1: Picking up the Pieces

USS Vanguard


MacLeod groaned as he pulled himself up, using his station's console to help him as one of his legs was shattered just above the ankle. "Did anyone get the number of that cube?"

"I think it may be plastered onto your hull." Muttered Isha as she clutched her shoulder, while lying on the floor nearby.

He reached down to help her upright, but doing so caused her to hit the shoulder of the edge of the console, thus making her grit her teeth to avoid screaming out in pain.


She nodded, "Sure feels like it." she took a look around the bridge, "Though I think I got off better than your ship."

MacLeod turned his eyes to look over the bridge. "MAY!"

Ensign Ku was slumped over the helm console unmoving as MacLeod dragged himself down to her station, using his phaser rifle as a crutch.

He reached over and checked for a pulse, praying thankfully when he found one. "May, are you alright?"

Ku groaned as she lifted her head off of the console and looked up at him through a blood-soaked face. "Erik? What happened?"

"We survived, beyond that…" he turned and saw that the Ensign from the science station was checking on the Captain, who lay un-moving on the floor in front of his chair.

MacLeod pressed the intercom control on the helm console.

"Sickbay, this is the bridge, we need a medical party up here asap." No reply came. "Sickbay?"

"Sorry, we're trying to pick up the pieces down here."

"Where's Doctor Fallon?"

"Dead, along with most of the staff and some patients. I'm transferring the EMH to the bridge, how bad is it?"

"The Captain's down, we'll need a med-team up here to collect him as I suspect the transporters are out."

The voice harrumphed in agreement, "Wouldn't be against it. I'll get back to you as soon as we get things sorted down her, sickbay out."

MacLeod turned to face the wreck that used to be the bridge, "Computer, activate the EMH."

A hologram appeared in the centre of the bridge, "Please state the nature…." The EMH trailed off as he saw the destruction around him. "What happened here?" he asked as he knelt down beside Willard.

MacLeod shared a look with Isha as he answered, "We go into a little brawl."

"Indeed. And just who did you fight with this time?"

"The Borg."

The EMH looked up from Willard at MacLeod in mild shock, "Really? Well, I'm surprised you're not all dead or worse.."

MacLeod laughed, but stopped as a pain shot up his side, "You and me both." He looked up at Isha, "Speaking of which…"

She nodded and used the sensors but just stared the readings in dis-belief. "That can't be right."


"Well according to these readings, there are no starships within range."


"That's what your sensors are saying."


Isha gave a futile laugh and pointed at the screen, "I'm not a miracle worker."

MacLeod turned and looked at the view-screen, or at least, what was left of it as a support pylon had fallen and smashed into the screen, thankfully not piercing the hull. "Okay, forget that and stick that on the repair list."

"At what number?" asked Ku groggily, "two hundred twenty-seven, or three hundred forty-three?"

MacLeod gave her a cold stare. "Real funny."

Ku looked at him through wide eyes, "Who's kidding, I've got about three hundred reports from the computer of problems that need fixing. Not counting the lack of ships outside."

MacLeod looked up at the ceiling and sighed. "Well, on the bright side there's no Borg on board."

He wasn't sure which hit him first, Ku's hand as she slapped his side, or the piece of debris that Isha threw at him. "Did I really just say that?"

As if on cue, the turbo-lift doors opened part way, causing every able bodied person to reach for their side arm and aim at the door.

"Is anyone still alive in there?" Came a voice from the turbo-shaft.

Isha and Ku fixed MacLeod with cold stares as they holstered their side-arms.

"This is Commander MacLeod, who's that?"

"Lieutenant Havaris sir. I've got a Romulan here with me, Centurion Sahen with me."

Isha lowered her head for a second before looking at MacLeod and mouthing. "Tal Shiar."

MacLeod tilted his head and tapped his phaser rifle. Isha smiled as she considered his suggestion for a moment before turning and helping the two men with the doors.

MacLeod left her too it and pressed the intercom again, "Bridge to engineering, please respond."

"This is Lieutenant Varik. Am I to assume that the Captain and First Officer are incapacitated?"

MacLeod groaned lightly, 'Why did that guy have to answer'. "The Captain is down, Shar is dead along with two other crewmembers. How are things down there?"

"Where to begin. Half of the crew is dead, including Commander Silsbury. The other half is busy trying to repair all the problems that we have just in engineering. The warp core is off-line, but the generators are working for now. I would recommend against moving the ship until we've had time to examine all the various components. So if you could kindly ask the Borg not to attack us for the next five point three days that would be appreciated."

MacLeod looked at the viewscreen, or what was left of it, and tried not to laugh. "Well we seem to have 'lost' the Borg or now."

"Indeed. Well, so long as you refrain from your usual form of antics, I may just be able to get us going to limp to the nearest Starbase."

Isha and Ku both tried, unsuccessfully to hide their smiles at the Vulcan's remarks.

"I'm sure I can keep from starting a fight for a week Lieutenant." Growled MacLeod. "Can you tell me what is working?"

"Not much. I believe that the Valkyries and other shuttlecraft are still intact, but I will send a detail there once the preceding one hundred and thirty-four more critical repairs have been completed."

MacLeod groaned at the number. "What is working?"

"Not much. Life support, just barely, and emergency replicators, but I'm afraid not much else. The only major system that seems to be working within acceptable norms is the transporter."

"You're kidding me!"

"Vulcans do not 'kid' Commander, now if there is nothing else I will get back to repairing the ship." Without waiting for a reply, Varik closed the commlink.

"The transporters?" muttered Ku as she looked up at MacLeod.

"Will wonders never cease." MacLeod turned to face Isha, Sahen and Havaris. "Right, seems we've gotten a break. Once the transporters are confirmed to be working safely, beam the Captain to sickbay and transfer the EMH back there after he tends to us. We need to work out how many people are left able to help us, and in what state the ship is in. Havaris, go with Sahen and conduct a deck by deck search, or as best as you can. Check every room and storage space. Make sure you find everyone and that we don't have any 'stowaways'." Havaris nodded and turned as Sahen saluted Isha before following.

MacLeod limped back to his station, "Sub-Commander D'Mora, for now I'm making you my XO. I need you to co-ordinate with the rest of the ship and get a damage report asap." Isha nodded as she started to use the Starfleet controls like a natural officer.

'I'll have to ask her about that later.' MacLeod turned to face Ku and Drake, the young science officer. "Ensigns, I need you to get in contact with someone. Starfleet, the Romulans, hell, I'll take anyone except the Borg. And I need you to work out just where the hell we are."

The Ensigns nodded and started to work from the helm console.

MacLeod looked down at his console at the readiness, or lack thereof, of the starship.

"Me, I'll go get some rocks, just in-case I need to fight a passing ship."

Note: How the Vanguard got so damaged is covered in the brief story Vanguard: Over Green Fields and Drones

OK, this will be the ME crossover. Yes, I know the power diff between ST and ME is insane (as is the hard/soft science stuff) but I think I've got it covered ;)e :D

+ I'm so looking forward to how a Starfleet crew reacts to Sovereign's "It is futile to resist" lin

The first two chapters are almost identical to the B5 crossover (Settling In) but that's kinda intentional.

I hope it will allow me to create a common starting point to show each 'crew' will behave in different situations..