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Steve spends his time away from work in the garage working on the Marquis, looking for car parts on the internet, and taking Bo for long walks around the neighborhood a few times a day. He hasn't gotten the go ahead to do anything more strenuous than walking and he is starting to feel really lazy and out of shape. Not to mention the inactivity is starting to drive him crazy. He tried running once a few weeks ago, against doctor's orders of course, he made it a block and a half before his head was pounding so bad he had to stop and sit on the kerb for a few minutes before grudgingly turning around and walking back to the house. He spent the rest of day on the couch with a cold washcloth over his eyes trying to ignore the pounding behind his eyes. Ever since then, he hasn't done anything more than a brisk walk with Bo. Dr. Freeman assures him that in a few more weeks he will be able to slowly start easing back into his exercise routine but it will take time for his brain to fully heal after the traumatic brain injury.

Right now, Steve and Bo are on one of their walks around the neighborhood. Steve doesn't like straying to far from the house because he really does not want to have a seizure on the sidewalk in front of one of his neighbors houses. Bo usually warns Steve about twenty to thirty minutes before Steve starts feeling the effects of the seizure so that gives him enough time to get back to the house from around the block. If it weren't for Bo, Steve wouldn't be leaving the house at all unless absolutely necessary right now. Steve knows that if the new drug doesn't work he will have to start facing the rest of the world and try to resume a somewhat normal life with epilepsy but at the moment he isn't ready to take that leap yet.

They are about half way back to the house when Bo stops walking, sits down next to Steve and barks at him a couples times before nudging Steve's hand with his nose. Steve knows this is Bo telling him they need to get back to the house ASAP because a seizure is coming. Steve pets Bo on the head, tells him good boy, and resumes the walk back to the house, walking at a faster pace than normal. Steve knows he has about twenty to thirty minutes before the seizure starts but he would still rather get back as soon as he can to lower the chance of him dropping in his, or someone else's, front yard.

They make it back to the house in less than ten minutes. Steve is in the kitchen getting a glass of water when he starts to feel the aura. He takes a couple small sips before setting the glass down and heading upstairs with Bo on his heels. He is hoping to make it to the bathroom and then crash on his bed before the seizure starts. Halfway up the stairs, Steve is sure that he won't make it to bedroom, let alone the bathroom first.

This feels different from his normal pre seizure auras. This whole thing feels different actually. He it has barely been more than 10 minutes since Bo warned him and he hasn't even been feeling the aura for a full minute. Usually he has at least 20 minutes from the time Bo warns him until the seizure starts and his auras generally last anywhere between 3-5 minutes before the seizure starts.

Steve manages to drag him self up the remainder of the stairs and makes two steps into his bedroom door before he falls over. Pain shoots up his left arm as he attempts to break his fall. He hears someone come in from the garage, he thinks it might be Catherine but he isn't sure. His brain isn't working right. He tries to call out for help but he barely manages a whisper, his tongue won't coordinate with his lips to form the word properly. He registers Bo barking and the sound of paws on the wood stairs just before his eyes roll back and his muscle stiffen up.


Catherine pulls into the driveway after a long day at the base. Today was one of those days where anything that could go wrong did go wrong. She can't wait to take a shower and curl up with Steve on the couch with a glass of wine and some cheesy movie. 'Maybe I'll make him watch The Notebook again." she thinks to herself with a smile.

She heads for the garage knowing he is likely in there working on the Marquis like he has been for the last few days since he can't work right now. Cath enters the garage and finds the car with the hood propped open but no Steve. As she moves closer to the door leading into the house she hears Bo's deep barking.

Catherine feels her stomach drop as she hurries inside. She knows Bo's barking likely means that Steve is either about to have a seizure or is already having one. Cath rushes through the kitchen and heads into the living room. She finds Bo scurrying down the stairs barking. Bo runs toward her continuing to bark.

"What's wrong, Bo? Where's Steve?" She asks the growing puppy. Bo whines and runs back up the stairs, stopping at the first landing to make sure Catherine is following him. Once sure Cath is right behind him he continues up the stairs and into the bedroom. Catherine is on his heels. What she sees almost makes her heart stop. Steve is lying prone on the floor of their bedroom with his face turned to his right so his left cheek is pressed into the carpet, his left arm is trapped under his stomach and his right is curled tightly against his shoulder. His muscles are completely tensed up and his jaw is clenched so tightly she is afraid he might break a tooth. He hasn't started convulsing yet so she knows he is still in the tonic stage of the seizure so he hasn't been like this for very long, a few seconds at most.

Once Catherine gets over her initial shock she drops to her knees next to her boyfriend and quickly rolls him on his left side. Cath quickly gets up to grab a pillow off the bed and shove it under Steve's head before he starts convulsing; she also positions herself between Steve and the dresser to prevent him from hurting himself on it during the seizure. Another 5 seconds pass before Steve's muscles start contracting and relaxing in the clonic phase of the seizure.

Cath sits back on her heels and runs her hand down Bo's back, she isn't sure if it is more to comfort the puppy or herself. They are both looking at Steve in concern, knowing there isn't anything that can be done for him until the convulsions stop. Bo lets out a whine every so often. He still gets upset when he sees his master in this condition.

Catherine keeps one eye on Steve and the other on her watch timing the seizure. She watches helplessly as her boyfriend convulses in front of her. Steve is still seizing violently and he is showing no signs of stopping soon. His lips are blue, blood running down his face from biting either his tongue or inner cheek, and there is a growing wet spot on the front of his cargo pants as he loses control of his bladder. He has been seizing for almost four minutes now. She is really starting to worry, none of his seizures in the last few weeks have lasted for more than three minutes. At four and a half minutes Catherine starts to get out her cell phone to dial 911. She waits another fifteen seconds before she dials 911.

She waits impatiently for the 911 operator to answer her call. It seems like a lifetime before Catherine finally hears "911, what's your emergency?" on the other end of the line.

"I need an ambulance at 2727 Pi'ikoi Street. My boyfriend has epilepsy and has been seizing for over five minutes now." Catherine says in a panic. It isn't like her to panic in situations like this, but then she has never seen her boyfriend seize for 5 minutes straight either.

"Ma'am, I need you to calm down. How long exactly has your boyfriend been seizing?"

Cath checks her watch, "5 minutes and 16 seconds. It's a tonic-clonic seizure. He has post traumatic epilepsy."

"An ambulance is on the way ma'am. It should be there in about 2 minutes."

"Thank you." Cath says with a sigh of relief. She is glad Steve's house is relatively close to the hospital. A minute later she hears the sirens approaching. She makes a dash for the front door to unlock it so the EMT's can get in, as soon as she unlocks the door she is back at Steve's side. He is still seizing; it has been 6 minutes and 8 seconds. Catherine is terrified. She knows how dangerous status epilepticus can be.

The sirens are really loud now, like they are right outside. She soon hears the EMTs bang on the door and call out their arrival.

"Up here! Come in! We're upstairs!" She yells as loud as she can. Before she knows it she is being pushed aside by the EMTs. They start talking rapidly to each other, getting Steve's vitals and asking Cath questions about how long Steve has been seizing and what medications he is taking.

She explains to them that Steve hasn't been on medications for a few weeks because they are cleansing his system for a new anti-convulsant drug. She also informs the EMTs that Steve is under the care of Dr. Freeman at Queens for his PTE. One of them says they will radio that into the ER so Dr. Freeman can meet them in the ER if possible. They EMT who's name tag says Priestly holds Steve's head while the other EMT holds a needle-less syringe and slowly drips a solution into Steve's mouth between his teeth and cheek. The process takes about 20 seconds and Cath can see some of the liquid dripping down Steve's chin. Cath assumes it is diazepam or some other fast acting muscle relaxant/anti-convulsant but she isn't sure, she doesn't have time to ask questions.

The EMT's work quickly to get Steve on the gurney and strap him down as much as they can to get him into the ambulance and to the hospital. Catherine climbs in the back of the waiting ambulance immediately after Steve is loaded up. About 30 seconds into the ride Steve's convulsions slowly start to ebb off and he goes completely still. His breathing is ragged, even through the oxygen mask they have strapped over his nose and mouth. He sounds like he is struggling to breathe, letting out loud snores and snorts as his oxygen starved lungs try to catchup.

To Catherine, the 6 minute ride to the hospital seems to take forever; but she is glad that the traffic isn't too heavy for a Friday night. They are just coming to a stop in front of the ambulance bay when Steve's body tenses up again, he starts making a keening noise and then he starts convulsing again.

Catherine is once again pushed to the side as the EMTs quickly fill the waiting ER nurses and doctors in on Steve's condition. She is relieved to see that Dr. Freeman is one of the doctors waiting to treat Steve.

"Steve McGarrett, 34 year old male in status epilepticus. First seizure lasted eight and a half minutes, second started 34 seconds ago. Administered 10mg buccal midazolam upon arrival at the scene." Catherine doesn't catch the rest of what the EMT says as they wheel Steve away into the ER. She is left standing alone in the ER waiting room.

Catherine takes a few deep breaths trying to calm down a little and pulls out her cell phone, debating who to call first. It is almost 6pm; she knows Mary has a class tonight that goes from 5-7 so Mary wont answer her phone. She opts to call Danny first and then call Mary either after she knows what is going on with Steve or when her class lets out, whichever comes first.

"Williams." Danny answers her call on the first ring.

"Danny, it's Catherine. I just had to call an ambulance for Steve. He was seizing for over 5 minutes. By the time it was over he'd been seizing for over 8 minutes and then less than 5 minutes later he started seizing again. He was still seizing when they took him back." It all comes out in one breath. She thinks she probably would have kept rambling if she hadn't needed to stop to breathe.

"Catherine, calm down. They took him to Queens right?" Cath gives an affirmative answer before he speaks again, "I'll be there in 10 minutes."

"Can you let Chin and Kono know? I'm waiting to call Mary until after she gets out of class."

"I'm with them now, we are all coming to the hospital together. Just hang tight and we will be there soon to wait with you."

"Thanks, Danny." Cath replies before disconnecting the call. She sinks down into the nearest chair and keeps her eyes glued to the doors that lead back to the treatment area. Catherine tries to keep her mind away from the worst case scenarios but she knows this episode could very well kill Steve or cause permanent damage if they don't get the seizures under control soon. She also dreads what this means for him in terms of the new medication. If he will still be able to try it out next week or if now he will have to wait even longer, or if he can even try it all if going without any anticonvulsants will cause further problems.

She is brought out of her thoughts by the remaining members of the Five-0 team rushing towards her. Catherine stands and Kono pulls her into a hug and says, "Hey Catherine. Any word on Steve?"

She shakes her head, "No, we got here about 15 minutes ago. Dr. Freeman was waiting in the ER for us after the EMTs radioed it in."

"What happened?" Danny asks.

"I'd just gotten home from work and detoured through the garage since that is where Steve spends most of his time now. He wasn't in there but I could hear Bo barking. I found Steve on the floor of our bedroom upstairs. He was still in the tonic phase of the seizure when I found him, the convulsions started a few seconds late. I called for an ambulance right before 5 minute mark, he was still seizing when the medics got there. They gave him a shot of something and loaded him up in the ambulance. The seizure stopped after eight and half minutes but then another one started just as we pulled up to the hospital. He was still seizing when they took him back. That was 15 minutes ago and I haven't heard anything since."

"He'll be ok." Chin reassures them, "He's strong and he's dealt with much worse than this before."

"I hope so." Cath says and drops into the uncomfortable hospital waiting room chair. The waiting room is surprisingly quiet and empty for a Friday night. There are only 3 other people sitting in the waiting room and none of them appear to be sick or injured. Catherine guesses that they are family members waiting to hear about their loved one's condition.

7 o'clock rolls around and they still haven't heard anything from Dr. Freeman so Catherine pulls out her cell phone to call Mary. The call goes straight to voicemail. Cath tries to keep her voice as even as possible as she leaves a message for her boyfriends sister. "Hey Mary, it's Catherine, give me a call back as soon as you get this."

Catherine and Danny have both tried to get information on Steve's condition from the nurses desk but they both get the same answer that the doctor will come speak with them as soon as he can. They sit together in silent worry until the ringing of Catherine's phone breaks the near silence of the waiting room. A quick check of the display shows that Mary is calling back.

"Hey, Mary." Catherine answers.

"Catherine, what's up? Is something wrong? Did something happen to Steve?"

Cath can hear the worry and panic in Mary's voice. She can't really blame her, she doesn't call Mary very often. "Steve had a seizure that lasted longer than 5 minutes. I had to call an ambulance. We are at the hospital now but haven't heard anything on his condition since he was brought in." Cath explains what's going on as calmly as she can.

"Oh God. Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm just leaving campus now."

"Ok, I'll call you if we hear anything before you get here. Drive safe." Catherine says before disconnecting the call.

Mary arrives twenty minutes later, "Any news on Steve?" She asks as she rushes towards the group in the waiting room.

"Still nothing. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. It has already been almost 2 hours since Steve was brought in." Danny says and stands to pull Mary into a hug, trying to calm her down a little. He knows she is worried sick and on the edge of hysteria, and while she has every right to be, she won't do Steve any good by losing it. Danny knows that she doesn't handle stressful situations very well. "He'll be ok." Mary nods into his shoulder, takes and shuddering breath, and tries to pull herself together a bit before she pulls back and sits down on the other side of Catherine to join the wait for news on her brother.


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