Title: Xander's Green Eyed Obsession
Author: Grayswandir
Fandom: Harry Potter, BtVS

A/N: Because I feel really awful for letting it sit for so long, even unintentionally, here's another chapter.


Harry groaned, reluctantly pulling away from Xander's embrace. Brilliant! Lovely timing, as always. Sprinting the short distance back to the living room, Harry tried not to laugh at the sudden anarchy that was the brazenly Slayer trying to catch the Ministry bird that had appeared at the party. It was amusing to him, seeing the stubborn blonde vaulting about attempting to contain the puffin the west coast offices used for official post letters. The bird swooping high whenever hands sought to capture it.

"You mind not trying to steal my post?" The slight bird deviated in its pattern, swooping over to Harry and dropping an envelope into his hand before darting back out the still broken panes. The Scoobies just stared at Harry as he inspected the letter.

"Interesting delivery method," Xander commented, pulling Harry tightly against himself. Harry smiled, snuggling back into the embrace.

"They use owls across the pond," Harry commented, offhandedly, distracted by the seal on the Ministry letter and choosing to ignore the elegantly drawn out form of his own name on the front. Prising the envelope open, Harry pulled the thick letter out groaning when he saw the letterhead belonged to the office of the US Minister for Magic. "Have I ever mentioned that I hate politics?" he muttered, examining the letter for anything immediately heinous.

Xander chuckled, "Once or twice."

"So, who's it from?" Buffy sing-songed gleefully.

I will not hex Xander's friends, I will not hex Xander's friends. Taking a deep breath, Harry recalled as many of his negotiating skills as he could, leveling his voice to a polite-friendly as he responded, "Not that you would know who but the Minister for Magic of the United States." Pausing, he added, "Or at least her office." He hadn't flipped to the second page before stuffing the letter back into the envelope.

Giles choked, coughing on his drink. "You receive post from state officials?" he asked, his incredulity barely noticeable beyond the hoarseness.

Harry couldn't contain his amusement at the reaction. Nodding, he teasingly added to the list, "Along with fan mail, hate mail, and endorsement offers. Of course, most of it doesn't come direct."

Buffy scoffed, "You? Have fans? In what universe?"

"Buffy," Xander warned.

Harry waved him off. "It's okay," he reassured. Taking a deep breath, Harry smiled, squaring off with the Slayer. "This one, in fact. Have done since I was fifteen months old. And that is all the information you're getting on that." At least, until I've had some private time with Xander.

"Can you say delusional?" Buffy muttered sarcastically.

Crooking a brow, Harry smirked. "Don't believe I could have fans?" Buffy's head shook. "Look to your right. I think I just got a new one." Curious looks shot towards the platinum blond prisoner.

Spike was shaking in silent mirth. Oops! Harry silently released the vampire from his silencing spell, grateful he hadn't asked the vampire to bite him. The rumbling laughter rang through the quiet room.

"Enough of that, what's in the letter?" Willow bounced excitedly. Xander rolled his eyes at his friend's enthusiasm.

"Nothing important," Harry hedged. The raised brows sent his way had Harry shaking his head. "Fine," he sighed, resigning himself to the situation. "After translating it into English, it's an apology for stonewalling me, along with the information I requested. Which, if they had just fulfilled my request in the first place, would have prevented this mishap from being so massive." Harry was not going to add that it was an admonition of complete idiocy that involved contacting Kingsley for identification confirmation. Self-important blighters everywhere.

"Now," Harry cleared his throat. "I have had more than enough of your fine company," Harry pointedly glared at Buffy, "and wish to depart. Good night." Gently parting Xander's hands to take one in his own, Harry marched to the front door.

Giles silently walked the duo to the door, determined to fulfill his duties of host. Pulling the slightly askew door from its frame, he smiled politely. "This evening was… eventful, to say the least. I hope this doesn't prevent you from coming back. Buffy is… difficult on the best of occasions."

Harry smiled wanly back. "I've heard some of the more colorful stories," he paused eyes darting to Xander, "I think."

Xander grinned, bumping his shoulder against Harry's. "I'll tell you the unedited editions," he promised.

"Before you leave," Giles frowned, unsure of how to ask. An inquisitive look answered the abortive question. Gesturing to the battle carnage, Giles tried again. "Could you, perhaps?"

Harry smiled, "No problem." A swift flick from his wand and the air filled with the tinkling of glass shards, creaking of wood, and mostly muted screams as windows repaired, the door reset, and various artwork flew back to its original location, pristine once more.

"Thanks," Giles swallowed.

Sighing, Giles watched as Harry and Xander left for the evening, happy in the knowledge that Buffy's little tantrums hadn't brought the wrath of a wizard on them all. Closing the door, he turned back to the rest of the party.

"Honestly, Willow, what have you been reading?" Giles fought to keep his stern visage as the red head yelped. "Is killing an entirely appropriate topic for conversation at a dinner table?" he asked sarcastically.

Blushing, Willow squeaked, "I didn't mean to! It just, came out. I was looking for something to keep my mind off of Oz and I found 'Aeternus Sanguis', and my Latin translator failed. I just… didn't put it down after realizing it was about blood sacrifices for immortality."

Spike howled mirthfully, "Oh, Red! Those rituals never work!" Everyone shot a glance at the laughing vampire. "What?" he growled. "I read! Just because the great poof mostly pulls off the smarts card."

Giles snorted before rounding on Buffy. "And you," he spoke sternly. "Unless you intend to apologize, might I suggest you exercise caution the next time you open your mouth around Harry?"

"What's the big deal, Giles?" Buffy huffed. "I've fought magic users before: Amy; Amy's mom; Ethan. No big."

"It's a very big!" Giles yelled. "In case it slipped your notice, you always had help! And did I, or did I not, say an untrained wizard could defeat a long practicing witch?" Nods replied, a sheepish look sprouted across the Slayer's face. "Harry is most definitely a trained wizard and you are not a witch."

Giles glowered silently as the Slayer reddened in a mixture of fury and embarrassment. Meanwhile he racked his brain, searching for some contact that might have access to information on wizards, however much outdated it was. The Hellmouth just became a bit more interesting, and Giles was determined to make sure that change was for the better.


The evening had not ended with dinner for Harry and Xander. In fact, they remained awake hours after the clocks registered midnight. Lounging in bed, the duo recapped the tales they'd previously shared un-editing them as they went. Tears were shared in both laughter and solemnity. Worries and side-adventures were revealed.

And Xander had never felt so close to anyone before. Both of them had stood as outsiders in school, life, even with friends. Xander silently vowed to never let Buffy play Queen Bitch again. Xander laughed.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked, enjoying the mirth dancing in Xander's chocolate orbs.

"Nothing," Xander smiled. "Just…" he laughed again. Coughing, he finished, "Never thought I'd miss Cordelia."

Harry froze, frowning. "Your ex?" A hurtful expression covered his face, drawing himself upright.

Xander started slightly. "No, not, not like that," he scrambled to reassure Harry. Grabbing his right hand, Xander clarified, "Queen C was good for one really good thing: interrupting Buffy tirades. They never were friends." Rubbing his thumb over the back of Harry's knuckles, Xander stopped abruptly, frowning at broken nature of the scar Xander thought he knew about. Looking closer, the previously solid scar had changed into words? Gently turning the hand around, Xander absently noted a hint of panic in Harry's eyes. Why? There, in a less-refined version of Harry's scrawl, were the words 'I must not tell lies' in the form of deep, nearly livid, red scars. "How?" he whispered, aghast.

"Concealment charm," Harry muttered, the muscles in the captured arm twitched slightly as Xander looked up. Harry grimaced before quirking a pained smile. "Detention," he laughed, self-deprecation heavy in the sound. "I wrote lines with a blood quill until I bled, and then I wrote more. Can you guess what I wrote?" He laughed again. Harry, reading the loathing in Xander's eyes, continued, "The irony of it all? I wasn't even lying." Xander swallowed, covering the distinctive scar.

"So, Your Lordship," Xander breathed, determined to break the somber atmosphere. "You aren't a demon. You're a wizard-how cool is that?!" Harry let loose a short laugh. "Vampires don't phase you. What's your opinion on werewolves?" Never know when Oz might show up.

A thoughtful expression lit Harry's face, a slight smirk peeking out. "This is about Oz, isn't it?" The unfettered look of surprise drew Harry into a fit of giggles, falling sideways onto the bed.

Xander shook his head, his shock gone at the explosive reaction to his expression. Growling playfully, he launched himself to straddle Harry's shaking body, his fingers almost automatically tickling Harry's ribs. The lean form arched up, giggles switching to laughs, before Xander halted. The trembling subsided, tears of mirth breaking free, before Xander asked, mock-sternly, "Alright, you Minx you, how did you know?"

"Didn't," Harry shrugged. "I suspected, though. Wasn't sure until now." Xander stared at Harry, silently urging him to continue. Sighing, Harry started with, "I've told you about Teddy, and how the adoption process is a bit, stalled?"

"Yeah," Xander drew out his response, confused on the relevance. Unless… "Is Teddy a werewolf?"

"No one is quite sure if he will ever turn or not," Harry answered, biting his lip. "His dad, Remus, was a werewolf. Best teacher I ever had. Andromeda and I both hope that because his mother, Nymphadora, was a metamorphmagus that he won't turn."

Xander's face contorted on the strange names and the weird word, confusion written plainly in the expression. Ignoring the names, he asked, "A meta-what?"

Harry sighed, smiling slightly as he explained the odd genetic quirk.

"Okay, I think I understand that," Xander responded shortly after the lesson was imparted. Harry's brow rose minutely. Slightly peeved at the hint, Xander summarized, "Fear of a hybrid species in barely adult hands, I get it."

Harry laughed, "I suppose you do." His emerald eyes shined happily.

"But that isn't everything about Teddy, you, and adoption, is it?" Xander asked.

Harry shook his head. "If only," he huffed out.

Xander tried to imagine what else could possibly be preventing Harry from caring for his godson, and decided that he had had enough of this thinking deep for any given night. Shaking his entire body, Xander fell back on the bed, pulling Harry tightly into his side. "Enough serious-ous-ness!" he declared. "Famous wizards I may have heard of for 500, Harry. Go!"

Harry laughed. Rubbing his ear against Xander's chest as he drew himself into the embrace, he asked, "Shall I list a few?"

"Have at it."


"Of course."

"Nicolas Flamel."

Xander frowned. "The alchemist?" He seemed to remember Willow talking about someone by that name. Or maybe it was teacher.

Harry nodded. "The same." He paused for a moment before continuing with, "Dracula."

"No!" Xander gasped out.


"Huh, explains a lot."

Harry chuckled before frowning. "I can't recall any others that have spilled into the regular world."

Xander shrugged, "That's okay. I didn't expect to know that many. So, just for laughs, even though I couldn't possibly know them by name, who are the famous wizards of now?"

Harry choked slightly, coughing to cover his nervousness. "Well," he started. "There are three that are really close in notoriety." He stopped, not sure who to start with.

"Yeah?" Xander urged, oddly intrigued by the sudden tension in Harry's voice.

Flipping a mental coin, Harry began, "Albus Dumbledore, former Headmaster of Hogwarts School, along with many other titles. Known for defeating the Dark Lord Grindelwald during the Second World War." He finished with, "Died, killed in the spring of '97."

"Did you know him?" Xander heard a note of deep sorrow in the closing declaration.

"I've been accused of knowing and not knowing him," Harry scoffed out. "He was… one of my closest teachers and I only had lessons from him for a year." A pair of tears dripped hotly from his eyes. Swallowing hard, Harry confessed, "I watched him die."

"Oh, Harry," Xander scrambled, wishing to clobber himself for even asking these questions. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Harry sniffed, shaking his head and rubbing the tear tracks from his face. "It's okay. You couldn't have known," he assured. Taking a deep breath, Harry continued, "Famous wizard number two: Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort or a right pain in the arse!"

Xander laughed hard. "No love lost there, then?"

"Course not!" Harry replied, shoving an elaborately affronted expression onto his face. "Moldy-warts murdered my parents, orchestrated my godfather's death, and is directly responsible for the death of Teddy's parents! Why would I ever care for him?" Heavy sarcasm dripped from the question.

Xander turned red with laughter, Harry joining him for a few bars. As he settled slightly, Xander asked, "Okay, so I can see why he might be famous, even if for dreadful things. Candidate three?" The blush that touched Harry's face was not a part of the expected response. "Please don't tell me it's the teacher you did the hot and heavy with."

"No," Harry coughed out. "No!"

"Out with it then," Xander half-demanded, wondering what could be so bad. "C'mon. It can't be that bad," he chided.

"Uhm," Harry deliberately delayed answering. Just as Xander started to ask again, he mumbled lowly into his chest.

"Sorry?" Xander frowned, pulling his head from the pillow to look at the nervous raven haired devil. "Harry, I didn't hear that."

Harry took a deep breath, before blurting out, "Harry Potter." He bit his lip, worrying it between his teeth as he gazed everywhere but at Xander.

Xander blinked, attempting to connect the random dots in his memory. "That isn't someone else, is it?" A head shake was received in response. "What did you do?"

Groaning with his lip still caught, Harry tittered out his reply. "Erm, I did the impossible. Did the one thing I'm really good at: I lived. And, I killed the previously mentioned bastard."

Xander sighed, slightly exasperated. Like pulling teeth. Huffing, he asked, "Okay, bad man ker-splat aside, what exactly was the impossible? And don't say live."

Grumbling, Harry grit-out, "Survived the Killing Curse. Twice," he absently added.

Xander's responding laughter momentarily fell into hysteria. "Okay," he chuckled. "Let me get this straight: you survived, what I'm guessing is a very much unblock-able, no-cure possible, curse twice, but you've also died?"

Harry laughed, seeing the humor in the situation. "Well," he reasoned, "the second time did kill me, but didn't. It killed something that had been a part of me for a very long time but was not a part of me, and didn't that make as much sense as using scrolls and quills in this day and age?" They both fell into chuckles, happily thinking of the craziness that was impossibilities and inbred wizards.

As the chuckles subsided, Xander's hand rubbing up and down Harry's ribcage, it dawned on him. "You weren't kidding about the fan mail, were you?" Harry growled in annoyance, putting a quick jab to Xander's opposite side for good measure. "Hey! Okay! No need for violence," he exclaimed.

Harry sighed, happily settling into position for the night, sleep gnawing away for dominance. A thought occurred, just as he was ready to succumb. "Would you like to meet Teddy?"