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People always leave. It's a fact we all ignore until it happens to us. But over the course of my life, I've had it happen too many times to ignore it any longer. It's because of this... this change that I've learned to not trust people, to not get attached, because once you get attached, it's all over. One day that person will leave, be it willingly or not, and your heart will take damage. With each person you care about that leaves your life, they break off a piece of your heart, and if the damage is bad enough, you won't ever be able to put the piece back in place. No matter how badly you want to; how badly you just want to forget and move on, you will always feel an empty space deep inside you that can never be filled again.

I speak from experience. When I was eight, two of the most important people in my life left me forever. On what seemed like an ordinary day, my parents were murdered right in front of my own eyes. My younger brother didn't see. Perhaps it's why he's able to still trust people; to still make friends... But I can never forget the emptiness and sorrow inside my heart as I lost them and the countless other people who had promised to always be there for us. They all left eventually, after they found what they were looking for, or got tired of the city, or passed away. It's all the same to me; they left. Gone. Never for me to see them again. I was tired of getting my heart broken, so I stopped trusting people and stopped getting attached.

So when my brother decides to befriend the new avatar, I go about business as usual. I mean, why should she be any different? She's still a human. She'll still leave eventually.

However, it gets harder and harder to tell myself this as the days go on and she still remains a fixture in my life. She takes my passiveness for rudeness, from what I understand, and I don't blame her. I tend to be rude when I'm feeling vulnerable in an attempt to drive people away; to prevent them from getting too close. She doesn't seem to take the hint, it seems. Everyday I come home from work at the power plant, and everyday she's sitting on my couch. The avatar. On my couch. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure she could hang around with just about anyone she wants to. But for some reason she stays with me and Bolin, two dirt poor, rookie probenders just trying to get by. It makes no sense, and in the back of my mind I wonder if she just likes to be with me. And Bolin—of course. It makes me like her more, knowing that she could be anywhere, doing anything, but she continues to stay here. It almost makes me feel important. However, I can't afford to think thoughts like these, so I don't let them linger for long, and instead pour myself into my probending.

The days and weeks begin to pass, and my resolve is slowly beginning to waver. I just don't understand. Why hasn't she left yet? It doesn't make any sense. I've been nothing but indifferent, and rather rude, to her, but still she stays. And worse yet, I've began to think about her... And not just the casual "Hm... wonder what Korra's up to", but really think about her. About the way she walks, the way she says my name, the way her hair gently cascades over her shoulders in waves when she lets it down at night.

Currently, I'm lost in similar thoughts as we all lounge on the sofa. Bolin is talking about something that went on earlier in the day, his voice rising and falling with great fervor as it always does when he gets into a story. What he's saying, honestly, I couldn't tell you. I've let my guard down carelessly, and my mind is being held captive by thoughts of the young woman sitting mere inches away. Then, without even knowing she's causing me immense inner turmoil, she runs her fingers through her hair and the scent of her instantly assaults my senses. Tossing her head back, she laughs at something my brother says, and the sudden movement causes the oversized shirt she wears to bed to raise slightly and uncover the skin of her upper thigh. The movement was subtle enough to be missed by most people, but not me. Though I almost wish it was. The shirt she wears is mine, taken out of my room one day without my permission, and holy spirits, that alone was almost enough to break me. Somehow, miraculously, I've managed to keep calm.

All of a sudden she's looking at me and talking; her lips forming sounds that I'm oblivious to. Oh, and her lips. Have I mentioned them yet?

Her lips touch together softly, and then open again, and lastly make an 'o' shape. I'm mesmerized by her as they continue to move in this same pattern. Then it dawns on me.

Oh! 'Mako'. She's saying my name... That's lovely... Wait, what?

I'm rudely startled out of my thoughts as I come back to reality and realize that I should probably say something back if I don't want her to think I've gone insane. Though sometimes I think I have.

I make the mistake of looking up at her while I'm still vulnerable. Her eyes soften, and I can tell that she knows I've let my walls down, even if only for a moment. And it's then, when I look into those blue eyes, swimming with life and exuberance, that I know I've lost. Because once you get attached, it's all over. And boy was I attached.

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