Title: Xander's Green-Eyed Obsession 1/?

Author: Grayswandir

Fandom: BtVS, Harry Potter

Warnings: Slash (duh!), future Anya!bashing

Pairing: Harry Potter/Xander Harris

Disclaimer: HP belongs to JK Rowling, BtVS and its sundry belong to Joss Whedon

Author's Note: This fic has been an idea for quite some time and one of those projects that my beta has been wanting me to work on. Hope it is enjoyed by all.

"Xander! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" A soft, yet commanding, voice rang through the college common area. Every eye in range turned to identify the owner of that voice. Looks of lust and envy filled all those present. There, frozen in the headlights, stood an average sized young man with intense pools of emerald ivy for eyes. Short raven locks fell haphazard into those same eyes. Slowly, he turned 360 degrees before he winced. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. You all may return to your regular activities."

The Scooby gang remained transfixed as various forms of Does he really think that will work? ran across the forefront of their psyches. Their jaws dropped as nearly every student turned back to their previous attentions. They continued to gawk as the as yet unknown individual made his way over to the group sitting in various positions over a circle of furniture. Finding no other seat as nice, the young man plopped down into the cushions on which Xander's feet sat.

As the incredulous silence became unpleasantly oppressing, the mystery man finally spoke up. "If these are your friends, Xander, they were a lot more exciting in your stories." He teased the youth in question.

Buffy recovered from the initial shock and squawked at the stranger in indignation. "Who do you think you are catching everyone's attention and plopping in on a private conversation, uninvited, Mister Green Eyes?"

Amusement ran through the vibrant emeralds as he replied. "'Mister Green Eyes'? Mind if I keep that title? It has a nicer ring to it than many of my other titles." A noticeably British accent flavored the words as they extended out to the gathered friends.

"Uh-. . . sure." Buffy answered speechlessly. Her insecure answer must have been severely amusing as the stranger began to chuckle quietly. Glaring playfully, Buffy took the situation into her control. "I think the Xand-man needs to do someth-ing."

In standard Xander, the man that was being glared at began to splutter. "Wha-! Huh-!"

Furious gestures were issued by other members of the Scoobies. Confusion reigned supreme for several seconds before the decidedly British stranger took pity.

"I believe the 'Scooby gang' is . . fishing? . . for introductions, Mr. Harris." Two mildly tanned arms snaked upwards and tugged at pale hands, dragging Xander down into an overhead hug.

"Oh!" Once more, classic Xander made an appearance, this time in the form of jolted realization. "Intros, right. Uh, Harry, this is Buffy," quick nod, "Willow," a tender finger wave, "Oz," chin lift, "and the G-man," a quick ahem, "er, Giles."

"Pleasure." The newly named Harry smiled lightly.

Silence enveloped the Scooby Gang plus one. Who was this stranger that interrupted the meeting of the supernatural hunters?

As the silence stretched into the extremely excruciating, Willow nervously chirped, "Wow! I've never seen them do that before."

"Yeah. How'd you do that anyway?" Buffy added. "Wish they'd do that all the time." Would certainly make slaying easier.

"The power of suggestion is a wondrous thing." Harry answered in an airy manner.

"Power of suggestion. Right." Buffy groused. "Liar." She muttered not quite quietly enough.

Luckily for the mannerly delinquent slayer, Harry merely smirked at her disbelief.

"Now Harry, I thought you were British, not Scottish." Xander admonished. "And weren't you suppose to be in New York for that . . . thing?"

"Hmm." Harry breathed. "Yeah, I finished Brussels faster than expected, and they weren't exactly ready in the Big Apple and won't be for another week."

"And I would see how Sunnydale would be a stopover between Brussels and New York." Giles interceded.

"Of course it is, just a quick hop after a stop in Tokyo." Harry snorted out.

Xander nearly leapt out of his spot on the couch, obviously expecting something to be added by his male companion. Several seconds passed before the impatient Xander started to prod the young Brit in the shoulder. "Tokyo? . . . Harry, Tokyo?"

Smiling to the rest of the Scoobies, Harry baited Xander with, "Of course, Xander, I sated my craving for authentic soba noodles. Oh, also grabbed some chocolates while in Brussels, you know, the ones of the Belgian variety."

Growling, Xander poked harder. "Yes, chocolate good, but . . . Tokyo? Yes, you were there? Yes?"

"I was, yes. I went for the soba noodles. Did I not speak English for that part of the conversation? I do slip on occasion, but I would swear it was in English." Harry asked amusedly of the audience before him.

"It sounded English." Oz deadpanned. "British, even."

"Harry!" Xander mewled out.

Laughing, Harry turned sideways. "Are you trying to ask me if I stopped to purchase a katana for you to enjoy?" An aggressive body-shaking nod issued from Xander. "Sorry to disappoint you, Xander—" Harry was interrupted by a pitiful groan. "However, I got you two wakizashi instead. They are in my trunk at the hotel."

A Willow-like squeal of geek joy escaped Xander at Harry's admittance.

An incredulous look plastered over the Scoobies' faces. This guy was going to buy Xander, Mister No-Sharp-Objects-Please, a katana but bought him two wakizashi instead? Who is this man?

A face splitting smile lit Harry's face at Xander's reaction. "But if those are not accetable—" Xander immediately wrapped his had over Harry's mouth.

"Don't even think such a thing!" Xander exclaimed vehemently. A twinkle rase in Harry's eyes as he shifted back into the chair. Xander slit forward to wrap his arms fully around Harry's torso. "I would totally love them. When can I have them?"

In lieu of a direct answer, Harry produced a generic key attached to a gaudy, oversized key faub from the local hotel. Stuffing the same key into one of Xander's jeans pockets, Harry asked, "Perhaps soon?"

Silence reverberated about the group as Xander grinned wickedly.

A yawn broke the entrancing atmosphere, causing Harry to reluctantly break away from Xander's embrace. "It was nice meeting you all, putting names to faces, but the jet lag is hitting me." He stood and stretched before turning to face Xander. "I'll be seeing you later, yeah?" A sappy grin and nod came in response.

The group watched as the mystery man walked away, Xander remained plaster with his sappy grin.

Buffy cleared her throat loudly when Harry was safely out of range. All eyes turned to Xander. "Something to share with the group, Xander?"

"No power on this Earth!" Xander answered the inquiring gazes.

"Hmm. So, Harry is a power not of this Earth?" Buffy asked faux-innocently.

A full body blush lit Xander in response. "Ermm. . . I think I'll go collect that gift now." Xander ran from the room in pursuit of the green-eyed individual.

"Huh. Guess 'Ladies Night' was a more successful adventure for Xander than he let on." Buffy commented. Silence fell once more on the remaining Scoobies.

"So, back to dreams." Giles returned the group focus to Buffy's sleeping issues.