Allen laid Kanda gently onto the plush couch of his apartment. With the utmost care he pushed a strand of hair out of the samurai's face and smiled. The scowl that appeared permanently inscribed on his beautiful face had been temporarily erased. Absentmindedly he began to enlace his fingers into Kanda's raven hair, thinking,

If only this moment could last forever.

He planted a gentle kiss onto Kanda's forehead and walked over to his piano across the room. Carefully, he pulled out the bench, and sat down, taking a deep breath. Then, ever so slowly, he pressed his fingers down onto the keys and began a soothing lullaby of his own composition. It swayed back and forth, with a beautiful, yet somber undertone. As the song progressed, he leaned into it, making it all the more passionate. It was a piece long-forgotten, one that he had made for Kanda and himself way back in high school. Sitting in his living room with him had brought back so many lost memories, including this song that he began to drown himself in the music to get away from it all.

It was like a bad joke, taunting him continuously. It showed him bits and pieces of his heavenly high school days, filled him with newfound lust and desire for Kanda, and made him wish - in vain - for a normal life. However, he knew perfectly well that that was impossible. After all, he was an exorcist…

"Che, I thought you'd forgotten this song, Moyashi." Allen stopped abruptly, hitting random notes on accident, causing him to flinch.

"Kanda?" He asked in a hopeful tone.

"Who else would be in your house lying on your fucking couch?" Kanda thought for a moment, "You know what, don't answer that. I don't want to know."

"I'm so glad you're okay," Allen sighed, ignoring the last part, as he got up from the piano to sit by Kanda.

"Ha, like it's that easy to kill me." Kanda said, rolling his eyes.

"I know, I know." Allen purred as he took the seat besides Kanda, who in return sat up.

"Moyashi?" Allen had begun to stare off in space.

"What? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about how strange it is to be sitting here with you. It almost feels like old times…"


Allen could clearly remember. The days filled with fun – something new every day; a new adventure in store. The days with no worries, only pleasure; the days he spent with his friends, and most of all the days he spent with Kanda. If only he could bring back those days and relive the moments. Sure, not every second of every day had been flawless, but looking back on it he realized how lucky he had been.

~You never realize what you have until it's gone~

Kanda snorted. "Stop living in the past baka Moyashi, I'm right here sitting next to you. What the fuck more could you want?"

"I'm so glad you asked." Allen smirked as he crept towards Kanda. "Seeing as we may have some time on our hands."

"Oh, I'm right with you." Kanda returned the smirk as he crashed his lips onto Allen's. Allen moaned into the kiss, and Kanda took full advantage, sliding his tongue into his Moyashi's mouth, eager to explore. His hands began to wander dangerously low on the other's waist.

Two can play at this game, Allen thought as he began to fight back. He became more aggressive and passionate with his tongue, leaving Kanda's mouth to slowly lick his neck. He smiled as he extracted a moan from the Japanese man. Noticing the small, but ever growing bulge in their pants, he smashed himself even closer, if that was even possible, rubbing his crotch against his partner's. The moan he received blew the previous out of perception.

"Ngh, Moyashi"

"What, baKanda?"

"Just thought you might want to know that Usagi's eyes are coming out of their sockets."

"How d'you know?" Allen slurred between the gaps in the frenzy.

"Behind you." Allen reluctantly pulled out of the kiss and turned around.

"Oh god, my eyes!" Lavi screamed.

"LAVI? What are you doing here?"


Lavi walked down the street, humming. He was on his way to his job at Road & Tyki's Toy Emporium. Despite his attempts to focus, memories of high school ran through his head. The easy days when all he had to worry about was how much homework was going to be assigned for the next day. Of course there was always the Innocence club to attend to, but that was just fun stuff. It was the time he hung out with his friends….his friends. He wondered what they were doing now. He hadn't seen Allen, Lenalee, or…Kanda since the Masquerade. It made him incredibly curious.

"Lavi?" He looked up at the sound of his name, a smile quickly stretched across his face. What were the odds?

"Lenalee!" He ran over to embrace her, but stopped just short and scanned the area. "Is your brother watching? Is this some sort of test?" She just laughed as she closed the gap between them.

"No, not at all." She snuggled into his shirt. "I've missed you so much." Lavi smiled.

"Me too. Say, I'm going to work now, but you wanna grab a bite to eat when I'm done? I get out at 5. It's…" He checked his watch, "8:14 now. We could go to that restaurant Allen works at! The food is delicious! How 'bout it? My treat. We really need to catch up."

"I'd love to! What time should I meet you there?"

"5:30 okay?"

"Sure! I'll see you then! She waved as she walked away smiling sadly to herself. Allen's restaurant huh…


God work was slow today, Lavi thought as he grabbed his stuff to leave. He couldn't help but count the seconds to the end of work. After all, Lenalee was waiting. He dashed out of the building.

"See'ya tomorrow, Lavi!"

"See'ya Mr. Mikk!" He yelled after him as he reached the door. He couldn't wait to get caught up on all that had been going on in his friend's life.

He didn't stop sprinting until he reached the restaurant. He looked at the time; 8:27, perfect. He glanced around the area, searching for her.

"Lavi!" He turned, and his face lit up.

"Hey Lenalee!" He looked her up and down. She looked amazing. The simple purple dress, sparkling hairclip, and high black boots really suited her. "You look great," He held out his arm for her as they entered the restaurant. She took it gratefully and braced herself to be met with her ex's smile.

She wasn't.

"He's not here…" Lenalee murmured.

"Did you say something?" Lavi asked.

"What? Oh, no."

"Come on, you don't have to lie to me."

"Oh…I just was expecting Allen to be here."

"Me too, come on. Let's go ask." He grabbed her hand and led her forward. He walked over to an employee with her back turned. "Excuse me mam, but I have a question." The lady turned around.


"Do you know an Allen Walker? I believe he works here." Lavi asked. She frowned.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, but he hasn't been to work lately. None of us know what's hap-"

"What? Is he okay?" Lenalee practically jumped on the lady. They may have broken up, but her feelings for Allen had yet to dissolve completely.

"I just told you, I – don't – know! He's got us all worried sick." Silent tears began to run down Lenalee's face.

"We have to go Lavi, we have to!"

"Sh, it's all right." Lavi wrapped his arms around her slender waist. "It's alright. We can go there now." There was no point in eating dinner with Lenalee in this state. "You drove here, right? I'll take us to his apartment right now." She's still really sensitive on this subject, Lavi thought to himself as they exited the restaurant.

She just followed him to her car, lost in worry. She carefully got into the passenger seat, the tears dried on her face. Instead, they left a seemingly dead countenance in their place. Lavi did his best to drive quickly and smoothly. They made it there in 13 minutes. He stepped out of the car, and held the door open for his stunned companion. Together, they made their way up the steps to Allen's apartment.

"You okay Lenalee?" She nodded as they reached the door. "You stay out here, okay? I'm going in." Another nod. He stepped up and knocked. No answer. He tried again. Still nothing. He tested the doorknob. It was unlocked. He glanced towards Lenalee, her expression had not changed. He decided to enter.


The door opened and he entered.

Silence surrounded him…wait, not complete silence. He heard noises coming from the back.

Slowly he crept back there. Was somebody murdering Allen?

He could hear moans.

Cautiously, he approached the door that lead to the suspicious noises.

He opened it slowly, making no noise.

His mouth drooped and his eyes bugged. His expression clearly read,


He had no words to describe the horror before him.

I mean, what can you say really when your two best friends are making out right in front of you on a couch? Seriously…it was disturbing.

"Oh god, my eyes!" He would never be able to un-see this.

"LAVI? What are you doing here?" Allen looked up from Kanda's pants, his face steamed in embarrassment, whereas Kanda's face simply looked extremely pissed.

"I THOUGHT YOU WERE FUCKING DEAD!" Allen laughed nervously.

", I'm alright. Why would you think that?"

"YOU WERE ABSENT FROM WORK! ARG! LENALEE, FEEL FREE TO STAY OUT THERE!" Allen's face darkened further, if that was even possible.

"Lenalee's here?" He rushed to get up and make himself presentable. He failed miserably, ending up sprawled across Kanda's lap.

"Che, I thought you guys broke up. Why do you even fucking care?"

"She's still my friend!"

"Yeah, what's your point? She's seen like that before." Kanda retorted with a snort.

"Kanda!" Allen exclaimed, exasperated. How could Kanda even say something like that?

"I'm coming in!" Lenalee called from outside.

"No! Wait! Do-" Allen was cut off by the shocked expression on his ex's face. "Uh…Hi Lenalee?" She paused, then burst out laughing.

"Y-y-you g-guys are too funny! You really think I care? It's not like I've never seen you guys making out before! I had four years of high school to get used to that." She was practically on the ground laughing.

"Y-yeah, I guess." They sat with awkwardness hanging in the air. You already know who broke it.

"I'm starving. Y'got any grub buddy?" Lavi asked. Everybody stared at him.

"Uh yeah. I'll go make some dinner." Allen smiled. It was nice to be back with his family.

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