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Peeta sat in Cato's lap as they relaxed in a nice room. They'd won.. won the Hunger Games. Together. They'd been taken from the arena not long after Seneca's announcement and left to relax in a nice, comfortable room. Given nice, clean clothes and the night alone to get some sleep.

"Mm.. jabberjay.. " Cato murmured against Peeta's neck, his hands lightly rubbing his sides. "We won.. "

Peeta smiled. "We won.. We did.. "

"Anything we want.. " Cato lightly kissed his neck. "Anything at all.. " Peeta's face fell when he realized something. "What.. What is it?"

"I.. I killed Katniss.. " he whispered. "Her family.. Gale.. they'll hate me.. "

"Gale.. " Cato remembered that name. "The boy you fell in love with in District 12. He'll hate you?"

"He loved Katniss.. God, why did I kill her.. " Peeta turned, burying his face in Cato's shoulder. "Why did I do that.. " Because he had to..


The door opened in the morning, Cato sitting at the table and eating breakfast. Peeta was still fast asleep in bed from the previous night's.. activities. Haymitch walked in, Effie right behind him. "Where's Peeta?" the woman asked in an almost sickening sweet voice.

"Sleeping. Don't bother him." Cato wasn't kidding. He'd tried waking Peeta up an hour ago, his cheek bruised as a result from the punch aimed at his face. "What do you want."

"We're here to start your victory tour," Effie said with a smile, clapping her hands together happily as she smiled. Haymitch looked.. drunk. As usual.

"Not going." Cato swallowed down a piece of toast.

Effie stopped. "W.. What do you mean.. you're not going? It's the victory tour. The victor of the Hunger Games always goes. You go to all the Districts!"

"I know what the fucking tour is," Cato muttered, rubbing his forehead a bit. Her voice was giving him a bit of a migraine. "I'm not going on it and neither is Peeta. We're going to District 12 to get his stuff and then we're going back to District 2. No more Games. Just a life for us. Get it, got it, good. Go away."

"Well, I never!" Effie huffed, turning on her heel and walking out. Most likely to talk to President Snow about the defiant District 2 Career. Haymitch only smirked, following her out.

"W.. What was that for?"

Peeta yawned softly, walking to the table to join Cato for breakfast, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was only in a loose shirt and a pair of loose shorts. "Why.. Why'd you throw her out?"

"She was giving me a migraine," Cato stated simply, calmly. "I told her we're not going on that stupid victory tour. We're going to District 12 to get your things and then going to District 2 to start a life together. So I kicked her out."

Peeta blushed lightly. "S.. Start a life.. t-together?"

"Well.. yeah. Don't you wanna stay with me?" He was attacked by a flying blonde blue, Peeta kissing his lips deeply. "Mm.. I'll take that as a yes.. "


Okay, yeah. Know it was short. And a bit slow. But it'll pick up. Promise. And get longer.