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So, i am really stressed these days and so i thought i'd write... this story is coming out really slow and i'll take advantage of that, right? I won't be uploading as fast as i usually do, but it'll keep me entertained...

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Cha! Try getting yourself a life, Sakura!

Stop trying so hard to be something you're not; it doesn't matter how much you want it you won't get it! He's out of reach!

Telling him over and over again how sorry you are, how utterly wrong you were will destroy the last bit of pride you have!

Once a lie always a lie, my friend… It is easier to like the obvious; it was easy to fall in love with someone just to annoy the hell out of someone else…

What's difficult is to like something you thought you would never like and then what? People will think you were being a whimsical girl…

You're not like that.

You know you'd rather die than admit something that would misguide people to think you're a superfluous woman.

Think about it like this; you're smart girl and you won't risk your life if there's not the slightest chance to win… She is unbeatable.

Perfect, even… Beautiful, strong, skillful and sweet, but not only that; she belongs to a great clan and is the epitome of a princess…

You are far from being perfect; you're not particularly gifted in the physical area, sure strong, but more like a monster, your skill limited to the medical field and not a great fighting stance, definitely not sweet; rough around the edges…

He deserves a princess and nothing less… Hinata is his best option…



I won't bash Hinata because even if i don't particularly like her i was really annoyed by her display against Pein... ugh! I wish she wasn't that cool then, lol i admit i was really surprised, but my favortie female character will always be Sakura.

So if you're looking for a story in which the Hyuga princess is treated like... garbage... this is NOT your story... lol I like to keep the characters as real as possible...

I really hope you enjoyed this prologue and now i'll proceed to upload the first chapter... :)