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Jinchuuriki at Mahora

Chapter 1: An Old Shinobi and a Young Wizard

A figure wearing a rosewood colour hooded robe, black pants with orange stripes running down the side of them and black shoes was walking on a bridge at a calm pace towards a school named Mahora Academy at night. Nearing the end of the bridge he felt a constant flow of magical energy before him in the form of a barrier, that he only knew of because the echo of the magical energy was reaching out to him.

He stayed in this dimension for nearly six years looking after the child of man who could not see fit to watch his only son for fear of risking the child's life and not only that he half expected the four year old boy to see him as an older brother figure but no! The boy actually called him Father and Dad and even adopted his own family name on to his own so he could be more like him but that was only for the last two years, before that however the boy did not want him as his father. After the incident at the village he being the eldest by two centuries and more, adopted the small boy into his family.

The boy was not happy.

Why would he be, a complete stranger you don't know walks up to you and your cousin and tells you that he will be looking after you because his Father wanted him to.

Hell he would be angry to.

The reason or rather reasons he looked after the small boy was because his father who he only met and got into a small fight begged him to look after his son and to be there for him because otherwise he would be alone and orphan stories kind of hit home with the hooded figure.

The second reason was because the attack on the village was not an accident but actually an assassation attempt on the father's son by some magical senate.

I know weird right.

The hooded figure was aware that his son would soon become a teacher at the Mahora academy after the principal of the magic school in Wales informed him of the situation. Apparently a Ten year old boy was allowed teach a class consisting of thirty one teenage school girls. This dimension kept getting weirder by the day. His son was currently back at the magic academy in Wales getting his diploma from the principal while his clone was with him getting him ready for the long trip while he himself had to make accommodations for his son to live at Mahora academy.

The boy who called him father was

Negi Uzumaki Springfield.

Standing right in front of the barrier to Mahora academy, with his right hand reached out he touched the barrier with his index finger and began channeling his chakra into it with the intent of having a welcoming party he could say hello to.

"Now lets see if this school is as guarded as I heard it was."


'The seal that man put on me is malfunctioning, I can feel my power growing once again' Those were the thoughts of a centuries year old vampire but with the appearance of a ten year old blond hair girl. Her companions or servants would be the better term were just as equally confused. Well one was, the other who was just a little doll was giddy at the thought of finally getting to kill and move around once more.

"Master can we go out and kill this intruder it will be ever so much fun, I'll bet he has tons of blood I can take away from him, right master." The little puppet asked while jumping up and down like a child who was about to get a present. Many people would find it strange that such a cute little doll could be such blood thirsty killer and even stranger was the fact she held a blade many times her size.

Her other servant who wore a maid outfit who had light green hair and two antenna were her ears should be decided to make herself known, "Master would it not be more beneficial for you to find this intruder and take him or her captive and use his or her strange new energy source for your own freedom."

The old vampire rubbed her chin in contemplation while her oldest and yet youngest looking doll muttered a few angry cusses under her breath most likely from the fact she could not kill this intruder.

"Master if we can't kill this intruder can I at least torture him for bit, please." The puppet looked at her creator with huge round puppy dog eyes.

Her master sighed and shook her head no which caused her oldest puppet to fall on her back and start yelling obsenities. "The reason we cannot capture this intruder is because if we felt it this energy every other being on campus capable of sensing the barrier will come after this intruder, therefore the intruder won't be able to help us."

"So master what are we going to do?"

Evangeline A.K. McDowell, The oldest shinsho vampire in history an aincent woman who looked like a cute innocent girl who has many titles in the past gave her two servants a chilling grin showing off her larger than average canines turned to the door and called over her shoulder. "The same thing I do to everyone who tresspasses on these grounds, show them the power of the Darkest mage ever conceived. The Dark Evangel."

"Yay we get to kill the intruder I can't wait to see all that blood."

"We're not killing them you stupid doll."

"Ah! Master is so mean." The little doll cried out in distress be muttering under breath, "I miss the good ol days when we could kill anything that moved."


Tōko Kuzunoha and Setsuna Sakurazaki, Teacher and student, both practitioners of the sword fighting style Shinmeiryuu paused their usual combat session at the feeling of an unusual energy source entering the barrier.

"There is an intruder on the grounds at this time of night, this bears investigation." She noticed her student was also aware of the same feeling she felt. "If we both can feel it that means the others have as well." The teacher muttered before calling at her student, "Setsuna I would like you to accompany me and subdue this intruder." She was answered with a swift nod.

'Intruders, are they after Konoka-ojou-sama?, I will not fail her a second time.'


In the office of the Headmaster were two men who were looking at each other with blank faces. One was a man who looked older than dirt with the biggest eyebrows anyone has ever seen. He was stroking his white beard while on the other side of the room was a middle aged man who wore glasses and a business suit equipped with a tie. These two men are the Headmaster of Mahora Academy Konoemon Konoe and the other man is called Death Glasses Takahata or just Takamichi T. Takahata.

Takamichi broke the silence by clearing his throat and pointing his thumb backwards to the door, "You do know that they're going to get their butts kicked right," His blank face was gone and replaced with a small smile. "You and I both know who that energy belongs to right." Takamichi was of course referring to the mages young and old who barged into the headmaster's office asking for answers on the intruder and left just moments ago preparing themselves to fight the mysterious intruder. 'Naruto-kun you wanted this didn't you, you wanted a fight.'

In response to his question the Headmaster only raised a eyebrow and continued to stroke his beard, clasping his hands toegether and putting them on the table he looked up at Takamichi questioning look and sighed. "I was going to introduce them to Naruto-sama when he arrived with young Negi Springfield but it looks like he decided to give us a suprise visit instead, it looks like Naruto-sama wants to meet the staff first and ensure his son is safe with us, which includes you too Takahata-sensei." The Headmaster finished with a small smirk when he saw the glasses wearing man shiver.

"What why?, I already fought him a bunch of times in the past and I lost badly" Takamichi asked or more like whined if you asked the Headmaster. The next question caused Takamichi to look down at the floor in silence.

"That was back when you didn't trust him right?" It wasn't a question but more of a statement either way Takamichi answered.

"Yes Nagi-san gave me his permission to watch his son but Naruto-kun saved his son right before Nagi did." They both took a minute of silence for the petrified victims of Negi's home. "Naruto-kun was there for Negi when I wasn't." He then walked over to window and looked at the crescent shape moon and sighed regretting for not being their for Negi and for what he did to Naruto after he heard the news.

"After explaining to me what Nagi wanted him to do I was furious and attacked him and told him to leave and that is was none of his concern." He then looked down at his left arm. "He broke my arm and threw me out of the house and told me to come back when I grew up." He and the Headmaster both shared a chuckle at his own expense. "That happened three more times before he finally tied me to a tree and he told me Negi needed a father figure more than he needed the two of us fighting and I agreed. He told me I was allowed visit anytime I wanted."

"His intentions are still unknown to us, he only seems to want to take care of Negi." Certainly the Headmaster was and still is quite curious of the enigma which was Uzumaki Naruto.

"Well he is also an author as well Headmaster, remember the Icha Icha series." Takamichi said knowing the fondness the Headmaster had for the perverted books.

"Hoho yes that wonderful piece of literature, I wonder will he sign my collection."

All Takamichi did was chuckle nervously, 'If Haruna-san finds out that her favourite author is on campus she will pursue him relentlessly and ask for tips or worse she will ask him could she be used as one of the characters.' His thoughts were interupted by the Headmaster.

"Now Takamichi-san I believe you and I have spoken enough with each other you should go out there and help your fellow mages." He ended with a chuckle especially seeing the the glasses wearing man shiver.

"At times like this I hate you." Takamichi said while exiting the door.

"Hoho." All the Headmaster did was lean back in his chair and started reading one of the newest volumes of Icha Icha so he could catch up with the story and having a small nosebleed while reading. 'Sometimes I love my life.'


'Well this is interesting to say the least.' Those were the thoughts of the man in the hooded robe after dodging several kunai, bullets, swords slashes and spells. It seemed a little blond haired girl with two green haired servants were the first to arrive to fight him. The tallest of the three girls apologised before attacking him saying that it was her master's order when questioned on who her master was, the little blond haired girl who was attacking him with vials which seemed to hold ice magic told him it was her, which caused him to fall on his knees and start laughing which just angered the little girl even more if her red face and snarl was any indication. While he was on his knees from laughing, the cute little puppet with innocent doe eyes was trying to stab him with a sword twice her size causing him roll out of the way.

While this was going on several mages young and old were performing spells to hinder his movements it seemed the mages and the three girls he first encountered were not working toegether, although this worked in his favor. The school even had its own sharpshooter and a kunoichi. The sharpshooter was using a silencer and the other seemed to be using his own copyright jutsu: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Shadow Clone Technique.

All the while this was happening he was dodging sword slashes and strikes from two women one seemed to be a student while the other was a teacher. Their goal looked like who would be the first to turn him into confetti.

Narrowly avoiding a bullet whizzing past his head the little blond haired girl threw a glass vial at his feet freezing them instantly. Seeing the intruder get his feet frozen the mages launched their most powerful spells at the intruder with hopes he would be incapacitated and brought in for questioning. The little green haired doll pouted not seeing any blood at all.

The hooded figure seeing the spells being launched at him simply raised his left hand to stop the attack. The palm of his left hand glowed yellow and a strange symbol was etched there. The only defenders of the school who saw this symbol were the aincent vampire, the sharpshooter -for obvious reasons- and the kunoichi.

To the shock and fascination of those present the spell just seemed to be sucked instantly into the man's left hand. Their jaws hit the ground and their eyes grew wide seeing the spell of their collective efforts being snuffed out like that was disconcerting to say the least. Even the most stoic of individuals were silenced by the technique the intruder wielded. The little vampire who was centuries old never saw such a technique, her two servants weren't fairing any better except for the little puppet who seemed to smile even larger knowing they was more blood to come. The mercanary perched at the top of the academy dropped her rifle in awe while the kunoichi in training almsot fell out of the tree in shock after seeing the combined efforts of the school were for naught. The young swordswoman was worried but not for herself but for her first friend who see hasn't spoken to in years. If the intruder was strong enough to best the entire school he could kidnap her friend and she would be powerless to stop him from taking her.

'Well Naruto knows how to shake things up a bit'.

That was the single thought Takamichi had when he arrived at the scene. The intruder who he knew already had been frozen up to his waist, while teachers and students were frozen in shock awe and fear. Seeing Takahata-sensei the sharpshooter jumped down from her sniping spot and proceeded to cover his back. After seeing his arrival the teachers and students were happy to see him snd sighed in relief except a certain vampire who just adopted a annoyed expression on her face.

It also looked like she was going to express her annoyance as well. "Where have you been?" The vampire asked him.

'Anywhere but here.' Takamichi thought dejectedly, knowing he would have to fight his friend now and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Instead of voicing his depressing thoughts he slapped on a smile for the vampire and said, "Oh you know Eva-san." Not even bothering to look at her because he wanted to keep his eyes on Naruto, for he knew the split second he took his eyes off him would be the second he got his ass kicked and he did not want that.

"No I don't know. That's why I'm asking you." The vampire retorted through clenched teeth. Before Takamichi could respond to the loli vampire an amused voice broke through the silence and Takamichi's inner pleading thoughts.

"You know," The intruder spoke up in a voice that was clearly filled with amusement, knocking them out of their stupor and putting several beads of sweat on Takamichi's forehead, "ever since I've arrived here, I've been on the defensive by not attacking you a single time," It was at that point the observers of the school realized the ice potion that was restraining his movements seemed to be chipping away until there was nothing left, "but now I think it's time we reverse our roles."

'No I can't let this fight continue. I have to stop it.' Those were the alarmed thoughts of Takamichi. 'I just have to convince Naruto to stop fighting.' As soon as he finished that train of thought a new train of thought arrived at his mind station filled with one thought. 'Getting Naruto to stop fighting is just like getting Jack to stop being perverted. Those two are as stubborn as each other and they haven't even met.'

The defenders of the school fell back into their respective fighting stance only to be confused when the intruder singled out a teacher by raising his right arm and pointing at him. The teacher was Takahata Takamichi. They were confused further when the hooded figure patted his own left arm with his right hand three times. No one the significance of that action except one and he was chuckling. "Do you always have to remind me of that." Takamichi asked his friend with a grin. A shrug and an amused chuckle was his friend's answer.

Mana Tatsumiya student of 2A seat number eighteen couldn't keep silent. "Sensei do you know this man?" She asked while equiping her twin Mark XIX Desert Eagle pistols and pointing them at the intruder. Who they knew now was a man because his chuckle was far too masculine to be a woman. She noticed a glint of light coming from one of the trees signifying that her rival Kaede was telling her the trap was ready.


Hidden in the trees dressed in her standard shinobi attire Kaede Nagase student of 2A seat number twenty was ready to spring the trap but something in her mind told her she recognized the man's stance or the lack of one. He was too relaxed too calm, especially in the situation he had found himself in. 'Does he believe he can win or his he simply arrogant.' Why was there a nagging feeling of familiarity with this man's stance and his chuckle that eat at her mind. She didn't have time to focus on her thoughts because she knew her rival was waiting for her to spring the trap. Taking a kunai out of her pouch she let the moon's light hit her kunia so she could reflect the light from the moon to Mana. "Time to go to work" She muttered softly to herself preparing to launch the knockout gas bombs and smoke grenades. One final thought entered her mind while activating the launcher. 'Who are you?'


"Sensei who is that man?" Mana questioned her sensei once more knowing he knew more than the rest of them did. She knew she was right when her sensei put his hand behind the back of his head and chuckled nervously.

"Well Mana-san he is..." That was as far as he got before he noticed what was before him, lights hundreds and hundreds of lights, he had no idea what these lights were. All he knew it was a beautiful sight to behold. It was like watching a meteor shower, except there was one difference these lights were headed directly at his friend and he knew that shinobi student Kaede was behind this. Kaede had sprung the trap. The bombs and gas hit their target dead on with pin point accuracy. They couldn't see the the target behind the the multilayers of different coloured smoke and gas but they didn't let up on their assault. They continued to attack him in all manners of different forms such as elemental magic spells like fire, water, lighting, wind, earth and shadow. There was vials of potions so cold that when they hit the cloud of colours it froze parts of the area and finally there was bullets and missles fired and launched by Mana and Chachamaru. The physical fighters as well as the swordfighters refrained from attacking for fear of getting too close to the poisonous cloud of gas.

While this chaotic violence was happening there was one thought going throught Takamichi's head. 'Why do I have the feeling Naruto-kun is going to hurt me for this.' Takamichi thought to himself with closed eyes and his palm covering his face. At the sound of tranquil silence Takamichi lowered his hand from his face and dropped it to his side. He knew he shouldn't have but he did, he looked at his fellow teachers and several students smile in relief knowing the intruder had succumbed to his injuries by thier combined effort. However he knew the truth. Oh he knew the truth the sick and horrifying truth, that the intruder didn't fall. He knew Naruto was waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Takahata Takamichi knew Naruto for over five years and he was friends with him for over four and a half years. That's why he wasn't the least bit suprised he felt the air leaving his lungs and was sent back flying throught the air and landed on the ground clutching his stomach in pain.

"I thought I told you I wasn't on the defensive anymore. I reversed our roles." It was the intruder appearance and his attack on Takamichi Takahata the strongest fighter they had that caught their attention but not his voice. His appearance hadn't changed the slightest. He had no bruises, cuts, burns or any other form of attack they used against him on his body. It looked to them he had dodged all their attacks and their trap. They were too shocked by his emergence that they didn't notice the lack of humor in the man's voice. His voice was serious and mixed with disappointment.

It seemed the shock wore off because he was being attacked by two swordswomen. An older woman with long blond hair reaching down to her backside and a teenager with black hair and strange hairstyle. He bent his body backwards to avoid the horizontal slash from the young woman with black hair. He noticed the older blond hair woman seemed to go for a vertical slash in hopes of severing his head. So he did what any sane, calm rational man would do, especially if the man was a near immortal being with unbelievable power. He opened his mouth and caught the blade with his teeth.

"That's not possible." The sworswoman stuttered aloud shocked and terrified. Terrified that someone caught her blade with their teeth or terrified that he tried it in the first place."That's impossible!" She screamed hysterically at him.

Feeling her grip loosen on her sword he pulled back his head snatching the sword out of her hand with his teeth. He captialized on the shocked woman by delivering a kick to her midsection sending her crashing into several students and teachers. Taking the sword out of his mouth he turned towards the the woman who was struggling to get back to her feet with the help from the teacher's and student's. "Lady I have a habit of making the impossible possible." He told her while casually raising his borrowed sword to block a vertical slash from the young black haired teenager.

As their swords were doing the age old dance of death he noticed the young swordswoman was growling at him. "Something you would like to say to me?"

Setsuna Sakurazaki of class 2A seat number fifteen was starting to hate this man. He was showing her how she was still week, still unfit to protect her charge. Her best friend. Her first friend. Konoka Konoe. "I will never let you hurt Ojou-sama!" She hissed at him firmly believing he was here to kidnap Konoka on orders from enemies to the Konoe family. Although she was confused as to why the intruder would want them to know where he was. Perhaps his employers wanted to prove how strong they were by challenging them face to face. However she might of thought too soon when she noticed he tilted his head to the side in uncertainty.

"Ojou-sama. Who's Ojou-sama."

"Konoka Konoe is Ojou-sama. Is she not your target." Setsuna asked him hesitantly knowing this could be a trick to lower her defensives.

"Konoka Konoe Konoka Konoe? Where have I heard that name before?" He said aloud mostly to himself before he realized who the young woman was realted to. "Konoka Konoe, she's the old man's granddaughter who has the fuzzy eyebrows right." He smiled underneath his robe after seeing the young swordswoman nod reluctantly. "Nah," He wagged his index finger in front of her face like a sensei scolding his student. "I'm not here to hurt his grandkid." Setsuna was about to sigh in relief of that comment because of the familiarity he had said old man meaning he must be on good terms with Ojou-sama's grandfather. Until his next choice of words.

"I'm here to blow off some steam."

"What do you mea..." She got no further in her questioning because he used his physical strenght to overpower her and send her sword into the air. Unable to bring her sword back down in time to defend herself she jumped back as fast as she could hoping to be out of reach from the impending thrust of the sword. Instead he flicked the borrowed sword in his hand and held it in a reverse grip, he then used the handle of the blade to strike her in the stomach.

Hearing a clicking sound that he came to know all to well in this world. He knew someone was armed and ready to open fire on his ass. On instinct he dived into a crowd of teachers and students know the gunslinger wouldn't kill her comrades.


Unless of course they meant business or were batshit insane.

He noticed the bodies that fell to the ground were still alive so the gunslinger must have been using non lethal rounds. He turned to face the gunslinger and saw it was a dark skinned female teacher with long black hair wearing a the standard school uniform. 'Why is a teacher wearing the school uniform, hm maybe she's one of those teachers that don't want to have barriers between her and the students. Yeah that must be it because there's no way a fourteen year old girl would have such a figure.'

For some strange reason Mana wanted to shoot this intruder even more so.

"Do you surrender or am I going to not leave a single part of your body bruised." She threatened him without a grin on her face but it was implied she would if he chose the latter. In response to her threat he put his left hand on his chin and tilted his head to the side, his face scrunched up in contemplation. She couldn't tell because his robe still obscured his face, she just had a feeling. She was broken out of her musing when he put his hands behind his head and looked over at the trees. More accurately the tree Kaede was using.

"Surrender, now that's a lot more tempting than the other suggestion who've given me, especially the whole bruising every inch of my body." He looked back at Mana and pointed the borrowed sword at her. "I reckon you can only do the latter if you manage to hit me with those rubber bullets before I close the gap between us."

She was already shooting at him before he finished his sentance. However no matter how good of a markswoman she was she couldn't hit him. He just kept dodging her bullets and he weaved in and out between teachers and students. He used the mages as cover and meat shields. Despicable methods. Clever and cunning but still despicable. She ran into a bit of bad luck, she needed to reload. Looking at the intruder she sighed in relief when she noticed he was being attacked by the defenders of the school giving her more than enough time to reload. Using all the skill and experience she cultivated over the years as a mercenary she dropped the empty magazines on the ground below her feet and reloaded her firearms. She pointed at the location the intruder was last seen.

"Got you."

Only to realize the teachers and students that were attacking the intruder were sprawled out on the ground writhing in pain. She had even worse news when she realized her arms along with her fire arms were pinned to her back and she was face to face with the intruder. If it was any other time she would have blushed at staring into the eyes of a very handsome man before her.

"Why are you wearing a school uniform when you're clearly a teacher." His tone of voice was filled innocence and curiosity but to Mana she mistook it for an insult. People would always mistake her for an adult. Well she wouldn't let this intruder get away with calling her old, even though he never actually called her old the point was still the same.

"I'm fourteen years old." She replied through clenched teeth. She smiled when she saw the look of astonishment on the intruders face. Using his dazed state to her advantage she kicked off his chest, backflipping until she got to a safe distance she pulled out her twin pistols that the intruder held on to while she was in his grasp. She aimed the twin pistols at him. She knew something was wrong when she felt the guns were lighter than usual. When she locked eyes with him she knew why, he was giving her the two salute while at the same time he was waving at her with his left hand. She didn't care about any of that, she only cared about what was in his left hand.

Her magazines.

Her last magazines.

She gulped loudly. She was facing an unknown man with unbelievable power and she was now weaponless. She sighed in relief when he turned his attention from her and started walking towards the trees. She froze and panicked when she realized who was hidden amongst the trees and from eariler observation she knew he knew who was hiding in those trees.

"Kunoichi-chan, if it isn't too much trouble, could you come down from your tree." He cheerfully waved at the tree he knew Kaede was hiding in. There was no sign of movement from the kunoichi he knew was hiding on the tree he waved at. With a put on sigh he looked down at his shoes then looked up at the moon and scratched the back of his head with his right hand and disappeared without so much as an afterimage showing.


Hiding in the trees, one Kaede Nagase was nervous and very afraid. That itself was alarming because she was usually calm, collected and confindent. She did have a bit of a micheavous side to her as well but she took great pride in her skills of a kunoichi. Yet here she was sweating and putting her hands up to her mouth so the intruder wouldn't hear her breathing. Her heart rate tripled in beats and she was praying the intruder wouldn't be able to sense her.


Because she felt the branch she was standing on push down with a person she hoped wouldn't find her sitting down crosslegged on the branch giving her the two finger salute. Reaching for her kunai she thought talking to him would distract him long enough for her to take the shot. Metaphorically speaking.

"You wouldn't hit a defensless girl now would you?" She spoke with a faux nervous tone of voice hoping he would fall for it. Certain that she could catch him off gaurd.

"No but I would kill a kunoichi." He said with a firm voice that caused a shiver to go down Kaede's spine. She knew that that tone of voice and what it meant. It meant that this man killed before and not only did he kill, he knew how to do it and she had no doubts that if he wanted her dead she would be.

Sensing a familiar presence coming his way thanks to his training in Senjutsu and his own custom wind manipulation training. "As much as I would like to fight another Kunoichi again. I'm afraid we're going to have to call it quits for now." He pointed his finger at the enraged Konoe Konoemon. "The young man who looks really old seems quite angry with the old man who looks really young." He then waved goodbye to Kaede and pushed himself of the tree. "See you later kunoichi-chan." Naruto landed right in front of the furious Dean and the guardian's of the school.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Everyone seemed to pay close attention especially the little blond hair girl. She seemed suprised that the Dean was so angry. "How dare you bring your filthy self here and mock this school with your presence." Everyone was suprised to hear the venom in the old man's words. His eyes were twitching his fists were balled and clenched tight, his knuckles were white as a ghost. "You attacked my faculty, you attacked my students. Give me one reason why I shouldn't end your life right now."

The silence was so deafening that you could hear a pin drop or a moth fart. It seemed like hours before anyone took a breath but in truth it was only a few seconds. The intruder started walking towards the Dean. Likewise the Dean started walking towards the intruder. They were less than a foot away from each other when the intruder moved his right arm behind his back. Everyone tensed but the Dean they were awaiting the attack that this monster would inflict upon them, when suddenly the intruder threw something at the Dean.

"Here catch."

An orange book. The monster that annihilated more than two thirds of the protecters of the academy was giving the Dean of Mahora academy an orange book. "It's the newest eddition to the Icha Icha next genaration series." Naruto spoke up seeing the confusion on everyone's faces.

"Thank you Naruto-sama." Everyone and I mean everyone be they stoic or incapable of human understanding face-faulted at the sound the Dean was making, it sounded like a love stuck school girl meeting the love of her life. This was getting too confusing for everybody and they wanted answers.

"What! Naruto-sama?" Screamed the people who were not on the ground moaning in pain.

"That's right Naruto-sama here is a great man that deserves great respect, your respect and the respect of every red-blooded man alive." The Dean declared with his right index finger pointed at the sky, speaking as though everyman should be on their knees worshipping Naruto.

"You basically mean introducing Icha Icha next genarations series to this world don't you." Naruto said matter-of-factly.

"Of course I do. What could you possible think I was referring too?"

"Oh I don't know maybe that tsunami I stopped last week in Japan."

"Oh you did that I didn't know it was you."

"That was the point you brat. If everyone knew it was me they would be questions asked and I don't know about you but answering the media and the world isn't my favourite past time."

"Yes that would be a problem." The biggest understatement of the century. "Well never mind that let me introduce you to the people you will be working with for the next few years."

"Oh joy, work." He moved back the hood with his left hand and let it drop to the back of his neck and gave a casual wave to the stunned crowd. The teachers and students couldn't believe their eyes and the women, teacher and student alike got blushes on their faces, even though one child looking vampire would never admit to such a thing. In front of them was a young man in his mid twenties, with shoulder lenght, spiky blond hair and a pair of cerulean blue eyes. The strangest thing that got their attention were the three whiskers marks that ran horizontally on each side of his face. They were further confused when they heard the young man muttering to himself.

"I save the world, bring peace and made everyone's lives better back at home and I still have to work, immortality sucks. No wonder Madara went insane." It was at this point the young intruder was right beside the Dean who put his hand on the young man's shoulder as a type of reasurrance.

"Don't worry Naruto-sama. Mahora Academy is quite dull. Nothing exciting ever happens here."

"Right." The whiskered intruder looked the Dean dead in the eye and gave him a small sardonic smile. "I would believe that if you weren't lying just now."

He started walking to an unconcious Takamichi only to kick him at his sides. "Takamichi wake up. I know you're only faking so you wouldn't have to fight me." He heard a nervous chuckle coming from the man who looked like he was trying his hardest to dissappear. "Let us discuss my son's living arragenments in your office." Noticing that Takamichi hadn't moved yet he kneeled down and place his left index and middle finger on Takamich's forehead and grabbed the Dean's right hand."Your coming too Takamichi whether you like it or not." The trio dissapeared in a small breeze leaving behind very confused, shocked and terrified people who sighed in relief when the monster left.

"Who was that?"


"Your office hasn't changed." Naruto said after observing the Dean's office. The three men sat down, the Dean behind the desk staring at the two men in front of him. "You should already know why I'm here." Naruto asked the two men with a small smile on his face thinking of his son and the family he has been taking care of.

"Your son Negi Springfield is to become a teacher for class 2A." The Dean informed him. Naruto already knew this. What he cared about where is son would be sleeping. Considering his son Negi kept sneaking in his room to sleep every night for the last two years.

"What about his accommodations. Who will he be living with from now on."

"My granddaughter Konoka and her best friend Asuna Kagurazaka."

"I already know your granddaughter. She's a wonderful young woman. You must be very proud."

"I am." A soft smile that was filled with pride and warmth graced the old man's wrinkled face.

"Although I have never met this young woman Asuna Kagurazaka. What can you tell me about her." Noticing the alarmed looks he hastened his explanation "And before you say `we can't give out information about our students,`it has nothing to do with that." Noticing their confused faces he elaborated. "Let me put it this way. My son is Negi Springfield, I'm well aware how influential he is I am also aware how influential your granddaughter could become if she ever found out about her true origins and now those two kids are going to be in the same room but it's not just them. This young woman Asuna Kagurazaka is someone I have never heard about and she will be sleeping in the same room as those two. That is not a coincedence." Recognizing the nervous looks on their faces. He knew now that these two were hiding something and this young woman Asuna Kagurazaka was that something but as long this secret wouldn't harm Negi he could let them keep their secrets. "You don't have to tell me her signifagance because I trust you two. Just tell me this from one father to another is she a threat to my son."

"No." A look of relief crossed Naruto's face and a huge grin appeared on his face and stood up immediatly. He shook the Dean's hand and gave Takamichi a thumbs up.

"Thank you. That's all I wanted to hear." He then vanished in a vortex of green wind, panicing the men in the room.

"I hate it when he does that." Konoemon said hold his hand over his heart. Takamichi broke down laughing after hearing the Dean complaining about Naruto's teleporting abilities.

Author's Notes: Alright that's the end of the first chapter. Don't expect an update because I am the worst procrastinator on the planet. As for romance Negi can have his usual harem but as I said before Naruto will only be with one person. As I said before don't expect an update because for the life of me I can't sit down and write a story when I have the internet at my finger tips.