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"So, that's where we are right now. Without Fi, we are one person short. We have Jess, but we really need one more and you are the only person that Mikey trusts right now. If you can't do it, no hard feelings because we know you have Ruthie and Charlie to consider. Take an hour, call the little lady and discuss it with her."

Sam took a sip of his beer. He spent the last thirty minutes filling Nate in on what had been happening and how they planned to resolve it.

Nate looked at his mother and Jesse, who also sat at the dining room table with him. He took a moment to find his words. "I can shoot a gun. That's not a problem. The problem I have with this, is that I'm not as accurate as Fiona with my shots. I don't know how to make explosives. I don't have the slightest idea on how to hack into large computer systems. I can pick a lock, but I usually do that when I lose my house keys. I've never picked a warehouse lock or even a federal penitentary lock. I don't know how I'm going to do this."

Maddie took her youngest son's hand and held it tight. "The first few times they used me on a job, I had no idea what I was doing, but you learn as you go along. They wouldn't ask you if they didn't think you couldn't handle the work. Take some time and think it over. I love you no matter what you decide, and so does Michael." She stood up and kissed Nate on the head.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm starved. Why don't we all go get some take out and bring it back here while we work." Jesse stood up as well. "Nate, we'll be back in an hour. If you aren't here, then we have our answer. No hard feelings buddy."

As everyone got ready to leave Nate alone with his thoughts, Nate took a long hard look at Michael. He usually looked bigger and stronger. Nate noticed that Michael was scruffy, his hair was messy, and his eyes were red and puffy. Michael's eyes, which normally scanned the whole room several times during conversations, were now trained on the floor. His eyes didn't move once and he wouldn't look anyone in the eyes. Michael looked exhausted. He stood with his arms crossed, almost like he was holding himself together. The kitchen counter seemed to be holding him up. His big brother wasn't looking so big.

"Mike? Mike? MIKE!" Nate shouted. He walked into the kitchen and stood an arms length away from his brother. "Hey, I'm going to help you get Fiona back. Don't worry, this is all going to work out in the end. The Westen Brothers will put an end to Anson."

Michael looked at Nate. His gave his brother a sad smile. "You sure you want to help? It's going to get ugly."

"Mike, this is payback for all the times you save my sorry butt. You didn't have to, but you did. Its time for me to save your butt."

Nate gave his brother a hug and they exchanged some words quietly. Michael scrubbed his face with his hands. "Guys, you all go eat." Everyone noticed how shaky his voice was.

"Brother, come with us and eat." Sam pleaded with Michael. "You have to be starving by now."

"i can't..." Michael said, sounding like he wanted to continue but couldn't.

Nate now stood against the counter, next to Michael. He put an arm around his brother, partly to comfort him, partly to show solidarity. "You guys go, Michael is going to lay down and I have to call Ruthie. Go, we'll be ok. Just bring us back something to eat."

Everyone left. Michael and Nate stood in the kitchen, sharing a comfortable silence for a few minutes. Michael was the first to break the silence

"What if I can't fix this and I lose Fi forever?"

"First of all, its 'we'-you aren't alone in this any more. Second, we won't let you lose Fiona. She's part of the family and we can't let her suffer if she's innocent. Get some rest, we'll eat later."

Michael tried hard to hide all of the emotions that were threatening to eat him alive. He felt himself falling apart. Fiona was the one thing that kept him sane and now she was gone. Somehow he found the strength to move from the kitchen and head towards the guest room. Looking back over his shoulder, he said "Thanks for being here Nate."

Nate immediately answered "No problem. I got your back bro. Go get some sleep."

Once Nate knew Michael was napping, he pulled out his phone and called his wife. "Hey babe, my brother is in trouble so I am going to stay here for a bit to help and you to have to be ok with this until Mike's ok..."