It was a warm summer afternoon and Jinora sat on a bench reading a book. That is, until a large shadow stood in front of her, blocking the sun.

Jinora tilted her book down. "Can I help you?"

A dirty looking boy stood in front of her wearing a sneaky smile. "Nope, just wanted to say hello. Am guessing you're new in town right?"

Jinora raised her eyebrow. "No actually, I've lived in the city my whole life."

The boy scratched his neck, looking at her cloths "Mmm, you sure? Don't look like you're from around here."

He pointed to the spot next to her. "Mind if I sit there?"

"Umm, I suppose not." Jinora retuned to her book, being antisocial.

"So what's your name?"

Jinora closed her eyes, putting down her book again. "Jinora… yours?"

"Just call me Skoochy. So what brings you to the city station?"

Jinora gave up reading her book, and put it back into her bag next to her Pocket watch. "Just waiting for my mother to get back from shopping."

Skoochy stared at her appraisingly. "I think I've seen your face in the paper before, am I right?"

Jinora avoided his gaze. "Yeah, I think so. My family's been in there a few times."

Skoochy clapped his hands. "Ah yeah, you're from that Airbending family!"

"Yes, I guess so." Jinora turned her head away from him, looking at a nearby bush.

After a moment Skoochy broke the silence. "I must be getting off now. Have things to do. Just remember if you need any information," He stood up, pointing to himself. "Am your guy."

As he started to walk away Jinora said in a near whisper, "I'm going to need that watch back now."

Skoochy turned around, his look of innocence fooling no one. "What do you mean? I…I don't have any watch—"

It was Jinora's turn to smile. "I see it shining in you pocket. That was my mother's, you know."

Finally Skoochy began to grin, giving her a genuine smile that lit up his face in a way his sneaky ones didn't. "Well, looks like I've been out smarted." He threw the watch back into her hands. "Here you go."

"Thank you," said Jinora coolly.

He shrugged, looking unashamed. "Sorry about that. You know. . . got to feed myself somehow."

Jinora narrowed her eyes. "Well, I think there are better ways."

"Not for me… Anyway, you're pretty cool. Maybe I'll see you around."

Jinora considered him. "Yeah… maybe."

With a tip of his hat he turned away and as Jinora started reading her book again, she could have sworn she saw him glancing back at her.

But what Skoochy didn't realize is that Jinora chanced a glance as well.

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