A/N Warning...gets dark at the end...

As Michael and Pearce walked out of the room, he grabbed her arm and spun her around. "We need to talk" he said in a deep, low tone.

"There is no time to talk. We need to finish this up soon." Pearce was not going to talk to Michael and was trying to free her arm from his grip. The more she tried to break free, the tighter his grip became. "Let me go."

"I'm not letting you go until you tell me something. Why did you have Jesse working with Anson when I was trying to find him? If you knew where Anson was you should have just grabbed him and not had me play games with him for three months."

Pearce freed her arm from Michael's grip. "How did you know Jesse was working for me? That was classified."

Michael followed Pearce who was walking towards a room at the end of the hall. "I heard it straight from the source himself. You wanted me to clear this up with Jesse before I started with Anson and I did. I questioned Jesse and he told me the truth. Once he realized I knew he was meeting Anson on a regular basis he told me everything. He told me Anson offered to help find his mother's killer in exchange for some jobs he needed completed. He told me about the bugs and the information he turned over to Anson. Right now, I don't know what is worse-him working with Anson to begin with or you running an operation with Jesse while we were working with you to find Anson. You knew where Anson was for months and you never told me. You never moved on bringing him into custody. Fiona could have been out by now if you moved sooner!" Michael was now yelling.

"Yes, I admit that Jesse was working for me. The jobs that Anson had him do were all financial related. I needed Jesse to do the jobs and get me evidence of his activities. We were building a case against Anson. The more Jesse had to do for him, the more evidence I got for our case. I know you wanted to get Fiona out of jail quickly but this whole operation was not about getting Fiona out of jail quickly, it was about to getting her out by providing quality evidence that would convict Anson for the rest of his life and show that she was framed."

Michael felt himself getting angrier as Pearce talked. Finally he lost control. "If Anson needed jobs he could have called me, he could dangled Fiona's freedom over my head instead of constantly taunting me and trying kill me. You should have told me that Jesse was working with you. After everything I've been going through I can't believe you would actually withhold information like this. I could have used Jesse's position with Anson to my advantage."

Even as a seasoned CIA agent, Pearce found herself unnerved by Michael's outrage. She took a deep breath and spoke. "You lost the woman you love, who also happens to be an asset. I know what it's like to lose those things and I know you were blinded by your anger and grief. I've been there. I knew how nonfunctional you were and I knew you were going through the pain of losing someone." Pearce stopped for a moment as she felt tears building in her eyes. Discussions like this also made her think of Jansen and what she had lost when his mission went badly. She knew Michael was suffering but probably could never make him see that she understood his feelings. Sighing, she continued "You had the steady contact with Anson. I have plenty of evidence that he threatened you. I have evidence he threatened your family. I have evidence that he even threatened to kill me and other higher-ups. Anson would not come out to play with you face to face, but he would come to play with Jesse. Jesse got me Anson's financial records and gave me proof of who gave him money and how he was financing the rebuilding of the Machine. I needed the two of you to bring him to me. The information you finally are getting today is the proof we needed to free Fiona permanently. She can never go back to jail again for the bombing."

Michael was not hearing anything Pearce was saying. Instead he pushed passed her, grabbed a metal pipe that was laying on the ground and rushed into the room where Anson was.

"Wake up you son of a bitch. I haven't slept in three months so neither will you." Michael shouted as he swung the metal pipe at Anson's chest.

"You think beating me is going to end this Michael? You think this is going to get Fiona out of jail? Face it Michael, you lost. I offered you the world and you turned me down so I had to take your world away. You don't get the girl and the future. You get nothing. I'm leaving you as an empty shell. Would you have rather I killed Fiona? I would have enjoyed that. I would have enjoyed doing many things to her that would have pained you both." Anson yelled at Michael, trying to break from from his restraints.

*Slam* Michael took the end of the pipe and drove it into Anson's left foot. Anson howled as several bones in his foot broke at the same time.

Sam was going to rush into the room to stop Michael, when Pearce pointed a gun at Sam's head. "You let him do this. This needs to be done."

"He's going over the edge. Mike's going to kill Anson and nothing will be solved. Fiona will still be in jail and so will Mikey. I am not going to let him go down for murdering Anson."

Pearce took the safety off her gun. "He will not kill Anson. He's not a killer. He will know when to stop, so I suggest you sit your ass down and let him work."

Nate, who was also in the room, stared at Sam in disbelief. "You are going to let her do that? How can you let her boss you around? You can easily take her."

Sam lowered his voice. "A CIA agent has a gun pointed at me while we are running an interrogation at a non-governmental location. We have to play by her rules right now or else she can flip everything on us and make us look bad. If it gets too bad we'll go get Mikey. We'll know it and we'll have to take her. Sit tight Nate, this isn't over."

Michael continued to swing at Anson. Sometimes missing him on purpose to scare him, others hitting him with a force that would have killed a weaker man. "If I didn't want to join the Machine, you could have just left me as a burned spy. That would have been enough punishment. You had no right to take Fiona from me. I never took a single thing from you. Why did you feel the need to destroy me?"

"No one turns down Anson Fullerton and lives to tell about it. Your father turned on me, Jansen turned on me, Victor turned on me and now you turned on me. You are alive but seeing you after all this time shows me that I killed your heart. How does it feel Michael to be dead?"

Michael stopped mid-swing. "What do you mean Jansen turned on you? How do you know Jansen?"

Anson laughed. "Pearce never told you. Oh this is absolutely delicious. Even though I am in blinding pain right now, this makes me happy. Pearce knows me very well. Her fiance Jansen got a little too close to me in Paris, so I had to kill him. It was never proven that I knew him or had any connection to his death, but Pearce never stopped blaming me. I could have ruined her as well, but I figured the guilt and sorrow from having your fiance killed a week from your wedding was plenty for her to deal with for the rest of her life. Just like the guilt you carry in your mind and soul about not listening to Fiona when she told you over and over again to drop your pursuit of your burn notice."

Pearce ran into the room, with Sam and Nate close behind. Sam restrained Pearce, not knowing what she would do if she got closer to Anson. She began to yell while trying to break from Sam's grip. "Do not listen to him Michael. He's a liar. He killed your father, he burned you and took Fiona from you. He's a snake. Give him what he deserves."

Michael felt like the walls were closing in on him. He threw the heavy metal pipe across the room and let out a loud animal like scream. Michael lept over to where Sam was restraining Pearce and pushed Sam aside with such ease that even Sam had to admit he was scared. He grabbed Pearce by the throat and held her tight. He face was turning red and she was trying to pull his hand off her neck. "What you are you not telling me? How many more lies have you told me?"

As Michael squeezed her throat a little tighter, he felt a small soft hand upon his. He closed his eyes and quickly opened them again thinking he was imaging the sensation. When he realized he wasn't and saw who the hand belonged to, he let out a soft "Oh God!" Releasing his grip on Pearce, she fell to the floor, gasping for air. Michael walked over and immediately took Fiona in his arms, not sure if she was there or if he was indeed losing his mind. She wrapped one arm around his shoulder and placed her other hand on his head, while he buried his face in her neck.

Jesse gently pushed his way past Michael and Fiona. "Everyone who isn't chained to a chair needs to leave this room. I don't care where you go, just get out."

Jesse walked up to Anson and said "Man it must be suck being chained to that chair. I have to tell you a secret. You know all those jobs you made me run, the bugs you made me plant and the info I gave you about Michael trying to find you? It was all part of a grand plan leading up to this very moment. Fiona is out of jail and here in the same place you are. You are the most unlucky bastard I've ever seen. Oh yeah, I need to thank you for trying to help me find my mom's killer." Jesse pulled out a set of brass knuckles from his pocket, put them on his hand and punched Anson in the jaw. The sound of his jaw bone breaking could be heard throughout the room.

Jesse continued to taunt Anson while Michael and Fiona had a reunion. "Why? How?" was all Michael could say. He was still clinging to Fiona, afraid if he let her go, she would disappear.

"You know why she's here? She's here because the room is bugged. Everything that happened here, was transmitted to the CIA offices where they organized Fiona's release from prison. So she's a free woman." Jesse said.

"Laws" Anson groaned.

Jesse smiled at Anson. "You know what the good thing is about this whole thing that happened? Laws are kind of a loose guideline. When you build an organization of burned spies that could potentially change global relations and top it off with threatening high ranking CIA officials, they tend to let you do what you want when you capture the enemy."

Fiona pulled away from Michael. "I'm here. This is real. You need to go. This isn't your fight anymore."

Michael didn't move. "No I'm not leaving you alone with him. I don't care if he's chained to a chair. I'm not going."

Fiona grabbed Michael and pulled him into the hallway. "I have been in jail for over three months. I have a score to settle with him and I'm going to do it the best way I know how. Its going to be slow and tortuous, but I don't want you here to see this. This is between Anson and I. You had your time alone with Anson, now its my turn." When Fiona realized Michael was not going to move, she called out for Jesse and Sam. "I need you guys to take him out of here. Just remove him so I can do this."

Michael protested again. Fiona closed her eyes and turned away from Michael, shouting "For once, just listen to what I'm telling you! Just go!"

Michael gave her a kiss, pressed his forehead against hers and whispered "Come for me when you are done." He walked out the door unassisted, towards the exit that lead to an empty pool. Sam and Jesse returned to the other room to check on Pearce, who was regaining her color and normal breathing. Fiona told Nate to stay with Michael and make sure he doesn't get near her. She didn't want Michael hearing anything she had to say to Anson, or hear anything as she did tortured him.

Fiona, now alone in the room with a completely broken Anson, started to unpack a bag she had brought into the room with her. She moistened some electrical leads and placed them on the left and right arm as well as his legs. The leads were attached to a box that had a dial on the top.

"Anson, do you know what this is? This is a travel generator. Most people use it for camping or if they lose power at home. However, since I don't camp and the loft has never lost electric for as long as I've been with Michael, I had this rigged to suit my own needs. The leads you have connected to you are wet, so when I turn this dial..."


"You get zapped. Did that hurt?" Fiona asked Anson. He shook his head yes. "I'm so sorry that you had to feel that. Do you know what? I felt that at least every day when I was in prison. I know you paid that guard to tazer me and beat me daily. Michael beat you well enough. I will give him that victory."

Fiona pulled out an apparatus from her bag that had a screw in the center. The screw made two wings on either side open or close. Fiona opened Anson's mouth and inserted the tool. She fiddled with the screw until she was sure he wouldn't be closing his mouth. She turned back around and pulled pliers out of her bag. "Were you talking bad about me to the FBI and the CIA? Anson, that wasn't very nice. You know, I think those teeth are giving you trouble, causing you to lie about me to the government."

Fiona took the pliers and straddled Anson. She grabbed hold of one of his front teeth and began to wiggle and pull on it, until it broke. Anson was screaming in pain, trying to free himself from Fiona's presence. She pulled at another tooth and that one broke as well.

"Anson, all your teeth are breaking. I guess I'll try one more and see if I can get that one out easily." she said as she took hold of his lower molar on the right bottom side. Wiggling and pulling, she finally got it out. Blood gushed out of the wound and poured from Anson's mouth. Fiona loosened the clamp from his mouth, tossing it to the side. Anson passed out from the pain, causing Fiona to sigh. She grabbed the bottle of water she brought with her and dumped it on his head.

"Wake up, Anson! We aren't done yet." She whispered in his ear.

Stepping back, she realized that Anson had many cuts and large wounds on him. Fiona paused for a brief moment, realizing the beating the men must have doled out to Anson. She turned her back to get something new from her bag, wiping her eyes as she bent down. Hearing Anson's moaning and attempt to talk, brought her back to the task at hand.

"This whole situation has been very unclean. Just dirty work all over the place. You made Michael do your dirty work. Even Sam and Jesse did your dirty work. Lord knows who else you brought into your filthy little games. Whenever things get filthy, the boys want to just dust it off and continue on their way. Being a woman and one likes things to be clean, I prefer to clean with bleach. Yes, some say it's harsh to clean with, but nothing cleans like bleach. Let me tend to those wounds Anson. They look rather filthy."

Fiona pulled from behind her back a large jug of bleach and began to pour it over Anson, making sure to hit all of his open wounds. He was screaming, shaking and crying. She went over to the generator and turned it on to the lowest setting.

She began screaming at Anson. "Why did you do it? You could have left Michael alone. When he didn't want to join Management you could have kept him burned. You didn't have to keep chasing after him. The whole time he knew some dark shadowy figure was chasing after him, but he couldn't see that figure. He would wake up nights in a cold sweat, searching the loft because he thought someone was there. There were nights he sat up in bed with a gun on the door in case the figure came into our home. I thought he was nuts and paranoid, but I worked through it with him. You did your damage to him. You never had to show up and break us up. You took a man, my man, and slowly turned him into something less. You knew he couldn't function and would be broken. You deserve what got today, but it will never be enough. I lost three months of my life. Michael lost three months. We can never get that back." Anson sat there smiling a bloody crooked smile at Fiona.

Fiona pulled her final tool from her bag. She turned the generator up one last time before turning it off. Anson's eye's widened in horro and she took a knife, spread his legs, and began stabbing Anson randomly in the crotch area. He screamed and again tried to free himself, but he was not lucky. As the blood seeped out of his body onto the floor, Fiona grabbed a gas can she brought with her. She poured the gasoline on Anson, making sure he was properly covered. She grabbed her bag, pulled a matchbox from her pocket, and lit a single match. She threw it at Anson who was now screaming, engulfed in flames.

Fiona walked to the next room, where she thought the others were stationed, but she found it to be empty and all the machines she saw in there before were gone. She exited the building and walked around the back of the hotel, which was quickly being consumed by flames. She found Michael and Sam by the Charger, waiting to whisk her away.