Hateful Feelings


100 Theme Challenge: Number Four: Hate.


Starscream glared invisible poison laced daggers at Megatron. Silently, he swore to himself that he will over-throw Megatron and make him bow down to him. He swore on his spark.

Some day, it will come true.

"Oh Starscream, stop hiding in the shadows, will you? Why don't you just come out all ready?" The seeker obeyed the Warlord and walked out of the shadows he attempted to hide himself in.

"Die!" He cried and ran over to Megatron with an energon sword he found in his hideout.

"And allow you to live? Never." Megatron said coolly, and stabbed his ex. Second in command through the spark chamber.


Starscream groaned and onlined slowly. He looked around and found himself in yet another garbage pile.


He was offlined again.

"Tch, stupid shard..." Starscream cursed the shard that had embedded itself in his helm. At least it was useful.

"Another attempt failed. Maybe I should- no, all of them betrayed me..." He thought back to the time he tried to use his clones to kill Megatron. But that plan had failed.

They betrayed him. Sunstorm, Ramjet, and Slipstream... Wait, weren't there five? What happened to his other clones, Thundercracker and Skywarp?

Starscream thought back even more, harder. He gasped suddenly, and remember that they, including an Autobot, had flew through the space bridge that Megatron was constructing.

Starscream smirked, "I'll use those two and make more so I could kill that slagging bastard that I hate so much!" He chuckled darkly as he flew back to the moon.


The seeker had flew everywhere to find his creations. And so, he did. After searching almost the whole galaxy, he found them... Finally.

Starscream grinned and now watched his army slowly grow. His new creations joined his old ones, Thundercracker and Skywarp. He now had an army even bigger than before!

The leader of the seekers couldn't wait until he got his sweet revenge on the leader of the Decepticons.

"My creations!" He turned to face them all with a growing smirk. They all turned and stared up at their leader... Their creator.

"You are too kill Megatron!" His voice echoed off the walls of his hideout. "Show no mercy, my creations! Someday, the Seekers will all rule Cybertron! But our first priority is to kill the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron."


Really short, but oh well, nothing else I could write... I guess...? Hmm...

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