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He stood there in the quite stillness that was the office after hours but it didn't help his racing mind, he wasn't allowed to be there, he ran four years ago and tried not to look back but it seemed at every turn he had to pack up and leave because some how they would show up. It felt that he would never get away that the killers were following him, chasing him from the pits of hell but no he was always pulled back.

Not much had changed with the exception of David Rossi taking what was once his office, leaning against the railing overlooking the desks, he wasn't sure his "home coming" would be warm, if they would willingly except him with open arms or if they would just turn their backs on him like he did to them all thoughts years ago, a noise caught his attention looking down the hallway to the back offices, he knew it was time to go, he still had to talk to some of the higher ups before anything could happen maybe it was time to come home.