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Chapter 34

It is the beginning of August now and Steve has spent the last few weeks working with a dog trainer to get Bo certified as a service dog for him. Steve has been taking him out in public with him to get him used to distractions and teach him how to behave in public places. Bo is making great progress in learning his manners, how to walk on the leash, and ignore some of the distractions that being out in public brings. He has a Service Dog in Training vest that he wears that allows him to go everywhere with Steve.

At 5 months old, Bo is starting to look a little less like a puppy and more like an adult, although he still has a lot of growing left to do. His shoulders now come up above Steve's knees and Steve no longer has to lift him into the cab of the pickup.

Bo is starting to mature a little as well but every now and then he will get a little rebellious and stubborn so he doesn't listen so well. Milo, the dog trainer, assures Steve that Bo is just getting to his "teenage" years and that he will grow out of it, Steve just needs to continue to be firm with Bo so Bo realizes that Steve is in charge and he needs to obey.

In addition to taking Bo out in public with him, Bo has also accompanied him to some of his appointments with Dr. Tyson. Bo has been doing pretty good at those appointments although sometimes if they go on long enough he starts to get bored and will get up to sniff around the room instead of laying quietly by Steve's feet like he is supposed to. Usually this only happens if the appointment/wait time lasts longer than an hour. Milo tells Steve that as Bo matures he will be able to sit still for longer but for now he just needs to be patient with the puppy. He suggests that for now Steve take Bo for a long walk or let him run a bit before the appointments so Bo doesn't have quite so much energy.

Yesterday was the real test for Bo. He accompanied Steve to his dental appointment yesterday morning and did surprisingly well considering all the distractions in the office. He laid quietly next to the dental chair for the entire appointment. The only time he moved was when the doctor started drilling in the room next door. Bo lifted his head up and looked around before putting his head back down and relaxing. Steve was really impressed with Bo during the appointment; he rewarded him with a long game of fetch on the beach when they were done before heading back to the office for the rest of the afternoon.

Right now, Steve is sitting at the smart table combing through the financials on their murder victim and their only suspect while the rest of the team is canvassing the neighborhood for information. Bo is lying under the table conked out. Steve was up early this morning so he took Bo to a dog park near his house to let him run for a while. Bo thoroughly enjoyed running around playing with the two other dogs that were there that early and is completely tired out now.

Steve sighs and leans back in his chair. Neither their victim nor suspect has any financial indications that they were involved in any illegal activity. Their victim, James Woolridge, found dead in an empty upscale rental house on the North Shore. They have minimal evidence and Steve is pretty sure their only suspect isn't the culprit.

Steve can feel a headache creeping in, he has been staring at the computer screen for the last three hours and it is starting to take its toll on his still healing brain. He doesn't get the headaches often anymore but every now and then if he doesn't get enough sleep and spends too much time looking at a computer screen they flare up.

Steve rubs his eyes and massages his temples for a minute before glancing at his watch. It is nearly four in the afternoon; his team should be back soon, Danny is supposed to give him a ride home since Mary has a job interview at five fifteen for a part time job as a barista in a coffee shop near the UH campus. She is starting classes at UH in a little less than a month. Catherine is stuck on base running drills until eight so Steve is stuck at the office until Danny gets back. He could call a cab but he forgot his wallet this morning so he has no cash. Danny will give him crap about that later but in Steve's defense he almost never carried one until he came back to Hawaii less than a year ago. When he was an active duty SEAL the only form of identification he needed to carry was his dog tags. Credit cards aren't very handy when you are fighting the Taliban. And after being in the hospital for a month and not leaving the house much for two months after that, he has gotten out of the habit of carrying a wallet again.

Steve stands and stretches, intending to go to his office for some Advil. His movement wakes Bo up. The dog sees that his master is leaving the table so Bo stands and stretches before following his human to his office. Steve holds the door open so Bo can follow him inside. When they are away from the house, Bo doesn't let Steve out of his sight for long but that is part of him being Steve's service dog. Steve likes having Bo follow him around everywhere, especially when there are not any other people around. It gives him a sense of security knowing Bo will let him know about a seizure before it happens.

Steve snags a bottle of water from his mini fridge before sitting down behind his desk to grab the bottle of Advil he has in his desk drawer. He swallows two of the red-brown pills along with half the bottle of water. He sinks into his desk chair and massages his temples. His headache is getting worse and worse by the minute; Steve glances at his watch again, it has only been 5 minutes since he last looked. He hopes Danny will be back soon so he can go home. He eyes his couch for a minute before deciding that lying down and closing his eyes for a few minutes is probably the best thing he can do until either the Advil kicks in or Danny shows up.

Bo is lying on his dog bed next to the couch, chewing on his rubber tire toy. He sits on the couch for a few minutes just petting Bo before he lies down and closes his eyes. Steve only has his eyes closed for a few minutes before Bo starts barking. He levers himself up into a sitting position. Bo is standing in front of him staring at Steve as he continues to bark. Steve glances around the office checking for anything Bo may be barking at but he knows that Bo is barking because he is about the have another seizure.

Steve sighs; he isn't feeling an aura yet so he knows he likely has a few minutes before it starts. "Good boy, Bo." Steve praises and rubs the dog's head, letting Bo know that he has acknowledged what is happening so he will stop barking. It is something they have worked on with Milo.

Steve leans his head back to rest against the couch back. Bo jumps onto the couch and drapes himself over Steve's lap. Steve pets Bo and tries to relax; this is the first time he's been away from the house or the hospital during a seizure. It is also the first time he has been completely alone during one, well he has Bo so he isn't completely alone but it is the first time without another person around. That realization is making him a bit unnerved. He considers calling Danny but there really isn't anything Danny can do when he isn't there and Mary and Catherine are both unavailable.

He is starting to feel the aura now; his vision is starting to blur and he can feel a tingling sensation throughout his body. Steve's panic is getting worse, he decides to text Danny to let him know what is going on, he pats his pockets with a shaky hand looking for his phone. He comes up short and realizes he left it at the smart table earlier. Bo jumps down from his spot on the couch and starts to bark again. Steve knows he needs to lie down; he only has another couple minutes at most before he loses consciousness. He glances at the couch but decides the floor is a better option. His office couch isn't very wide and will likely just fall off during the seizure. He slides down onto his hands and knees and settles onto his left side. He can feel his panic getting worse and he is starting to lose awareness. Bo is next to him, licking his face trying to provide comfort.

It doesn't take long for Steve to slip into unconsciousness as the seizure starts to run its course.


Bo is curled up against Steve's chest with his head resting on the unconscious man's neck. It has been a few minutes since his master stopped shaking. He tried licking his face a few times to make him wake up but his master isn't ready to yet. Bo knows sometimes it takes longer for his master to wake up after he stops shaking. He does not like it when his master does that but he is happy he can make him feel better.

Bo lies there for a few minutes occasionally licking and nudging his master's face. He hears a noise coming from the outside. His ears perk up, he identifies the sound as two humans talking. It sounds like his master's friends who are sometimes here at this place his master calls 'work'. Bo quickly stands and trots over to the glass door, he barks and barks until the two men notice him.


Danny and Chin finally get back to the office at a quarter to five. They still don't have any new leads on their case and they are starting to agree with Steve that Victor Monahan isn't their guy. They enter the Five-0 HQ and immediately hear BO barking from Steve's office. Bo is standing in front of the glass door but there is no sign of Steve.

Danny sends a quick glance to Chin before they both take off running to Steve's office. They find Steve on the floor in front of his couch, obviously still out of it after having a seizure. Danny kneels but Steve's side and gently shakes his shoulder, "Hey Steve, can you hear me Buddy?"

Steve doesn't respond. "His breathing is still irregular and his pulse is fast. I don't think it has been very long since he had it." Chin states. Bo curls up against Steve's chest again and gives his face a lick and a nudge with his nose like he usually does after Steve seizes.

"Do you think we should move him up to the couch?"

Danny shakes his head, "Let's leave him here for now and see if we can get him on the couch after he comes around again." Chin grabs a small throw pillow out of the storage cabinet in the corner of Steve's office and carefully slides it under Steve's head.

"This is the first time Steve has had a seizure outside his house or the hospital and none of us were here for him." Danny is clearly upset and feeling a little guilty that he wasn't there to help his friend before the seizure.

"I know it sucks brah, but it isn't your fault. We are here for him now and that is what matters."

Danny checks his phone. "He didn't even call or text to let us know what was going on."

"I think I saw his phone on the smart table when we walked in. He might not have had enough time to grab it."

"He could have called on his office phone."

"You know he doesn't always think clearly before he has a seizure. It probably didn't occur to him. How often does he actually use his office phone anyway?" Chin rationalizes.

Danny deflates, he wants to be mad at Steve for not letting him know he was going to seize. If he would have known he could have given the last house on his list to Kono so he could have gotten back to the office sooner. But Danny knows that it wasn't Steve's fault; he can't blame him for not calling or texting.

Steve starts to stir a little; he twitches a bit before rolling on to his back. His breathing had evened out over the last few minutes but now he was starting to take quick deep breaths.

"Steve, can you squeeze my hand?" Danny slides his hand into Steve's right one. Bo is nudging his chin again. Danny repeats the question a couple more times before Steve responds. He also extends his left hand toward Bo to clumsily pet him.

"Do you think you can help Danny and I get you onto the couch, Steve?" Chin lays a hand on Steve's shoulder.

"Hmm." Is Steve's response, he still hasn't opened his eyes.

"Hey, Steve, I need you to talk to us Buddy. We need to know your back with it again. Can you open your eyes for me, Steve?" Danny gently taps his cheek in attempt to get his attention.

Steve takes a deep breath and slowly cracks his eyes open. They wander around the room, not really focusing on anything. He isn't completely with it yet but he is getting their slowly. Danny and Chin continue to talk to him and encourage him to wake up more.

Finally after a few more minutes Steve finally forms a coherent single word question. "Water?"

"Look who's finally back with us. You think you can help me and Chin get you to the couch and then I'll give you some water?"

"Yeah, ok." Steve says and slowly starts to sit up. Danny and Chin each grab him under an arm and haul him to his feet. Steve tries to help but Danny and Chin do most of the work. He is completely exhausted and his coordination hasn't returned yet.

They get him seated on the couch, Chin grabs a bottle of water from the mini fridge and unscrews the lid before handing it to Steve. Steve takes the bottle with a shaky hand and slowly takes a few sips. He leans his head back against the couch and closes his eyes.

"How are you feeling, brah?"

"Tired, have a headache. Time 's it?" he cracks his eyes open again to look at his teammates.

"A little after five, we got back about twenty minutes ago. Bo let us know you were in here when we got back."

"Hmm." Steve's eyes are drooping again and the water bottle is starting to tip precariously from his hand.

Danny gently snags the water from Steve's hand before it spills. "Why don't you lay down and sleep for an hour or two and then I'll take you home in a while."

Steve nods and Danny and Chin help him lie down and get his legs up. Steve lets his left hand dangle over the edge to rest on Bo's back to draw comfort from his companion. The other two men quietly retreat from Steve's office to the smart table to start going over details of their case.



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