*This is like a double Cinderella story. Klaine and Puckleberry :) I will most likely be using songs from Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella because I love that movie and I figured that Kurt and Rachel would like to sing.

Impossible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage
Impossible for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage

"I hate fairytales," Grumbled a young man who was dressed in rags. He scoffed as he flipped through one of the only books he and his sister owned. A book of fairytales.

"They are quite overrated, aren't they?" His sister huffed as she continued to stir some tea her step mother had requested. Like her brother, she was dressed in rags. Her hair was tied back is a messy ponytail. Her large brown eyes were filled with despair and misery. She would be quite pretty if she had different living arrangements.

Her brother, despite his scruffy look, was quite handsome. Well, in a girlish way. But his flawless skin still shined as he worked on chores. He despised his clothing. He thought it was bland and depressing. And he was right. Whenever they had to go to the market, people stopped and stared, some with satisfactory, others with sympathy.

"Honestly, they aren't realistic. But I guess that's what makes them so popular." The young man got up out of the rocking chair that sat in the corner and walked over to help his sister. "Little kids expecting their life to turn out wonderful"

"Sure, they are unrealistic, but come on, not all kids will have awful lives. Don't be so negative"

"Why shouldn't I be? Our lives were perfect, then it when down the drain"

"Kurt, come on, they could turn around. We still have a lot of years left"

'Kurt' scoffed "Don't remind me. We have to spend more years in this hellhole, no way out"

"Hey," His sister smirked "Maybe we will end up like Cinderella and we'll find princes! Then we can finally get out of here!"

"That won't happen" Kurt sighed and glanced out the window in front of him "But I promise you Rach, we'll make it out of here. We won't die here. Even if that just means walking down the street to die. I won't die in this house. Death just brings more tragedies."

Rachel sighed and looked back at the tea, frowning. Kurt was right. It wouldn't happen and the only way out of this house was to die. Rachel would've killed herself a year ago, when her and Kurt's father died, leaving her with her step mother and their two step sisters. But she wouldn't leave Kurt. She would never leave Kurt. Never.

"TEA!" A scratchy voice yelled from upstairs. Rachel jumped, causing the tea to spill slightly on the tray. Kurt smiled softly and grabbed a rag and cleaned the spill up for her.

Rachel smiled in thanks and then turned toward the kitchen door, ready to deliver her 'family's' tea. She was at the door when she stopped and looked over her shoulder at her brother "Kurt, promise me, we'll get out of here."


"Promise me." She cut him off sternly

"I wish I could. But I don't want to disappoint you by breaking a promise"

Rachel said nothing else, she spun around and stalked out of the kitchen, leaving her upset brother behind.

Kurt watched as the sun shined down on the front yard, then he glanced back at the kitchen door where his sister had just exited. Then he shut his eyes, turning his head back to the window. His eyes fluttered open and he realized he liked this scenery better.

He would get them out. He had too. Rachel would get a happy ever after, and maybe he would too…


"I refuse" Prince Noah scoffed at his parents, the king and queen. His mother frowned and his father rolled his eyes.

"Noah, you need to find a bride"

"Do I? Because I'm perfectly happy now" Noah's cousin, Prince Blaine knew this comment was a lie. His cousin hated his life, as did he. But who could blame them? They were trapped in this damn castle every day.

"Noah, if you want to be king, you'll need a queen" His father stated "If you don't want to be king, we can give the position to Blaine"

"No!" You would expect, Noah to be saying this, but instead it was Blaine. "I do not wish to be king!"

"And why ever not?" The Queen asked her nephew

"I don't want to rule a kingdom. I want to be a normal person. I was before!"

"Blaine, I'm sorry, but I promised my sister that I would take care of you if anything ever happened to her and your father. And I tend to keep that promise"

"Listen, Aunt Marie, I know you took me in when my parents died, but I liked my old life. The castle is beautiful, but it gets boring. I appreciate all you've done for me, but I don't want to be king, I don't even want to be a prince. I simply want to be myself again"

"Darling, you are yourself. You just have an upgraded life"

"Mother, you took away his childhood" Noah commented

"I took him in"

"And I really do love you for that, but once in a while, I would just like to get out of this damn castle!"

"Language!" Queen Marie snapped as she stood.

"We want you to be happy, Blaine. So, we will grant you a day out in the town once a week"

Blaine grinned "Thank you, Uncle James!" Blaine glanced at his cousin "May Noah come with me?"

"Absolutely not!" Marie exclaimed

"Mother! That's simply not fair!"

"People are crazy. Someone could hurt you out there!"

"I'd rather take my chances" Noah mumbled

Blaine was the only one who heard him and then came up with an idea. "Aunt Marie, what if we had a couple guards following us around?"

"No, Blaine"

"Mother!" Noah exclaimed "No one will recognize us! They've probably only seen us once or twice! We don't get out much!"

"I said no, Noah. My answer still stands"

"What if I agree to hold a ball and look for a bride? Then would you allow me to go?"

Queen Marie and King James glanced at each other "You want a commoner as your bride?"

"You took a commoner as your bride" Noah retorted

"Noah, that was different. It was arranged"

"Well, if I'm going to get married, I would like to pick the girl"

Queen Marie sighed and nodded at King James. "Alright. But you have to promise that you'll actually show up for the ball or we'll set up an arranged marriage"

"I promise"

"Good" Marie smirked and then turned toward her nephew "Now, Blaine, maybe you should find a man to marry at this ball"

"Aunt Marie!" Blaine blushed

"There's nothing wrong with homosexuality. It's great that you are able to be yourself!" King James smiled

"Well, thank you. But I don't think that I'll be finding anybody anytime soon"

"You never know. Maybe there's a commoner out there, who is just waiting for someone like you to sweep them off their feet!" Aunt Marie smiled


"COME ON, GAY!" Kurt and Rachel's stepmother, Sue screamed. "YOU TOO, DWARF!"

Kurt hurried into the sitting room and sat their lunch on the dining table. Sue glared and Kurt shrunk back a bit. "I'm sorry. I was waiting for the tea to be perfect"

"Shut up!" Kurt nodded quickly and held his breath, waiting for a hand to hit him or another command. "Where's the Dwarf?"

"Making your dessert"

"She better be!"

As if on cue, Rachel scurried in, holding a tray of chocolate chip cookies. She set them beside the sandwiches Kurt had brought down. Rachel walked over and stood by Kurt. "May we leave now?"

"First, your hourly insult" Rachel glanced at Kurt and she saw him facing their stepmother, waiting for the worst. "Dwarf, no man will ever want you with those strange lips and small breasts." Rachel looked down at her chest and Kurt grabbed her hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it. "Gay, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

"Now may we leave?" Kurt asked in his signature tone.

"How dare you use that tone with me?"

"I apologize, stepmother" Kurt rolled his eyes.

"You can leave now" Sue said after a while of them simply standing there.

They walked out of the room quickly. Rachel smiled up at her brother and grasped his hand. "We'll make it, Kurt, we have to."

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