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Jinchuuriki at Mahora

Chapter 8: A Teacher's Creed III

Greatly disliking the fact that he was being called a young man when his own body disagreed with him from time to time, nobody like facing their own mortality after all, The Dean frowned at the younger looking man in front of him. Clasping his fingers together under his chin he leaned forward ignoring the wince that came from his back at the movement. "Whatever is the matter Naruto-Kun?" He asked the semi-immortal man in front of him curious at Naruto's entrance.

"It's about Loli-Chan and her seal." Naruto answered his tone filled with seriousness while his lips pressed together in frustration. Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, the Dean leaned back on his chair continuing stroking his beard, while Shizuna took a seat next to Naruto giving him a small smile.

"Oh, what about it, I believe young Nagi Springfield designed it himself." Konoemon said remembering that very surprising day when a madly grinning Nagi arrived with a very embarrassed looking vampire.

"That's the problem," Naruto sighed wondering how he was going to be able to explain to the Dean what was wrong. After several seconds of thinking he chose to go in a different direction. "On a completely unrelated topic was Negi's mother, a genius." Naruto innocently asked with his cheek resting on his palm. He was curious about her, he already met Nagi and made an opinion of him but he never met the mother.

A hint of uneasiness flashed through the old man's eyes, he briefly stopped stroking his beard and then replied in a rather hesitant voice. "We can't talk about her; she is a very… delicate subject." The Dean finished rather unsurely, hoping Naruto would not continue the topic of Negi's mother.

"Just answer me this then, is she smarter than Nagi." Naruto asked patiently, he already knew the Takamichi and the Dean had secrets but he would not pry into them until they had something to do with his son.

Without missing a beat the Dean answered immediately. "Yes, without a doubt." Naruto seemed to gain a look of understanding, and then to the Dean's and Shizuna's confusion he grew a fond smile.

"I see," Naruto softly said with a small smile, he remembered that he gained his father's looks but his mother's personality. Just like Negi. "So that's were Negi got his intelligence from, other than from all studying he does." Having the right genetics was a good thing, but Naruto knew if you didn't put the work in then having the right genetics were useless. Negi might have gained his calm personality from his mother but he gained his intelligence from his own hard work and determination.

"I am well aware of the lack of Nag's intellectual prowess," The Dean dryly spoke causing Shizuna to giggle. "But can we please get back to the seal and my dear Evangeline." The old looking young man said with a tone filled with urgency. Naruto gave him a pensive stare that caused shivers to run down the bearded man's spine.

"The seal on the barrier that's keeping Eva contained and powerless is going to erase her." Naruto spoke solemnly, well aware that the silence filled the room at the cause of his discussion.

After several uncomfortably seconds of silence the Dean spoke with a voice that was hoarse. "Excuse me?"

"It's going to erase her from reality, it's not going to kill her or even hurt her it's just going to make her go." Seeing the looks of confusion the two occupants he elaborated. "Simple terms, she's going poof and never coming back." Naruto said clapping his hands together to imitate a poof sound, his mind was strangely on his clone when they disappeared and they made. "Usually reality warping techniques have no advantage over immortal creatures that have existed on the planet for long enough. You are aware that when you reach a certain age the planet deems you a part of it, therefore it won't allow you to be erased and will actually fight for you and protect you from its harmful effects." Naruto said getting a look of understanding from the Dean and a look of utter confusion from his fan.

Naruto knew about this study for several years; ever since he was a teenager back in his own dimension reality warping techniques wouldn't affect him when he was in his early hundreds. Seals of that calibre could erase anyone except those with an indomitable will. The user's will was so strong that the planet itself intervened when the person was about to be erased. The planet was very much alive and when she took a liking to someone she protected them with everything she had. Naruto's planet protected him from being erased; this planet on the other hand has not chosen to deem Naruto worthy yet.

"Yes, I heard about that theory."

"It's not a theory," Naruto scowled. "The planet is very much alive and when someone gets its attention the planet will call the creature one of its own from then on to eternity."

"That would certainly explain why no one was able to simply erase Eva from existence in the past, it's only a last resort when someone causes too much fear and unrest in the world." After a few seconds of silence the Dean just processed the extent of the seal and what it was doing to the world's law. "Are you insinuating Nagi's seal might be able to erase Eva when the earth has her under its protection?" Konoka's grandfather asked looking quite pale.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Naruto said throwing his arms in the air. "I looked over the blueprints of that seal; it was originally designed to be used by someone with patience, composure and who was able to keep a cool head at the most stressful of times, but that is just a small step in the right direction to becoming a seal's master. Sealing is a lot like alchemy, take one part cool headed, one part patience, two parts crazy fool who's not afraid to experiment and season it with a good understanding of what you're doing. Let that percolate for a good while, and when you're done, you will be a master sealer." Naruto grinned looking very childlike at talking about one of his favourite hobbies; his grin was so infectious that caused Shizuna to giggle and the Dean to laugh heartily.

"Hohoho, thank you for the lesson Naruto-Kun, it's good to know that I can still learn a thing or two even in my old age."

"What I don't understand is how did it happen?" Naruto spoke looking and sounding quite confused. "I mean, Nagi must have done everything right, from what I've heard he and Eva were friends, and even if they were enemies once in a while I know he would never want her dead, so what the hell happened to the seal." Naruto said with frustration filling his voice and gripping the desk that was in front of him.

"Ah," Konomon said hesitantly scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. Naruto glared at him in confusion. "Nagi told me that all he used was a lot of power and a simple incantation." Once more the room was silent, not because of Naruto this time, something he would have appreciated if he was in the right state of mind.

"That's it;" Naruto disbelievingly said, his eyes were twitching and he looked very close to screaming. "He just used a lot of power and a simple incantation. I see." Naruto spoke without any emotion filling his voice. "I am well aware that I am a knuckleheaded idiot who can barely think two steps ahead of anything. I'm not a strategist, never have been, never will be. That was Shikamaru's job. I was the tactician that could come up with plans while I fought, I could never come up with plans before a fight, but I have never been this clueless or callous towards my friends, I have never played or risked the life of any of my friends." His emotionless voice was getting more passionate with every word he uttered. The other occupants in the room looked quite apprehensive.

"To be fair, seeing as I know Nagi better than you I am certain that was not his intent." The Dean defended his old friend, he knew Nagi could be reckless at times but he did genuinely care about Eva.

"I would hope not." Naruto crossly said folding his arms over his chest. The Principal did look concerned at the thought of his favourite little vampire being erased from reality. Watching Naruto with narrowed eyes he knew that the man in front of him had a plan to deal with this situation, there was no way that Naruto would give up on Evangeline that easily.

"So what do you intend to do?" The Dean questioned him with a raised eyebrow, a very thick looking eyebrow an eyebrow that could easily win biggest eyebrows ever. Naruto grinned with a mischievous and a twinkle in his eye.

"I'm going to fix the seal and blackmail my dear little Loli-Chan." Naruto being at the right state of mind did appreciate the silence that came with his proclamation.


Walking through the hallways of Mahora Academy with his two hyperactive students Negi began seeing a familiar trend when he passed every room with classes being held. Each student looked frazzled, exhausted and held an expression of taut anxiety. Negi noticing the sense of impending doom in the hallways turned to question his tow nrightly smiling students.

"Is there a reason why all the students I pass seem to be working even harder than they were yesterday?" Negi asked walking between the two girls.

"It's almost time for the end of the term exams for us middle class students." Yuna told him with a small smile on her face.

"The test is in three days Negi-Kun." Sakurako replied answering his question.

"Huh? End of the terms eh, must be tough." Negi said nonchalantly, several seconds passed before a sense of dread filled his mind and he stopped in his tracks alerting the two girls. "Wait a minute does that include class 2/A?" Negi asked incredulously, getting tow affirmative nods from each girl he started waving his hands in front of the girls. "If that's the case shouldn't you be studying right now? There is no way you should be so nonchalant about this."

""It's okay Negi-Kun." One of the trio of cheerleaders said trying to reassure Negi.

"Our school is an escalator school so it doesn't really matter." Yuna replied waving her hand as if to say it doesn't matter.

"Especially 2/A," Sakurako confirmed scratching the back of her head in embarrassment. "Our class always comes in last but it always turns out alright in the end for us." Instead of easing Negi's worries they just increased it.

"Are you kidding me, this is serious girls. I have to help you study and make sure you are capable of taking this test." Negi declared staring at both girls hoping they would take his declaration seriously, instead the just squealed and glomped him.

"Kyaah!" Negi-Kun cares so much about us." Both girls cheered ignoring the white face of their sensei.

The tension that both girls created did not leave Negi when they continued walking towards their classroom. Dread was still knotted in his stomach and he idly wondered why didn't Takamichi, or their previous sensei not help them when they clearly needed all the help they could get. Turning the corner he came to most peculiar sight.

"What's that flower like trophy case for?" Negi questioned both of his students who looked at the case with a resigned expression on their faces.

"Ah, that goes to the class that scores the highest marks." Yuna said hesitantly not looking at the trophy case. Each girl began walking off leaving Negi to stare at the trophy case with an intense look on his face.

'I want that trophy, and I will get these girls into the best state of their minds to win it.' Negi thought before walking faster to catch up with the girls who were too busy talking to a very familiar man.

"Yo Negi!" Naruto greeted with a grin on his face, he searched in his pocket for a few moments and then handed an envelope to his son. "Shizuna-Chan gave me this message to give to you, it seems pretty important." Naruto said crossing his arms over his chest.

"What do you think it is?" Negi questioned looking up to his father for his opinion. Naruto just shrugged.

"You can always open it and find out yourself; it's probably nothing too serious." Naruto waved his arm to the side, closing his eyes he thought back to the office after his talk about Loli-Chan.


Getting up from his chair and getting an envelope from Shizuna he turned away, just when his hand was on the doorknob the bearded man called out.

'Before you leave Naruto-Kun, I need your help on a project that will benefit your son and certain members of your class.'

'I'm listening.'


After coming out of his flashback he noticed his son's hands were shaking briefly, the two girls were still chatting with each other, not a worry filling their thoughts about the upcoming exams. Looking at his son he leaned forward so the girls wouldn't hear.

"Negi, what's wrong? You went very pale all of a sudden." His father's concerned voice broke him out of his stupor. Negi met his father's worried gaze and handed him the letter.

"I have to make certain that class 2/A doesn't come in last place, otherwise you and I are out of here." Negi's voice was quiet with a hint of disbelief, Naruto on the other hand looked uninterested probably because he couldn't care less if they had to leave or not. Negi was proven wrong with his father's next statement.

"Well that's not too bad, I mean to come in second last place or higher, I mean that isn't too hard." Naruto reasonably said getting Negi to blink at his assumption. The two girls finally realized that their other sensei was there with them.

"Good morning Naruto-Sensei!" The both cheered his name with smiles on their faces. Yuna skipped up to his side and beamed at him.

"Sensei, did you hear about our awesome victory over the dodge ball team?" Yuna asked him looking quite bubbly. Sakurako saddled up behind Negi so she could lean over his shoulder and peek at what he was reading. Naruto sent Yuna a small smile.

"Yes I heard about that, I also heard you made up with them as well. That was an incredible mature gesture to do." Naruto praised both girls; causing Yuna to blush a pretty pink, when her older sensei acted like a mature father he greatly resembled her father, Sakurako was trying and failing to get the letter from Negi. The pair looked quite comical.

"Well," Yuna scratched the back of her head and seemed to have problems meeting her sensei's eyes. "It was because of Asuna-san. She started it and if Asuna thinks it was okay to give them another chance then the rest of 2/A supports her." Yuna declared putting her hand on her breast. Naruto hearing this gained a fond smile and his seemed to brighten considerably.

"Bell-Chan did that, I knew she had it in her." Naruto muttered to himself, seeing his son and Sakuako squabbling over the letter he walked over to the pair, Yuna following behind him.

"Please sensei I want to see what you're holding," Sakurako pleaded pulling on his letter, Negi using his superior strength pinched a nerve on her hand getting her to let go with a squawk of indignation. "Meanie." She whined looking quite like a kicked puppy.

"Come on we better get to class, I hope you can motivate your students son. They're going to need all the help they can get." Naruto told his son, getting a nod from his son the quartet walked into the classroom. The semi-immortal walked over to his chair and sat down, a shy ghost brightened immediately when she saw him and floated up beside him.

"All right everyone please listen up." Negi said quite loudly instantly getting the undivided attention of his classroom. "Today we'll be having a cram session; it's almost time for the end of the term exams and something very bad will happen if we come in last place, so please let's try our hardest." Negi quickly said rushing over his words, nods went around the class except for an orange hair, bell wearing girl who narrowed her eyes in concern.

'What's wrong with the brat, something wrong must have happened if its making him act this way.' Asuna thought looking quite worried at the child sensei. The class president not knowing Negi as well as Asuna did thought everything was alright with Negi so she instantaneously agreed with him.

"Negi-sensei, that's a wonderful idea." Ayaka praised clasping her hands together. Negi looking quite troubled at seeing the praise in Ayaka's eyes blushed and looked at another student who raised her hand.

"I have a suggestion Negi-sensei." The cheery cheerleader declared raising her hand hoping to be called out by Negi.

"Yes Sakurako-san." Negi answered the hand raised girl hoping she had a good suggestion because he hadn't the foggiest clue what to do.

"Let's do an English study phrase Yakyuken." She proposed with an enthusiastically grin causing the room occupants to bask in silence, except Haruna Saotome who was hoping beyond hope that their cute little sensei was ignorant to the word so she could have interesting ideas for her Doujishi.

She was also giggling madly.

Negi hearing the word Yakyuken immediately thought it had something do with baseball, having no idea why baseball would help their study session seemed to deflate until he realized that the girls must have some kind of plan to help them and it involved baseball.

"That's a great idea!" Haruna cheered raising her fist to the sky with tears of joy cascading down her cheeks, jumping out of her chair so fast that it caused the piece of furniture to be sent flying backward she grabbed her two friends by the collar of their jackets and pulled them along with her ignoring their protests.

"Yeah!" The rest of the class cheered with huge smiles, following their friend's example they pulled all their unwilling friends by their shoulders and started to play the game. "Negi-Kun let's do that." Seeing what they were about to do the class president stood up with the aura of a proud noblewoman.

"Wait a minute here, as class president I object." Ayaka yelled protesting this silly game. Just as she was about to raise her voice again she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning around so she could yell at the girl who gripped her shoulder, to immediately remove her appendage but lest it be removed. Her threat gurgled in her mouth at the sight before, Chizuru Naba with a kind smile and closed eyes leaned dangerously close to Ayaka's nose and giggled. To the class president's ears the giggle sounded quite malevolent and threatening, how she was able to determine that was simple, she knew Chizuru Naba better than anyone else.

"Well then let's begin." The bustiest girl of class 2/A declared with a cheerful smile on her beautiful face, pulling a reluctant but too scared to disagree away, Ayaka just decided to go with her self-preservation side.

"If they were a little older this would be so good right now." Naruto whispered leaning to Sayo who was blushing and giggling at her class. The ghost girl was at a bit of conundrum, she was quite happy that the other girls couldn't pull her into the fray and get her naked so her first friend could see her naked. The conundrum was the small part of her wanted this kind of friendship with the rest of the girls, and even a smaller part that she didn't want to admit to herself. She wouldn't mind letting her friend see her naked, that thought caused her to have tomato coloured cheeks.

Negi who was too busy looking at his chart so that he could make the right decisions for each member of his class turned around and blushed so hard, that blood could be seen coming out of his ears.

"What the heck are you all doing?" Negi yelled out in indignation causing the half-naked girls to turn to him, the worst part of it all was that several of them didn't seem to have a problem with their undress, including Chizura Naba. That caused great confusion to enter Negi's mind, from what he could tell from his chart she was one of the more intelligent students of the class so how could she lose so many clothes, it wasn't like she purposely got the questions wrong so she could get naked, even stranger she was looking at his father with a strange smile on her face.

This class was weird.

"If you can't answer the question you have to strip." Sakurako supplied him looking quite happy all the while. Negi hoping his father would be helpful to him turned to him to get his attention only to glare at the sight before him.

"Hmm, how weird, Bell-Chan's not wearing bear themed panties today; she probably thinks they give her bad luck." Naruto commented offhandedly, the sight of several half naked beautiful girls who didn't seem to have a problem getting naked in front of him got a smile out of him. He knew that he shouldn't be looking at the scantily clad women in front of him, but it was like a train wreck. You knew it was bad to watch but you just had to.

"Dad!" Negi shouted at him glaring all the while. "Now is not the time." Negi groused putting his hands to his face, leaning against his father all his energy seemed spent and he looked so much like what a ten year should look like. "You know, this wasn't my idea of an ideal studying session. They're too carefree; they're not taking this seriously. Dad, please help me out here." Negi pleaded with his father hoping he would help; Negi didn't want to fail and be force to leave. He liked it here; he like the people here and the thought of leaving Asuna caused him to feel cold.

"Negi, you just have to motivate them properly." Naruto said patting his son on the head reassuringly. Negi looked up through his glasses and glared at his father.

"How do I do that, I mean look at them." Negi gestured towards the girls who were too busy giggling and getting naked. "There is nothing that could faze these girls."

"Yes, it's true that there relaxed and showing way too much energy. Although, that energy could be put to better use, so why don't you use that." Naruto cryptically said, getting his son to look at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Son, when something is coming at you with incredible momentum behind it what do you do?"

"You direct it away because there is no way you can stop it," Negi responded immediately in a flat voice, he being a genius would already know the answer to the question, his eyes went wide after realizing what he just said. "Oh I get it, you want me to use the momentum that the girls have and put it to use."

"Yes, now how are you going to that?"

"The same way leaders got their people motivated, by an incredibly passionate, emotional moving speech." Negi declared intensely, pumping his fist into the air he left his father's side and ran over to his desk.

"I knew forcing him to watch those anime's would come in handy." Naruto muttered to himself, Sayo who was floating beside him giggled at the flat expression on his face. Naruto trained his son in physical, mental and spiritual combat. He pushed his son to his limits and then pushed him further. Negi who was a ten year old boy could defeat adults four times his age in martial arts, but to Naruto's shame he could never help Negi with magic or the research behind magic. He knew the main ingredients for a powerful spell were emotion and will. His son was a genius and very creative at times, so Naruto decided one day he would force his son to watch several anime shows that showed unique attacks.

Naruto realized far too late that the main protagonists of each anime were so charismatic that Negi sometimes emulated them, as in right now.

"Class!" Negi announced while jumping onto the table and spreading his arms out, startling the girls of his class his voice rose over the class receiving the wide eye attention of many of the girls. "I am aware, that until I came here this class has been scrounging at the bottom of the barrel, well I say no more, this is your time for greatness, to show everyone in this school just how amazing you really are, but don't look down in despair instead look up in hope and realize you will succeed where others have failed. Do not believe in yourselves, believe in me who believe in you! If you stumble, trip and fall, remember that we are one, and if one of you fall the others will help you right up, if you have a problem in front of you all you need to do is kick it to the curb, because that is the way of class 2/A." Negi yelled pumping both arms into the air.

There was much silence in the room.

"Oh Christ," Naruto's palm hit his face and sighed. "Of all the people in the world of anime he had to imitate him." Naruto said, clearly remembering how many time Negi called the man cool.

The silence was broken with a large squeal and several of naked girls throwing themselves at Negi and hugging him for all that he was worth. After many attempts at getting the girls to put on some clothes he was finally successful, he was unaware of the photos that were taken by Kazumi or the fact that she was trading them with Haruna. The class was now even more energetic but this time they had direction and purpose. It was a very eventful study session, Negi realized that the idiot rangers still needed more help and for him to do that he needed a place where they could be calm and relaxed.

After the class ended and the girls handed their papers to him, Negi let out a solemn sigh. The girls were getting better but not fast enough, he knew he had to be patient for this kind of thing but the truth he was scared. He briefly wondered about using a magical spell to increase the class's intelligence but that would result in some rather unfortunate results. Negi was scared because he didn't want to fail in front of his father, he even knew Naruto wouldn't be disappointed in him; he would only be disappointed if he gave up before he succeeded. Negi already lost one father and he didn't want to lose another, he knew Naruto would never leave him but there was always that little bit of doubt in the back of his head saying, 'if your birth father left you, why wouldn't a replacement leave you.'

Negi was also scared of leaving this school and people in it. He would miss his class, but most of all he would miss Asuna. He didn't know why he cared so much about her, he knew she had a rough exterior but her core was well worth the barbs and insults she would throw at him. She always liked to accompany him even when she said that they weren't walking together but they just had the same destination. So it came to no surprise to find her outside his door looking at him with concern.

"Negi, what's wrong? You seem pretty out of it." Asuna asked Negi giving him a worried glance. Negi blinked in surprise at just how easy it was for her to see through him. Not wanting to worry her or make big deal out of nothing, he just scratched the back of head and chuckled, even to his own ears it sounded weak.

"Wrong, there is nothing wrong. Did you not hear the speech Asuna-san?" The spectacled boy questioned the bell wearing girl, who just huffed in irritation.

"I heard the speech, and I like to think that I know you better than most people. Something has you worried, what is it?" Her eyes narrowed on his face,.Negi appreciated her concern, but this was just getting ridiculous, he fought demons, spirits and other types of supernatural creatures and this young woman taught he needed pampering.

"It's nothing, there is nothing wrong." Negi tried to say coolly but it came out more irritated than cool. With the way Asuna's eyes narrowed even more she did not like his tone or reply.

"Listen brat, you're really driving my patience right now, here I am trying to help you and your turning me away." Asuna growled at him, her face inches away from his.

"Ah," Negi let out a breath of irritation and told himself to calm down, there was no reason to get mad or start yelling curses at the girl in front of him. She cared about him, maybe a little too much but the point was that she cared, didn't he tell her a few days ago that trait was not the worst one you could have. Here she was being concerned for him and he was acting like a child, if anyone deserved to know the truth she did. "You're right, I apologise Asuna-san." The young mage in training bowed his head and spoke sincerely. Asuna grunted looking away so he couldn't see how red her cheeks had gotten; he had to act mature just like Takamichi and Naruto.

"Damn right you do, now tell me what's eating you brat?" Asuna asked, bracing herself for the worst and then realized he was only ten, what kind of problems could he have, knowing that she was right she relaxed confident knowing that Negi couldn't say anything mind blowing.

"If I don't succeed in making class 2/A come in second last place or higher, dad and I have to leave." Negi said flatly, watching her through his glasses he immediately saw her stiffen.

Asuna was aware that she froze but she didn't mind that, what she wanted to know was why, did her body get so cold and her heart felt pierced. Opening her eyes she looked down at the boy in front of her that looked so small she came to decision. "Okay, I'll help you." She told Negi who just blinked.

"Really, just like that. You really are amazing Asuna-san."

"Idiot, don't say things like that out loud and besides, I'm not doing it to help you or your father, I just want to help my class and my friends." Asuna said walking away with red cheeks and making sure he did not notice that, once more Negi followed her and once more she didn't deny him.


Naruto was once again relaxing in the Mahora academy bath house, of course this time his son was not with him, instead Negi decided to go to bed early. Naruto's companion was instead the friendly, shy ghost. Who for some strange reason that Naruto was not going to ask seemed to be wearing her own translucent bathing suit. The two however were not alone, several girls of 2/A were in the bath enjoying the warm waters. It was peaceful, quiet and utterly relaxing so obviously the universe had to intervene.

"Asuna!" Konoka shouted alerting her friend and everyone else in the bath house. "There's bad news and it concerns us all." She told them looking at them with worried eyes and a body filled with anxiety.

"What's wrong Konoka," Asuna asked her friend and roommate of several years, noticing her friend's exhausted state she got up from the pool and walked over to her. "No one got hurt did they."

"No, it's nothing like that,"Konoka replied. "But there is this rumour going around that the class that comes in last will be broken up." Konoka worriedly said, her lips quivering and the pool of her eyes starting to water.

"What?!" Came the startled cry of the towel wearing girls. Just like that the idiot rangers and the library trio along with Konoka began talking animatedly with one another. Naruto who was relaxing in the pool by leaning against the wall noticed Sayo looking worried, poor girl must have been afraid of losing her best friend. Several minutes passed, and the girls of 2/A were still fretting over the idea of being broken up, they gad many ideas that included the dumb girls of the class would have to start over in kindergarten and each girl expressing worry over the fact that each of them were bringing down the rest. When the mortality challenged man let out a sigh of content from the warmth that the water excluded he realized that several pair of eyes were on him. In response he raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Yes girls, I know I'm incredibly handsome but is there a reason you're looking at me like that?" Naruto asked looking unconcerned over their worries already knowing what was really going on.

"Is it true Naruto-Kun?" Konoka questioned looking quite nervous.

"Is what true?"

"Are we going to be broken up if we fail?" The Dean's grandfather looked quite close to crying.

"No it's nothing like that, if class 2/A fails nothing bad will happen to you." Naruto told the girls giving them a reassuring smile that calmed each of them down, until he uttered his next sentence. "Negi and I on the other hand will be forced to leave." The orange wearing, ramen loving man said without a care in the world.

"What?!" Several girls shouted in disbelief including his shy, ghost friend who was sitting beside him. After several more minutes of arguing with each other it looked like the girls had come to a decision. Naruto who was trying to calm down his friend and promising her that he wouldn't abandon her didn't notice the stoic Yue come up with a ludicrous idea.

"Where are you girls going?" Naruto asked the girls after seeing them each stand up and walk off to dry themselves wondering what they were about to do. It was Bell-Chan that answered.

"To Library Island, so that we can find a magical book that will increase our intelligence." Bell-Chan replied without any shame to admitting such a ridiculous statement, although if she knew about the magical world it would be a lot less ridiculous. Naruto in response just gave them each a dry look.

"So, instead of doing the actual work, you want to cheat and find a quick and easy way out of your problems instead of facing them head on." Naruto asked, there was no judgement in his tone, but there was certainly no appraising either.

"Ahhhh.." Each girl let out a collective groan of realization, even the shy Nodoka and the stoic Yue looked ashamed. After several seconds of awkward silence Naruto just gave them a shrug.

"Good plan." He admitted, it wasn't like he never cheated before. He was a ninja, cheating was even encouraged in the rule book. Mind you he was probably the most honourable cheater in his world.

"What?" The girls asked him, their tone of disbelief brought a smile to his face.

"Well it is, it's very practical. If you don't get caught it's not cheating, so have fun on your little quest. Maybe you should come up with a name for it." Naruto commented casually wondering to himself what would be a good nickname for them.

"Naruto-Sensei, aren't you coming?" Konoka asked him after realizing their sensei was not moving from his relaxed position.

"No, I have other things to do right now." Naruto said, leaning back into the bath he let out another sigh of contentment.

"What's more important than the safety of your class?" She asked him looking quite appalled at his attitude. Naruto hearing her tone realized that he might have lost a few respect points from his students.

"A promise of a lifetime, besides it's not like you're going to be alone. You have Kunoichi-Chan with you; she'll be able to protect you." Naruto smiled in a cheerful manner, giving Kaede a pointed a look he saw her straighten her back out. She most have, realized that he was appointing her in his place. "Now off you go, make sure you have enough supplies for your adventure." Naruto waved goodbye to each girl, sinking into the bath he knew what he did was the right thing to do, even if it lost some pints with his students it was for the best.

Naruto knew that Bell-Chan would bring his son with them on this little trip of theirs, the idiot rangers needed a place that could help them relax and feel at peace with no pressure on their shoulders. The reason for the book was twofold, one it had to be real so that Negi could be tempted by using it, but having enough willpower to realize it was nothing more than a diversion. Second, it was to bait and lure Negi as well as several girls so that they could find a sanctuary to study in.

Which in turn meant, that Naruto had to teach the other girls of 2/A all by himself.


The team that was now known as the Knights of Mahora walked into the room that the sleeping mage had resided in. Careful not to break anything that was important to him the red knight loomed over his sleeping form and slapped him, repeatedly.

"Wake up Negi, it's time to go." The red knight hissed at the droopy form of her sensei. Negi who had been awake the whole time ever since he heard the door being opened released the kunai that he had under his bed, giving her a tired look and rubbing the gunk out of his eyes he turned to look at his alarm clock.

"Asuna-san, where are we going?" Negi asked Asuna who was the red knight a nickname she liked considerably more than red idiot. In response she gave him a mischievous smile that eerily reminded him of his father.

"Where going on an adventure Negi, were going to Library Island to find the magical book for getting smart," Asuna the red knight coughed in embarrassment after realizing her grammar was incorrect. "I meant, finding a magical book for getting smarter." She finished looking quite proud of herself.

"Huh?" Negi questioned her looking at her like she was an idiot, on the inside however he was freaking out. How did Asuna find out about the existence of magic, was she aware of it beforehand but didn't want to tell him. Did she see him training with his father during her early morning deliveries? Realizing he didn't have enough information he kept quiet and let the red knighted idiot pull him out of his bed already missing the warmth.


(First Day)

Being well aware that his son was in the company of the girls that left the bath house the same time he was relaxing in it, he did not appeared to be worried. He knew Negi could handle any problems that the Dean could throw at him; Konoemon said that one of his traps would be a game of twister and if that was the level of difficulty that Negi had to endure Naruto could handle the next three days in peace.

The reason he was worried was because he had to be the one to teach the rest of the class, which meant he had to actually get to know them better. He did promise Chizuru that he would tell stories for several kids that she was taking care of. He knew he was he being a child about it, but the fact remained that each of these girls would grow old and die. That was a cold hard truth that Naruto found to be annoyingly depressing.

With the sun above his head shining down on him Naruto walked into Maharo Academy to begin teaching his class, at times like this he knew he spoiled Negi. Opening the door and countering each prank the twins had created he greeted his class. The twins were as persistent as Wile E the coyote. They did have talent though and they did remind him of his younger self.

"Now class, please take your seats and let's begin." Naruto said to each group of girls that were in separate cliques in different areas of the room. Each girl stopped what they were doing and took their respective seats, as they sat a low confused murmur escaped the lips of several girls. It was the class president that voiced her opinion.

"Naruto-sensei, where is Negi-sensei?" Ayaka, the Negi worshipping girl questioned Naruto looking quite concerned over the fact that it was Naruto and not Negi teaching their class.

"He's working on a project that includes several students from this class." Naruto replied letting his fingers brush against the glass mirror that was in front of him. Ayaka still would not back down when it came to her amazing Negi-sensei.

"Shouldn't I, as class president be included in that list of students." Ayaka huffed looking quite upset that she was not with Negi's group. Naruto feeling a little incensed by her constant interruptions decided he would nip this conversation in the bud.

"I thought so to, but Negi told me that he needed you here because you are so dependable." Naruto told her with a charming smile on his face. In response to what she just heard Ayaka did a perfect swoon, how she managed to this while sitting on a chair only she could tell you.

"Negi-sensei, the faith you have in me makes me feel so warm. I am unworthy of his attention." Ayaka declared dramatically causing several of the girls in class to giggle at their class president's behaviour.

"Uh huh that's wonderful," Naruto drawled not looking weird out by the rich girl's passionate statement, after all he was someone who regularly hung out with Guy and Lee. "Now class please open page sixty seven of your books and tell me what do you think of the relationship between Jason and Medea?" Naruto questioned, leaning back comfortably on his chair he let his thoughts geo to his son and wondered was he having much success with his other students.

Reading silently to herself Ayaka's thought were similar to Naruto, she hoped Negi was having success on his project with the missing girls of 2/A. "I do wonder what Negi-sensei is actually doing with that uncouth orange hair monkey." Ayaka whispered to herself, biting her lip she continued to read the tragic fall that happened to Medea. Her whisper wasn't as quiet as thought when Sakurako whispered something to her that caused her blood to freeze.

"It probably has something to do with Negi-Kun being fired if we come in last place for the exams." Sakurako whispered to Ayaka unaware of what she just awakened. She and her chair fell backwards when the very imposing sight of Ayaka in her direct vision loomed over her.

"Eh!" Ayaka screeched incoherently, slamming her hand on the desk that was Sakurako she pulled the girl to her feet using her surprising strength and then pushed her face into the cheerleaders. "Ehhhhh?! What did you say? Negi-sensei will get fired if class 2/A comes in last place." Ayaka's behaviour and question caused the remaining girls of 2/A to back up by the sheer volume of her question.

Naruto who was using his empathy skill to tell if his son was alright was leaning on the back of his chair, and by the feeling of embarrassment that Naruto could sense his son most likely managed to strip some girl of her clothing. Hearing and seeing the argument taking place in front of the entire class he decided now, was probably the best time to intervene. "Lady I have yet to give a nickname to, could you please stop yelling in my class." Naruto's loud voice caused the blonde to look at him with a piercing glare.

"Naruto-sensei, you knew about this?" Asuna's rival's tone was filled with accusation, dropping Sakurako to her feet she stomped up to him. Naruto well used to what true feminine fury could do just shrugged his shoulders and gave her a flat stare.

"Well it does concern my son, and I have made it my priority to know about my son and his involvements." Naruto's tone was not condescending but to several of the more mature students they knew better. Naruto was looking at the class president with a look that clearly said, 'I'm a good parent who knows what his child is doing and well aware that he can handle himself.' It has been said before that Naruto's looks tended to be very expressive.

"Then that project you were talking about earlier was a lie." Ayaka's accusing tone was now back in full force, pointing her slender index finger at now she poked him which just caused Naruto to raise an eyebrow at her surprisingly non noble attitude.

"No it wasn't, because I don't lie. The class was split up because the girls who you gave that rather affectionate nickname, needs all the help it can get. Negi is with the students who desperately need his help while the rest of you will study here and get ready for the exams." Naruto told the class president who in turn stopped poking Naruto's chest with her finger, which was good for Ayaka because her index finger was getting sore at poking Naruto. It was like he was a wall made out of concrete.

"So, Negi-sensei is helping out the Idiot Rangers." The cheerful tone of Sakurako managed to put a smile on Naruto's face, he turned towards the girl and nodded his head in thanks which caused the girl's cheeks to grow the lightest shade of pink.

"Yes he is, don't worry. You'll see Negi and your friends in a few days, I promise." Naruto told them, reassurance was in his voice and each girl began to sit back down again comforted knowing that Negi and their friends would be safe.

God, who in reality was sometimes called and known as Murphy, who was in charge of the universe decided to screw with Naruto.

The door was opened roughly with a loud bang, the girls turned their heads to see who the perpetrators were and they were shocked to see two of their friends that they thought were with Negi. "Everyone! We've got a big problem. Negi-sensei and the idiot rangers have gone missing." Haruna yelled red faced, Nodoka the shy bookworm did not raise her voice but anyone could tell from her body language that she was worried too.

Naruto just blinked.

"You know, the second I mentioned the word promise I knew something like this would turn up." Naruto casually said taking his seat once more. Naruto who was still using his empathy skills to make sure Negi was okay, was bombarded by a huge amount of hate coming from his students, turning around he noticed several angry glares being thrown his way.

"This is serious Naruto-sensei. How can you be so callous towards your own son?" Ayaka yelled her face red and her expression filled with red hot rage, the casual tone of her sensei and the lack of concern for his son angered the class president like never before. Even Asuna in all her uncouth behaviour could ever make her this angry.

With Ayaka leading the charge of anger towards Naruto, the rest of the girls got up from their chairs and started yelling at him for his sheer apathy and indifference towards his son's health and their friend's disappearance. They were twenty five angry female students right in front of Naruto, they were either yelling at him for being a horrible or teacher or both. The more mature students who didn't like to indulge in their petty sides opted to silently glare at him, all except for two. His ghost friend was giving him a questioning look; there was no anger on her face except confusion. She had only known him for a few days and yet she still trusted him this much, it warmed his heart a little knowing that he had a friend who trusted and believe in him this much.

The other student was Evangeline AK McDowell who looked like she had just won the lottery if that face splitting grin was any indication.

"Yeah, like what Ayaka-san said."

"Hmm, you're being a big meanie Naruto-sensei."

"I can't believe you would be so cruel Naruto."

Normally in a situation that had over twenty young women who were about to project supreme female fury who should leave the immediate area and run for the hills. Naruto however was over two hundred years old and used to be a husband and father, so dealing with heavy emotional women came quite easy to Naruto. "Okay, first of all shut up." Naruto said casually well aware that he wasn't getting any points from his students. "Second, Kaede-Chan is with them so no matter what happens she will take care of them, and thirdly, and I can't stress this enough. My son isn't a weak idiot like you all seem to think he is." The blond hair mortality challenged man said, his voice getting a little rougher at the end of his sentence.

"Now you listen here, you…" Ayaka's sentence that no doubt contained many swears and cusses were cut off when the liaison of the Tail Beasts interrupted her.

"No, you listen. Negi might be ten years old but he isn't some stupid little kid who needs someone to constantly hold him by the hand, he can take care of himself. In case you haven't noticed my son, a ten year old who you think needs to be smothered, is teaching a class filled with teenagers. He graduated from a university not too long ago. I know what my son is capable of you so don't you dare call me callous." Naruto's voice was not filled with anger or frustration; it was filled with immense pride that he felt for his son.

Even though his tone was in fact no way negative or threatening each girl froze and their backs stiffened in fear. It wasn't until Naruto's amused voice broke them out of their stupor.

"Now if you want to help my son, I highly recommend that you all sit your cute little butts down and pick up a book, because all of you need to study as well." Each girl did what they were told; as they sat each girl had an exchange with one another. Their faces were filled with shame.

"Okay, Naruto-sensei." Ayaka's voice was so quiet that Naruto nearly mistook her for the shy bookworm Hinata 2.0, or in this case Nodoka.

"Yeah, we'll definitely help Negi-sensei so he can stay."

"Absolutely, after all he helped us with those senior girls from the dodge ball team." Each girl got back to studying with renewed vigour hoping that they would be able to help both of their sensei's keep their jobs.


Several minutes after the bell rang indicating the end of the school day, we find our main character in a small clearing overlooking a cliff. Naruto was sitting in a cross legged position admiring Mahora Academy, using his yang chakra which consisted of pure golden energy wrought in flames, he draped the wisps of power over the area he was resting in causing several plants to grow and bloom. The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju was capable of creating forest life in a manner of seconds, while Naruto could only manipulate and direct the roots hidden under the world and cause them to spontaneously grow to do what he wanted. Naruto who was the Sixth Hokage and the inheritor of all previous Hokages will of fire was truly an accumulation of all former leaders of the leaf. Feeling content that he could experience nature's love surround him he let out a sigh of content, and then let loose a breath of air in irritation when he heard a young woman's cry of attack.

"Zanagekan!" A wave of energy came forth from the female attacker's blade and Naruto who was vexed from his relaxation being interrupted simply snapped his fingers together creating his own wave of energy that instantly shattered the enemy's attack leaving her in the clearly glaring at him in silent anger.

Naruto stood up from his position snapping a few joints that were formed on his body from staying in his state for too long. Pursing his lips he turned around to see the obvious culprit but he grew silent at what he saw. Setsuna Sakurazaki clad in her school uniform, wielding her nodaci in one hand while holding the sheath in her other was seething at him.

The sight of his student or the emotional state she was in did not matter to Naruto, what did matter was the state of the clearing she created from using that energy attack on him. Naruto would not call himself an environmentalist activist but seeing the damage that Setsuna wrought he had the sudden urge to break her fingers, slowly. The area was scorched by the pure energy that she created with her blade.

"Yes sword bearing-Chan, what can I do you for today?" Naruto politely asked with a soft smile on his face, on the inside though he felt the call of nature demanding retribution for what this hybrid did. Naruto blinked in confusion at that statement, he knew the earth could contact him and whisper promises, although she never allowed him to use Senjutsu he was permitted by the Earth to bask in her embrace. What he was confused by was the word hybrid, he knew what it meant but was Setsuna, one of his students mixed human with something else.

"You will tell me where Ojou-Sama is." The apparent hybrid hissed at him through clenched teeth. Naruto had watched the sword wielder many times and from what he could tell she was usually stoic and never showing an expression on her face. The only times she ever contradicted this assessment was the mention of Konoka and when that happened she went into a quick rage, quite like what she doing right now. Naruto also being an empath could feel a great amount of regret coming from the young woman, and the only guess that Naruto could take was that Setsuna failed Konoka in some way.

"What makes you think I know where she is?" Naruto inquired pointing at himself, he didn't need to be an empath to sense the anger coming from the woman when she gave a battle cry and charged at the mortality challenged man.

Naruto dodged her attack with ease, she was too emotional, too easy to read and because of that her steps and stance were completely off. Naruto, not one to run from a fight sent a small burst of chakra to his wrist materializing the sword of Kusanagi in his hand. The sword originally belonged to his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. It was larger than most common chokuto it has a black scabbard and a matching hilt. Naruto was not a master swordsman's he wasn't even close and knew that he never be good with it. Instead of proving everyone wrong which was his usual method, he decided not to learn how to use a sword under the pretence that Sasuke used a sword, and Naruto was in no way copying that bastard.

Setsuna nonplussed at the sight of the sword that popped out of nowhere redoubled her efforts; her next attack was aimed at Naruto's forehead which he intercepted. Naruto knew for a fact that Setsuna had more skill with a blade in her pinkie than Naruto did in his own body. Setsuna had skill; he had speed, power and experience in defending from sword wielding warriors. Naruto had no skill using a sword, but he knew how to defend himself from one.

Back and forth they traded blows. Every attack she launched at Naruto was a fatal one that would have caused severe bleeding. Their swords colliding with one another caused sparks to be created from the friction of each blade. Their faces were inches away from each other, Naruto with a small smile and Setsuna with a venomous glare.

"Don't feed me that crap, Ojou-Sama went with your son last night and you obviously know where he is." She barked at him using her superior skills with the blade to maneuverer Naruto where she wanted him. Naruto just gave her dry look as if to say, 'you already know where she is.'

"They're studying, and speaking of studying shouldn't you be too." Naruto replied with an easy grin on his face. Setsuna launched herself at him using a horizontal attack hoping to cut that grin off his face. Naruto stood perfectly still with a calm look on his face, her sword millimetres from his neck, was blocked when a golden ethereal energy hand came from his neck. The golden miniature hand blocked Setsuna's lethal attack on her teacher.

Witnessing the strange phenomena she took two hasty steps backwards and proceeded to take a deep breath. Readying her sword once more and getting into her usual stance she looked at her sensei and realized that he was in a stance that she had never seen before in a fight that is not to say that she never witnessed that stance before. The stance Naruto was in was the stance that people who never used a sword before stood in. Realizing that the blond hair whisker man was in such a ridiculous stance she couldn't help but make a comment.

"Do you even know how to use that sword?" She asked looking quite annoyed; her fists were tightened on the grip of her nodachi so much so that Naruto saw the whites of her knuckles. Naruto in response simply looked down at the blade in his hand and gave her a shrug.

"My sword, of course I know how to use it. What's there to understand about swish, swish stab, it's a sword Setsuna not a fucking fighter jet." With that declaration he came at her in full force.

Setsuna Sakurazaki had duelled with blades before. To her it was like a beautiful but deadly dance. It was poetry in motion. Deducting the enemy's moves and preventing him from stopping yours. Steel on steel causing sparks of friction. She had skill, finesse and grace.

Naruto possessed none of these virtues; all he possessed was speed and strength. He lunged at her, swinging his sword in a hack and slash motion. Setsuna raised her nodachi to block and staggered when his chokuto connected. Naruto possessed no skill with a blade but he made up for it with unholy strength and such speed that Setsuna had trouble keeping up with. Toko-sensei was nowhere near as fast or as powerful as the man in front of her; Setsuna realized that she needed to get much stronger otherwise her charge would get hurt.

The albino gritted her teeth at that thought. She knew she needed to get stronger, under the tutelage of Toko-sensei she progressed tremendously, but now seeing this entity in front of her and stopping her with little to no effort at all, it hurt her pride. The only way for her to win this fight and get the information she wanted was to use her skill and the experience she accumulated throughout the years.

It might have worked too if Naruto wasn't annoyed at her behaviour and the constant shouting of the world in his ear, she was demanding retribution. She wanted this girl in front of him to experience pain and to be put to the sword for what she did to her children.

Setsuna's entire body stiffened when she heard the tear of clothing from behind her, the stinging sensation she knew to be Naruto's blade on her spine. She felt the blade poised at her back and with a bit of exertion on his part he could impale her on his blade, but for her she didn't care. The entire world around her seemed to disappear and Naruto made no effort to finish. The albino knew it wasn't because of honour or him being her teacher, no, she knew it had to with the disgusting attachments on her back that caused him to stop his attack.

"Attacking from behind is a shameless act among swordsman." Naruto told her holding his blade in a reverse grip. "It's a good thing I'm not a swordsman, isn't that rig…" Naruto halted his sentence and Setsuna knew why. "What the hell?" Naruto muttered sounding confused. Setsuna hearing the shock in his voice snapped back into attention and rolled forward not even caring to pick up her sword.

"Don't look!" Setsuna shouted sounding alarmed and frightened beyond measure. She turned around to hide what Naruto had already seen. The man himself just stared at her mouth agape while blinking.

"White wings, that's what she meant by hybrids." Setsuna stiffened at his words and the casual mention of the word hybrid, she saw him tense and point a finger at her. She prepared best she could but nothing could have prepared her for Naruto's next sentence. "You're mixture of human and angel aren't you?" He asked her planting his fist into his open palm.

"What?" Setsuna dumbly asked. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her mouth opened so much that a colony of bees could live there.

"You have white wings just like an angel;" Naruto said remembering the colour of her wings; he said it aloud so he could confirm the sentence just said. "Holy hell does that means angels exist. Why do I have the sudden urge to repent for all my sins?"

"Angel?" Setsuna dumbly asked a second time. Naruto just shrugged in response.

"Yeah an angel, you do have the beautiful white wings like the stories depict angels to have."

"Beautiful?" Once more she dumbly asked and this time Naruto was actually worried by her behaviour.

"Okay seriously, what's with the mental stumbling block?"

"Angel, beautiful," She said slowly, her breaths coming out in short gasps and she gave him a patronizing look. "Are you kidding me? I'm a Hanyou, a filthy hybrid. A mixture of demon and human blood not an angel like you believed me to be."

"Is that really a bad thing though?" Naruto asked nonchalantly gazing at her with an inquisitive stare.

"Of course it is my own tribe threw me away because of the colour of my wings." Setsuna shouted at the calm man in front of her, Naruto flinched at the thought of a family abandoning their child. Naruto didn't have any family either but his parents had a good excuse, they were dead.

"You really don't have a high opinion of yourself do you." Naruto mused feeling the disgust radiating from her.

"What?" She questioned at hearing his casual response.

"Your tribe threw you away because of the fear they had for your wings, my village had fear for me because of these." Naruto ran his index finger over the marks on his cheeks. 'As well as a few other things, I will not be mentioning anytime soon.' Naruto thought to himself, well aware of the reaction he would get if he told anyone about his former friend.

"What do those whiskers have anything to do with me?"

"Oh you know, your tribe feared you because of the colour of your wings while my village feared me because of my whiskers. We both suffered from prejudice, I thought we could have some sort of camaraderie." Naruto spoke lightly as if his past wasn't traumatizing.

Setsuna stared

"No, just me, oh I feel depressed." Naruto clutched his heart in mock sorrow, seeing her disbelieving look he shrugs. "I guess it doesn't matter, what really matters, is that have you called down yet. What's the matter, why the glare?" Naruto asked after witnessing the icy glare that the Hanyou was giving him.

"It looks like you have been just playing me from the beginning." Setsuna hissed feeling her pride plummet.

"Sword bearing-Chan, I don't want to sound arrogant or smug, but I haven't had a real challenge in ages. This isn't arrogance, confidence, or even pride talking its fact. I have not had a real challenge in over one hundred and forty years."

Looking at the man in front of her and witnessing his power, both today and the night he arrived she truly believed that she didn't have a chance against this man. His age was irrelevant to her all that mattered to her was Konoka Konoe, her first and only friend that she let down and would spend her entire life trying to atone for the mistake that nearly took he friends life. Biting her lip she rose until she was on her knees looking like a defenceless young woman who was worried for her friend.

"I worry for Ojou-Sama. I fear she might encounter something awful." She whispered looking at the ground in discomfort, talking to someone was not a commodity that Setsuna allowed for a failure like herself.

"Well that's a fair reason, but my son is with her as well as Kunoichi-Chan. So don't worry, she's in safe hands." Naruto told her warmly, picking up her sword he walked over to her and returned it to her unsteady hands. Still kneeling Setsuna bowed her head until it touched the scorched earth beneath and apologized.

"I apologize for my transgressions" Naruto witnessing her turmoil just snickered and waved his hand.

"No biggie. If I knew you were a threat I would have killed you instantly." Naruto told her with a warm smile and closed eyes that caused tremors to run down Setsuna's spine, to her confusion he looked at her a bit guilty and spoke hesitantly. "Speaking of killing, you're not going to file a complaint against me are you, you know for attacking and everything." He actually looked so nervous at the thought of her filing a lawsuit against him that it made Setsuna lips to curve the tiniest but.

"No Naruto-Sensei." Naruto hearing that he was in the clear beamed and clapped his together.

"Fantastic, now I believe you have books to be reading right now, because if you don't Negi will get fired and if he gets fired Konoka-Chan will be very upset and we don't her to be upset do we, she might even cry." Naruto reminded her, only to blink when he saw dust appear where Setsuna was just kneeling.

Wincing at the increasingly annoying shouts of outrage coming from the Nature around him, Naruto coated his hands in golden energy and slammed his palms on the ground below his feet causing the once scorched earth to renew in life. The dark ugly brown was now replaced with green grass and flowers. Pleased that the screams had ended Naruto wisely guessed that the Nature was satisfied.


(Second Day)

With another school day over and no mention of his son or the rest of the girls that went with him Naruto found himself walking down a path with his top heavy companion. The path was paved and filled with people young and old alike. The sun as bright as ever was high above their heads and shining down on them with its usual intensity. Walking together while holding hands, Chzuru tugged on his held hand to bring him to their destination. He did not find the action intimate in anyway; Chizuru just seemed like a cheerful young woman that had absolutely no problems with personal space. Each of them navigated through the clustered crowds of people that were in their way. Young people, young couples, old people and old couples were enjoying what Mahora had to offer.

He had expected Chizuru to be the most mature girl of the class, he honestly didn't expect his walking companion to pull him to the side of the classroom after the class was finished and ask him could he come with her to the day care centre. So here he was, in front of a building that held young children that were none of his. Naruto loved his own children and it wasn't like he didn't adopt other children in this world besides Negi. There was even this young girl who had pink hair and the cutest little horns attached to her head, she seemed so surprised that he adopted her in that hellhole of an orphanage.

They arrived at their destination and they both walked into the building, opening the door he heard the distinct sound of a bell and after closing the door he turned around only to see the wide eyes and curious faces of what seemed to be over thirty children. Standing at the door he observed the mature Chizuru smile at each child and greeting every one of them enthusiastically. Nodding in approval at witnessing the scene play out in front of him, he knew that Chizuru could wield a commanding aura such as the times he witnessed the scary smile that sent shivers down the spines of each of her classmates.

Stepping further into the room he noticed all eyes were on him, curious, happiness and distrust. He was only in the building for five seconds and he was already hated. He suddenly felt like he wasn't welcome in the day care. Chizuru noticing the tense atmosphere brought the attention of the room to her by clapping her hands together in a dramatic fashion.

"Now class I have a very special treat for all of you. This man here is my new sensei and he agreed to tell us all about his amazing adventures. Everyone this is Naruto Uzumaki, please treat him with the same care I show all of you." The bustiest of all the girls of 2/A pleasantly said. The children broke out in excited mutterings.

"Adventures!" Several children shouted unable to hold their joy, with them being children it was impossible to do.

"Like dragons and princesses." One little blond hair girl piped up giving Naruto a shy glance.

"Oooh, I want to hear one about pirates." A black hair child with a scar under his eye cheered.

"Nuh Huh it should be about robots." A red headed girl retorted with a thick German accent all the while giving the blond sage sidelong glances.

"No way, I want Ninja's." A young boy declared, after hearing that sentence Naruto decided he liked that child

"Ninja's are so last year." A young boy retorted, after hearing that particularly sentence Naruto decided he disliked that child intensely.

As the bickering between children went on, both Naruto and Chizuru found themselves standing by each other looking at the scene in amusement.

"Class," Chizuru drawled with a sickeningly sweet smile on her face automatically sending shivers down the spine of everyone in the room. "Why don't we let Naruto-kun decide the story?" The mature explained, after several minutes of hushed whispers, that were in no way quiet the children turned to look at Naruto the same way a scientist would look at a rat that did something clever.

"All right kiddies," Naruto plopped down onto a pillow that was underneath his feet, giggling at his childish behaviour Chizuru sat down next to him. The children did not like how close their favourite person was to this stranger. "I will tell you an adventure, but first let me tell you all something really important. The man that tells the tale is the one who decides history, he tells it wrong and you have nothing more than a pretty story, he tells it right and you have a legacy. You want a story told right you ask someone who helped make it happen, and if that someone is me than I'll make it awesome." Naruto declared with wicked grin on his face, a grin that Chizuru remembered several days before.

"Now the story starts with our hero." Naruto started telling his story but was cut off by the interference of young girl who was holding a doll to her chest.

"Was he handsome?" She shyly inquired only to cause Naruto to snort.

"Good heavens no, he was a filthy little runt." The children looked upset at the thought of having an ugly hero so Naruto decided to break it to them gently. "Let me ask you this, you are all aware of the story of the ugly duckling right? Well our hero was a lot like that; he started off being hated for something that wasn't his fault and he was ugly, nobody wanted him and there were sometimes where he didn't want anything to do with himself, but he endured and persevered for all those years. After several years of pain and loneliness he then became a handsome swan and this story is starting to take a life of its own so I'll just stop." Naruto sheepishly said scratching the back of his head with the tiniest bit of pink on his cheeks.

"I kinda like it," An unruly back hair child said with an odd accent. "He sounds like a hero. No matter what happened to him he always gets up again and keeps going." He finished looking quite impressed at the thought of this hero; the other children seemed to get over the idea of an ugly hero and decided to give the story a second chance.

"Our protagonist and his friends were participating in a competition that was extremely important to their home, when suddenly out of nowhere a horrible bloodcurdling scream filled the stadium. There was a redheaded young man who was screaming at the sight of his own blood." The room was filled with loud gasps of astonishment. The children were not expecting stories that involved blood; Chizuru now knew why Naruto participated in this story time he was going to corrupt the innocent little children.

"Was he a good guy?" An orange hair girl asked looking nonplussed by the mention of blood.

"No, he was a bad guy and the antagonist of this story. You see he was bleeding because our hero's friend attacked him, after the redheaded boy started screaming his brother and sister showed up to protect him and then proceeded to run away. Our hero's seeing the dastardly villain's retreat they decided to take off after them."

"The bad guy's always runs away when he doesn't get his own way." A little boy piped sporting a smug grin at the thought of the bad guys running away, Naruto just chuckled.

"Yes they do, don't they?" Naruto agreed with the boy after he stopped chuckling. "The hero's chased down the villains but after a while each sibling decided to hold their ground and fight the hero's. The first boss was puppet man but he was defeated by the timely intervention of Bug-Man. The second boss was the older sibling of the three, she was called Moon-Girl and she was defeated by our protagonist's best friend, he was called the Sauce." The blond Sage dramatically said with a low tone of voice that sent all the children laughing. At least once in everyone's lives there is a moment when you will hate children with a passion, but they are other times when you hear a child's laughter you think that this world isn't so ugly after all and it's actually worth saving.

"After the lower bosses were defeated the final boss started turning into a Tanuki shaped demon." Naruto said being fully aware what that word would cause. From the expressions on the children's faces he was right. The word itself caused the children to erupt into scandalized shouting and looks of disbelief on their tiny faces.


"Demons aren't real."

"Yeah, you're just lying."

"You can believe or you can't, it's completely up to you." Naruto reasoned with them giving them a shrug of apathy, they were children they didn't know what the world was really like. "Now where was I, before I was rudely interrupted ah yes? The Tanuki shaped demon had complete control over sand and it started using its power to defeat the hero's one after another. The Demon defeated two of the protagonist's friends, realizing how dangerous the Demon was he came to a decision." Naruto told them before he was once again rudely interrupted; parents are being a little too lenient with their children lately.

"I know, I know." One girl said excitedly waving her hand in the air, most likely to get Naruto's attention. "He fought the Demon with all his power right Naruto-san." Her sentence sounded much more like a statement that an actual question.

"No." Naruto said, with a frown on his face remembering his cowardice at that moment. After the fight he tried to rationalize his own fear simply by pointing out he was twelve years old at the time and did something that even most Kages couldn't do.

"No?" The children asked simultaneously while blinking owlishly.

"No." Naruto confirmed their confusion.

"Then what did he do?" A boy with glasses demanded.

"He did what all people would do when confronting something that was terrifying and couldn't be stopped, he ran." Once more the children started shouting.

"He ran away."

"He was a scaredy cat."

"This isn't a good story, what kind of hero runs away?"

"The scared kind, he tried to leave but the Sand Demon wouldn't let him, terrified beyond belief that he was going to die he wasn't able to move. This is where the hero realizes that his friends are going to die if he didn't do something."

"About time the hero did something." One child muttered loud enough for the children to nod their heads.

"I quite agree. All of you have heard stories about hero's defeating dragons and monsters with nothing more than a swipe of their sword, the heroes that have shields that are capable of resisting the heat of a fire breathing dragon. Stories where the hero is never exhausted or tired, no matter what difficult task he accomplished he is always in good health, in tip top shape." The children nodded their heads at hearing his explanation, Naruto himself just realized that at his current strength he was now like a fairy-tale hero. "Children, those stories are fairy-tales. The story I'm telling you is real and in real life everyone experiences fear, even the hero. That is why they're heroes in the first place, it is because they have faced something so terrifying but in the end they were able to overcome it with bravery."

"After seeing the girl he had a crush on being smothered to death by sand and seeing his other friend about to be attacked he jumped into action by kicking the Demon in the face sending him several feet away. It was that moment he remembered the wise words that his friend had told him." Naruto closed his eyes, letting a content smile appear on his face he remembered a very effeminate boy he once called pretty.

"Oooh, what were they Naruto-san?" The children chorused mesmerized at the story they were listening too.

"When a person has something important that they want to protect, that's when they become truly strong." Naruto answered them; reminiscing about how the boy died with a smile on his face at protecting the person he considered precious the blond Sage continued. "Those words kept repeating in his head, so he stood bravely filled with courage and used every bit of skill, agility, and strength to defeat the Sand Demon. After several gruelling minutes that felt liked days he defeated the main boss, but to his shock and horror the creature stood back up and transformed even further into a heinous creature over three hundred and thirty feet."

The children blinked and did the calculations in their heads, realizing how big Shukaku was they gasped.

"That's huge."

"How did the hero beat him?" Even Chizuru was now enraptured with the tale that the dimensional traveller was telling.

"He didn't give up, and that is when he became a hero. He used his own blood to summon a creature that could help him, a giant toad with a dagger. With the both of them working together they defeated the creature once and for all, the monster started turning back into the redheaded boy. He was screaming because he was so terrified that he was going to die." Each child just looked at each other in confusion wondering where their storyteller was going with this.

"Well the bad guys do die when the heroes defeat them."

"People die if they are killed."

"The hero recognized the same pain and loneliness he went through, you see kids the redheaded boy was also another ugly duckling except this one gave up while the other kept going. The hero understood why the redhead was doing what he was doing, because the hero often thought about doing the same thing, but there was one key difference our hero made friends and they were the light in his life. They were the reason he kept going and he told this to redhead and the young man was speechless. It wasn't until his brother and sister showed up and carried him away to safety, that he began to realize that having people who love you isn't a bad thing." Naruto explained softly hoping the children would understand the finer points of his story.

The children enjoyed the story tremendously, if there applause was anything to go by.

After finishing his story Chzuru announced that it was time to clean up, Naruto was once again floored at the authority she generated and the respect she was given by the children except for one little child that seemed to be still very distrustful towards the blond. The child was now attempting to sneak up on the blond Sage.

"Can I help you, little one?" Naruto smiled without even turning around, he was too bust cataloguing the children's book on top of the shelves. The child let out an audible 'eep', and then proceeded to pick up a metre stick to threaten the ambassador to all Five Great Nations.

"I don't like you." The child sneered at him with a look of murderous intent, but the effect was ruined when the fact that the child was six years old and could barely keep the metre stick poised above his head.

"Seo-Kun," Chizuru reprimanded the child sternly when she heard what the child said from across the room. Naruto just gave Chizuru a soft smile appreciating her concern but waving it off like it was unnecessary. Turning to the child he gave him a teasing smile.

"Maybe you would like me if you got to know me." Naruto suggested kindly but his kind offer was rejected when the small boy shook his head quite violently nearly dropping his holy weapon and pointed at him dramatically.

"I don't wanna like you; you're talking Chizuru onee-san away from us." The boy declared causing the entire class to gasp in shock. Chizuru's cheeks gained a rosy hue while Naruto snickered at the expressions on the children's faces.

"What if am," The class gasps even louder and look frightened at the thought of their favourite person being taken from them, the stick wielding boy looks triumphant. "What if I'm trying to take Chizuru-Chan away from all of you?" Naruto's smile was downright wicked that it caused the leader of the children to step back in shock; the mortality challenged man walked over to the blushing day-care part timer and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Maybe I want her all to myself." Naruto spoke from behind Chizuru sending shivers down her spine.

"I knew it," The boy cried out triumphantly waving the metre stick. "You're a bad guy, everyone he's trying to take Chizuru onee-san away from us we have to stop him." The boy charged forward with the remaining children cheering him on. As quick as lighting or as quick as child of age could permit he swung his weapon at Naruto who stepped in front of Chizuru. Using his superior strength the semi-immortal placed his palm at the top of the stick and gripped it. Lifting the metre stick with one hand, the child who was still holding onto his weapon also had been lifted into the air.

"How did you that?" The small boy asked from his position of holding onto the weapon that betrayed him.

"Nin-nin." Naruto answered waving the metre stick from left to right, causing the boy to get dizzy.

"I'll get you yet." The child vowed, but seeing four different Narutos he fell down on his back. He glared at the grinning blond who was over his view looking down on him.

"If you're not strong enough to stop me by yourself then you will need your friends to stop me." Naruto informed him; the hero of the classroom got his second wind and ran quite uncoordinatedly to his classmates encouraging them to join his quest at defeating the bad man who was trying to take away their favourite person.

Naruto who was seated at the table was enjoying a cup of tea with Chizuru who was smiling at the antics of the children; each child was lined up as soldiers listening to the hero's motivational speech about how they will prevail over the evil man together.

"Well the children seem to really want you for themselves." Naruto said lightly chuckling at scene he was witnessing. Chizuru gave him an appreciative smile but it quickly turned into a frown.

"I'm sorry for the way they have been treating you." She said softly, putting the cup on its plate. Naruto shook his head; chuckling all the while remembering what his time with Negi was like.

"Nah don't worry about it when I adopted Negi he didn't like me either." Naruto said with his mouth filled with a chocolate biscuit, Chizuru raised an eyebrow and leaned in further.

"Adopted?" She asked quietly cocking her head to the side.

"Yeah, Negi's adopted and I decided to take care of him." Naruto's tone was so casual it was like talking about the weather.

"That's incredibly generous of you." Chizuru said giving him an unreadable look, Naruto being an empath could sense what she was feeling, desire. Not in a lustful way but in a way that she wanted something that only he could provide.

"I know right, I am pretty awesome." Naruto replied lightly, it wasn't a big deal to him. He adopted dozens of children during his life and after Negi dies he'll do it again. Chizuru snorted elegantly.

"Not really filled with humility are you?" She asked him, her tone filled with teasing amusement.

"No I am, if I ever grew an ego and stopped having fun at my own expense I would turn into someone I truly did not want to be." Naruto frowned reminiscing how easily he could have turned out like Garra, Nagato, Obito, Madara and Sasuke.

Chizuru sensing his downtrodden tone she sipped her tea quietly giving him bashful looks every few seconds. She was like many of the other students in her class, they were curious about his nature and who he was. He was very approachable, mature and he was even good with children. The fact that he adopted Negi when her cute sensei was a child showed her how selfless he could be. He was a bit of jokester, saying things like he was a ninja from another world and was over two hundred years old, preposterous.

"I am grateful for everything you did today." She thanked him, genuinely appreciative of him being here with her. Naruto shook the plastic wrapper until a biscuit came out, he devoured it instantly.

"I'm sensing a, but coming?" He prompted her, she gave him a look that made her face taut with anxiety and just a little bit of hope.

"I would be delighted, I mean the children would be delighted if you would come again and play with the children." Chizuru nervously laughed, not being able to meet his eyes she turned away from him so she could look at the children and gave him time to think of answering. She wasn't expecting him to answer her so quickly.

"Sure." Naruto said calmly, enjoying the chocolate biscuits immensely and hoping the children would not see the biscuits otherwise he would have to share. He was about to enjoy another delight before his hand was grasped firmly by an absolutely enthralling sight, a smile that made her look so gorgeous that Naruto himself was stunned.

"Thank you." The captivating woman said gratefully, leaning forward on her chair, even stranger for him Naruto was mirroring her actions. Their faces were inches apart; the chocolate biscuits were completely forgotten by Naruto. All he cared about was the beautiful woman in front of him. Then like a shot of lightning he realized that she wasn't a woman but one of his students, mentally berating himself for being foolish he was kindly going to sit back down and apologize to his student for his behaviour until a sound caught his attention.

Mechanically they both turned their heads until they saw what was in front of them, the entire class had a variety of different expressions on their faces. The boys were sticking their fingers down their throats making loud gagging noises while the girls had their hands clasped together under their chins and smiling widely in a disturbing way.

"Ahhhh, they're going to do it." The class chorused in perfect sync, the boys tone was filled with groans while the girls were joyful.

Naruto knowing that he was now threading dangerous grounds got up from his chair and bowed to the beings that were younger than he was, before leaving he gave a sly look at the child that was now glaring at him.

"Farewell children, and Seo remember when you least expect it I shall take Chizuru-Chan away from you and there will nothing you can do to stop me." Naruto said with faux-threatening voice, once more the class was filled with gasps. The only people who didn't gasp were the small boy who was pointing his metre stick at him while Chizuru smiled at him waving him goodbye.

"I will stop you with the help of my friends." The boy declared dramatically while the entire class cheered behind him, Naruto who was about to leave decided to get the children to laugh once more. He gasped theatrically, lifting his arm to cover his face as if he was being burned and spoke loudly with faux-terror in his voice.

"No! Not friendship, I'm powerless against that." He ran out the door quickly slamming it behind him, walking down the empty hallway he broke out into a smile when he heard the delightful laugh of the children he just left. Opening the door he encountered several parents, who most likely were here to pick up the rowdy children that were several metres behind him. Nodding at the parents he passed he let his mind wander; he wondered how his son was doing, he knew that Negi was capable of teaching each of his students and the amount of books and refreshments the Dean and he left behind for them would benefit immensely. He still couldn't believe that Dean had a twister mat, Naruto couldn't conceive why he would have that particular item, well he did have an idea but it made him physical ill so he dropped it immediately.


(Final Day)

It's been over two days since Negi Uzumaki has seen the light of the sun and he can honestly think that he misses it tremendously. He has been in many libraries during his childhood but they had nothing on the sheer size of the island that he was standing on. First he was taken rather abruptly from his warm bed by the red knight; she told him that they were going on a quest to find a magical book and Negi for a few brief moments feared that he broke the masquerade. Having fortune on his side he realized that Yue was motivated by a rumour and nothing more, well that's what he thought until he stepped forth into the building and realized that the building was filled with a strong sense of magical energy.

The island itself was a huge library that held ancient tomes; some were from times that have been lost for millennia and centuries. Luckily for him none of his students were able to sense to latent magical aura of the building and as such he proceeded with caution hoping that he wouldn't need to use his magic. If the girls were to find themselves in dangerous situations then he would act and deal with the consequences at a later time, he made an oath that he would use his power to protect the weak and helpless. His magic will serve that which is best in him, not that which is most base.

It seemed like fortune abandoned him when he stepped into the building, first he was assaulted by arrows that were triggered by a mechanism behind the bookshelves. The he felt like Lara Croft when he had to hand and shimmy to the other side of the bookcase. Between climbing ridiculously high bookcases and dodging arrows, he was honestly impressed by each girl; each of them used their own unique skill to avoid the traps. Following the scene that looked way to much like a Tomb Raider game, he then had to crawl under a narrow shaft that reminded him of Metal Gear Solid.

After that he and his students encountered a talking golem that threatened them with violence if they didn't answer the questions correctly. Instead of a game like twenty questions which Negi assumed they instead had to play twister, he wondered for a brief moment was his father laughing at him. Seeing as how fortune abandoned him when he stepped into the building it only made sense that it abandoned his students as well, his students were doing perfect although they did look like they were in a bit of a pain, so it came as a surprise to Negi that Asuna the red knighted idiot made a mistake. He didn't blame her like the other girls did; it was an honest mistake on her part she just wasn't flexible enough to reach the right answer.

The next thing he knew the golem attacked and destroyed the ground making them lose their footing causing them to fall down a cavern filled with a pool, chairs, food and books. It was at that exact moment that Negi realized he was being played by his father and the Dean. He wasn't upset though this is exactly what he wanted for his students, a nice relaxing sanctuary so that they could study in tranquillity. Which they did, with the constant stress of the upcoming exams lifted from their shoulders they scored marks higher than they ever did before, even Asuna.

After studying there for two days they were once more attacked by the animated golem, who Negi knew to be the Dean. His students ran from it the second they say its imposing visage, he also knew it was the Dean because he was peeping on Makie and Kaede. Urging them to remain calm which they agreed to, it seemed that they were starting to him seriously which he was glad for. Listening to his advice they ran to the staircase and started climbing, when Yue tripped and sprained her ankle he as a teacher carried her the whole way up the stairs completely missing her reaction. They entered the elevator only to find out that they were breaking the weight capacity, a fact that no girl liked to hear. Negi convinced them to give up the book after much arguing, he explained to them it wasn't the book that was increasing their intelligence but themselves. Negi who was annoyed at the Dean for scaring his students threw the magical book at him with such strength that it caused him to fall down the staircase, as a gentleman Negi took no delight from hearing the groan of agony that the golem let out, well maybe a little.

He was his father's son after all.

Here they were, outside the entrance to Library Island in their underwear. Negi admired the sun and promised himself that he would always appreciate it for what it did to his soul.

"It's so bright." Makie exclaimed still sounding positively cheerful as always even when her life was being threatened less than twenty minutes ago.

"Well for now let's be happy that we made it." Asuna replied not looking winded or tired at all, she just ran away from a talking golem and had to climb a flight of stairs and she was still breathing normally. Negi wondered could she keep her with him during his exercises, he was about to voice this before an incredibly amused voice was heard.

"You know, I'm not even a little surprised that you girls are only in your bra and panties." Naruto cheerfully said he was flanked by the remaining members of the library trio who looked relived and delighted at seeing them.




They all shouted at seeing his grinning smile, running forward but being careful seeing as they were not wearing shoes they all greeted the blond, Nodoka and a drooling Haruna who was drawing what was in front of her.

"Dad, I know you're not going to believe me when I say this but I'm not the reason they're naked." Negi said frantically shaking his head back and forth, which actually caused Naruto to blink in surprise.

"Ok, that's a little surprising." Naruto said slowly as if he was having trouble believing Negi, knowing his son wouldn't lie to him he nodded his head until he saw an injured Yue. "Stoic-Chan, are you alright?" Naruto's concerned voice reached Yue's ears, she in turn winced which caused Nodoka to run up to her and Haruna to deposit her notebook.

"Ah, my legs are little sore, but I am fine." Yue tried to sound reassuring but she winced once more which caused Nodoka and Haruna to be even more frantic.

"Come on, all of you need to rest, you still have fifteen hours left before the exam and Nodoka and Haruna here have been worried sick ever since you dropped off the radar as they said." Naruto explained to them, which caused the two members of the library trio to agree with him. Well Haruna voiced her agreements while Nodoka just nodded.

"Yue-sama you had me worried sick."

"I am so happy to know that you're safe Yue-Chan."

"That's all well and good but you girls need to sleep and recover your energy, you two on the other hand get back to those books or say goodbye to Negi because he might be fired at the end of all this." Naruto said gravely causing the girls to cry out and run towards their dorms with speed that could dwarf the Raikage. Negi gave his father a small but determined grin; he didn't look threatened or scared at all.

"You know I am not going to be fired, those girls worked their asses off. I know they won't let me down." Negi voiced stubbornly, his opinion of his students made clear. Naruto just smiled.

"Good, but you need to rest too." Naruto told his son, disappearing in a green vortex the son and father appeared inside his dorm room. Asuna and Konoka would no doubt ask him how he got there minutes before them but all that could wait later, right now all he cared about was getting a good sleep.

Negi was absolutely right; the second Asuna came through the door and saw her teacher sleeping soundly in her bed she stomped over to him preparing to yell at him for being in her bed, in a rare moment of kindness after seeing the peaceful expression on his face she simply shrugged and got into bed next to him, of course not before she threatened Konoka on the pain of death if she were to breath a word of this. Konoka just smiled.

After everyone had a decent sleep they all got together at their sensei's home to study for the upcoming exam, true to his word the students realized it wasn't the book that helped them but rather themselves. It was an enlightening and rewarding experience to participate in, they knew now that if they put the work in and concentrated hard enough they could get smarter, Negi was especially happy whenever he saw Asuna smile.

After their study session was over the group decided to have as sleepover, Asuna got teased mercilessly over the fact that once again her sensei was sleeping with her. She got over her frustration when she felt Negi encircle his arms around her, the warmth he excluded made Asuna sleep more peacefully. It was so good in fact that it caused them to oversleep, Asuna was the first to wake and when she saw her alarm clock she screamed so loudly that it instantly awoke the entire group. They all ate a quick breakfast and made their way to the exams hoping it hadn't started.

Ayaka Yukihiro was not a girl that could feel shame easily, but she has been felling it ever since she called out Naruto on his parental abandonment. She was easily rebuked by his words alone, she was an heiress to multinational company and her core was shattered by his few simple words. Then further to her astonishment she saw him walking out of the day-care centre that Chizuru volunteered at. It seemed that the top heavy girl was actually able to convince Naruto to help her, a sentiment that she did not believe in. What Chizuru told her next nearly caused her to faint, he adopted Negi. A young man like him actually adopted a small boy and took the role as father, which just caused her to feel even more shame. So here she was about to take an exam that would be the deciding factor whether or not Negi-sensei would be fired or get to stay.

A small part of her also acknowledged that she was doing this exam for Naruto Uzumaki.

Now only if those Idiot Rangers showed up she could stop feeling this anxiety eating away at her, a sentiment her class felt. Hearing a familiar scream she looked out the window only to see her rival and the rest of her class running towards them.

"The knights of the magical book are here." Asuna shouted without any shame on her face after uttering that sentence. Ayaka felt her cheeks get heated after that hearing that ridiculous line, a sentiment her class shared once more.

"The knights of the magical book are here?" Kazumi whispered, looking too amused at the scene in front of her.

"What does that mean?"

"Who cares, as long as there here we can actually do this?" Ayaka retorted sharply, the anxiety in her stomach was fading quickly. Now she prepared herself hoping that both Negi Uzumaki and Naruto Uzumaki would stay. She still had to apologize to him after all.

Negi was also preparing his students with a motivational speech that caused Naruto to cradle his face in his hands.

"Everyone! This is the moment we have studying for the last three days for. I know you girls can to this; I've been with you all the while, helping you and looking over your results. Believe me when I say this. You can do this I know you can do this all you have to do is prove that you can do it. Believe in me who believes in you." With that familiar speech over and feeling reassured each girl thanked Negi for his help before stpping into the exams that would determine his future.


(Result Day)

The next day, the entire class was in their classroom. They were seated in their chairs looking every bit as nervous as they did when they found out what the result of their failure would be. The teachers of Mahora Academy checked the exams and any minute an announcement would be heard all over the school. The class was distressed at the thought of losing their, two sensei. So here they waited, on baited breath hoping their teachers would get to stay.

"I'm so nervous." Makie whined with a horrible look on her face, the class felt ice pierce their hearts at seeing the optimist look so miserable. In contrast the person that should have looked even more miserable looked calm as a stream. Negi was sitting in his chair reading a book written by William Butler Yeats.

"How can you be so relaxed?!" Asuna yelled at him, seeing his relaxed stated made her a very angry. It was like he was taking their work for granted. Negi closed his book making sure he had the bookmark in it; he turned towards Asuna and calmly explained the situation to her.

"Asuna-san, when you are in this type of situation they are only two things you can do. One, you can be like me and remain calm and hopeful or two; you can run around like a chicken after you had your head cut off, obviously I'm picking the former rather than the latter."

"That means you are worried Negi-sensei!" Ayaka replied, looking quite ill at the thought of her teachers leaving.

"Well, maybe a little bit." Negi playfully retorted. "However, I learned a long time ago if something happens to you which is out of your control the best thing you can do is to accept it and move on with your life. I just have to hope and have faith in you girls." The class looked at him slightly stunned at his words.

"N-Negi-sensei..." Ayaka looked like she was going to cry after hearing her teacher say those words.

"Attention students! I will now release the scores that each class has received based on the average scores of each student." A woman's voice came through the intercom which was stationed above the door.

"Everyone! Be quiet!" The class president yelled utilizing her authority on the class, surprisingly Asuna did not argue with her for abusing her power.

Minutes have gone by and the lady had yet to mention the class of 2/A, this of course raised the tension in the room as well as the students anxiety. Negi just flipped a page in his book looking too calm and serene.

"W-What is this!" The normally composed class president was near to having panic attack if the sound was anything to go by. "We are already up to 10th place and our class still hasn't been mentioned!" Ayaka shouted, destroying nearly her entire reputation as a noble.

"11th Place: Class 2-C"

"Hey, class 2-A hasn't turned up yet!" Makie panicked.

"Calm down! I'm sure we're going to be called soon." Asuna tried to reassure her, but the fact was the orange headed girl was panicking as well. Everyone in the room was tense all except for Negi, he just continued reading.

"This is it, if we don't get called here, then all that studying didn't help Negi-sensei at all." Makie said while holding back tears.

"Second to last place: 2-K."

That was it, they failed. Not only had they failed themselves but they failed the two teachers that were putting all their faith in them. Their class was in last place again, after everything they did they still came last. The Idiot Rangers felt ice in their veins and their stomachs drop, it was their fault if they weren't so stupid Negi and Naruto wouldn't have to leave. They all looked over at Negi to beg for his forgiveness only to see him flip to the next page of his book. They were even more stunned by that.

"Ah, Negi-sensei?" Haruna's voice had no playfulness in it indicating she was serious.

"Yes? What is it, Haruna-san? You're not going to ask me for naked pictures of my father are you?" Negi asked with a playful smile, his smiled slipped when Haruna continued to stare at him with her lips pressed together.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Asuna shouted at him hoping her anger would quell the rising fear of losing Negi, slamming her hands on her desk causing the shy girls of 2/A to gasp. Negi obviously knowing he wouldn't be able to finish his boo decided it was best to put it down. "Didn't you just hear? We got last place! That means you and Naruto have to leave."

"Yes I did hear that!" Negi reassured them, or he hoped he reassured them. With the looks on their face though, Negi had second thoughts.

"Negi-sensei how can you still, be calm after hearing that announcement?" Ayaka asked, feeling the same shame that she felt after her conversation with the boy's father, his adopted father.

"Oh that's because those ranks aren't the final ones." His answer shocked the class and confused several others.

"What!" The girls of 2/A shouted.

"W-What do you mean by that, Negi-sensei!" Ayaka asked, feeling hope once more entering her core and cherishing it every second. Negi just grinned, a grin the class started to realize he found something funny.

"Well you know what dad is like, I wanted to tell you girls but he decided to tease you and make you wait. The Dean told me that he still didn't finish grading the tests done by the Idiot Rangers and the rest of the girls who decided to have a sleepover, so until he's done, those rankings are not the official ones." Negi knew the girls were going to hunt Naruto down maliciously but after everything Negi's been through he felt he deserved payback for what his father put him through.

"Negi, theirs is a chance that you might be an orphan before the day is over." Asuna told him, the smile on her face looked so sweet and pure that Negi knew it was anything but. His dad was going down.

The door to the classroom opened and the class saw the Dean of Mahora Academy, and Konoka's grandfather, Konoemon enter. Asuna looked disappointed, most likely due to the fact that Naruto wasn't there. "Well hello there everyone!" He greeted the class with a heartful smile.

"Dean-sensei." The girls called out.

"Grandpa." Konoka said with a smile, which the Dean returned.

"It's good to see you all in high spirits I was the one who marked the latecomers and I completely forgot to add them up with the rest of 2/A, even though the reporting club kept bugging me for them." He muttered at the end sounding like petulant child, which just caused Konoka to giggle.

"Oh grandpa." Her eyes shine brightly at her grandfather's childish mannerisms.

"That means we still have a chance, but were the Idiot Rangers will it be enough." The pink knighted idiot said looking hopeful for the first time today.

"First, Makie Sasaki with a 66, well done." The Dean complimented her which caused her to gasp in astonishment.

"No way really" She said unable to believe her scores.

"Next are Ku Fei with a 67 and Kaede Nagase with 63." Each girl high-fived each other, they were feeling ecstatic for their scores. "Then there is Yue Ayase, 63 a little better than normal. Haruna Saotome 81 Nodoka Miyazaki 95 my granddaughter." The library trio and Konoka were happy, though Yue looked disappointed in herself.

The class look at the remaining member left who had yet to hear her score. Looking worried but feeling scared, Asuna searched for Negi's eyes which he returned with a smile.

"Last but not least, Asuna Kagurazaka 71. Congratulations Asuna-Chan." The Dean praised her, giving her the test he proceeded to pat her on the head, ruffling it slightly.

The class was so shocked at their success all they could was repeat the same mantra over and over again.

"We did it."

"We did it."

"We actually did it." The class cheered after realizing that they in fact passed, which meant not only did they come in first place but both their teachers could stay on and teach. Negi was smiling at his student's exuberant behaviour; he walked over and stood beside the Dean offering Asuna a large grin that showed his teeth.

"Told you so... my students." Negi said, giving his class a sly smirk that caused the girls to blink in confusion.

"Huh?" Only the Dean understood what the situation was.

"Yes that's right," The Dean coughed getting the attention of the class, he turned towards the redheaded teacher and produced a sheet of paper that was rolled and tied with a red string. The implications were obvious. "Negi Uzumaki, from now onwards you are officially a teacher of Mahora Academy middle school." The Dean offered the diploma to a smiling Negi, who in turned unfolded it towards his class, who screamed joyfully in response.

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