Silver eyes, shimmering white hair. Kanda woke up with a shudder, the same dream having haunted him again. He didn't know anyone with silver hair and eyes, but if that was so what was this feeling of insecurity he couldn't shake? He knew that this person meant something to him, but what? Damn amnesia. After that accident, he could remember nothing. He had woken up in a hospital all alone, with no one to tell him anything. He winced.

Kanda watch out!

Someone had shoved him aside. Someone had saved him from death, but what was the cause? What had really happened? It was driving him insane. It took him forever to muster up enough energy to get out of bed, and go through his usual routine followed by his training session. This was the only thing that gave him any sense of his past. As he gracefully spun around the room, swirling about his katana, he could picture those beautiful silver eyes and luscious shimmering white hair. However try as he might, he could not put a name or body to these features. All the same, he was sure this person was connected to his past, he had to be. He collapsed on the ground as his vague memories haunted him. He knew this person was dear to him, and not many people were. He just hoped that this person remembered him.

I love you, baKada.

I love too, Moyashi.

Moyashi. Nothing more, the same every time, and it bothered him. What the hell did a fucking beansprout have to do with his past? Was he some psychopath obsessed with beansprouts? He certainly hoped not. He became so distraught over the matter that he stopped his session early to take a walk. He rushed out of the room, quickly showed, pulled on a pair of jeans and a hoodie, then left.


The sweet spring breeze blew through his silky hair, which blew back gently in the wind. His long strides were elegant and his face flawless. It was no wonder all the girls he passed were gaping and staring. Everyone wanted a glimpse at the beautiful Japanese man, but he longed only for those silver eyes and shimmering white hair.


Sorry it's pretty short, but this is my first story so be nice! :D I hope everyone liked it. I just love this pairing! I will most likely continue this… that is if anyone reads it =.= Hahaha Reviews are appreciated!