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Peeta felt so alone.. Cato didn't seem to care about him anymore, no one did. He managed to find a place he could stay. A little place that reminded him of his home, out on the outskirts of District 2. Cato went home to his own family.

"Welcome home, dear." Cato's mother, a beautiful woman with blonde hair pulled up behind her head. Cynthia Crowne.

Cato smiled, hugging his mother tight. "Mom.. "

"Congratulations on being a victor of the Hunger Games, son." Cato's father. A tall, muscled blonde man. Dominic Crowne.

Cato moved a bit, bowing his head a little. "Thank you, father."

"So, where's this boy who won with you?" Cynthia asked. "Peeta.. Mellark, was it?"

Cato visibly tensed at the name. "He's a loser. I don't know why.. I even thought of keeping him alive. Useless."

Cynthia frowned. She took her son's wrist, bringing him into another room. "Cato Crowne," she said, her voice gentle, yet firm and stern. "The truth. Now."

Cato knew he could never lie to his mother. Not her. "Peeta.. We went to District 12 to get his things so he could come live with me. Here. His mother.. smacked him and disowned him and kicked him out of the family and house. And then Gale, that girl Katniss' best friend, raped him."

"And what did you do?"

"I didn't know it was happening! He just.. came back bloody, bruised, sobbing.. He wouldn't.. shut up about it! He was being such a bitchy baby. I.. I yelled.. at.. him.. " He was starting to realize what he'd done to Peeta. "I told him.. I.. I should have killed.. killed him when I had the chance.. oh, god.. "

Cynthia lightly brushed her fingers across her son's cheek. "Cato.. you need to find him and apologize. Do you still care for him?"

"I.. I do.. " Cato admitted softly. "God, what have I done.. "

"Cato, go find him." Cynthia lightly kissed his cheek.

The blonde just nodded, yanking his jacket on and leaving the house quickly. He had no idea where Peeta was, but he neded to find him. Apologize..

Peeta shivered lightly as he sat in the corner of his 'house'. Freezing, shaking. Alone. "Peeta!"

The blonde's head lifted at his name. "C-Cat.. C-C-Cato.. " he said softly.

"Peeta!" Cato rushed into the room, eyes softening when he saw the District 12 victor shivering in a corner. "Peeta, oh, god, Peeta.. " He knelt down next to the blonde, bringing him into his arms. "Peeta.. Jabberjay, I'm so sorry.. I was a fucking idiot.. "

"Y-You were.. " Peeta said with a light smile.

Cato chuckled lightly, softly kissing the top of his head. "I should have never yelled at you.. I was so stupid."

Peeta nodded. "You were.. "

"Come on. We're gonna get you home with me. Cleaned up, fed, nice sleep. Okay?"


Cato smiled. He helped Peeta up, softly kissing his cheek before starting to lead him back to his house. "Mom! Dad!"

Cynthia smiled as she walked out, Dominic right behind her. "Hello, Peeta. It's good to finally meet you. I'm Cato's mother. Cynthia Crowne."

"Dominic Crowne," his father said. "Cato's father."

Peeta smiled nervously, giving a little wave. "H-Hi."

Cato lightly took his hand. "I'll show you a room." He lead the blonde upstairs. "You can stay in a guest room, if you want."

"C-Can I say.. w-with you?"

Cato.. smiled. "Of course you can. You can have my bed. I'll sleep on the floor."

"N-No.. I-I want you.. i-in bed.. " Peeta.. wanted someone warm against him.. keeping him safe while he slept.

Cato hesitated a bit, but he nodded. "Of course. Whatever you want. I'll give you whatever you want, do whatever you want. I'm sorry. Again. For what I said."

Peeta sniffed softly, Cato leading him to his room and helping him into a warm bath. The older blonde stayed by the tub, lightly rubbing the back of Peeta's hand as he knelt there. "I'm so sorry.. again. I should have never said anything like that. I would never want to kill you or let you be killed. I love you so much.. and I almost lost you.. "

Peeta.. finally smiled. "I-I love you, too.. I.. forgive you. I know.. you didn't mean it.. you were just.. frustrated and angry."

"That's no excuse to yell at you." Cato leaned over, softly kissing Peeta's temple. "I promise. I won't do it again."

Cato helped Peeta out of the tub when he was done, helping to dry him off and get him in some of Cato's warm, soft clothes. Some loose sweats and a loose shirt to keep him warm and comfortable. They both slid into bed together, Cato holding Peeta gently against his chest to keep him safe, like the blonde wanted.

"Night, my jabberjay.. " Cato whispered, lightly kissing the back of Peeta's head as he closed his eyes.

Peeta smiled, closing his eyes as well. "Night.. "


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