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Chapter Seventeen: Soaring like Lovebirds Without A Care in the World

Bedroom, Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa. 6:00 AM Bora Bora

What the hell is that noise?

An intriguing melody engulfed the dark room, startling me from my peaceful slumber and severing me from my dreams. My eyes breached slightly, curious to discover what the loud disturbance had been.

Hearing the silent melody once again, I began to realise that the tune was of my cell phone's ring tone. Sitting up on the mattress while attempting not to awake the sleeping actor, I strolled over to my ringing phone, hoping the conversation wouldn't be able to last long.

Then only did I realized I was completely naked which made me blush. I suddenly remembered the countless "games" Blaine and I had played during the previous night into account. My body felt erratic...weary...from Blaine's sudden entrance into me, yet pleaded for more of the arousing pain as I recalled the alluring moments. I had let him conquer me for his own, and yet I felt flattered, being desired so much by the man I have love so much.

I shook my head, disbanding the sugary memories from my mind. I got a hold of ringing phone, curious to see who was calling in at this hour.

I recognized the number on the tiny screen almost immediately. Wesley Montgomery, Blaine's manager, had attempted to reach me, disturbing the two of us from our much-needed rest.

What should I do? I thought.

I stared at the screen unresponsively, wondering if I should pick up the unanticipated call or not. I was in no position whatsoever to argue with Wesley Montgomery about Blaine's disappearance, and so I hesitated, trying to make the best judgment possible.

The sleeping actor stirred in his sleep and swiftly awoke due to the loud disturbance in the room. I glanced towards him with a mirthful smile, still dumbfounded by the events of the earlier night. I carried my ringing phone over to him, hoping he would be able to argue with his manager in my place. I rested my naked body against his, my lips once again eager to meet with his.

God, he looks so hot with that hair. I thought hungrily, eyeing him up and down.

Trying to fix his slipshod sex hair, the actor glanced upon the ringing phone blankly, trying to depict the flashing number on the miniature screen. His calm expression was soon replaced by an infuriated frown, informing me that he had recognized the familiar number.

"Don't answer the call." He mumbled, still half awake. He yawned, taking the chance to enclose me within his muscular arms. "Please."

A chill was sent up my spine as soon as his fingers met my naked shoulders. "And why not?" I questioned. "Mr. Montgomery is going to find out where we are sooner or later. So why not tell him now and get it over with?" I

He smirked sardonically dissatisfied that I still had not gotten the obvious point. I glanced upon him with perplexity in my eyes, waiting for the actor to offer me a sane response. Since when does Blaine give me sane responses anyway?

He only chuckled, nailing me onto the mattress once more and taking over my hungry yet weary lips. The actor kissed me passionately, putting his whole heart into his actions almost as if he was shooting a scene for a film. I thanked fate for the sudden pleasure that surrounded me, still wanting more of the enrapturing amour as the two of us continued.

He broke apart from me, chuckling wildly. "Now do you know why we don't answer any phone calls?" He asked humorously, making my whole body weaken at his gaze. "I think I've made my point pretty clear." He whispered deliciously into my ear.

"You…" I let my glare curse at him, angry that he had once again used my absurdity for his own amusement. I eagerly turned off my mobile phone, irritated at the repetitive melody of the device.

With the warm blankets not covering an inch of my body, the man took a second to scan across me, admiring my naked body encased within the seductive darkness of the room. My body itched, wanting to feel his touch upon my skin once again. I couldn't control myself as I took him into my arms, meeting my lips with his for the second time.

I could only feel a ounce of remorse as I mingled my lips with his, leaving the sudden phone call ignored and abandoned.

Lobby, Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa. 10:45 AM Bora Bora

The sudden phone call was soon forgotten as the tender warmth of daylight hit the windows, awaking the two of us from our capricious night. Energized and fulfilled, we were most eager to spend yet another day on the island...relaxed, within each other's presence. I, myself, found it a bit eccentric conversing with the actor after the occurrences of the previous night. I could often feel a chill run up my spine as the actor observed me, informing me that he had admired me deeply. It felt as if the two of us had switched places; he now being the admirer, and I being the admiree. It felt really good.

Maybe there's a chance that he can fall for me. But that's a BIG maybe.

As the two of us arrived in the hotel lobby, we were greeted once more by the chatty owner, Chandler Kiehl—or should I say, Mr. Talkative. With the man of my dreams beside me and the astute tour guide ready to fulfil my every request, I felt as if I was on cloud nine, living out the fantasy I had always wanted.

However, after the actor insisted that the two of us would spend our day bungee jumping, I immediately felt as if I had been lifted down from cloud nine back into hell.

Seriously? Bungee jumping? Does he not know how scared I 'am of heights?

After all the care and sympathy I had provided him, he still had not put my terrible fear of heights into consideration. Perhaps he had long forgotten about our momentous night at the carnival days ago (one which I would never dare to overlook). It was typical of him, the selfish stubborn careless monster.

With a smile, the sprightly hotel manager provided us with a ride once again, in his pearl red convertible. I felt a frown slowly creep upon my lips as the car headed uphill, telling me that we were approaching the dangerous yet thrilling location. I still couldn't understand what Blaine wanted to experience from participating in such a perilous activity. Did he want to challenge gravity or something?

I was ready to protest as the road before us became steeper and steeper. "You know…" I started. "You're pretty crazy as it is, putting the two of us in this vacation in the first place." I criticized. "But now, you're being even crazier by allowing yourself to go bungee jumping! Seriously, do you have any hints of fear within you?"

The actor didn't bother to put much care into my words. "It'll be fun." He mumbled, indicating to the hazardous activity of bungee jumping.

"You do realise that the only support you have is from a band tied onto your feet, right?" I remarked, hoping to persuade him to abandon the risky activity. "Do you also know that there is a 30% chance that the support would break and thereby lead to your death?"

I paused. "Honestly, what if it breaks?" I emphasized. That's my major fear. What if it breaks? I don't want Blaine to get hurt. Ever.

He rolled his eyes, paranoid of my irritating...but caring...concerns. "Look, Kurt, the string is not going to break, so stop trying to be my mother." He argued. "Besides, I'm sure it will be thrilling to experience what it feels like to be near death." He smiled at me.

I eyed him in disbelief. "You crazy bastard! You really want to die, don't you?" You want to experience a near death! Are you stupid or something!

"Yes, you crazy fan-boy. Why don't you go tell all your fan-girl friends about it? I'm sure they'll be eager to hear the horrifying news!" He mocked me.

My brows furrowed in frustration. "Being a fan-boy doesn't mean I'm—" I started to explain.

"Ahem." Chandler interrupted from the front of the vehicle, his patience wearing thin from our continuous arguing. "Why don't we calm down a bit?" He asked, treating the two of us as if we were two immature toddlers arguing over a piece of candy. "Let's listen to some music, shall we? There's always some calm reggae on the radio."

I eyed the actor maliciously as he did the same to me. "Fine." The two of us agreed simultaneously, dropping our crucial argument.

The vehicle was automatically filled with irritating genres of reggae as our argument came to an abrupt stop. I didn't find it all too displeasing staring a conflict with the stubborn actor; in fact, I found the task rather amusing. I let a tender grin conquer my lips, disappointed that I would be unable to experience any more conflicts with him once my assignment ended.

A wave of disgust soon washed over the exhilaration in my body as I realised the short amount of time I had left beside the actor. After my assignment concluded, there would be no possible chance for me to stay beside him, accompanying him. He would return to his life as an award-winning actor and singer while I revisited the university to continue my studying. The thought seemed unlikely at the moment, but I understood it completely. Once my assignment ended, the sombre thought would rapidly become a harsh reality.

That was why I couldn't take in his signs of affection so seriously. Last night, as our bodies entwined together and our lips meeting for the first time...I wanted to believe all that was true.

But how long would my fantasy reverie last?

Would the actor forget about it as soon as the two of us departed the island?

Would I even bother to remember it myself?

There was also the possibility of him abandoning his career as an actor, thus finally allowing him to bring the time for love back into his life. If such a thing were to happen, I would find myself glued to him, claiming him as mine for eternity. The arguments we were currently having would continue to ravish our lives, lifting my spirits and bringing permanent smiles onto my face.

My selfish desires, however, would not offer the actor...or his audience...any benefits. There was no right for me to stir up turmoil in his career, or to force him to quit the job altogether.

To truly love Blaine Anderson was to love him from afar, from a distance, assisting him in his fruitful success without him knowing about it.

And since I love Blaine, I guess I have to let him go. It's for his own good. I decided.

Despite the loud reggae on the radio, I decided to re-ignite my quarrelling argument with the actor. I might as well get enough of the guy before my assignment ended. The hotel manager sighed in dismay as we continued quarrelling. Literally nothing would've possibly felt better.

Mountain near the Bora Bora Resort and Spa, 11:05 AM. Bora Bora.

My short-lived argument with Blaine soon mellowed down as our ride reached its destination. On top of the steep mountain stood a recreational bungee jumping area, one which was about to frighten me out of my skin. I watched in unconditional fear as the coordinators tied bands to the jumper's feet, sending them off to experience the wonders of gravity as they leaped off into the steep valley.

Was Blaine Anderson, America's most talented and renowned actor, going to jump off a cliff in fear that the weak band would break? I would not allow it!

What was even worse was when the actor asked me to join him in his jump, rendering me completely flabbergasted. There was no way reporter Kurt Hummel would do such a thing, much less think about it. After all, fan-boy...has his terrible fear of heights.

"C'mon, it will be fun!" The actor urged, pouting for the first time in his entire life.

I scoffed in utter disbelief. "You think this is all a game?" I argued. "After all the games you and I played last night, you still think one of your games will be fun for me?"

"Of course." He answered indifferently. "You thought the games we played last night were fun too, didn't you?" He winked, indicating to the kiss and the many other games we played the pervious night.

"You pervert!" I cried, lecturing him about his careless words. "I can't believe you have the courage to say this aloud in public, especially in front of Chandler!" The hotel manager shot me a few glances, irritated that we had revived our argument once again. "Get brain surgery, Blaine!"

"That's Actor/Singer Blaine Anderson to you!"

I snorted. "It's now bastard Blaine Anderson."

The actor gave me a brutal look. "Why you little—"


The two of us halted as soon as we turned around to recognize the loud uproar. There behind us stood Chandler, wearing a cantankerous expression on his face, and his voice uncontrollably raised.

"First of all, Kurt, the bungee band is not going to break, so don't worry so much about the dangers of this activity." The hotel owner informed, still irritated from our silly argument. "Second, Blaine, if Kurt doesn't want to go bungee jumping, then he won't! Don't try to talk him into it!" I nodded at his statement, glad that at least one person was on my side. "And third, can't we all just be a little friendly? I know that Blaine is the greatest actor on earth and Kurt is the greatest assistant on earth, but that doesn't give me a right to listen to all this conflict!"

The hotel manager took a deep breath, satisfied that he was able to vent his unmanageable frustration. Blaine and I stared at each other blankly, guilty that we had both angered the man who had helped the two of us on our trip.

"We're sorry." And like two obnoxious children, we apologised, our heads bent and our voice filled with blame.

Chandler grinned as soon as we finished our apology. "All right! Good boys!" He consoled—a bit ridiculously, I must say. "Now, who's ready to go bungee jumping?"

I tried to hold my aggravation in as the actor stepped up to the challenge without a single trace of fear amongst him. A part of me was completely overflowing with an influx of rage, while the other part carried large amounts of worry and anxiety. If anything would dare to go wrong during the jump, Blaine would be deeply injured, thus making it my sole accountability for not preventing him from the dangerous activity.

I can't let him get hurt.

I held my breath as the actor was equipped with safety material as well as the infamous 'bungee band' which would provide his only lifeline. My breath hitched in my throat, bring my blood to a boil. "Wait!" The word escaped my lips recklessly, my mind disapproving of it greatly. "I'm jumping with you!" I yelled, hoping the actor would be able to hear me.

Not only did my rash words astonish Blaine, but it had bewildered a large portion of myself as well.

Had Fan-boy Kurt forgotten completely about his fear of heights?

Yes. I thought. And it's all because of Blaine Anderson.

I knew I had lost it by the time I walked over to the actor. If he was to experience the terrors of bungee jumping, then I would suffer the numerous dangers as well.

"Why do you want to do this all of a sudden?" The actor questioned, ignoring the safety procedures which the coordinators were announcing.

"I-I…" I didn't know what to say, much less that I was worried out of my entire skin for him.

"You're worried about me, aren't you?" He smirked at me. Have ever told said that I hate that smirk? Because I do. I really do.

I gasped, noticing his unfaltering talent of being able to read my mind. "I'm not worried! I-I…" I halted, folding my arms together stubbornly. "I just want to go bungee jumping, that's all!"

He scoffed in utter disbelief. "What happened to Mr. 'No, Blaine! The band is going to break!' huh?" He ridiculed, making my brows furrow. "How come he's now fearless yet worried for his idol?"

I had just about lost it. I wished that I could somehow wipe the scornful look off his face, replacing it with a look of fear as if doubting that the bungee band would stay in tact. I sighed heavily, hoping he would not take my intentions for granted.

"Look, I just want to jump, okay?" I spoke in a fervent manner, directing for the coordinators to equip me with the safety materials as well.

Blaine chuckled as I glanced down below the cliff, realising just how dangerous such an activity was. My fear of Blaine being injured eventually drove me to garner fear for myself. I shook my head, telling myself that the bungee band would not be able to break.

"You're going to jump with me, right?" I asked, an innocent tone in my frightened voice.

The actor responded as soon as the bungee band was situated upon me, acting as my only redeemer. "Don't worry Kurt, I'll be right here." He intertwined his fingers with mine, linking his eyes with mine. "You'll be fine, I promise." He said in the most sincere voice I've ever heard from him. I'm not kidding. I've heard him being sincere in his movies when he is with his lovers but none of them compared to the way he said them to me right now and how he looked.

I nodded, unable to speak as two completely different emotions overwhelmed me. The fear of the jump took up a division of me, weakening the strength which I had customarily built up within myself. Blaine's touch and words, however, recouped that same strength, allowing the worry to disappear completely from within me.

I had to put my trust in the band, just as Blaine had put his trust in me from the very beginning. As long as my trust remained, the bungee band would fail to break.

Without hesitation, the two of us stepped off the cliff, our hands in each other's as we soared together like two lovebirds.

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