10 Years Later

It was a cool fall day as they strolled though the city. Jinora's left hand was out stretched holding Skoochy's, and clenched tightly in her other fist was the hand of an exuberant little boy.

Jinora looked up at Skoochy, his metal police hat catching her eye. She cocked an eyebrow. "Do you have to wear your police uniform right now?"

Skoochy shrugged. "Easier to wear it now than change at the station," he finished with a small smile, as the little boys face bubbled with enthusiasm. "Besides, you never know what could happen."

"Yeah, Mommy! Dad has to beat the bad guys!"

"You have plenty of time to change before your shift. I think you just like wearing it," Jinora said.

"Hey, I never tell you to take off her Airbending clothes," Skoochy said with a bit of defense in his voice. "And… not to mention I don't have tattoos all over my body…"

Jinora stopped walking and glared at her husband, her lips pinched.

Skoochy quickly shook his head. "J-Just kidding! They look great on you!"

"Mm hmm, that's what I thoug—ahh." Jinora's hand went to her stomach, a small moan of pain leaving her lips.

Skoochy quickly held her up. "What's wrong!"

Jinora shook her head. "Don't p-panic, it's just the baby kicking again. I tell you, Aang didn't kick this much." She glanced down at the little boy now looking up at his Mother with a frown.

Skoochy quickly glanced over to a small park bench. "How about you sit down?"

He started to help her to the seat, keeping eye contact with her all the while, nothing but concern on his face. It reminded Jinora of the days during the war. It was that look that told her he would do anything to keep her safe, and it never failed to calm her in times of doubt.

Once she was seated, Skoochy began to sit himself next to her, until Aang pulled at his uniform.

"Look, Dad! See what I can do!"

With a small grunt Skoochy hopped back up. Aang stood straighter. With a deep breath he kicked the ground, and a small bound of earth popped up.

Skoochy blinked in surprise and patted him on the back. "Hey, that was great! At this rate you'll be a better Earthbender then me in no time!"

Excitement blossomed all over the boy's face. "Really?"

"I'm sure of it," Skoochy finished with a firm nod.

Aang stood there, a proud look on his face, then with a sneaky grin he ran up to his father and said. "Tag, you're it!"

Then he ran behind a tree with natural speed and agility he likely got from his mother. With a small chuckle Skoochy slowly creped towards him, Aang giggling manically all the while.

Jinora peeked at the two playing over the top of the book she was reading, the corners of her mouth twitching. Aang was now chasing after his father, snorting madly, but after several minutes Skoochy collapsed on the seat next to Jinora, exhausted.

"He's definitely got your sisters genius. I tell you, if he was an Airbender…" Skoochy was still panting, a tired smirk on his face.

Jinora laughed as she watched her child dash after a very frightened turtle duck which ran away in fear. "You say that now, but just wait until he can really Earthbend. At least air doesn't break bones. Well, at least this one will be an Airbender, give as a bit of a break." Jinora finished looking down at her stomach.

Skoochy chuckled and put an arm around Jinora. Rolling her eyes slightly she put down her book and cuddled close to her husband. The wind started to blow making the newly fallen leafs fly everywhere. Aang ran franticly after them, attempting to catch one.

Jinora turned to Skoochy, a broad smile was on his face, and slowly Jinora let her eyes close as their lips met.

After a moment they broke apart. They sat there on the old park bunch, watching their beloved son have the time of his life, running and jumping after things.

Then they both went stiff, as if they just had shared the same thought, and at the same time they looked down at where they were siting. It was the very park bunch Jinora had been siting on the day she had met Skoochy.

As both there heads moved back up they began to laugh. After everything they had been though, they'd managed to come full circle, and life just couldn't get any better.

The End.

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