I have been working on this since December 2011 but have had the idea since shortly after the episode aired. This is an AU to episode 1.20 where Steve breaks his arm after finding the body in the jungle. After a fall like that, Steve shouldn't have come away with some scrapes and a broken arm. Pure hurt/comfort.

This is a WIP but I have enough done that I am comfortable posting now. I will try to update once a week.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0 or any of the characters. Nor do I make a profit off them.

Chapter 1

Danny will never admit it, but he really is enjoying this hike with McGarrett. The petroglyphs are fascinating and it is a really beautiful place to be. It's not a bad way to spend the morning when he doesn't have Grace. Everything is going really well up until they find a body on a ledge below the petroglyphs. 'Leave it to McGarrett to find a body in the middle of nowhere on what is supposed to be a leisurely hike.' Danny thinks to himself.

"I'm going down there, he could still be alive." Steve says as he sets up the climbing gear he is carrying. He hooks his harness to the rope and makes his way down to the ledge.

"Is he alright?" Danny asks as Steve rolls the body.

"He's dead." Steve yells up to him. "He's got a gunshot wound through and through and there's very little blood."

"Alright look, there's no action up here. No signs of a struggle. Somebody dumped him."

"It's got to be from a plane or helicopter."

"Get out of the way, let me take a picture." Danny snaps the picture on his phone. "Alright come on. Let's go for a little hike, call a crime scene unit. Come on."

"I need you to take up the slack as I climb, alright?"

Danny grabs the rope and starts pulling tight.

"Take that slack Danny!" Steve yells up as he starts climbing.

"Go easy, take your time." Danny said when Steve hits a loose patch of rocks. Steve slows down a little but reaches to grab a rock above him. The rock comes loose and Danny watches in horror as Steve falls backward and the rock slams him in the face. The next thing Danny knows, the rope comes loose from Steve's harness and Steve keeps falling. There isn't anything Danny can do to stop him.

"Steve!" Danny yells as he watches Steve's body slam into the unforgiving rock below him. Steve hits the rock on his left side and slides on his stomach toward the edge of the ledge. He comes to a stop with his head hanging over the edge.

"Steve! Hey Steve! Steve!" Danny yells but doesn't get an answer.

"Steve! Can you hear me?" Danny's yells fall on deaf ears. Danny really hopes that Steve is just unconscious and not dead. The boulder that hit him probably weighed at least fifty pounds minimum and he fell somewhere close to thirty feet, he was almost to the top when the rock came loose.

Danny tries for a few more minutes to rouse his unconscious friend. After nearly five minutes with no results, Danny pulls out his cell phone and is dismayed to find that he doesn't have a signal. He then digs through Steve's backpack to see if the SEAL has a sat phone in there but comes out with a pocket knife, several bottles of water, a couple MREs, duct tape, and a small first aid kit. Danny is disappointed to say the least. The always come prepared Navy SEAL boy scout did not come prepared for a major emergency such as this.

Danny glances down at his partner. As much as Danny doesn't want to, he realizes that the only choice he has to get McGarrett help is to leave him here alone while he goes in search of a cell phone signal.

"I'll be back soon buddy! I'm gonna go call for help!" Danny yells down to the still unconscious man. He knows he probably can't hear him but telling Steve where he is going makes him feel better.

Without a second thought, Danny is running back the way he came into a more open area of the jungle. He stops when he gets to the ridge but still doesn't have a signal. He looks around for the highest point. He remembers Steve telling him on the way up there that the only place with cell service was at the summit. As soon as Danny figures out which direction to go in, he is off at full speed, forcing his short legs to move as quickly as they possibly can.

He finally reaches the top fifteen minutes later. If he had the breath, he would cheer at finally having a cell signal. He dials Chin's number and waits impatiently for him to pick up the phone.

"Hey, thought you were supposed to be on a hike with McGarrett?" Chin says by way of answering.

"Steve fell, he's hurt."

"Whoa, What? How bad?" Kono says. Chin must have put the phone on speaker.

"I don't know how bad, I'm not a doctor. He's unconscious. "

"Where are you?"

"At the petroglyphs."

"Kono is running your coordinates."

"Alright, listen we need a rescue team as soon as possible."

I'll call in Army evac."

"We also need a crime scene unit."

"Wait, what?" Kono asks, her confusion evident. "I thought this was a rescue mission, what's a body doing way out there?"

"What's a body doing-? I don't know. Male mid fifties. Doesn't look like a hiker."

"Alright I'll send a crime scene unit."

"Army evac is on its way." Chin states.

"Alright, I'm heading back." Danny hangs up the phone and runs back to where he left Steve. It takes him probably twenty minutes to get back to the petroglyphs. Steve is still lying in the same position as he was when Danny left so Danny assumes that he hasn't woken up yet. If he has, he wasn't aware enough or able to move.

"Steve! Can you hear me?" Danny yells down to him. He still doesn't get a reply. Danny really wants to go down there to make sure his friend is still alive but there isn't a safe way for Danny to go. The rope snagged on a broken branch and even if it were free, Steve only brought one harness. The cliff is too steep for Danny to free climb down so that option is out. He'll just have to wait for the medevac.

After a few minutes he hears the distinct sounds of a helicopter approaching. Looking toward the sky, Danny can see the chopper coming over the tree ridge. He starts waving his arms and when he is sure he has the attention of one of the Army guys. He motions down to where Steve is laying. He watches impatiently as two Army medics are lowered down to Steve's position. After they detach from the cable, a third soldier is lowered down to where Danny is.

"Are you alright, Detective?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Do you know how Steve is?"

"Commander McGarrett is alive, but unconscious. They are going to get him stabilized and prepped for transport and then get him on the chopper. In the mean time, I need to take you on board." The soldier then fastens Danny into the awaiting harness and signals for the guys in the helicopter to raise them up. Danny's eyes never leave Steve.

The two medics fasten a c-collar around Steve's neck before carefully moving him away from the edge and rolling him onto a backboard. Together, they carefully check Steve over for other injuries. It appears the only thing they find is a broken left arm. They place a splint on his arm before fastening the straps the backboard. One medic signals for the guys in the helicopter to lower the basket. Steve is lifted into the basket and then secured before being raised up into the chopper.

Within minutes, they have Steve and the two medics on board and are flying to the nearest hospital. Danny watches in morbid fascination as the medics take care of Steve. One is monitoring his vital signs and the other is placing an IV line in his right arm.

"Pupils nonreactive and I got blood coming from his ear." The first medic, Brewer, according to the patch on his uniform, said. Prewitt, the other medic, makes note of that on the chart he is writing the vital signs on.

"What's our ETA?" Brewer yells to the pilot.

"Eight minutes to Tripler. Five to Queens. Which one?" The pilot yells back.

"Queens! Commander McGarrett has serious head trauma. He needs a hospital ASAP! Queens has the best trauma center on the island."

Danny is terrified. He has taken enough first aid classes to know that bleeding from the ear is a bad sign of serious head injuries. He also realizes that there isn't any swelling or lumps on Steve's head. Also not a good sign. He remembers from his first aid classes that a goose egg where the hit was indicates that the damage is all outside the skull. No goose eggs or external swelling after a hit as hard as the one Steve took tells them that the swelling could be inside.

They are three minutes from the hospital when Steve starts seizing. The two medics work quickly to get Steve turned on his side and start injecting medications into his IV line to try to get the seizure to stop. When they land on the helo pad at the hospital, Steve is still seizing. Danny follows them inside but is stopped by a nurse when they reach the trauma room doors.

"I'm sorry, Sir; but you can't go in there."

"He's my partner. I need to know he's ok." Danny is still trying to get past her and into the trauma room.

"Sir, as soon as there is news on your partner's condition someone will be out to inform you but until then, the doctors need room to work and they can't do that if you are in the way."

Danny knows she is right but he still doesn't like the fact that he can't be there with Steve right now. He can see into the room through the glass window and is pleased to see that Steve has finally stopped seizing. He lets the nurse show him to the waiting room where he spends the next two hours waiting with Chin and Kono.

After two hours, they are informed that Steve has been taken up to surgery. They move up to the surgical waiting room and resume waiting for news on Steve's condition.

After seven hours and countless cups of bad hospital coffee, a doctor dressed in dark blue surgical scrubs finally emerges from the closed doors.

"Family of Steve McGarrett?" He calls.


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