. "I'm sorry about the dress!" the waitress in front of her said. "I got all that I could!"

"It's ok!" Maka said with a gentle smile. The woman smiled back and gave her a tight surprise hug, before picking up the tray again and walking off.

"Man, I haven't seen Soul in years!" Black Star laughed, still going on. "Maybe I can catch up with him tonight! Just like old times!"

Maka didn't want to be around when he did.

"Well you do that Black Star! Just don't forget you have to bring Tsubaki home!"

"Why me? Where are you going?"

"Home," Maka said pointing to her now ruined dress. "Just drop her off at a decent hour!"

Black Star gave her a lecherous look. "No promises." Maka rolled her eyes, turning, and heading back to her car, trying to forget the rest of the night- including a certain deejay.

Maka couldn't believe it. 'How the hell did I end up in this situation?' Once again Maka was at the club again, being tricked into going by her roommate. She would have left hours but they had only taken one ride so she was in charge of taking everyone, which only included Black Star and Tsubaki, home.

They didn't want to leave and Maka didn't have the heart in it to fight them. Although now she wished she did. Both were leaning up against each other, well Black Star mostly doing the leaning because of how drunk he was. His words slurred and he was laughing at the most ridiculous things causing Tsubaki to giggle madly as she swayed on her feet.

Currently, it was early in the morning and the club had just kicked everyone out. The sun was just beginning to peek over the New York skyline but Maka had no time to appreciate the beauty as she tried to figure out how she was going to get to drunks to the car. Maka groaned at her unfortunate situation causing Tsubaki to look over at her.

"Som-something… wrong, Maka?" Tsubaki asked, her speech slightly slurred.

"It's nothing," Maka said coming up next to Black Star who looked like he was about to pass out. "Let's just get you to the car." Tsubaki giggled and nodded.

The first couple of steps were sloppy with Tsubaki nearly falling over once had she not been holding Black Star. Black Star seemed to be knocked out cold now, making Maka curse him out loud as they dragged him forward.

"Your boyfriends a bastard you know that Tsubaki?" The other woman just giggled.

"Who you calling a bastard?" Black Star asked surprising Maka into almost dropping him. He struggled in her grasp until he was able to stand unsteadily on his feet. "I am… the man WHO WILL SURPASS GOD!" He laughed annoyingly as he pointed to the sky. "YEAH!"

"Shut up!" an equally drunk voice called out behind them. Turning around they saw a short haired blonde woman leaning on the side of the railing to the entrance to the club, glaring with her blue eyes and pointing a finger at Black Star. "You're toooo llllloooouuuudddd!"

"Patti! Leave those people be!" A young man appeared behind her, wearing a dark suit. His hair was black but with three strips on one side. His gold eyes looked over at Maka and the rest of them apologetically. Another blonde hair woman was clinging to his right arm almost desperately, cuddling her face into his shoulder.

"I llllooovvee you Kid!"

"Yes Liz, I know," the man said soothingly as he grabbed the other girl, Patti, with his free arm. "Now let's get to the car." Patti giggled madly as she too latched onto his arm.

Maka couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy. He looked like a mess with those two, nearly falling as they went down the ramp. He seemed to have way too much practice with them as he easily maintained their balances. Maka turned away and was about to deal with her own two drunks when the club doors opened again.

"Oi, Kid! Where you going?"

Maka practically froze at hearing the voice. She couldn't forget that husky (and could she now detect a slight British undertone?) voice anywhere having listened to it half the night. Turning back around, she saw DJ Soul Eater completely for the first time.

Like before he wore the same letterman jacket, though now she could see it was a bright yellow and a strip of black from a messenger bag he wore bisected the jacket and a forehead band with a sticker to the side that looked like a mouth and said 'eat.' His shocking white hair was spiked back away from his sharp, aristocratic face. She also vaguely noted he was tall but that was nothing in comparison to his eyes, a deep ruby red that could possibly pull in any woman he wanted.

Her littler self was telling her to get out of there now, lest she fall victim to them but another half of her just wanted to fall. She had watched this man, Soul, for most of the night a mix between disgust and charm falling together as she watched him. Now here he was.

"SOUL!" Black Star yelled, waving his one of his arms frantically. "Soul, it's me! The great Black Star!"

Soul's head snapped towards them, a little wide-eyed but after recognizing Black Star the ends of his mouth pulled back to reveal sharp, shark-like teeth. "Black Star? Is that you?"

"Oh courses it's the great Black Star!" Soul laughed as he walked down the ramp with lazy stride, shoulders slouched. He stopped at the end, grabbing hold of Patti to help Kid, as Black Star stumbled his way over to him. Maka just let him go and immediately caught Tsubaki, who almost fell over.

"Man! I haven't seen you since high school! How've ya been!"

"Sooouuulll…," Patti whined. "Why is the man so llllooooouuuudddd…?"

Soul patted her head in understanding before looking at Black Star. "Star it's great to see you again but perhaps we can meet up when you're not so drunk?"

"HAHA! What are you talking about? A great star like me can't get drunk! Come on I want to introduce you to my girlfriend Tsubaki! Then we can go to some bar-"

"Sorry dude but I can't," Soul interrupted the blue haired man. "I got to get home."

Black Star looked slightly put off by this before he gave a lecherous smile. "Oh, I see got some ass waiting for you back home. That's cool, man."

Soul rolled his eyes at his longtime friend, but didn't deny the claim Maka noted in disgust.

"You aren't driving are you?" Soul asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

"No," Maka squeaked, finally finding her voice. She really wished she hadn't as those entrancing eyes fell on her followed by a devilish smirk.

"That's cool at least one of you is sober." The way he sounded he clearly didn't believe Maka completely which pissed her off. "Where do you guys live?"

Maka didn't want to answer him, no matter how handsome of a stranger he was. She didn't have to though as Tsubaki answered for her.

"We live in Cypress Hills," she giggled. Maka inwardly groaned.

"That's pretty far," Soul muttered. "Perhaps it would be best if you guys would stay at my place for the night. It's not that far."

Maka blinked in surprise. Was this guy, a complete stranger to her, offering them a place to stay? Really?

Her thoughts must have been obvious on her face because she earned a grin from Soul. "Star's an old friend so I know him well he won't steal anything and you and the other chick don't look like you guys would take anything either. Besides." He indicated to the girl in his arms and then to Kid who was walking over to an SUV. "They're crashing at my place too." Before Maka could say anything, Black Star shouted out that they would love to crash at his place causing the white haired man to laugh. "Awesome. Just let me get Patti in the car and you guys can follow behind Kid." He didn't give them any more time to talk as he walked away, following Kid.

Maka sighed dejectedly, again wondering how she always seemed to end up in these situations.

About 15 minutes later, after a drunken tango to get Tsubaki and Black Star in the car, Maka pulled in beside Kid's SUV in a swanky parking garage. Apparently this area of parking was used for guest as Soul had driven further off on his motorcycle, which Maka noted that he didn't wear a helmet riding. Kid had stopped his car and indicated for her to park as he did.

Feeling slightly lost she followed him and now was trying to deal with wrestling Black Star out of the back seat because he was passed out again. This time Tsubaki was a little more helpful, having lost some of her drunkenness. They were both able to get him out, just as Kid did with his two passengers, both of whom were still clinging to his arms.

Soul came up a few seconds later, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He reached out to help Kid with Patti again before looking over to Maka. "You need help with him," nodding his head at Black Star.

"No we got him," Maka said, readjusting her grip to prove her point. Soul nodded before taking the lead and taking the group to his apartment.

Going through the building, Maka felt a little out of place. Clearly this was one of the more expensive housing apartments in West Village, all clean and nice looking unlike the neighborhoods she was used to seeing. There was a door man who nodded to them with a sympathetic smile making Maka feel embarrassed. She nodded back before focusing on following the group in front of her.

Taking the elevator, Maka almost died of shock when, out of twelve buttons, Soul pressed the 10th floor button. How could he afford such a nice place, in a nice neighborhood, and only look around being her age?

The group remained quiet, even as the doors opened and they stumbled down the hall with Soul's apartment being in the middle. He pulled his keys out, finding the right one out of the numerous numbers on the key chain.

He struggled a little, as he pushed open the door, before letting everyone inside. Passing through a little hallway, Maka gaped in surprise. The room she now was in was large with a high ceiling and a hardwood floor. The four walls were painted a warm cream color with the lower half of the fourth wall that was toward the city had a large glass window that led out onto a balcony. There was a small dividing wall that separated the living room from the kitchen with a little dinner table off to the side. A huge black, wrap-around-couch was the main attraction of the room, with a black carpet and a glass table in the center of it, the second attraction being the large screen television mounted to the wall. A spiral staircase led up to the second level and on the opposite side of the kitchen area was a little hallway. Everything looked so nice and clean with the state of the art appliances and light fixtures.

"Hey Soul." A voice said, snapping Maka out of her reverie. Looking, she was surprised to see the waitress from last week walking up to them. She wasn't in any scantily dressed uniform but was wearing a sweater that covered her assets and a pair of jeans.

'What is she doing here?'

"Hey Blair. Thanks for staying longer," Soul said softly.

"Nya, it's fine! The kittens were so good for me!" Maka was kind of surprised that the woman wasn't yelling, but saying everything in a loud whisper. Blair looked at everyone behind him. "You got a full house tonight. Where are you going to fit them all?"

"The couch is big enough," Soul said passing Blair, heading to the sofa, and putting Patti down who whined a little at not having something to cuddle. Kid did the same, Maka and Tsubaki following suit. Maka watched as Soul went back over to Blair, kind of expecting him to kiss her or something, but was surprised when he pulled out his wallet and pulled out a couple of bills before handing them to her. "You need me to take you home?"

"No, I'll call a cab. The littlest kitten was missing you a lot when you called to say you had to work the rest of the night."

"Yeah, but the other deejay flacked out."

"Nya! Ragnarok should fire him! This is the third time in a month!" Soul chuckled in agreement before opening the door for the woman.

"Thanks again Blair." Maka vaguely heard a 'welcome' and 'good-bye' before the door was softly closed. Apparently it was enough to wake up Black Star who surprised everyone and sat up straight. He began looking around before his eyes widened and a big smile crossed his face.

"Holy crap man! You're loaded!" the blue haired man yelled.

"Black Star!" Soul hissed as he rushed back in the room, not running but walking fast. "Quiet!" The other man ignored him as he continued to yell about the room before running outside onto the balcony and yelling out there. Kid and Tsubaki tried to quiet him but nothing seemed to stop the man's rant even when Soul came up to him and tried to quiet him without yelling.

It kind of surprised Maka at his self-control; she would have went off on blue haired man long time ago. It did give Maka sometime to look around the room more though. Mostly she noticed it was sort of a man cave, with the walls sort of bare except for a couple of photo frames that she couldn't see what was inside them. In fact the entire room required a woman's touch save for the wooden entertainment system underneath the television. There were tones of video games and video game systems, typical guy things. Even the mountain of toys in the corner went well with the room.

'Wait, toys?' Before she could look over the pile of toys in the corner she heard a small voice behind her.


Snapping her head to look behind her, her jaw dropped it see three kids standing at the bottom of the stairs. A little girl no older than three, wearing a night white gown with little butterflies on the entire thing, was rubbing one of her green eyes. Her snow white hair was in slight disarray but fell elegantly around her face and down to her lower back. On both of her sides were two boys who looked around five, one wearing Batman pajamas and the other wearing Spiderman ones. Both of them were identical with black, slightly spiked hair and red eyes. One of them yawned, revealing familiar shark like teeth, and the soon the other one followed revealing the same. She was so surprised that she didn't see Soul suddenly tense up and stiffly turn around.

She did hear him sigh and was able to turn her head to watch him walk over to the children. He bent down from the knees and picked up the little girl around the waist and bringing him to his chest before standing. The little girl wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her head on his shoulder.

"Did the yelling wake you guys up?" Soul asked, now using his regular voice. The little girl in his nodded, face still buried in his shoulder, as the two boys nodded so well.

"Why are so many people here?" the boy in Batman pajamas whined as the two boys came up to Soul and each wrapping their arms around his thighs and burying their faces there.

"Just some friends spending the night," Soul muttered as he maneuvered his body with some difficulty to look at everyone. Liz and Patti had woken up by then and, along with Kid, were looking at him sympathetically. Black Star had somehow passed out again, Tsubaki now holding him up. She looked just as surprise as Maka felt before her face morphed into an apologetic one.

Soul sighed again before looking down at the two boys again. "….You guys feel like sleeping on the couch tonight?" That caught the boy's attention as they snapped their heads up at him.


"A sleepover?" It was kind of cute to see one boy finish the other sentence with hopefulness in there voices had the weirdness of the fact the Soul had kids hadn't shocked Maka into a stupor. Out of everything that she expected from this man the fact he had children was the last thing.

She watched as Soul smiled down at the two of them. "Yeah, a sleepover."

The two boys looked at each other. They smiled broadly before they let go of Soul and took off running up the stairs. "Don't forget to get a blanket and pillow for your sister!" Soul called watching as the two boys pushed each other out of the way.

Soul sighed wearily as he walked over to the couch, readjusting his grip on the small girl. Tsubaki had moved her boyfriend to the couch and was still looking at apologetically. "I am sooo sorry," she said. "If I knew you had kids I wouldn't have let Black Star over here."

"Nay, it's cool. It's my fault anyway, forgot how loud Star could get when he gets drunk." He looked at Black Star for a moment. "If you can drag him up stairs, there's a guest room he can stay in." Tsubaki nodded and gathered up her boyfriend again.

Soul then looked over at Kid. "You can take Ty and Alex's room. Patti can have Essie's room. But stay in your own beds this time! You nearly traumatized my boys the last time."

"It was only once," Liz whined as Kid smiled at Soul before grabbing the two girls and following Tsubaki. This left Soul and Maka alone, except for the little girl in his arms. Maka bit her bottom lip trying to calm her nerves as Soul looked down at her. "You and Tsubaki can have my room," he said indicating his head to the hallway. "The guest room bed is kinda small, so I hope you don't mind sharing a bed."

"O-of course not!" Maka squeaked again, hating how he was making her feel this way without even trying. "B-but are you sure it's alright?"

Soul smiled down at her. "Yeah it's cool. I told the boys anyway that we're sleeping on the couch. Just let me place her down and I'll show you where it is." She watched Soul round the couch, heading for the middle, to place the child on the leather sofa. As if knowing the older male was going somewhere, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as he tried to pull away.

"Neh, Papa… Don't go…." Maka's heart clenched at the words, not only because of how sad the words sounded, but also because it reminded her of her own no good father when she was younger. Perhaps it was because she was so tired that caused her to be so emotional when usually she could hold herself together.

Maka struggled with her tears as she watched Soul smile fondly down at the little girl before kissing her forehead gently. "Papa is just going to get changed," Maka heard him whisper. "I'll be back in a bit, I promise."

Nodding, the little girl let him go reluctantly, before turning over to face the back of the sofa and curling in a ball. Soul petted the girls head gently before standing up still wearing that fond expression. When he turned toward Maka it instantly went away to instead be replaced by one of concern and confusion. "You ok?" he asked.

Maka took a moment to gather her wayward emotions. "Yeah," she coughed out. She cleared her throat and tried speaking again. "Yeah, I'm fine."

He looked at her closely for a moment and she made herself not squirm under his gaze. After a moment, he finally nodded before indicating for her to follow him. Without much else to do she did, trailing behind him.

There were two doors in the hallway, both across from each other at the end of the hallway. Soul took the door to the right and Maka had to stop and gap again. The room was a warm red, accented by black trim. The floor cream carpet didn't really match the dark décor but kind of mashed pleasantly with it. Red curtains were open to reveal another large window wall. The room lacked dresser drawers but Maka figured that they were in the apparent walk in closet that Soul had disappeared in, the only other furniture she could see was two black wooden bed side tables, a black desk, with a pile of papers on it, and chair. Besides the closet door, there was another door, opened to reveal the cream colored master bathroom. The biggest attraction to the room though was the king sized bed that dominated the room, the bed frame made of a sturdy black wood and a black comforter pulled back to reveal red bed sheets. It was just calling out to her for to climb in, with Soul, and do some naughty deeds.

'OH MY GOD!' Maka thought, completely horrified with herself. She had never entertained those ideas with any guy, especially a guy she just met! 'What the hell is wrong with me!' She didn't have time to continue her thoughts as Soul entered back in the room, now wearing a grey long sleeved shirt and a black pair of sweatpants, carrying a load of clothes in his arms.

"Here," he said, passing her a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. "Sorry if there a little big but they're all I've got."

Maka scrunched her face together. "What?" she asked confused. Soul gave her a smirk that infuriated her to no end. She wanted to smack it off but she figured that wouldn't be nice since he was offering a place to stay for the night.

"It's more comfortable than what your wearing now, right?" Maka looked down at herself. She had foregone more of the club where and had decided to wear a black flirty skirt and a blouse that she was too uncomfortable with wearing because of how low the neckline was. It did accentuate her almost none existent bust though. "And besides, I really don't want my kids wondering why you are dressed that way when they are fully awake."

"Oh… OH!" Maka said, blushing a little and looking away. He did have a point. "Th-thank you then."

"No problem," Soul said. Just then there was a knock at the door. Both of them turned to look to see the small boy in the Spiderman pajamas.

"You coming Papa?"

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute Ty," Soul said walking over to the boy. Just need to drop some stuff to my friends."

The boy gave a wide smile. "Alright!" The boy then ran off and Soul looked back at Maka again.

"Have a good sleep."

"You too," Maka said, giving him a timid smile. Soul smirked back at her before leaving the room, leaving Maka to change and fall asleep.

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