It is recommended that you do not read this story of Once Upon a Time if you have not seen the episode 'Hat Trick'. There won't be many pieces of the episode put in but there will be some and if you don't want anything ruined at all do not go further. Please note that if you decide to read on regardless, the episode will not be ruined.

Once Upon A Time

Remember a Time

Chapter One

The sun streamed in through the large picture window of her room, only made brighter as one of the maids pulled the thick, heavy drapes to the side. Alice rolled over onto her other side, her back now facing the open window, and covered her head with one of the extra pillows.

"Miss, it's well past dawn and you've nearly missed breakfast which I'm afraid hasn't pleased your father. Please, it's time you get out of bed."

With a heavy sigh, the young 18 year old golden haired beauty sat up, stretching her arms above her head. "Yes, Malory."

The chestnut haired maid, no more than five years older than Alice herself, smiled as she set out clothes for her young employer to wear as requested by her father. Alice sat in her un-necessarily large bed for a moment loners before crawling, literally, out of the warmth of her deep tear colored comforter.

She made her way down the large staircase in a burnt orange and golden trimmed gown, which she found to be too elaborate for her to wear on just a normal day. Probably picked out by Abigail, always trying to make me into a miniature version of herself.

"Uh, finally decided to grace us with your presents Alice?"

Alice stopped herself from rolling her eyes and bit back a sharp toned response. "My apologize, I'm afraid I didn't get much sleep last night."

Abigail didn't bother to hide her disappointment at her step-sisters "high-road" response. "Well regardless, we're taking a ride through the forest. I'd like to so a bit of shopping, it'd be good for you to come and get in touch with the people right Daddy?"

King Midas took a sip from his golden jewel covered goblet, lowering it to reveal a smile. "Abigail that's a fantastic idea, the people haven't seen nearly enough of you Alice especially since your mothers passing. They all loved her so much; we're all at a loose without her. Out people seeing your glowing face may help them to move forward and overcome the grief they are feeling."

"My mother died almost a year ago; I doubt it's affected anyone as much as you may think."

Midas stood from his seat, coming to stand behind his youngest daughter. "You'd be surprised, Alice, at how much one person can touch so many lives." He placed a kiss atop Alice's head. "Go with your sister, have a nice day out of this dark castle."

It touched Alice to hear her step-father speak of her mother with such affection, she hoped her mother made a difference though she still didn't believe her death really affected anyone outside her family and close friends.

"Come on Alice, the carriage is outside waiting for us."

She only wished Abigail would speak of her mother like that and maybe act as if they were sisters instead of two people who lived under the same roof.

"I just can't believe this; I just got him back only to find out he has feelings for another woman." Kathryn sat in the center of her couch, tears streaming down her face.

"I don't mean this to sound like a defense for David but at least he was doing this with no memory of what the two of you had. It's as if he's a completely different man living different life, he and Mary-Margaret did stop once he remembered that there was something he felt for you. He's a good man, he had a commitment to you and once he had the memory of those feeling that first sparked between you two he knew what the right thing to do was."

Kathryn smiled softly, as much as she was able to in her current state of mind. "That actually makes me feel a little better, thanks Addie. I keep thinking that if I had just tried harder to fix our marriage earlier we wouldn't even be in this mess. He may remember loving me but that's all it is, a memory. He's in love with Mary-Margaret now; anyone who isn't blind can see that."

Addison tried to smile for her sister, knowing how hard she was trying not to totally lose control and breakdown. "He'll figure everything out eventually, soon he'll realize who he really loves and you can both move on together." She gave her shoulder a sympathetic squeeze. "Are you going to be okay? I have to get going to work, I'm already over an hour late and I still have to stop by my apartment to get some stuff from my English comp class that's due tomorrow."

"Yeah I'll be fine, thanks again for stopping by Addie and I'm sorry all this put you in a weird position."

Addison was confused but only slightly. "You know I love you Kat and I'm always there for you but I don't know that I see the position I've been put in." She knew but hoped she was wrong.

"I know it must be hard to have to choose between your friend and your sister, but when it comes down to it family means the most to you."

Even though she knew it already, knew her sister thought she had abandoned her friend to take her side, it still shocked her to actually here it. Kathryn wasn't the only one hurting here, Mary-Margaret lost someone who could have been the love of her life. She knew her and David continuing on with their affair was wrong, she knew it was wrong from the beginning but she justified it to herself. As soon as David told that he knew he felt something for Kathryn, regardless of when it was that he felt it, she did everything she could to avoid him. Someday it's worked and she wouldn't see David at all and there were other days where she couldn't seem to get away from him. Mary-Margaret was crushed; she lost a love she could never have to begin with.

Addison envied her, her heart was broken but she had loved someone so much it made her see everything in a different light for a short time. She had never had that and never thought she would, she had school and her writing. She wrote about love and desire but she had never been in love, when she looked at her broken sister she was happy she didn't ever love anyone. People can't be trusted; they'll find a way to hurt you. But there was still that part of her that did, again, envy those who were in love.

She didn't respond to Kathryn with anything other than a smile, she wouldn't let Mary-Margaret's friendship go for someone who saw her as her sister when it was most convenient for her. "I gotta get to work. I'll see you later, okay."

It didn't matter the type of relationship the two had, good or bad, Addison couldn't bring herself to tell her step-sister that she was still speaking with her best friend. Or that she was actually rooting from David and the woman he was in love with now, not the one he used to love.

By the look she saw on Kathryn's face, she didn't need to.

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